I Gotta Lay Off the Sardines Before Bed

What a weird dream!  I was running and running, but never getting anywhere.  Then this giant hand pushed me around on my back, and it felt so good I started doing it by myself.  And it kept happening over and over, like some kind of endless loop…


Note: Web site address displayed in some images contains NSFW material.

Update: See more of the kitty at top right here.



  1. Waitamminit, where is there NSFW stuff? I didn’t see any.

    I LURVE LURVE LURVE teh firetruck kitteh!

  2. love Love LOVE the kitten covering his face with his paws!


  3. LOL! I was looking for the NSFW stuff too. What does that say about us? 😀

  4. NSFW? Not suitable for wankers?


  6. hehehe at the other cat and the dog watching firetruck kitteh like, “uhhhh…what’re you doing?”

  7. beardediris says:

    I once had a boyfriend who said that all cats are the same as every other cat and all dogs are the same as every other dog, it’s people who project personalities onto their animals and convince themselves that their pet is weird, unusual, smarter than normal, etc. To him, I say (once again) Plbttttt! You’re a dumba**. If only I knew his current e-mail address (and it hasn’t been close to two years since I’ve seen him), I would send him these as proof that he is WRONG!

  8. beardediris says:

    BTW: so cute and so hilarious!

  9. Wheee! It all looks like such fun!

    My Basset Hound, Daphne, used to LOVE going on the slide. She’d slowly climb up the stairs, then slide down. Not easy when you’re such a LONG doggy.

  10. OMG at the last kitty! all my coworkers are awwwwwwwwww (even the guys) LOL
    SUPER CUTE!! ♥♥♥

  11. Is it “cat slides on carpet”? That’s the closest I can get to NSFW. I’d be afraid of what would show up if I searched it.

  12. Oh, wow! I’m so glad to see there’s another animal–besides my Big Fat Orange Cat–who loves to slide on his back down a dirt hill. Sadly, the BFOC has access to only a very short little hill.

  13. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    I know that look on the waking-up cat’s face! It’s the look of remembering that you left your credit card at the catnip bar where you opened a tab last night and you’ll have to do the walk of shame to go pick it up and risk seeing the same bartender there that you hit on until last call and you were so close to getting that person’s phone number and you would have if only you hadn’t done a faceplant on the way to the litter box.

    You don’t feel so suave now, do you, cat?

  14. I think what they mean about NSFW is that if you go to 4Gifs.com or whatevs looking for more cute you may in fact find pictures of wangs and boobies. But I’m not gonna risk it… as I’m at work and being caught looking at videos of dogs is bad enough. 🙂

    [ 😆 Oh man, now I feel like chanting Wangs! And boobies! Wangs wangs, and BOOBIES! (repeat) – Ed.]

  15. THAT should bring some interesting search term related traffic to the site! LOL
    😆 😈

  16. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    I don’t get it. Wasn’t Wang the name of that guy who sang “Everybody Have Fun Tonight”? An Asian fellow, I believe….

    [Ah yes, Mr. Chung. Those ’80s jams were a caution. :affected nostalgia: – Ed.]

  17. ‘course now you HAVE to find and post a picture of a Boobie on here.

    😯 WHAT? I meant the feathered kind, geeze peeples! 😆

    […Lady Gaga? 😕 – Ed.]

  18. Maybe you can find a picture of Mr. Chung with a Boobie.

  19. Courtney S. says:

    Indeed- Wang Chung was known for his many duets with Blue-Fotted Boobies. Obv.

  20. Courtney S. says:

    *That is to say, Blue-FOOTED Boobies. Although maybe Blue-Fotted Bobbies were involved too.

    [Fixed your spelling, there 😉 – Ed.]

  21. LOLOL Chants Wangs Wangs and boobies Running around

    I love the kitty being pushed around I could just hear the puttering car sound that we all used to make HEHehehe

  22. Forgotr to say I too was looking for the NSFW stuff HEhehehe because I am at home now

  23. Resriechan says:

    Can we jist start a Kiddiegarten called CO?????

    [I dunno, do they even have PG-13 kindercare? – Ed.]

  24. the sepia kitten is all… “wtf… close the curtains.. damn sunlight…”

  25. omg, that is my cat in screen number 2- I look at your website everyday but never expected to see my living room on here. lol

  26. Resriechan says:

    @ Ed’s:

    well, um, what about that one that Eddie Murphy was runnin’ in Daddy Daycare?
    What age bracket wouldja figger for that one?

    [“Daddy Day Care“? Is this a trick question? – Ed.]

  27. BOOBIES!!! Is anyone else familiar with the oh-so-not-politically correct Retarded Policeman Episode #9…..

  28. Resriechan says:

    And @ Blondie:

    dear, when was the last Beepers Anon. meeting that you attended to the end of the meeting? Have you fallen off the wagon, possibly???


  29. Oh thank you CO, after a bad day at work and the news that the person I sat next to at the Halloween party Saturday has swine flu I REALLY needed to laugh.

  30. Resriechan says:

    @ Gigi:

    “Everywhere, there’s lots of Piggies,
    Living Piggie lives….
    You can see them out for dinner,
    With their Piggy wives”…

    NOT the Fifth Beatle

  31. GreatKatzini says:

    *polishes glasses* *drones* : The cat on the slide is the perfect metaphor for the postmodern struggle of mankind to escape the daily grind – much like Sisyphus, they fight an uphill battle from freedom, that in end is futile – and begins anew every day. Postmodernist deconstruction relates rhubarb, ilex shrub mirabelle ding dang dong…

  32. The firetruck one is mine! Check out the full youtube video… go to youtube and search for catpushspin. Let me know what you think!

  33. GreatKatzini – Baroo? Too… many… big… words… Blondie… passes… out…

    But not before this: BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!

    Meeting? Wait – I was at the Recovering Catholic’s meeting… CRAP! I missed the Beeper’s Anonymous meeting! No wonder I’m only processing short words….

    (thunk) (now have kitty demon sitting on chest) (can’t breathe) (smiling) Recovery is a wonderful thing.

  34. Von Zeppelin says:

    Great Katzini, I was in complete agreement with you until “rhubarb, ilex shrub.” Now I must disagree. Vehemently. (Writes outraged response in scholarly journal)

  35. @Amy:

    Carpetcat? 😀

  36. I can’t begin to imagine the static shock that carpetcat imparts.

    *pet the kitty*

  37. appleberri says:

    love the bandit mask on the cat sliding kittie!

  38. @Shadyman,
    Now THAT would be a full-blown ZAPPY-NOSE event. I’m sure both kitty and human would be impressed.

  39. Resriechan says:


    (earworm a-comin’ atcha!!)

    (Aaaaand, justincase someone decides they gotta start a commentroversy when they hear the name of the song, PLEASE read this item BEFORE nuffing. And really, preferably DON’T HATE the music. Peter Gabriel is PROMINENT in music with philosophically admirable objectives such as Amnesty Intl, etc. Okay? okay.)


  40. earlybird1 says:

    OH, that kitten is just the best! Love how she covers her face with her little paws! Strayyyyyche!

  41. Resriechan says:

    Shadyman: I set up a couple things as a joke with punchline about carpet static for ya (mine had #39), but OOOOOOhhhhhh; they GOT me !!!!!!!

    (the comment’s awaiting moderation) I’m pretty certain that other than the animal rights-y controversy related to the song title …..there isn’t anything actually objectionable ….but, this is, afterall,

    CUTEOVERLORD land!! We are only the peeps/ subjects of the land!!

    “Film at eleven”

  42. Cute dog, cute cats, but the last kitty scrubbing her face is to die for.

  43. ah! my cat does the exact same strech-and-cover-face-with-paws thing. I loooove it cuz it’s pretty much what I do when I wake up too.

  44. That last little kitty…oh my! Love the stretch! I love when my cats pull their paws into their face just like that! Too cute. 🙂

  45. kibblenibble says:

    Love the sliding on back kitty. I do that to George, but he’s on his side, and I have laminate flooring. I don’t think 18 pounds would glide well on carpet. The Persian kitty is my favorite, though. The array of facial expressions is priceless. I had to make myself stop watching it in order to comment. Now I’m going back for more! 🙂

  46. The featured firetruck cat from the second picture. See the whole thing!

    [ Nice video, Damien! I updated the post with a link. — Mike]

  47. That’s hilarious! I would never have thought seeing a cat try to run up a slide would be entertaining but I have to admit I watched it for at least 2 minutes before I realized the video was on repeat. And the cat getting drug across the floor was pretty comical to. Hopefully it didn’t hurt as bad as it looked.

  48. Resriechan says:

    @ Ed’s:

    Methinks there’s a S. Wars reference in my “Awaiting Moderation” File.
    That eases the “ouch” a bit !!! Nice BandAid!!

  49. 😆 Those kitties are saying “Oh, man! I really watch how much catnip I gobble down!” 😆

  50. That cat getting pushed around on the carpet is adorable. Push, push, push, like a child’s toy car.

  51. thatonegirlannie says:

    i luvvvvv the racoon mask on this kitteh!!!!

  52. @Tyler: Pretty sure the cat thinks of it as a whole-body brushing/grooming. Probably irresistible.

  53. kittensnotkids says:

    Gentle Readers, the Editors of this publication are a caution!

    that streeeeeeetching/face-covering guy has been on here before. I know, because I experienced actual, physical pain at the cuteness of it all. Physical pain caused by cute overloading is rare for me. I have a high tolerance for Cute.

  54. Resriechan says:

    @ Ed’s response to my #26:

    Well, it’s a film ABOUT a daycare center & it’s rated PG !!!

    (Nobody had yet mentioned wh. it would be a GOOD daycare, so I wasn’t scoping out Academy-Award winnerz !!!!!)

    [All right all right, pickins is slim, I get that… I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t a wiseass… – Ed.]

  55. It’s like a reverse Monorail Cat!! ^.^

  56. @ Ed, re # 17, nooo, Bjork!

    [don’t make me post all those Swedish Chef links again 😉 -Ed.]

  57. Calicos (Calicae?) are always extra feisty because they’re really two cats trapped in one cat’s body.

  58. Last kitty is tooooo cute! I feel the same way when I have to get up in the morning!

  59. @Damien, sliding (firetruck) kitty looks so relaxed and content. Truly a kitty-friendy home you have, with lots of love. Nice…

  60. Cuteful.

  61. SusaninMI says:

    The last kitty is the cutest thing ever! Don’t we all wish we could wake up so adorable . . .

  62. Blondie: I ADORE “Retarded Policeman” and all the Perry Boys’ stuff.

  63. To Damien and Amy your two kitties are the cutest.

  64. GreatKatzini says:

    Von Zeppelin, you may disagree with the ilex shrub, but I believe you can’t argue over the ding dang dong. I mean, everybody agrees with the ding dang dong ,right?

  65. Resriechan says:

    @ Ed: so, now that everything’s okay again — does that mean you’ll do my Advanced Calculus homework for me tonight?

    [Gahhh! 😡 – Ed.]

  66. Resriechan says:

    @ GreatKatzini:

    While no one but the Great & MIghty VZ can speak for VZ, I meself must affirm in no uncertain terms — *I* agree with the ding dang dong!!

    Does that help any, at all?

    (hey, you, over there,on the park bench: do you know
    what “the ding dang dong” is?””)

  67. Von Zeppelin says:

    GreatKatzini, it goes without saying. There has been widespread agreement on the ding dang dong for centuries. Galileo and Copernicus affirmed it. Einstein developed the concept in relation to space-time. Milton expressed it in the most profound poetry. It was, of course, revisited by Derrida and the postmodernists, but all agree upon its importance.

    There was, of course, the definitive statement of this doctrine by the Marcels in their version of “Blue Moon.”

  68. @ beardediris:

    Good for you for dumping the dumba**. We do at times project and humanize our animals, that doesnt mean they do not all and each other have their own personality. Not all dogs are the same and even though they do share traits with other dogs that doesnt mean they are all the same. My Zoey is a unique doggy and who ever says she isnt is blind.

    That sleepy kitty is the cutest thing I’ve seen on this website

  69. resriechan says:

    @ VZ:

    (I would like to report To the Management, that I somehow managed to repress the loud guffaw that threatened while reading your # 68… it emerged more as the Muttley *snerk*/wheeze kinda thing..)

  70. Did you see that doggeh kickin tha feets in the air! That’s probably the best back scratch evah!

    I loooove the sleepy smoosh face kitty! Wha? Where am I ? Sttreeeeaaaytche! Ooooh hide face!

    And the firetruck kitty made me LOL! vrooom! d’utter kitteh goin? What you doin fool?


  71. HAHAHA! Firetruck kitty has a doggeh brudder watchin him on the couch! I didn’t see that before!

  72. Won’t anyone think of My Ding A Ling? Oh teh humanity!!!

    [No offense, but if you don’t mind terribly, I prefer to think of Your No Such Thing. – Ed.]

  73. But, but (lower lip quivering) It’s a classic song! :p

  74. KatieZientek says:

    [holding clipboard] If this keeps up we will definitely see some slide burn, rug burn, dirt burn, and even paw burn. I must insist that each patient receive immediate counseling.

  75. shot number four takes the prize for cute on this one.

  76. I love these! How can I post this on Facebook or use it as an avatar properly. Noticed that cuteoverload is hosting (correct?) the gifs.