Hazel Poses for the Swimsuit Issue

Oh yes, darling (click, click), lie back now (click, click, click)… now lift your head (click, click), give us a pouty look (click, click)… perfect, darling (click, click)


Now look at the horizon (click), imagine a studly Weimaraner (click, click), stepping from the pool (click, click)… That’s super, love, let us feel it (click, click, click)


All right, darling (click, click), give us a smile (click, click, click)… Arch your back a bit more (click, click)… Smashing, love, hold that pose (click, click, click, click)


We’re having issues with that swimsuit, Rocket T.



  1. sexy bitch

  2. tut, tut. all these superthin models creating unrealistic body image. Give us a nice wiggly pug or bulldog, I tell’s ya.


    [buHAHAHAAHAHAHA AHahahaa… ha… ahem. Yes. – Ed.]

  3. OH NOES!!! O.o Won’t someone please think of the puppies!!!!

  4. @Olivier: You took the words right out of my mouth!

    Hazel is gorgeous and apparently extremely cooperative…

  5. this isn’t cute.. it’s just weird.

  6. NOMTOM, you do like to step into things, don’t you, dear?

  7. @ isaac. I agree–completely unrealistic body ideals (plus not too fun too cuddle). Let’s get a chunkier, cuddlier breed and replace that revealing suit with one with a nice hip ruffle. A pug in sunglasses in a hip-ruffly bathing suit. *snicker, snort*

  8. Resriechan says:

    @ NTM: it sure were clever of ya to edge the term “issues” into the caption “one more time” at the bottom…but you KNOW that ever since “THAT” Super Bowl, the “propah” term is “wardrobe malfunction”, dontcha, Mike?? Huh??

  9. Resriechan says:

    And Isaac — you’re needed on board the Cruise Ship Post. I think they said they needed some more cute little Umbrellas in their drinks, or something!!!
    Truly, YOUR NAME is specifically NAMED in the story of the Post.

    I Think the Application for the Assignment, said it would be

    A Three-Hour Tour
    A Three-Hour Tour

  10. Oooo, I’m going to wait for the flying pudding fight that will surely occur.

    (I don’t think that colour suits her)

    [You know, the idea of a flying pudding fight is absolutely fascinating. I mean, IMAGINE! 😯 Quiddich, eat yer heart out. – Ed.]

  11. @Resriechan : That’s a different boat. 😉

    The ol’ band used to perform the theme to Gilligan’s Island – but sung and played to the tune of “House of the Rising Sun”.

  12. This is objectifying the canine form, pure and simple! You’re sending the wrong message to puppies everywhere when they could be anything they want to be! Fire house dogs! Bomb sniffers! Drug sniffers! Why, they could even be the white house dog someday!

  13. Beautiful! She’s enjoying her sunbath. The brazilian bikini is great.
    You go girl!

  14. Looks good but it’s just not there yet.

    Why don’t you lower that strap just a little more. A little more. A little more.

    Look, if you want to take this to another place we’re going to have to try something else. Just undo the string but don’t lose it entirely. Better, better…

    [Oh will someone think of the innocents!]

    On a tangeant, how the heck did that bottom get fitted for a tail?

  15. Looks like she’s missing a few cups on that top there….

  16. shlymadrid says:

    Cute??? I vote for really creepy.

  17. BTW Isaac, get me a pina colada and point me to the Lido deck.

  18. Some people have all to much time on their hands….

  19. Von Zeppelin says:

    Shouldn’t a dog bra have like eight cups?

    Even so, she is lovely. I understand Playdog is interested in her for Miss December. (Don’t tell me you don’t do nude, honey. My dogs walk around naked all the time)

  20. bwahahaha… on second perusal, I noticed the tailio sticking out of the bikini bottom…

  21. hmmm, …

  22. OK, you can keep that bikini miss thang.

  23. VZ! ROTFL! (wiping my beverage off my monitor yet again…)

    How would you size those cups? All the same size? A custom size for each cup?

  24. Hey! What about all those real dogs out there? You know, the not-skinny-as-a-rail, got-a-lot-of-curves-and-hips, way-shorter kind? The not-cookie-cutter-body-type type? HUH?

    (What? Oh, sorry, wrong soapbox….)

    Ahem! I prefer a nice tankini, myself…..


  26. We used to have a Weimaraner that would tear up plastic wading pools. I never knew the reason for it until recently. My dad reminded me about the old clawfoot bathtub that we used to keep in our backyard and used as a watering trough for our goats. Once my dad was going to go fishing, and he bought some minnows and temporarily stored them in the bathtub. Molly saw that there were fish in the water, and apparently ever after believed that any container of water would have fish in it, so she would dig for the fish. That’s just the first thing I thought of when I saw a Weimie by a pool. 🙂 Hazel is adorable.

  27. Why?

  28. I wish to nuff the bathingsuit.
    I agree with Snowpea on the color. Pastels are just not flattering to someone with golden tones. Jewel tones such as a darker teal or dark magenta would set off her lovely color.

    Where is Tim Gunn to help out here?

  29. Back off, Hazel. The sparkly guy is ALL MINE.


  31. Resriechan says:

    @ Lindsay: “Mommmmmie, she skeeeers meeeeeee!”

    @ Noelegy: Nice story!
    Nice storytelling!


    Thanks for Sharing.

    No, Really! THANKS for sharing.

  32. (♥_♥) wow she is beautiful!! I have a 10 month old female weimaraner and looks just like her LOL however mine is crazy.

    Even with all the crazyness I absolutely love my girl and weimaraners in general, they are gorgeous!!

    Thanks for sharing this!!

  33. I don’t even know where to begin! I guess I should wait until I’ve stopped laughing my a$$ off at those ridiculous pictures. ROFLMAO

  34. LovesDogs says:

    For those fans of mine wishing my autograph, the line forms on the right.

  35. Trabb's Boy says:

    If those are her best shots, I don’t know. I’m just not seeing the “fierce”.

  36. Guadalupe says:

    POOR DOG!!!

  37. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Note to all: “It” has officially been brought, and worked, by Hazel.

  38. ScoutsMom says:

    In picture 3, she seems to be “smiling with her eyes”. Tyra would certainly approve.

  39. Resriechan says:

    (did I seem sarcastic to Noelegy b/c I meant to be silly there but did NOT mean to be sarcastic..??????.)

    (worry) (concern) (anxiety) (stress) (angst)

    wondering…..wandering …..

  40. Resriechan says:

    (it really IS a super story!!)

    (more worrying)

    Us R. Ex-Catholics have got this Worrying thing DOWN!!!!
    Strongest Tool in MY Skillset (sadly)

  41. I would just like to point out that this poor Weimie girl is probably Jail Bait, as well.

  42. Theresa – even in dog years?

  43. lol this made me laugh so hard
    thats one cute and sexy bitch lol

  44. Wait, someone actually cut out a hole in the bikini bottom for her. *shakes head* Time, oh how I wish I had thee in as much abundance as some others out there…

  45. It seems so wrong until you notice the happy look in the last picture. This baby is made for love!

  46. 260Oakley says:

    String cheese, doggie style

  47. Any way I can subscribe to CuteOverload and not get Mike’s posts? They are so creepy. This one, the slave kangaroo one… gross.

  48. Norma – no.

  49. TMI

  50. Heh, Resriechan, no offense taken, it just took me a long time to get back on here and check for comments! 🙂

  51. Shouldn’t this post have a NSFW warning?


  53. Cute shots, but they make me a bit sad. My weim is now 12, and she’s – well – lost her svelte and youthful figure. She still loves the pool, though. Every time she goes swimming, I just get the image of the blue-haired ladies at the gym doing aquarobics.

  54. Resriechan says:

    @ Noelegy: (whew!!!) Thanks for the okeydoke. And I DEF comprehend about not bein on/at/among computers with “fun time” often as we’d like.

    Note to God: So, does this mean I can stop feeling guilty,now???

  55. The dog is beautiful….the scenario however…creepy

  56. Re: tail opening

    When I was little, we used to dress our beautiful, sweet, extremely indulgent chocolate Lab in a pair of men’s underpants, with the fly in the back for his tail.

  57. Has anyone called William Wegman yet?
    This lovely Hazel evokes fond memories of Fay Ray and Battina.

  58. Antikythera says:

    Everybody wants to be Fay. Are all Weimaraners this amenable to being dressed up and posed? 🙂

  59. Quiz Games says:

    EWW – this makes me want to barf!

  60. I know exactly where this pool resides…. IN THE UNCANNY VALLEY.

    [OK yeah, a bit. But that’s why it’s funny, to my eye. – Ed.]

  61. Oh my god, I can’t believe my pictures actually got on CuteOverloooooaaad!

    I am seriously ecstatic right now. ^____^

    For all the nuffers, Hazel loves this sort of thing; she’s a real ham for the camera, & I always give her a ton of treats when she sits still & looks adorable (which is every second of the day, practically!). She wasn’t uncomfortable or anything, & she was actually strutting around the yard in her bikini, but I didn’t get any good shots of that.

    As for the bikini, it’s just one of my old ones, with a tail-hole cut for comfort. She actually wears it better than I ever did; I’m jealous…… She’s naturally svelte & lithe, & unlike those silly human models, she doesn’t have to starve herself for that figure!

    Also, she could totally be Fay’s protege! I take a lot of my inspiration from Wegman & his beautiful dogs.

    In conclusion, yes, sometimes I do have too much time on my hands, but hey, it got my Hazel on CuteOverload, the best adorable critter site EVER! Thanks CuteOverload, for making us Internet-famous without having to degrade ourselves or film ourselves being drunk &/or stupid.

    P.S. Hazel is a two-year old rescue dog, & a perfect example of how love & training can turn a throwaway dog into a wonderful, affectionate animal. If you need a companion, always go to the shelter first! Lots of amazing animals, especially purebred dogs, are just waiting there for a second chance. I don’t know who could have ever thrown Hazel away, but I’m happy to have her. ..hugs Hazel..

  62. This post on the same night as “America’s Next Top Model” is in Hawaii shooting pictures of the petite girls in small bikinis and rolling in the sand. What timing NTMTHOM, makes ya wonder…..uhm?

    I think these pics are far better than what was on the show! At least you can laugh at the dog for being boney or falling out of her top.

  63. Uhhh.. I rarely comment and never nuff but I find this disturbing in a vauge way….

  64. I’m wondering about her runway walk~ does she stomp it out?

  65. ack! so many moral issues with this!

  66. Uh oh… There’s more than one Blondie….

  67. Daphne Moss says:

    I had to lol several times at the critique that this wasn’t a flattering suit…hello!
    So there’s advice now for someone who puts a bikini on a dog?

    And yes… this is just disturbing in so many ways…

  68. Roketto, a favorite great-aunt of mine is named Hazel. I’m trying to comprehend how the name could so suit my aunt and also suit your sweet doggie. It’s just a great name, I guess!

    T.U.M.: LOL at the idea of a choccie lab in tighty whities!

  69. P.S. I showed these photos to my hubby. He gave major “Baroo?” eyebrow-furrowing in response.

  70. paranoiagirl says:

    @ the first Blondie
    yes, sooooo many moral issues! I mean, it’s a dog…with CLOTHES ON! oh the objectification! ::gasp::

  71. oh, no…you did NOT make your dog dress up like this. oh no, you did. OMG. what a picture. if that dog only knew…

  72. Well, better that the dog wear Roketto’s old swimsuit than Roketto wearing… You get the idea.

    Seriously that breed seems naturals for the camera.

  73. @Paranoiagirl: LMAO! Brilliant.

    Blondie (aka #66, aka The Blonde Techie)

  74. Roketto – thanks for posting! Hazel sounds like a great dog who’s found her perfect owner.

    Hazel was my late Grandma’s name, and she would have absolutely loved the redonkulousness of it all.

  75. Stacy Disgusted! says:

    Oh lord. Im sorry but… that is W R O N G.

    NOTHING cute about that… ew

  76. Won’t somebody please think of the puppies! That saucy bitch is leading my dear hound astray! Why, only this morning he was eating his Purina with nigh-on a glance, and now he’s staring lovingly at the weimaraner on the box and making pining noises!

    Oh, hazel, you minx, you scarlet woman, why must you tempt them so, with your silken ears and golden eyes…