THIS JUST IN: 82 Turtlepower

Congratulations to SeaWorld in San Diego, where 82 endangered green sea turtles hatched without human help.  That’s 164 eye capsules, 328 flappy flippers, and a ka-billionty jillion squeees.  Story, more photos hee-yah.




  1. Yay for babeh toitles!

  2. Von Zeppelin says:

    “. . . they have been getting a diet of squid, krill, shrimp and special pellets.”
    With a nice Vermentino di Sardegna 2004 to go with it.

  3. Gee, it was only 76 trombones and 99 red balloons! YAYAYAY! turkles!

  4. Synchronized head tilt!

  5. nano's mom says:

    didja get a look at the first picture on that page? The full on face shot? DISAPPROVING TURTLETTES!

  6. nice little squirtley turtley wiggly wormy turtlets. is that a word? turtlets? it should be 🙂

  7. Love the little baby flipper flappers

  8. Righteous!

  9. OhmygoshohmygoshohmyGOSH!!!!

    I want to NOM their flippers!!!!

  10. Awesome! Yay Sea World!

  11. flippie flappies!

    I heart sea toitles.

  12. Ickle turkles!
    “I was like ‘WHOA!’ and he was like ‘WHOA!'”

  13. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!!!

    [Yeah, OK. Tag & relevant linkage added. 😉 – Ed.]

  14. Blorp and Double Blorp

  15. Theresa, and then I was like, “Wooooooah.”

  16. skippymom says:

    And he said okay and I said okay, so we said okay, okay?

  17. see…? turtles can be cute too!

  18. skippymom says:

    I wants me some special pellets!

  19. skippymom says:

    …or “spesheauw pewwets”?

    [She goez wunnin for teh shewteh of hew muvvews widdew hewpeh… – Ed.]

    […and just so we’re clear, I will NEVER sing that out loud. Ever. Okey dokes? – Ed.]

  20. @nano’s mom: I completely agree. The tiny turtles are trying to displace the bunnies from the topmost disapproving spot–and I must say that they are doing a fine job of it in that picture.

    I’m so happy for these little guys. Continue your comeback, sea turtles, and hugs to Sea World for helping them!

  21. fish eye no miko says:

    Awwww… cute! And the long (in relation to their size) front flippers are really cool!

  22. Anyone else have a sudden craving for soup?

  23. Well, given the long-term relationship between tortoises and hares, you can sort of see why the turtles picked up the disapproval thing from the bunnies.

  24. skippymom says:

    Beautiful soup, so rich and green,
    Waiting in a hot tureen.
    Who for such dainties would not stoop?
    Soup of the evening, beautiful, beautiful soup!

  25. Teenage mutant ninja power… yes I now have an earworm….
    And I had girls yet still I have an earworm even thought they were not interested in them. Stupid TV Commercials

    and YAY for the baby sea turtles!!!!!

  26. Resriechan says:

    I Hereby and Officially Ditto the expressed opinions of:

    Jae, Kristen & Paunchie
    to the Maximum Possible Extent.

    Carry on, troops!!!

  27. S Presedo says:

    I want to kiss those cute little noses!

  28. Ach, the wee turtles!! They be saved…

  29. I have worked with the NOAA scientists working with the exact creatures at sea world… here are my pics from ‘turtle day’

    yes, some tubbular dolphins were there too.

  30. victoreia says:


  31. @Chanpon, but who will save us from the wee turkles?

  32. Welcome to the world little ones

  33. @ VZ #2: or some fava beans and a nice chianti…

    @ katrina #3: Continuing the thought… 76 trombones led the big parade, with 82 turtlettes close at hand…

    @ skippymom/ED #19: Baroo? I tried to figure out what the words were, but I’m failing miserably at qte-speak.

  34. @Blondie: think Mick Jagger in coochie-coo mode.

  35. @SkippyMom and Theo, I’m reminded of Robin Williams’s old Elmer- Fudd-singing-Bruce-Springsteen gag.

    “We’re widin’ in my car,
    I tuwn on the wadio,
    I’m puwwin’ you cwoser,
    You say no.
    You say you don’t wike it,
    But you know you’re a wiar,
    ‘Cause when we kiiiiiiiiissss,

  36. PS That should have wead “Wabin Wiwwiams’s Ewmew Fudd singing Bwooce Spwingsteen . . .” oh fowget it.

  37. Happy Birthdays to yooooooos (repeat 85 times).

  38. They’re tiny.

    Oh, goodbye C.O. I’m going to a fair this weekend, and there’ll be tiny (and big) animules there. So I’ll prolly get a few years for steeeelinks the teeny anipals, cronching and nomming on bunny ears and squeeeeelinks in public… dangerous places, fairs.

  39. i thought of finding nemo also when i saw these duuuuuudes….
    “tooootally” love them!

  40. Look at that color. So beautiful! These are without a doubt the most adorable turtles I’ve ever seen. Yep. 🙂

  41. Had a rather painful procedure on my tongue earlier…. maybe if the Dr. had given me tow of these( instead of Tylenol 3), Id be sleeping painfree right now!
    *checks pocs again*
    Yep, two of these every six hours ought to do the trick.

  42. Sorry, typing without glasses NOT good… two, not tow; PICS, not pocs. apologies to anyone trying to read that.

  43. they’re really so cute…

  44. Victory for the little guys! They’re so cute… but oh so disapproving. 😀

  45. Resriechan says:

    @ Wend:

    on yer TONGUE????Yeee-OWCH !!!
    “That HAD to hurt” (as the sportscasters say)….Hope it’s “aww bedduh” soon.


  46. Resriechan says:

    @ doomchild:

    1) I kinda see how you decided on yer screenname…(“dangerous places, fairs”)
    2)”Step AWAY from the Aquarium” !!!!


  47. The Great Squee says:

    Oh! I’m developing an obsession with baby turtles that started with the last pic on here. Something about them… But I can’t get a turtle! I’ve already hit my reptile/amphibian quota! D:


  48. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

  49. Hey, fellas, everybody done hatchin’? Everybody out? Geat! Now, kind sir, would you tell us which way to ocean? Kthxbai! Guys, let’s go!

  50. Resriechan says:

    @ & Mr Fourpaws:

    Related Kitschy/Classic/ Retro TV Line: “Awwwwwright, boys !!
    Head ’em up & move ’em out !!…(yep, I’m REQUIRED by the FCC to say this):

    “Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’, keep them toitles rollin’..”

    NOT the Blues Brothers
    (performing, protected by chikkin wire at the low-rent cowboy joint)

  51. With 110 cornets right behind!
    Teweeesa-wight on!

    Blondie- yes.

    Sweet pics, all!

  52. Fowowed by woes and woes of the finast virtuosos, the cweam of evwey famous band-Ooh, this has to stop, coughing hurts.

  53. @ Resriechan. thanks, feewing better tothay; but I am now of the opinion that anyone who freely chooses to put holes in thier tongue must be nuts! No offence meant to anyone who has a pirecing; but if it hurt this mush…. WHY? do it?

  54. I don't usually squee but these are qte! says:

    kabillionty jillion and ONE: squueeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

  55. Resriechan says:

    @ Editors:

    perhaps we should ask The Cute Authorities to do a Personal Welfare/ Wellbeing Housecall on the person who posted Comment # 54?????

    Or maybe someone could just take a photo of the frenetic, frantic
    activities & show the photo to him/her when he/she sobers up from the Endorphins Rush????

  56. Resriechan says:

    @ Wend: (dumb rhyme-joke here)

    Glad you’re on the mend!!!

  57. toffiffeezz says:

    @ Wend: I also had a procedure done to my tongue this summer. I feel your pain – I lived on applesauce and babyfood for almost 2 weeks because it hurt too much to eat anything else. I think 2 mini turts every 6 hrs would be just about right for pain control 🙂 And just think, you’ll be all healed up and feeling better soon. YAY!


    I always think of that part when I see bebe turtles 😉