Dell’s New “Meowse” A Dud

After extensive research, Dell gambled on their focus groups’ request for “something softer to the touch” and lost.

This is a stick-up for static cling.

Triple click, Maria F.



  1. Velcro cat or green screen acting? You decide.

  2. that pile o’floof looks kinda grumpeh ?

  3. I’ve never had a fuzzy mouse before. I believe I’ll purchase one now.

  4. The sneezing that would follow from my full-face snorgle of that belleh would be WORTH IT.

  5. Must snorgle that belly!!

  6. @ Paunchie…my thoughts exactly…that is one grumpeh kitteh!

  7. Now THIS is a mouse I’d like to use 🙂

  8. Warning: TOE TUFTS!!!

  9. Thank you, thank you!

  10. It’s all “I dare you! Touch my belleh. See how many appendages are intact afterwards… come on! I triple CAT dare you!” lolz

  11. “yah, go ahead and click me… if you wanna lose half your face!” *Glares*

  12. 260Oakely says:

    I think this is some of that new-fangled kitten cloud computing bunk, version Marmie.

  13. Then the “neaarrmm” cat from yesterday was probably just a Dell Meowse prototype.

  14. resriechan says:

    ooooooooooh Thhhhhheeeeeeeeooooooooooooo…………

  15. I love that God invented fur.

  16. The belleh! The fluff! The short tail! The toehawks! THE LITTLE ORANGE MUSTACHE!!!

  17. hahaha The orange mustache is the best!

  18. Stunbunny says:

    Looks like an aerial FLOOF attack waiting to happen.

  19. He’s on a yoga mat! Hahaha! My freakin’ cat does that to me all the time when I practice at home… it’s the one place I don’t want him going, and it’s the only place he wants to be! He sprawls himself all over it like it was no one’s business.

    It’s a little hard to get into the zen when you’re shooing your cat off half the time. 😉

  20. i_wuvs_puttins says:

    Love the hind feets splayage!

  21. @ Paunchie & Suzanne He’s only grumpy because my face is not buried in his wittle furry belly! He just need a belly razzzzberry!

  22. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Dear Dell Customer Service: Enclosed please find one of your Dell KatTrak 2.0 computer meowses. You’ll find that it’s in perfect working order. Be assured that I am the origin of the dried blood that appears around its mouth and feet; the device itself is unharmed.

    I would like to request a refund on the basis that the KatTrak instruction manual neglected to mention that meowse usage would be limited and that the meowse could, in fact, disembowel the user with little or no warning. My job requires that I be at a computer 7-9 hours a day, and my supervisor has been unimpressed by the amount of time I’ve spent getting stitches in my right hand, arm, and ear due to a series of particularly vicious meowse attacks.

    Please remit my refund in the form of a check, credit, or an intravenous analgesic drip.
    A. Donkeypants
    PS — I am keenly interested in your line of Komodo monitors. Please send a current product catalog.

  23. resriechan says:

    @ AD:

    were you already aware that the Dell Corporation was bought out, by the Acme Corporation, which was the object of a lawsuit from a certain Wile E. Coyote regarding deficient Product designs of various vehicles & accessories??

    I am not aware of the end result of the Lawsuit, however I understand that the inadequate product design was said to have caused obstacles to Mr. Coyote’s Chosen Profession of Road Runner Pursuit.

    Just thought that you might find this illuminating. The best of luck to you on negotiations with the Corporation.

    Your Obedient Servant.

  24. That is one disapproving kitteh!

  25. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    He’s a purripheral.

  26. “C’mon, you know you want it. Come snorgle this belleh…I know how hard it is to turn away…”

  27. Queen of Dork says:

    I’m on to this kitty. Look at his eyes. See? No! don’t look! He’s obviously trying to hip-no-tize unsuspecting peeps to snorgle his belleh. See how the paws are up in the kill posish? Then as we lose ourselves in the floof, he RIPS OUR HEADS OFF.

  28. victoreia says:

    “DANGER, Will Robinson!”

  29. 😈 SNORGLE-FEST 😈 Face plant in kitty belly 😈

  30. that is one flat kitty.

  31. simply irresistable!!

  32. BELLEH!!!

    *Dives headfirst into floof*

  33. I’m this close to snorgling my computer screen.

  34. resriechan says:

    @ Victoreia:

    You, m’dear, have just chosen to quote prob. my ALLTIME FAVE pop-kulcha / TV show line (possibly even above some M. Python items).

    Ahhhhhhhh. Thanks, That really hit the spot !

    Will Robinson

    PS: For your consideration: “Was the Robot in “Lost in Space” played by an 1950s era canister vaccuum cleaner?” Discuss amongst yourselves.

  35. The BACK FEETS, people! Will you look at the back feets! I love how they’re just sticking out of all the floof.

    I’m too scared to look any higher – that grumpeh face and those thin white evil eyebrows… :-O

  36. bookmonstercats says:

    @ArgyllDonkeypant, you rock.

    I have spent some considerable time trying to work out how to connect the meowse’s tail into the port, but it won’t go, and the blood running down my eyes is making it difficult to continue. Does the ear-furr imply that it’s actually wireless? Is that where I’m going wrong? In adition, I keep tickling the back feets instead of working.

  37. bookmonstercats says:

    “addition”… *tut*…

  38. *gets protractors, measures angle of hind leg splayage*

    The angle is obtuse, but the cat is acute.

  39. @bargles

    “it’s the one place I don’t want him going, and it’s the only place he wants to be!”

    Yep, that’s the Webster’s definition of “cat.”

  40. I must keesse the kitteh belly, so soft, losing myself in the fluff 🙂

  41. That li’l ornj VanDyke is cracking me up. Srs.

  42. Why am I never included in these customer focus groups!!!!! I’d want one even if you couldn’t plug it in.

    I also could have told them that the avg mouse jockey would just spend too much time huffing that precious fluffy belleh to get any work done! Definately for home use.

  43. NO….IT WASN’T ME I SWEAR!!!!!