Hilda’s Revenge

…Because you’ve seen Hilda’s ears, right? It’s like two furry Venus Flytraps just sprouted out of  her head – oh, poo! Sweetie, did I not mention that I needed a French manicure today –anyway, I mean, Hilda has a cute face…it it weren’t for those pipe cleaners she calls whiskers. It’s like, ‘What, did a 5-year-old invent you?’

By the way, how do my brows look? It’s like the one thing Hilda does right, you know?

I'm going to look angry for a very long time.

Um, no. I did not ask for two “creepy cocoons” to be placed above my eyes. Where is Hilda. I need to speak with her.

They may look like furry Venus Flytraps, but they hear all.

You could just use Chunk’s whiskers as Q-Tips, Deidra L.



  1. Wheee!

  2. pretty pretty doggeh! SMOOOOOCH!

    the other critter looks like her earses are doity. You go ahead, use that Q-tip mousie er, mousie type animule. . .

  3. Beep Beep!

  4. OMG Shibas are JUST THE CUTEST!

  5. 260Oakely says:

    Looks like someone has reached the q-tipping point.

  6. Does he remind anyone else of Peter Lorre as Mr. Moto? Or am I just demented?

  7. OMG that doggie is adorable. ❤ She looks a lot like a puppy version of my Sisko!

  8. Chinnie!! Chinchillas are the cutest. Mine is 18 years old, but in his younger years he would steal pencils, emery boards, q-tips – anything he could get his hands on. Little theives. 🙂

  9. ButtaRumCake says:


  10. Despite several explanations, Hildy could not understand passing the baton during relay races.

  11. resriechan says:

    okay , Theresa — I think it’s time we got clear on this:


    Jealous Stuffed-Shirt Type

  12. That chinchilla looks like she’s about to burst into a little song and soft-shoe number.
    “hello my darling, hello my baby, hello my ragtime gaaa-aaa-aaalll!”

  13. MissKitty says:

    awww… I love the spotted ears on the chin!

    Makes me miss my chinny I lost a few months ago. *sniffle* He used to try and steal my QTips too. Of course, he also used to try to steal and bite on anything he could get his little paws around. 😀


  15. homer mariner says:

    Two of my favorite animals together in one post! Huskies and chinchillas!!! Ooooh the floofage!

  16. puppie so cute and the chinchilla looks like a pokemon lol

  17. Nonono, homer. Here are MY two absolute favorite animals in one post: chinchillas and shibas! 😀

    I’m the proud momma of 4 chinchildren, but no shibas for me until I get a bigger place. <_<

  18. Chinchillas!

  19. Bonus, auto-embedding youtube clips!

  20. @Shadyman- luv the vid, had to laugh.
    I don’t know which is cuter; the chinnie with six shooters or puppeh. Both make me squee!

  21. That puppeh needs a smooch from me STAT.

  22. Is that a shiba? I think my little guy is a chi mixed with a shiba (or a sheltie?). Anywho, I’m only too familiar with that look of disapproval. And I love the dapper look with that scarf.

    Ms. McChincherson looks positively gleeful at having pulled the wool over goggie’s eyes. I’d let her do my nails but only if she agreed to take snorgles and beeps as payment. 😀

  23. “What, did a 5-year-old invent you?” is my new favorite insult.

  24. the chinchilla reminds me of danger mouse for some reason!

  25. 😦 I never saw a chinchilla before, not cute at all, he or she looks like my granny’s husband. weird

  26. MUST LUV SHIBA. Serious cute goin on. Chinchi, not so much. But it’s cool.

  27. Oh yay, a chinnie pic!!! I think they are woefully underrepresented, but then, I’m biased…. 🙂 I mean, what’s not cute about this??

    Oh, and that chin’s ears are not dirty – they are freckled!!! That color of chinchilla (a type of beige) develops freckled ears after they’re 1-2 years old. 😀

  28. I want a present from him! It would make my life happier!!!!!!

  29. Jenn in IL says:

    “What, did a 5-year-old invent you?” Hysterical. I’m so using it. And I DO believe 5 year olds may have invented the Shiba…they’re the “teddy bear dogs”, after all.

    I am all too familiar with that look. My Shiba does it, too…she stares straight into your SOUL. Then, if you take more than 3 seconds to start petting her, she starts tapping your arm with her paw, all the while just staring, unblinkingly. It’s so funny.

    Love chinchillas, too…so soft!!

  30. That dog is so pretty!! 😀 ❤ And I adore all the red in the top picture. (Favourite colour!)

  31. That’s my dog, Hiro!!!! Yay, you finally posted him! Even though that picture is from a year ago. You should see him now, he is much puffier! Yes, he is a Shiba!
    he has a dogster page : http://www.dogster.com/dogs/944246

    Thanks CO!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoox!!!!!!!!!

  32. Hiro has a facebook page too, which is better actually!

    I love you CO! xoxoxxo