The Strong, Stuffed Silent Type

“… and I really must say how nice it is to meet such a good listener, someone I can open up to and really express myself, because in this day and age, the art of conversation is on its last legs, what with texting and e-mail and all the distractions of modern life, I mean nobody really sets aside the time anymore for a good, old-fashioned chat, in fact I was just telling someone other day…”

Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek-aboo, Steve E.!



  1. AuntieMame says:

    Gimme a kiss!

  2. I love eetttttt!
    “Is that your bunny?”

    I’m gonna pass out this is so sweet.

  3. OMG. That was the cutest thing ever, especially the very end. How completely adorable.

  4. Alright, that was mighty, mighty cute.

  5. I am so in lurve! Want to squeeze him and hug him and call him George. What an amazing burdie!

  6. eewwwww mahhhhh gaaaahhhhd…think I’m about to go into diabetic shock. Too sweet!

  7. I cannot even stand it. Does anyone know what type of parrot that is?

    [Norwegian Blue! – Ed.]

  8. omg… omg… i have to remember to play this at home to see my cats’ reactions… that is TOO adorable… what wonderful people… and the boidie… I LOVE eet!

  9. 😯

  10. Best video ever, yes, it surpasses “Pasickie” and the Finnish Moose.

  11. Horribly cute. I’m cooing aloud at work. Usually I have better control *blushing*

  12. georgina0912 says:

    How are you doin’? Give me a kiss!!!
    OMG, could the parrot be any more precious? I WANT A PARROT!!! And a horse, and a cow, and a couple of chickens….i want them all!!!!

  13. Absolutely CUTE-overload – I love how every time after “Gimme a Kiss” then Smooch, he chimes in “Thank you” – such a polite little birdie 🙂

  14. I am in loooovvveee with that bird! Made my morning!

  15. JustanotherHeather says:

    I want to take it on a roller coaster to hear it say “Wheeeeee” again. Too cute, and it’s an Indian Ringneck.

    Because if it was a Norwegian Blue, it would have ceased to be!

  16. Resriechan says:

    (Every blue bird, after The Dead Parrot Sketch from M. Python….is a “Blue Norwegian”…..”He’s just resting!”)

    My immed. response (beside the ridiculous, boisterous guffaw o’ goofiness, I mean) included the word “insanely” .

  17. I, too, adore the ‘thank you’ after the kiss.

    And the peeeEEeek-a boo at the very end? I squeed!

  18. I love it when he talks to the camera. Can we have a whole video of that?

  19. I think that might be my favorite thing on the internet. I love that bird!

  20. I am going to have this on a loop ALL DAY NOW. It will be my solace for not having a real bird. (We do, on the other hand, have lots of stuffed bunnies.)

  21. LOL Between the Your so cute and the peekaboo and the aww that the bird keeps saying I am thinking a Cute overloader from way back

  22. Oh and I forgot to mention the Wheeeee Just completely slayed me LOLOL

  23. This.Made.My.Day.

  24. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Okay, people of the CO ‘verse: I’m going to have to find someone’s sofa to crash on after I get sacked for watching this video 29 times and can no longer afford the mortgage.

  25. Jill – this is an Indian Ringneck Parakeet – I believe it is a blue mutation (they are green wild-type, hard to tell in the video).

    They are common pets in India (often wild-caught, unfortunately).

  26. Resriechan says:

    @ Autumn: do any of yer stuffed bunnies, happen to share the same name?
    Are any of them fraternal twins? Have they had all their immunizations?
    We will need this information in order to register them for kindergarten next year.

  27. Oh, STINKIN’ cute!!! I have to watch this about three hundred more times.

  28. That was a male Blue Indian Ringneck Parrot. I’ve wanted one forever! They are amazing!

  29. i don’t think the bunny is quite challenging enough conversation-wise for mr. birdy, lol.

    what a lovely, sweet bird!

  30. I have a millions questions, such as, what is that clicking sound about?

  31. Resriechan says:

    @ AD:

    while your choice among objectives might be questioned, I, for one, commend you for planning ahead on the contigencies/ ramifications of your choices.

    (Rosemary Clooney, here): “C’mon-a My House, c’mon-a My House”! We’ll make (NON MICROWAVE ) popcorn (Don’t make me get onto THAT w/ NTM again…) & mix in peanut m&m’s & watch “Mouse Hunt” with Nathan Lane.

    HY-sterically silly film. And it has a quite-devious little mousie as a character.
    (And, if I remember correctly, the mouse even lives through the Armageddon of the Olde House Renovation….)

  32. Oh my god, this just totally made up for the fact that i got called into work 😀

  33. Resriechan says:

    Theresa — if you’ve a million qu’s I’m impressed, with your selection of the First Question !!! Kudos!!!


    (Don’t know the answer, but “Kudos” nonetheless!) 😉

  34. Elizabeth says:

    Birds as pets? Yuck! But that might just change my mind…OMG too cute!!!

  35. How are you doin? How are you doin?

    The cute slays me.

  36. Oh. My. GOD!!! I thought the bird was the stuffed animal at first. Giggled through the whole darn thing, and guffawed at every Thank You. Bird killed me ded.

  37. Do you think these nice people would adopt me? What a loving, laid-back family!

  38. This is EXACTLY why I love cute overload!!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEE

  39. I. love. this. bird.

  40. this… can’t… be… real

  41. serenity_may says:

    OMG I DED thats right d e d dead!

  42. Marney looks for the rabbit’s face at the end, when the rabbit changes postion………oh, deary, dearyme….

  43. So completely C-U-T-E!!!!!

  44. Okay it is even better the second time around

    LOLOL what you doing…. PEEEEEEEK aboo

    What a happy happy bird!

  45. I am going to go around talking like that parrot all day now.

  46. PS: [squeaky voice]: It’s so cute! Wheeee!

  47. LOVE this! We have a cockatiel, Lilah, though she is undoubtedly a He because of her extensive vocabulary. I love that these people have the same set of repetitions WE do!!!
    Lilah says, “Whatcha doin’?” and “Howya doin’?” all the time. She says “KEEEES! *smooch sound*” Also in her repertoire, I love you, Good girl, Yes! (with accompanying head bob), the cat call whistle/wolf whistle, she has my laugh down pat and calls “Wheat-e-leeeee” (our one dog) when I call him and he doesn’t come. She used to sing the Ride of the Valkyries because it was my husband’s ring tone – even though that was about 5 years ago, she still gets in a few bars every now and then. Whenever I sing, she “sings” along with me.

    Birds are so cool. This beautiful guy is amazing!

  48. anyone notice his eyes go all crazy when he goes “Peeeeeeeeeekaboo!”

    too funny!

  49. best video ever on CO

  50. WOW.. that is the first ever, ringneck that I have seen that is really nice! Such a sweetie! I love the tongue clicks!! Jack does that too.. When no one is paying attention to him! He has learned to climb down his cage and walk into the living room, crawl up the couch, and silently sneak up behind whoever is sitting on the couch.. VERY creepy when you hear an “Ahnnnn” from behind you!

  51. Holy crap, this has me in tears!! The It’s so CUTE! That the birdy keeps saying, and the kisses. Just too much!

  52. @Kristabelle– the Ride of the Valkyries?!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

  53. I love parrots! Adorable!

  54. lol at 0:21. Walks up to the cameraguy and asks how he’s doing. Too sweet.

  55. Too sweet! My bunny has his own stuffed bunnies too, but he doesn’t let me near his harem!

  56. Too cute! I love that birdie (and his little rabbit is pretty cute, too). What a sweetie! Come here, I’ll give you a kiss!

    How many birds do those nice people have? The guy in the background seems to be filling about 8 food dishes!

  57. Darn, I just got to work and had to check CO before getting down to business…15 mins later I’ve IMed this to all my friends and watched it three times. Ack, must do work! This is just so amazing and adorable!

  58. I don’t normally care about birds but this little guy is killing me with how adorable he is 🙂

  59. Peeeeeeeeeek-aboo! That’s head-sploding cute!

  60. OMG, the newest video from these ppl w/ Marnie in it…. gave 2 kisses to the camera, and said I love you… it made me burst out in to tears from the precious factor.

  61. Who’s a pretty bird?

  62. PS Look at the Youtube page– you’ll find out that Marnie has a collection of bunnies!

  63. resriechan says:

    …umm, ‘scuze me, Theresa? Do you have a minnit?

    We here at the CO ESD are becoming — just a BIT, mind you– concerned for you.

    Have you recently indulged in any street narcotics? Or are *ALL* your endorphins, from the little flightly guy/ gal, hmmmmm? You can tell US.

    The Emotional Stability Dept, CO

    PS: It’s for your own good, really. Trust us !!

  64. @ JustanotherHeather – I almost choked on my coffee.. Great Monty Python sketch.. 😛

  65. I would like to officially enter my bid for Argyle Donkeypants to come and live with me and the kitties. Oh, but we don’t actually have a sofa. Is that a deal breaker?

  66. arachnophile says:

    Kudos to this family for being such awsome bird people. A lot of people don’t understand just how much attention parrots and the like need. They are so social and really die inside or go nuts without constant loving stimulation.

    You can tell from the hand-made food they are processing in the kitchen and the squawks in the background that they have multiple feathered babies.

    I LOVE seeing such great pet-people out there. 😀

  67. charliewabba says:

    Yaaaaay for parrot cuteness. “Whatcha doin” seems to be a favorite parrot thing to say – I guess they hear it so much from peoples.

  68. Squeeeee…I want to live at this house. I am such a avianphile, but I don’t have the time to give a feathered baby the attention it deserves. Marnie is such a sweetie, and I loved all the bird noises in the background!

  69. Freakin hilarious! Why stupidity is so charming?

  70. Pinin’ for the fjords!

    OMGOSH how beautiful and smart he is!! I love heem! click click click, how ya doin’?

  71. It is so nice to see birds loved and appreciated for their cuteness, especially in our dog and cat-o-centric world (not that there is anything wrong with it!).

  72. Omgponies!!!!!!1111!
    Is that birdeh for reals? It’s too sweet for words. I don’t like birds but I luuuuuuurve this one. Maybe it’s time to change my opinion on birds alltoghether.
    *continues to stare and squeal*

  73. That’s it. I am officially DED from the cuteness of this. Wheeeee!

  74. resriechan says:

    Editors: Do you all have a contracting permit out, for the character in M. Python’s Holy Grail– the one who goes around the peasants’ village, collecting corpses?
    (“Bring outcher Ded!”)

    cuz’ it looks as though these ex-Peeps are gonna start stinkin’ pretty quickly, otherwise….

    Or — alternatively, you could get the eternally optimistic store salesman from the Dead Parrots sketch & he could convince passersby,
    that all those CO’ers *AREN’T* dead (aka “ded:), they’re just ‘pinin’ for the Fjords”…..

    A Public Service Announcement

  75. resriechan says:

    And, by the way, @ Skippymom: while I hold you in the highest possible regard, I must insist that you please *STEP AWAY FROM THE DONKEYPANTS*. In re this request, please see my comment / response at # 31 above.

    (whining & crying like a little 2-yr old brat:
    “I called First Dibs, Mommmmmmmeeeeeeeee—- Make her Staw-aw-awp!!!!”)

    Your Humble Servant (*SNERK*)

  76. OK, I tried not to like this too much, but the PEEEEEEEEEK-a-boo completely done me in.*

    But before resriechan sends the corpse collector: I’m not dead yet! I feel happy! I want to go for a walk!

    *Ooh! Added bonus: a musical reference.

  77. resriechan says:

    To: the General Public

    Great news!!
    I was able to contact the BBC — and they swiftly got in touch with the Corpse Collector. Oh, look — there he comes, *NOW*!!

    The President of Something

  78. resriechan says:

    @ Ed’s: 😦

    (“Help! Help! I’m being repressed!”) 🙂
    I must be an Illegal Alien, only nobody told me about it!

  79. Resrie, I was well aware that you had issued the first invitation, but chose to throw mine out there anyway. AD will have to choose between us. (evil laughter)

  80. I just got a toothache. SO SWEET.

  81. AWWWWWWW!!!!!!! I love that video. Almost as much as Smiling Sloth from earlier this week. My own very well-spoken feathered bebe is impossible to catch on video in his talkative moments. I keep trying to catch one of his cute speeches, but to no avail. He sees the red light on the camera and becomes transfixed. Someday hopefully I’ll have something cute on video to send in. I have a cute video of him playing with his toys but I’m too embarrassed to post it – I think it’s maybe only cute-to-me.

  82. To see just how many they have

    I wonder if they are trainers? The Rainbow mackaw that is molting is eating with a spoon!!! ROTF!!

  83. OMG! I can’t believe that bird just said “it’s so cute”.

    I love pets, and I love stuffies. But a pet with its own stuffie? Amazing!

  84. According to one comment on Youtube, this family mostly rescues their birds.

    “most of them are recue or ‘second hand’ birds. and yes, Marnie is truly a special little guy. but we love all of our ‘flock’ the same!!! “

  85. OMG! I never wanted a parrot before now!!! Adorable!!! XD

  86. @Resrie, read the following reply in a high-pitched, squeaky voice:

  87. The peeeeekaboo has truly done me in. I’m going to go home now and watch this 3000 more times with the sound on full blast.

  88. One of the greatest things I have ever seen.
    I couldn’t even have that parrot, cause I would probably hug it to death. It looks so soft and huggable! *explodes*

  89. The only thing un-cute about this video is that they are cooking food and the bird is walking around the food and on the counter. GROSS.
    Very unsanitary.

  90. resriechan says:

    (@ Theresa:)

    If I *MUST*, I suppose, I must. After all, us R’ing ex-C’s ARE fairly skilled at following directions from our Authority Figures.

    “HOWYADOIN’? PEEEEEKABOOOOOO!!” “Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

    (wow. that was just FABulous)

    (aka — annoyed cat inYoutube video: “I am.”)

    (& thx for sharing– winky, winky !!! “Know wha’ I mean?”)

  91. resriechan says:

    @ Skippymom:

    “Oh, baby. It’s ON!!!!”

    Signed, little white Catholic gurl who ain’t got a clue about fisticuffs.
    (See, didn’t that sound tough, the way I slipped “ain’t” in there???Skeered, yet?)
    Bwa. Ha & Ha.

    But Determined. Grim. Stiff Upper Lip. & Stuff.

  92. I haven’t been a bird fan since a mean Macaw took a chunk of skin out of my palm when I was about 12, but this bird is AWESOME!!!

  93. Heather –
    LOL. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one thinking that!

    But the bird is cute enough to make up for that. I guess I can look the other way, just this once…

  94. skippymom says:

    @Resrie: Marquess of Queensberry rules. (Look that one up if you need to, darlin’.)

  95. Birdcage: Have you tried sticking a piece of black tape over the little red light?

    And to the people concerned about the sanitation issue: I believe that’s bird food she’s dishing out there, so he’s just going to throw it all over and walk in it anyway.

  96. resriechan says:

    @ skippymom:

    “oh no you di-unt!!!”

    (my neck is bobbing left-to-right, hands-on-hips & other such OBVY violent tendencies …)

    OK — you’ve only brought this on yerself. Did I ever tell ya about the spare F-16 fighter Jet that Dad kept when he retired the Pentagon in ’79? He didn’t really do much with it, except the occasional Saturday Turtle Wax project. Now my mom has custody of it. She keeps one of those plaid fabric ashtrays ready in the cockpit (why would anyone choose to create an ASHTRAY out of Fabric???? Talk amongst yerselves…)

    Anyway — I sent it out to LasV for QoD the other weekend when samkitty was doing unspeakable, unsanitary things in her house. But it’s back at Fatio Lane now, ready for duty. We stopped at the Hess Station on the way home to top off the tank.

    My mommie’s meaner than YOUR mommie! So there!

    (Insert Clever Pseudonym here; I’m all out of ’em just now)

  97. The food is going into birdie dishes, so it’s not so bad. And counters can be wiped… and that bird is HI-larious!

  98. skippymom says:

    Res, I’ll have you know that Skippy could bring your silly airplane right down out of the sky with one swipe of his mighty paw, if he wanted to. Fortunately for you he is a pacifist.

    Oh, I remember those plaid ashtrays…nostalgic sigh, distractedly wanders away….

  99. ohhhhhh…….. I had to remember to breathe! Too cute! Makes me want a bird. Stupid being in college…..

  100. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Thanks for the offers, COers, but it appears as though I’m in luck. There’s nobody on this planet who’ll take my job. So I’m safe, at least until May, when the local university unleashes hordes of desperate, hungry English majors on our city.

  101. resriechan says:

    (sputters indignantly) “wh—” “but….” “I oughta…”
    “SILLY AIRPLANE?????? “Paw”??? “Why, I oughta ….”

    “What did you say? , AD said wha-???But, she PROMISED— But, I —”

    “Oh, crabapples !!!!!”
    (sulks forlornly beside the old wooden fence that Huck needs whitewashed)

  102. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    @Eds: Could this post have set a record for the greatest number of nuffless comments?

  103. Copperbat says:


    I’m about 99% sure the food they’re preparing is for birds

  104. Copperbat says:

    And, that is one of the most beautiful birds I’ve ever seen!


  106. I have a bird phobia — I have no idea why, but I’ve always had it. But. . . I would totally play peeeeeeek-a-boo with this little guy.

  107. In love wit da birdie. Have decided birds are smarter than pipples not to mention sweeter.

  108. That is a blue indian ringneck

  109. Wow. Crazy. Bird. People.

    But still cute, despite all the background squawks that made it hard to hear the star of the show.

  110. Christine says:

    Awesome ringneck boy.

    It reminded me of the “Gimme A Kiss” video of two Alexandrine parrots …the video is an oldie but a goodie…..

  111. This has made my day. So precious!

  112. We have achieved the cute Singularity in the mode of Ray Kurzweil. This site could only exist so long without bringing this about. There can be no cuter.

  113. Juniper Jupiter says:


    That was SO cute!! 😀

  114. Oh wow.
    Way to cute, NTMTOM, way too cute.
    Not that it’s a bad thing, of course. ;P
    And yes, Monty Python is the best. (:

  115. and this is why I love birds!! 🙂

  116. Munchkin13 says:

    After showing this to my boyfriend he spent the rest of the night kissing my forehead and saying “Thank you!” in a bird like voice.

  117. I would like to say how much I think this video is adorable and attest to it with my story.

    Today at Ft Hood Army Base in Killeen, TX there was a shooting. My husband was lacked down on our nearby base, Dyess AFB in Abilene, TX. When he came home he was sullen and upset.

    I had watched this video while he was at work, so when he came home I gathered him around the computer and showed him this video. This video made a considerable difference in his mood and helped to cheer him up and remember to enjoy the things in life that matter.

    Thank you for being so special, Marnie!

  118. jubileeblot says:

    This has keeled me ded! He is the most beautiful birdie ever! I love the way he looks into the bunnies eyes at the end, and says “Thank you” after every kiss. Shows how smart these little ones are. I love the way the peeps are making foodies for the flock. Great pet owners! This made my day!

  119. I love how when the bunny is laying down he walks over and leans to look into his face and talk to him. If only you could get paid for time spent replaying and watching! Hee

  120. I thought it was cute, but looking the video another time i noticed the poor bird had his wings cut.

    i dont support this kind of practice and i can´t respect anyone who does.

    In all seriousness, we can´t put cuteness in front of righteousness. Some things are wrong, we can´t turn every animal into our pet just because we want to.

  121. SQUEEEEE!!!

    I love how he asks “Is that your bunny?” “Gimme a kiss!” and “Thank you.” D’awwwww.

    @Kelli R: Read about it online. Sorry to hear, but glad your husband is safe.. :-/

    Jay: Its possible that the bird already had its wings cut before these people took it in.

  122. Indiscreet says:

    Ringnecks are wild all over London and the South of England. There’s a huge colony of them on the common where I walk at lunchtime. No one knows how so many got into the wild – there’s a rumour that they escaped from the set of the African Queen and bred. Apparently they come from the foothills of the Himalayas so are quite comfortable with the English weather.
    They don’t talk, though…

  123. resriechan says:

    Hi Cute Folks:

    I’m gonna just go with the assumption that the suggestion of several peeps, that this Boidie is specifically an Ind. Blue Ringneck. If it turns out that that assessment is correct, please see the following :

    “Indian Ringnecks are native to Asia and Africa and can be seen in the forests or arid environments. It’s not uncommon to see them thrive in urban areas as well. They have established colonies in environments which are not native to them, including California, Florida, and the UK….
    ….love to show off. Along with being intelligent, they are great at talking. Quaker Parakeets are known for their talking ability; however, a Ringneck can speak with clarity that’s phenomenal. These birds are truly masters at talking for their size and can easily compete with Quakers, Grays, and Amazons.

    Wepage citation= (c. date shows to 2007)
    I, for one, have thoroughly enjoyed this vid. & I’m normally not much of a Boidie Person.

    Ok — enough with facts for the moment. ON WITH THA CUTE!!

    The Research Dept.

  124. fairydogmother says:

    This is one of the cutest things ever. He reminds me of how a little 2 year old kid would play with a toy. So sweet.

  125. The exponential cuteness equation that is cuteness announcing its own cuteness:
    Q(t)^e = Sqᵤē

  126. @Jay: From what I can tell it looks like he still has his full wings to me. You can still see the long pinion feathers sticking out behind him. Now he might have had his wings clipped, which I can’t tell from this video, but that is generally painless and the feathers grow back. Just for reference, the other option is to have a bird pinioned, which means surgically removing the “hand” bones of the bird’s wings, which usually reserved for outdoor zoo birds like waterfowl. You can think of it as trimming a cat’s nails vs. declawing.

    But enough about that. This is the cutest bird ever.


  128. I.Want.One.Now!!!
    I must! I must! Or I shall die!!

  129. thatpeskysquirrel says:

    Thank you for posting this, I wasn’t sure it’d get on the page when I sent it in, but it definitely made me die of squee when I first saw it ^_^

  130. Thanks Carrie, A few feathers have been trimmed shorter for his safety, no different than humans getting a haircut! Marnie happens to be my little bird, and I am so pleased he brings so much joy to so many, as he does for my husband and me. This has all been very touching, and will continue to make more vids of Marnie!

  131. this is the cutest thing ever!! omg hes so smart

  132. i almost pulled out my hair and bust my cheek muscles: peeeEEk-a-boo

    thank you thank you thank you!

    i am so crumpled, my insides are completely obliterated

  133. resriechan says:


  134. OH. MY. GOD.
    I could look at this for hours,
    I love his voice
    I love his color
    I love his mannerisms
    I love how his eyes goes wacko

    I just LOVE EEET ALLL!!

    I am patiently awaiting a new video of him.
    But in the time being, I’ll be watching this repeatedly.

  135. To Kelli R.
    When my husband and I read what you said it made us tear up! Marnie is our little guy and we are so pleased he can put a smile on so many faces! Sometimes the simple things in life are the most precious…

  136. gravyboat says:

    I love the “wheeeeeeeeee!” parts!

  137. Oh COME ON Jay! If you know nothing about having pet birds, then please don’t rant. It is for the birds’ safety that their flight feathers are trimmed. It can be very dangerous to have a bird that has known only the inside of your house to become airborne suddenly and not have any idea what to do. They don’t know HOW to go back to the place where they feel safe… and at home.

    (Jeezzzz, so much for having a nuff-free comment thread.)

  138. And, Nancy… thank you for being such a good birdie-mommy.

  139. That bird has a better vocabulary than most of my fraternity brothers.

  140. After watching the news coverage of beheading cannabalistic bus passengers and army base shootouts, a little parrot who loves his bunny made me a little teary. Thanks parrot. I needed that.

  141. resriechan says:

    @ J:

    things that make me, go “awwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! (in a GOOD way!)” =
    your comment!!!

  142. resriechan says:

    @Gravyboat # 136:

    So do I; so does The Esteemed Theresa and — without having had opportunity to check with sources, I feel comfortable in assessing , that so also would QueenofDork!!!!

    Join our (Happy, happy “Wheeeeee!!!”) Club!

  143. OMG. I listened to a program on NPR (never do that, I prefer to remain dumb) and birds DO understand what you are saying! Parrots anyhow. This one is not effing around! It is both cute and scary!

  144. Queen of Dork says:

    resriechan: The “Wheeeeeeee!” was so cute…actually the whole video was so cute that it caused me temporary numbness of limbs and I lost my mind for a minute there and could do nothing but go, “awwwwwwwwwwwwww.”

  145. I’ve heard a lot of birds talk (none of mine, sigh) but this is absolutely the cutest one ever. And I love that birds can dilate and constrict their pupils at will, it adds an adorably bizarre element to the silliness.

  146. Queen of Dork says:


  147. Queen of Dork says:


  148. Queen of Dork says:

    please excuse me. I’m trying to figure out how to get a new avatar.

  149. Queen of Dork says:

    I think I have a new avatar. The last one (smurf) was in honor of Lulu, my late sister. This one (if I got it right) is me.
    Logic 101:
    I (heart) Picasso
    I (heart) flowers =
    I (heart) Picasso flowers.

  150. Gimmee a kiss? (smack!) you’re a good birdie!

    Gimmee a kiss? Gimmee a kiss?

    Come’ere (smack!) Good boy!

  151. OMG someone call 911, I’m going to die from a cuteoverload. That bird would get a kick up the bum, dragged back and kissed to death. He’s is the cutest little birdie ever !!!!!!!!!!! Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek-aboo little man !

  152. O-M-G! That is lethally cute. Wow.

  153. Does anyone know what kind of bird this is????

    I *MUST* have one! It is soooooooo cute ~~ it looks like an animated bird in the movies.

  154. Not sure if someone answered the “what kind of bird is this?” but it is a male blue mutation Indian ringneck. I have an Alexandrine (same family of parrots) and she “pins” her eyes when she is excited. I don’t think anyone can be sad when you live with a bird who talks in context. It is one of the most amazing things on earth.

  155. Things this sweet aren’t good for me, I am diabetic!

  156. He is an Indian ringnecked parakeet

    so cute!

  157. Just about the cutest video I’ve ever seen. I’ve replayed it about 8 or 9 times now!

  158. WOW! What a bird! want more please.