I’m tewtelly snaking this calendar!

“Hmmmmm,” [slither slither] “I enjoy surfing Cute Overload, [Hits Enter key with head] but sometimes it’s not enough! I want more. MORE!” [slither slither]


“What’s this I see!? A daily, paper version of the site? That corresponds with days of the week!?


“Brilliant! If I flash my beady eyes it may distract folks long enough for me to steeeeeeeal eeet” [Tears off page with mouf, proceeds to eat whole]


Grey-banded baby snakersons brought to you by Lesley C. Get your free Cute Overload 2011 calendar with every accepted photo. Submeet your photo tuhday!



  1. Snakes are not something I think of as cute, but this lil dude just changed my mind1

  2. skippymom says:

    Oh, what a beautiful snake! I can just imagine the graceful, elegant way he slithers around!
    (But I kind of wonder whether he’s thinking about eating the chick or rodent in that third picture.)

  3. That’s actually a cute snake. As well as beautiful.

  4. Yay for snakes on CuteOverload! I have a bunch of these guys at home and I’m ever so pleased to see others appreciating their cuteness.

  5. fish eye no miko says:

    Aww, snakersons! I want to hold him and pet his smooth, cool skin!
    [teeny-weeny Nose-vember?]

  6. Plaid-shirt Pyrate says:

    Some snakes really can be cute, no matter what the phobic folks think. This is one of the cute ones. Corns, milks, garters, some of the hognoses (even with their outsized attitudes), yes.

    Anacondas, on the other hand, not so much….

  7. Except, y’know, snakes don’t “plink”. No eyelids. For reals.
    Instead, it’s all about the tongue: They “blthhp”.

  8. Katfighter says:

    Eeeeeeeeeee snake! He’s SO CUTE! I love snakes.

  9. Serious BEF!!!!!!
    And, nice little snake; looks like it just shed? Very bright colors….

  10. We have a McSnakersons, too! I’ve always known snakes can be cute, but Pandora the ball python has taught me they can be companionable and cuddly, as well 😀

  11. Yeah, I’m generally terrified of wild snakes, but small-ish, non-venomous, pet snakes are a’ight. This guy is cute 🙂

  12. tristabelle says:

    the “[Hits Enter key with head]” made me LOL x10

  13. Snakelettes are indeed cute, but they plink..? (O_O)

    [Nopes. They “blthhp”! – Ed.]

  14. Oh hai there, meester cute snakeyface.

  15. EeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEeeeeeee!

  16. *wishes I spoke parseltongue*

  17. Snakes are not cute, and will never be cute. Did you mean to post this on uglyoverload?

  18. Me loves me some reptiles!

    @Rita #10: A friend of mine had a ball python named Claudia. She was wonderful. She was content curled up on your shoulder, esp if you had long hair, as her owner did. She’d even give you kisses.

    And Teho, I love ‘blthhp’. Excellent, Smithers.

  19. He has such a cute little face. Snakes always look a trifle puzzled to me.

  20. What a beauty!

  21. Trabb's Boy says:

    Beautiful!!! Snakes are the bestest — the only pet that hugs you back! Blthhp!

  22. Snake doing “V” for victory? Does this make him a Fifth Columnist? Is he named Martin? 🙂

  23. the bug man says:

    Two thumbs up for Snakes on a ‘Load.

    (As well as the bugs, I have a 25-pound boa constrictor. I frequently coo over him in a way that a large predatory reptile would probably find embarrassing, except that said reptile has no ears.)

  24. Linda Thorn says:

    Cute little guy! I love him.

  25. One assumes it would be a script “V” 😉

  26. What a beautiful snake! I love those colors!

    [Why thank you! Painted it myself. – Ed.]

    [No, really. It’s like a hobby. – Ed.]

  27. Snakersons IS bright and pretty, but just not cute to me, sorry. I guess I had too many snake encounters in the weeds on the farm while I was growing up. But then lots of those snake were venomous.

  28. Cute lil thing! 🙂

    Unfortunately my dad won’t let me get a snake…! 😦

  29. pinkmariposas says:

    snakes=antiCUTE…. of course this is my
    humble opinion
    I had a teacher in 3’d grade bring one in
    and wanted us all to touch it or no
    outdoor play …. I ran to Principal’s office
    to have them call my daddy for a rescue.
    I got the day off!
    just not a snake fan

  30. Even reptiles prefer Mac!

  31. That little guy is soooooo cute! I want to gaze into his beady eyeballs and feel his little tongue tickle my fingers!

  32. LunaKitteh says:

    He’s a pretty cute little snakey as snakeys go…makes me think of a Bill Cosby routine from a million years ago… BTW, is the calander mentioned really a 2011 calander or a 2010 version?

  33. I’ll grant that he’s beautiful, but I’m too snake-phobic to want a cuddle. It’s a big step for me to be able to enjoy even a picture.

  34. I’m surprised at how everyone loves this snake. I thought more people would be like my mom who would squeal endlessly in disgust.

    However, I squeal in delight. Cuuuuute little snakers!

  35. *reaches for mongoose*

  36. I’m surprized, also, at all the non-nuffers! I like Mr. Snakey McSnakersons too!

    Quick snake story: some years ago I saw a copperhead in front of me in the path at a nature center. I was not scared, but I was thinking, I should probably run away or something, ain’t that what people do when they see snakes. Well Mr. Snake spotted me, and I guess I am so frightening looking — he really quick slithered into the woods, so I went on my way. Wish I had been able to take his picture – very pretty color!

  37. This little guy’s eyes look tired in the first picture. Like he’s been up all night, stealing calendar pages.

  38. @Luna – the 2011 calendar is under construction now. The one currently published & available (see the upper left of this page) is for 2010.

  39. …and we need more photo submissions for 2011! Always MORE! 🙂

  40. LunaKitteh says:

    Thanks, Theo. think I lost track of things here…

  41. I will always be a nuffer when it comes to snakes. Just… not… cute. But I think opossums are adorable so that makes us even, right? Right? *sigh’s while dodging tomatoes*

  42. Will not allow snakes in my house. Period. but this one is very pretty, and has quite a winsome expression… hmmm, perhaps, just perhaps, mind you, I can appreciate from afar??
    Who knew snakes appreciated Teh Qte?

  43. berthaservant says:

    :: said in cleveland voice ::


    not for me

  44. saramonster133 says:

    uhmuhgorsh…..him is absolutely gorgeous!

  45. Noooooo!!! Noooo snakes in Cute Overload!!! Wanna scare the cr*p outta me???

  46. I like the first pic best.. He’s all like “Well Hello there! Did you come to vissssit me? Sssssit down, have a cup of tea!”…

    Never been much for snakes, but love to appreciate them in pics and tv shows… But like others, I have to say this little guy is kinda qte!

  47. OMG….i finally fell for it and sent in pictures of my bunnies! I hope they dont disaproove of me if they find out….i can envision it:

    “The offer was too good to deny…dont stare at me like that….stop frowning…seriously your baby pictures on the internet is no biggie….wanna carrot?”

    Phew….Mr.Snakersons right the calendar is sssscrumptious, just want to ask if I can borrow him to byte my boyfriends butt if he doesnt buy me my callendar (just in case you dont like my bunny pictures).

    Just a bite….it’l be quick!

  48. Arggh my wife almost had a heart attack. Why post something that eat other cute animals? Snakes are not cute, at least not in the same category as other cute little things in this blog.

  49. nice pet… colorful… but is that thing poisonous?

  50. @Jari
    really… most of the cute animals posted regularly in this blog eat other cute animals to survive. so i fail to see your logic of discriminating against snakes.

    on a possibly related note, i want one of those snakes on *my* mac, now…

  51. Eeeewwww! I’ll have to wait till next week to check CO now, to make sure this is off the page. Not cute in my opinion but I’m glad everyone seems to be enjoying it so much.

  52. I wouldn’t count myself among the snake-o-philes but I have to admit this guy’s face is pretty adorable. And his coloring is magnificent!

  53. Once A Fish says:

    Wanna hear a fantasy I’ve always had?

    I imagine myself with a son, and he’s maybe eight years old. And he says, “Mom, can I have a snake?” and I say, “No! Ew! No snakes in my house! Yuck! Do you have any idea what they *eat*??? Snake are gross and slimy and generally terrifying!”

    ….and the kid will be really bummed.

    ….but the next day I will say, “Buddy, it’s almost dinner time. Can you set the table? And get that box off the table and up to your room where it belongs!”

    And there will be a beautiful little baby pet snake in the box, and a nice warm tank already set up in the kid’s room!

    (Snakes make great pets… warm and snuggly and perfect for people with fur allergies… and they are great listeners, too…)

  54. Ohh I love snakes! When I was doing some research out in Indonesia, I saw sea kraits everyday, they’re the kind of snake that you really should be wary of… but once you see them swimming in the ocean, it’s quite a beautiful sight! This little guy is pretty cute, what with his big eyes and head, and small slithery body. And the way he’s caressing the calendar despite having no appendages. I’m surprised at how many people don’t like even seeing photos of snakes, but when I think about it, it’s probably normal. My boyfriend is petrified of spiders, and almost fell off his chair when I showed him what I thought was a cute spider.

    And Once A Fish, that’s such a sweet fantasy 😀 When I’m older and have kids, they are definitely going to be allowed lotsa pets!

  55. This picture series started out with the WORD snake, a picture of a very benign snack punum as hints (what is stronger than ‘hint’?)and there was NO reason to go any further if one doesn’t’ LIKE or wish to see a snake. Don’t open the damned picture if you are snake averse.

    Aye carmuba, what will it take for some people to take personal responsibility?
    I don’t want a snake of any sort on my computer, but people- it is a picture!

  56. I never thought of a snake going “Enh ehn ehn” before, but it works.

  57. Elisha B. says:

    (shaking head) ….Just not right people….. just not right……..snakes are by far not very cute……and they freak me out……eeeewwwww!!!!!!!! (Nice comments though, and to each his own on cuteness 🙂 )

  58. Snakerson needs a bowler hat like Bob Fosse in the Little Prince….

  59. Kittytoes says:

    I’m not nuffing, really. I try to like them. I really do. On my 10 mile bike ride the other day, I counted six of them just laying on the road, trying to get warm I suppose. I did scream every time I saw one, because I am so freaked. Even the bitty ones that are 5 inches long make me weak. I read somewhere that humans are “hard-wired” to have that reaction from eons ago. But, to each his own. Pretty colors.

  60. love love love.

    thanks, Eds., for never letting people’s silly fears get in the way of the truly cute. The people must know the truth!

  61. The Great Squee says:

    Yay! Snakes on Teh Qte! I luff them! He’s a lil’ cutie.

  62. Jenni Wren says:

    Awww, I love snakes!

    My sister’s old house-mate had a corn snake called Thierry, he was pretty like this guy. Snakes are surprisingly tactile pets as well- all dry and smooth and heavy. Comparatively low maintenance, even less so than fish, and you get to stroke them sometimes!

    Oh, and Animadict? They are completely non-venomous. Yay for the corn-snake!

  63. Love the Shimmy McSnakersons!

  64. cute little snake fits perfect on top of screen

  65. perfect bookmark too. Reminds me of the Harry Scarry childrens bookworm.

  66. aunt issa says:

    What a precious snake!! I absolutely LOVE that he was included on this website, because some folks just refuse to see the cuteness in snakes.

  67. I loff heeem! (beep!!!)

    By the way, please don’t dismiss the fears of those who are phobic. Their fears are for real and shouldn’t be dismissed as silly. It doesn’t mean CO shouldn’t post snakes or spiders or rats (I love them all!), but I just think we should respect the deep fears of others.

  68. Naaaah humans aren’t hardwired to be scared of snakes I think its a trained response. My brother has a pet shop specialising in reptiles and my niece and nephew love snakes and reptiles of all sorts as they were bought up surrounded by them. I have seen kids in the shop happily fascinated looking at a snake or spider and only reacting negitively too it afte their parents have come up and said something like “Stop looking at that yucky thing”.

    ON a side note my SIL has one that when it was a baby it liked to sleep in the front of her bra as it was nice and warm and would slide out and scare the bejebus out of customers as she was selling them dog toys or something.

  69. I lurve me some snake! I want one just like this. But I’m afraid that my four kittehs will think it’s takeaway.

  70. PS the above comment was not intended to be people that are actually phobic not just people that carry on and about just not liking snakes/spiders any animal that doesn’t meet their definition of cute.

  71. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as is cuteness. This is Meg’s blog, and she has every right to think a snake is a cutie. I am phobic and always have been, perhaps as a result of being chased with one grasped in the dirty mitt of my ruffian cousin when I was a child. Their movement gives me the willies. Their triangle heads make me queasy. And the forked, darting tongue? Fuggedaboudit. Even spying a shoelace-sized garter snake makes every hair on my body stand on end. That being said, this is a colorful reptile with a slinky-like twist to his slither. I didn’t realize there were so many snake admirers in this world. Speaking of those who are not fond of snakes, it is good to see a post from Berthasservant who has been absent of late. I enjoyed your comments long before I summoned up the nerve to post.

  72. MissKitty says:

    Aww… that’s some pretty impressive balance and graceful slithering, mister spotty head snakey.

    Kudos for thinking outside the cute box. 🙂 I dunno if I necessary would have thought “snake” when I think of “cute” … but that second photo with the little head tilting to the side I am definitely finding quite cute.

    My friend used to have a snake that would curl up in a little coil on your lap and take a nap… that was a snake being very cute, as well.

  73. I’m in the “fear of snakes is learned” category. My fiancee has 5 of them and had a ball python wrapped around his neck while he was giving candy to trick-or-treaters. After the first initial “Ohmygodisthatarealsnake?!” most of the kids were okay with it. And if they traveled in packs, after the first bold child wanted to pet it, they all pretty much did.

  74. YAY for SNAKES! And finally yay for the majority being in favor of snakes!

    Also interesting – snakersons seems to be looking at possible future entrees, lol! Maybe he thinks it’s a menu!

  75. And fear of snakes IS learned. It can also be UN-learned. I was afraid of many creepy crawlies, including snakes. I’m not anymore b/c I EDUCATED myself about them, spent time around them and learned ALL earth’s creatures serve a purpose and are useful. Snakes, rats and bats are all fascinating creatures once you get to know them.

  76. I think Waxwork makes a good point – a lot of folks think snakes are icky and that is likely a learned response. But phobias are different phenomenon. They can be overcome, but it’s not as simple as saying “I’m just being silly, I shouldn’t be afraid of snakes.”

  77. reminds me of the baby gopher snake I shooed off the running trail yesterday (lots of people use this trail and he blended in quite well so I was afraid he’d get trampled). They are so funny when they try to pretend to be big, bad rattlesnakes.
    The coloring on this snake is absolutely beautiful! I want to know what kind of snake he is.

  78. annoyinglittletwerp says:

    What an adorable little snakey.
    While snakes don’t bother me at all I could never have one as a pet. Besides being mom to two meowy(indoor) hunters I have problems with feeding “friends”-rodents and the like-to snakey friends.

    Suh: The author you’re thinking of is Richard Scarry. I had all his books as a kid and then when my brother came along he got the books. Later, my now 15 year old son
    read those same “Scarry” books. Someday-hopefully very in the future-I’ll be buying some R.S. books for my grandchildren.

  79. Anh. *sleether sleether*

  80. awwwwwwww! Thank you for postin this…I think he’s just ADORABLE! snakes get the crap end of the deal people assume they’re nasty mean ugly creatures…when sometimes they are just as danged CUTE as any other!

  81. NOT CUTE!!! Scary. I will have bad dreams tonight. They aren’t cute to people who’ve been attacked by snakes in the past (yes attacked, I just missed the bite!!!). Please, no more snakes. More puppies, more kitties!

    [I have often been attacked by kitties. Routinely. Not so much with snakes. Now, one of our kitties did attack a snake once… – Ed.]

  82. Kashanclaws says:

    “no snakes, more puppies and kitties!” = Me roller her eyes in a big way

    I’m VERY glad you guys posted a snakie! He is just so adorables and his wittle punum and boogly eyes are the bees knees! *snuggles* I have two snakes who i adore very very much and who are sweet and pie.

    I must say however that comments like “REACHES FOR A MONGOOSE” are pretty jacked up and you need a firm backhanding.

    And to second another comment, 90% of the animals shown on this site are carnivores (CATS! DOGS! HELLOOOOOO) so saying “i don’t want to see an animal that eats other animals” is pretty ridiculous. That would pretty much make this website “bunny and hamster overload”. Becuase pretty much everything else eats meat. including HUMANS (UBERDUH). So your point is null and void and you need a lesson in biology.

    *smiles and strokes her five-foot python who is nuzzling her neck* Ain’t that right, Severus? *squees with snakie overload delight*

    And to everyone who thinks “EW SNAKES ARE GROSS AND UGLY”, don’t fret, they feel the same way about you!
    <3333 Kash

  83. Kashanclaws says:

    Oh and I HAVE been bitten by snakes before, and the well trained mind knows that if you’ve gotten a snake to the point where it will bit you it is THE HUMANS FAULT!!! Snakes are NOT malicious in any sense of the word. Even the brattier ones will sooner avoid a confrontation than engage. So if you have been bitten (and believe me, i have been bitten about 15 times by snakes alone) then it was YOUR behavior that caused it and provoked it.

    Okay I’m done now.

  84. I’ve been bitten by far more kittehs than snakersons and I still adore my little mackerel monster who is currently in a big puddle of purr on my lap.
    I’m also quite fond of my two ball pythons, Chuck Snake and Salisbury Snake, I routinely feed them mice and I think that behbeh mousies are cute too. (BTW, mice, hams, rats…. they’ll all eat each other, including their own young, so the “doesn’t eat other fuzzies” designation would limit Teh Qte to strictly herbivores. Behbeh Elephant Overload anyone?)

    I personally thought “reaches for a mongoose” was funny. We can’t try to limit other peoples’ interpretations of qte, nor other peoples’ opinions of what isn’t. Meg is he sole determining factor. *I* think that if Meg thinks it’s qte, it is, by definition, qte. I do not like two legged uterine parasites, but I thought “pasickes” was danged qte. People who is afraid of McSnakersons should just accept the fact that there are those of us that do like them and leave it at that.

  85. Hey! It wasn’t my fault I was attacked. Didn’t see the snake, it didn’t rattle because it was asleep or something. Yes, both of us were freaked out, but it could’ve been much worse for me as it wasn’t going to get bit by me! And it was in my backyard. I wasn’t out visiting it. Yes, kitties bite. But I’ve never had one break the skin. They’re more likely to love a human back than a snake will, that makes them cuter to me!

  86. That snake is really pretty ~ blthhp!

    geckos don’t have eye lids either.

  87. @Jake Love your snakes names. So going to have convince my brother to rename his snakes now.

  88. Kashanclaws says:

    My BP’s are Severus Snake and Bellatrix ^_^ Yay pythons!

    @Paunchie – some geckos, like Leopard Geckos (eublepharis macularius) DO have eyelids.

    On another note, i vote that there should be a reptiles/amphibs only version of cute overload. they are sorely underrepresented. and i cant stand cats. its really hard to endear yourself to an animal that’s fur causes you to go blind for 3 hours. 😦

  89. @annoyinglittletwerp: ok thanks! it was off the top of my head/been along time. Sure grandkids will love.

  90. Just wanted to throw in a vote for snakes = CUTE!

    I understand that some people are creeped out by them, and that’s OK. However, it is just a picture, not an actual snake, so there’s no reason to get yer knickers in a twist.

  91. Bat-Snake says:

    Nyaahhh, I wish my ball python could do that…but he’s too big. He’d probably fall off XD .

    I love the irony of the last one XD !

  92. snakes are not cute. freak me the crap out!!! like seriously HUGE phobia. had to pick my feet up off the floor. maybe there should a warning for us terrified of snakes… and there are a lot of us

    (bad experience as a child…)

  93. Eh. I was bit by a king snake once and still think snakes and other reptiles can be out of this world cute. Mostly beautiful. But a strategically positioned corn snake can be adorable.

  94. @Jake – two legged uterine parasites LOL awesome

  95. we took the niecelings to the zoo this week and saw a lot of beautious reptiles. Saw some sort of boa that is reddish when young and then turns bright green. So Vibrant! And they had the coolest eyes, that had like plus signs for pupils. Neato.

  96. FurBucketNanny says:

    Awww! Cute little coral snake. 🙂 I grew up with a snake phobic mother, but had a Dr. Doolittle father who handed me bumble bees on flowers, took me out bat watching at midnight, and did his best to show me that every animal on the planet is here for some reason, and deserves our respect and care. This pic makes me miss Nefertiti and Ramses, my ball pythons, terribly.

    Call me weird, but I don’t care what an animal eats: they’re all precious.

  97. Snakes are not, NOT, cute. Ever. I don’t care if he plinks, he’s not cute. Ugh, grossness.

  98. Kashanclaws says:

    @FurBucketNanny – you are awesome and thats just kicka**. I wish my dad took me bat watching.

    @Keri – I’m pretty sure they’d react the same way to you.

    @Jake – two legged uterine parasites are vile, vile, vile.

  99. Miss Meowchi says:

    I like the snakersons! Please don’t be afraid to post them (tho I would understand if you put them behind a cut to save the truly phobic from freaking out).

  100. multi reptile mom says:

    seems to be a lot of designations on what that lil’ babysnakes is… but, he’s a grey-banded king snake, like the post text indicated. i just lost a python that i’ve had for nine years to ibd (a boid retrovirus). she was the best snake ever, and i can tell you snakes DO have personalities (Sita was very much a people-snake), and they DO love you back. and round little babysnake noses and round little babysnake eyes, and big, long snakie yawns when they’re tuckered are all rather cute.

  101. I’d love to have a snake, but I know I never could. See, I’d love to have a mouse, too… that doesn’t work out too well for the mouse. 😦

  102. Kashanclaws says:

    FALSE! I fully intend on getting a pet rat soon. Thems adawabullz.

    And i have two pythons. =P

  103. i love your photos