Of Course, You Realize This Means War

The whole human-rights problem was upsetting enough, but now the People’s Republic of China has crossed the Rubicon and gone too far! From sender-inner Kristina D. comes this startling news (emphasis ours):

We were recently traveling in China and Tibet – were you aware that Cute Overload is blocked there?! It’s understandable though, outrageous cuteness threatens social stability, which is their greatest fear… We thought we would surely perish from CO withdrawal! But luckily there was plenty of cute Tibetan pooch action in Lhasa to keep us going.

lhasa pup_1 small

How dare they block Teh Qte! This outrage can be met with nothing less than… The Glorious People’s Tongue-Hance of Democracy! PTHTFHTFTHPTT!

tougue hance



  1. Tongue-hance! WAHOO!!!!

  2. Does she have a rope around her foot? That’s a bit odd.

    I love her jingle bell necklace though! I’m jealous.

  3. Von Zeppelin says:

    The government of the People’s Republic feels an obligation to protect the morals of their citizens. Who knows what social unrest would result if those pictures of Bikini Weimaraner started circulating in China?

  4. Puppy sticks her tongue at China’s censorship!

    P.S. LOVE the jingly collar!! (and the redonkulous haircut!!)

  5. Well, the Qte does take away from my personal productivity….

  6. Blocking CO?! OUTRAGEOUS! Teh Qte is necessary for basic survival! lol

  7. Oh you can try and block the qte, but it is powerful and insidious. You can brutally delete all images of cats in boxes or hamsters prancing on their little wheels or dogs in Halloween costumes but as soon as you turn around there will be a wet nosicle that needs to be beeped and there you go

  8. Obviously, they’re threatened by CO’s repeated references to voting stoats. You know, it was voting stoats that brought down the Soviets… >.>

  9. The tongue.

    The tongue is HEART SHAPED!

  10. Bugs Bunny reference FTW!!!

  11. @Metz…thank you for pointing that out! AWESOME.
    *passes out from qte*

    I wonder how to say ‘tonguehance’ in Mandarin???

  12. 260Oakely says:

    Well, any country that would chuck out the dalai llama is obviously not animal-friendly.

  13. Shhhhhhh!! Metz!!! Shhhhhhh!! That Heart Shaped Tongue is the secret mark of La Résistance!!! It is, in fact, freedom’s tongue!! (Marshall music plays in the background, hamsters scramble up a small but imposing pile of soft towels waving large flags, a chorus of kittens raise their voices in operatic mews . . . the crowd goes wild . . . )

  14. I’m not sure what’s more deadly, that beepable nose or that peenk, peenk tongue.

  15. resriechan says:

    Wouldn’t the Chinese gub’ment have an easier time enforcing these things if they just banned All Cute Things of any form or manner, than specifying CO/ Internet?

    In which case, I’ll be glad to take Mr. /Miss Fluffykins. I can be ready for him/ her in a jiffy — just give me 15 minutes.

    (Looking through pantry to see if there’s something already available for the first night home of the little fluffball; or if I need to go to Da Dollah Stoah for some Kibble…)

  16. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    That’s it. I’m moving to China and I’m becoming a NOMMUNIST. (nom nom nom nom nom nom nom)

  17. There is no need to bring politics into this…. That’s not even a cute picture.

  18. We could send them puppies! And ice cream!

    But the puppies might eat the ice cream!

    [ Hanks/Colbert FTW! — Mike ]

  19. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    @ Paunchie — Hilarious bit.

  20. I was quite upset when I went to China two years ago and couldn’t visit the whole time 😦

  21. resriechan says:

    (waving frantically)

    Hi, AD!! Are you aware of the *GURRLFIGHT* that one of your comments has caused, over/ under (I rather like that pair of words together) the bird w/ pet bunny post??? Skippymom & I are about to re-enact the scene from M. Python/ H. Grail scene where Arthur meets the Black Knight in the Woods & they negotiate whether or not to have A Fight. (of the “It’s only a Flesh Wound” bit ….)

    You might need to supply us with water & Band-Aids, after.

  22. I heart your allusion! Caesar would be so proud!

  23. Jess&Friends says:

    Can we please invite the Japanese to invade them with their teddy bear guns? The outrage!!! I want to chuck hamsters at them. Nail-studded hamsters.

  24. My Tibetan Spaniel says, “Greetings, long-lost cousin.”

  25. Hello @ ABC, did you not see the fluff or the heart shaped tongue or the button nose? Are you having a bad day? Do you need a hug? Or a bowl of pudding? Or a pasickie?

  26. Mike (the other one) I laughed so hard at your comment I teared up:
    ‘This outrage can be met with nothing less than… The Glorious People’s Tongue-Hance of Democracy! PTHTFHTFTHPTT’
    I think I truly fall for you once a day, ay least!!! warm kisses to you.

  27. baileysgrandmom says:

    MARSHALL music???

    [Hell yeah! 😉 – Ed.]

  28. Is that a dalai llama apso? That is the cuterest pupy ever!

  29. White fur, black eyes, black nose, black mouth – peeeeenk tongue!

    (And by the way, BEEP!)

  30. Heart-shaped tongue! I am feeling the love. Damn you, Great Firewall–free the Qte!!!

  31. nose beep!!! the CO tongue hance makes me want to pull on the tongue for some weird reason. … i don’t think puppeh would like that though hehe

  32. AuntieMame says:


    #1 – That’s not a man. It’s a woman.
    #2 – People don’t generally dress their “dinner” up in pigtails and a fancy collar with bells.

  33. Camille: Woot! Another Tibetan Spaniel owner!

  34. tongue!

  35. Beep! Smooch! Beep!

  36. @Auntie Mame – what about those paper thingies people put on turkey legs…? hahahahah…kidding, justkidding…….

    @AD – nommunist…..*snerk*

  37. SusaninMI says:

    That pup has style! And I’m not usually one for the bug-eyed fluffy types, more of a hound aficionado myself. The tongue is subversive, better QTE than Red, pffft lol.

  38. oh and i can’t leave here without *BEEP*……..*sigh* i feel better now, thanks.

  39. there must be at least a billion things about china that are cute. what’s wrong with cute?

  40. I don’t think the Great Red Firewall is blocking CuteOverload so much as it is blocking WordPress and blog sites in general. Rather than specifically blocking out any blogs that run counter to government policy, it’s easier to just block everything.

    China blocks YouTube, too.

    CO was not always blocked in China. I know some people there, and I used to be able to send links that they could follow, but alas, no more.

  41. That’s a Tibetan Spaniel? I’m in love… I don’t even like little dogs!! Lewk at it… its all: Lewk intew my iiiii’s, breeeeeth sllloooowwlleee… now… yew must hug mee. Yew must keesss my hed, beep my nosticols, adorn me wid belz and stylz my flowen hair… yew are mine. Yew must pick me up, and take me to yur homeland. Ay own yer ovarsized peeepl selv.

    Somewhat related thought: How do you find that leedle fluffball when it snows? Prob’ly burrows in like a canine gopher.

  42. ROFL @ hovertext. “Freedom Checkers” AHHHHHH!!

  43. @Jess&Friends – I hope you posted that in ignorance, but before you make statements like that, you might want to read up the history of Nanking in WWII to find out why someone might find that extremely difficult and painful to read.

  44. GAH! Lhasa Apso puppeh face!


  45. Ha! When the cute overlords conquer the world at large (Vanity Fair says the end is near), only those inside of The Great Firewall will have any free will left. Who will be the capitalist running dogs ™ then?

  46. AuntieMame says:

    Well, here come the nuffers…

  47. resriechan says:

    I have One Burning (Simmering?) question.

    Did this post carry the Tag “International Relations” when it was first posted, or is that a later Add? ‘Cuz I SURE didn’t notice that, the first 5 times I looked at the Post or its Comments Stream ….

    Curiouser and Curiouser

  48. Jellyfish says:

    Dear marla,
    Lighten up.


  49. Rubbish! I used to live there a couple years ago and I accessed it EVERYDAY!!!!

  50. resriechan says:

    Well, AuntieMame,

    sure’nuff, the nuffing has begun. How’s your Mint Julep? Does it have enough ice in it?

  51. ButtaRumCake says:

    @ Paunchie (comment #2) – no – the rope is attached the bag the human carrying. Looks like Miss Lhasa has her paw intermingled in it…nothing bad, just kinda how when exhuberant puppy leashes get all tangled up in puppy….

  52. Andi from NC says:

    “The Glorious People’s Tongue-Hance of Democracy!” – inspired!!! That quote and the image of that sweet little pink tongue, are going to be running through my head all day – happy weekend all!

  53. Wasn’t “Freedom Checkers” the full name of Nixon’s dog? 😉

  54. Jess&Friends says:

    Give me Cute or give me death!