And the winner is….


OK, it was frakking close, we can celebrate both.

This is the Overload afterall. BRING IT ON!


Thanks for finally making a call, Sarah L. (who’s never met a Vervet monkeh she didn’t like) *As of press time, ‘Nom-vember was barely squeaking by at 49%, People!



  1. *Adjusts lorgnette – borrowed from Theresa*

    Harrumph! Well I never…

    You may call it what you may; the eleventh cicle of Teh Qte, counted from the Winter Solstice, shall forever be Nose-vember in MY book!

  2. JohnnyJohnny says:

    Me too!

  3. Nom*vember — delicious!

    Shall it be followed by Squee!-cember ?

  4. Nose-vember Rules!

    *steps down from box*

  5. georgina0912 says:

    Wow…i have never been nomed like that. Jealous!!!

  6. I’ll accept Nom-vember so long as we can get random closeups of the noses of said nomming animals.

  7. Oh sure, that is the popular vote, but what about the delegate count? Who is winning..the nom states or the nose states?

    I second the motion from the floor from delegate gooeyctr for Squee-cember!

  8. Oh, the monkey baby loves hims Momma!

  9. Transpogue says:

    ….or we could have BEEPcember, which will cover the moist nosicles. 🙂

    (or am I just really reaching here?)

  10. I don’t know how I feel about a monkey sucking on an ear. Nuff-vember!

  11. Transpogue – You’re not reaching. Being in the Beepers United 12 step program, I would be in favor of your suggestion.

    I’m also a big nommer tho. So I am content having our 11th month being known as Nom-vember.

    Love the baby monkey nomming! Nom nom nom nom nom nom….

  12. NOMvember!
    teh people of Cuteland* have spoken
    [throws internet confetti around. yeah, of course it is real. yea, you can’t see it. because it is made out of shredded bytes. they are very teeny, that’s why you can’t see them. because I say so, that’s why. go to your room!]

    *yes, it’s a real country. don’t they teach y’all geocutephy in your schools?

  13. Resigned sigh at having people in most of the nom pics…

    Sandra S came up with the brilliant “Decembaroo” on the other thread. I say we gotta have it!

  14. Is that last picture the ultimate picture of content or what?

  15. Damn, girl, when you gonna get that monkey off your back?

  16. I’m all for Nose-vember, but what I REALLY want is for a little monkey to hug me like that!!!!!

  17. I don’t care what we call it. All I know is that I want a minkee to nom my ears down to nubs, then embrace my head with an expression of pure bliss. That bebeh is so stinkin’ adorable, I’m almost in tears. This, my friends, is how we know there is a higher being. *love*

  18. @chanpon – between happy baby monkey in pic 3 above, or little sloth man in the previous post… Put the two together and it blows the I’m Content factor off the scale.

  19. @ snorgler – I bet the majority of the pictures will have animals nomming on each other. I admit, there will be the occasional human, but sometimes the human will be the nommer, other, as in the case above, human will be the nom.

    [sits back, waits for the human-with-entire-head-inside-lion’s-gaping-maw-pic]
    meself, I’ll be happy to provide pics of my trying to stuff an entire kitteh on my mouth. is not that hard realmghtgrmrrhhg…

    [I’d say that depends largely on the kitteh, wouldn’t you? – Ed.]
    […damn, I can’t find a :GAPINGMAW: smiley. 😦 – Ed.]

  20. YES!!!! Nomvember totally rules!! WOOO!

    gooeyctr- I totally agree it should be followed by Squee-cember! *EEEEE!*

  21. Now I’m sad. I hate to see traditions messed with.

    But I will say: Decembaroo is BRILLIANT!!

  22. aw, i want teh monk!!!! want it! want it!

    i used to have a kitteh who would nom my ear like that…..taken away from his mama too soon, i suppose….he was a foundling. but he never got tired of nomming my earlobe or my pinkie or a wad of my t-shirt….oh, and the slobber…..that part wasn’t so great.

  23. AuntieMame says:

    Hmph. It’s not like there weren’t ten other months to stick a nom into… 😦

  24. AuntieMame says:

    LIke JaNOMuary.

  25. Am super curious what the story is behind these pics!

  26. Trabb's Boy says:

    Oh that is so damned sweet!!! I wanna monkey contentedly nomming on my ear. All I get is my six-year-old son climbing all over me while I try to type. “Why do you always look at the comments?” ** knee in the ribs ** “Can we look at Cheezburger now?” ** elbow in the back of the head ** “No, I wanna see Youtube Poop!”

    Annoying little monkey.

  27. YAY both!!!
    How adorable are those photos though. That lil monkey looks so content with the sun warming it’s back and a nice soft earlobe to nomnomnom on.

  28. That little guys expression in the last photo is priceless! He is SO happy! 🙂

  29. Noses demand a recount!

    Nomvember is not my month!

  30. @Stormy Dragon I also demand a recount!
    I sent my staffers out to do some ‘research’ on nomvember. Here is what we found:
    1. His mother is a hammie and his father smelt of elderberries
    2. Apparantly while canoeing he was attacked by a disapproving rabbit
    3. Swiftboat Nosicles for Justice reports that Nomvember actually DID NOT NOM all he reported to nom.


  31. I, for one, voted Other:Both! So I’m happy!

    And I love the teeny minkee!
    (anybody else remember Tiny Tunes’ Elvira and the Sea Minkees?)

  32. The Decembaroo bandwagon has driven down my street and I am on that bad boy!

  33. I can just hear that little cutie now…
    I lurve you! I lurve you soooooo much!

  34. That girl is wearing different designer sunglasses in each pic.

  35. I went past a cookie shop the other day – there was a big sign in the window that just said, “OM NOM NOM.”

  36. @TUM: this reminds me that the Cookie Monster has been replaced by the Veggie Monster!! i’m sure everyone else is already aware of this. but how wrong is that!!!! i am sooooooo super offended by this usurpment (wd?) i am beside myself!

    see, here i am over here!


  37. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    mmm….your ear is delicious…and I luff you ❤

  38. This all reminds me that not only am I forbidden to sing “Broccoliiiiiiiiii Broccolaaaaaaaaa!” by my nephew (now 6), but I was also severely censured for saying “OM NOM NOM” as I ate my bagel and veggie cream cheese. Little censor. 😛

    [“Censor” != “Censure”, silly 😉 – Ed.]

  39. I wanted nosicles!….snifs…



  41. @Ed: One of the definitions of “censor”, according to : someone who censures or condemns.

    *whistles idly*

  42. this is the best post i have seen on cuteoverload thus far!

  43. Ah, nom nom nom……

    But I wanna count anyway! Nosevember!

    [singing] “Tradition!”

  44. Dang, that should say “… I wanna recount anyway!”

  45. Awwwww, such a contented little fellow!

  46. hey, what kinda system is that? I tried to vote again — for NOSEvemeber — but it wouldn’t let me!

  47. @Aquamarine #36. I remember when that happened. My niece came over singing the new song and I flipped out. WHAT ARE THEY DOING? I went out and bought a DVD with a handful of old episodes that included the correct C is for Cookie song, and impressed upon my sister that no niece of mine was going to equate Cookie Monster with vegetables. If Sesame Street wants to be politically correct, then make up a new character. But don’t mess with the classics!

  48. Resriechan says:

    (Ok: YET ANOTHER controversial bit from moi:
    I REALLY DON’T CARE about nom & noses (altho on a kneejerk moment, I’d hafta lean toward bein’ fond of Cute Noses) But I”m glad Meg et al put “things like this” up for voice uv Da Peeps & am glad that Da Peeps got to enjoy their Say-so..
    That opinion, established. ..Mooooooooooving right along:

    J & doggabone get my BWA HA HA on this multilogue…

    But I also agree with the several who have pointed out the facial expreshe of *JOY* in the liddle Minkey in the thoid picktyah.


  49. Um, they are cute pictures, and Meg did say we can celebrate both….. so I guess my “can’t decide” vote was right on!

  50. For next month, what about Decembrrrrrrrrrr – and we can have polar bears and kittehs and puppehs with knitted scarves and so on?

  51. Theo, I believe the little bugger both censured AND censored me. Hmph.

    [I sense you’re incensed… – Ed.]

  52. But, but, but……oh, well there goes the neighborhood.
    I believe that the nouveaux CO, who didn’t type their fingies to the bone and rack their frying brains to ruin to making this such the great website that it is, have spoken. I pass the torch to a new generation.

    Knock Knock-
    Who’s there?

  53. miaminomom says:

    wat en cutie

  54. @blondie: i heah ya, sista!

    i mean, wasn’t the whole point of CM that he was ACKNOWLEDGING children’s unhealthy desire to nomnomnomnom on cookies 24/7?? sort of along the lines of “where the wild things are” (one of my all time favs)? like, “we hear ya, kids, cookies are awesome, wouldn’t it be great if we could eat nothing but??” CM wasn’t about advocating healthy eating! he was about carpe diem! he was about feed the id! he was about joie de vivre! i mean, am i wrong?????!!!

    (sits down, breathless)

  55. Well, I suppose that when Nosevember gets up to make his concession speech on this election day, he’ll say something cute like, “Well, it was an honor just to be Nom-inated…” (insert eye-rolling emoticon here…)

  56. Cookie Monster has been replaced by Veggie Monster? For reals????? This is not the America I grew up in. 😯

    [Well, it’s not, but Cookie is still Cookie. No worries on that score. – Ed.]

  57. Earlobe pacifier!

  58. AuntieMame says:

    Cookie Monster is still Cookie Monster, folks! He’s just incorporating more healthful foods into his diet, in addition to cookies!

  59. Thank you victoreia – you didn’t happen to see the end of Topol’s farewell tour last week, did you?

  60. I’m soooo jealous….. I want a vervet to suckle my earlobe and snorgle my head!

  61. i used to let rafter (my bengal kitty) suckle my earlobe, until the earlobe got all…soggy.

  62. NoAstronomer says:

    So I won’t hesitate no more, no more
    It cannot wait, I’m sure
    There’s no need to complicate, our time is short
    This is our fate, I’m yours

    D-d-do do you, but do you, d-d-do
    But do you want to come on
    Scooch on over closer dear
    And I will nibble your ear

  63. @auntie mame:

    THANK YOU!!! i am glad that this was just one more example of my die-hard gullibility.

    you have saved us all from a panicky dive off the cliffs with the rest of the lemmings.*

    *i know they don’t really do that :-0

  64. Hmppf. Nom-vember is stupid. *kicks dirt*

  65. ick-ick-ick-ick-ick. did I mention…ick!

  66. re Cookie monster v. Veggie monster

    that reminds me of my little nieceling the other day telling me how one neighborhood lady was giving V-8 juice out for Halloween! Gack! I wonder if her house got egged.

    And I thought apples and raisins were lame for Halloween!

  67. OK Peeps, here is my calendar:

    Nosevember or Oh Noes-vember I keep trying..

    May and June were hard!

  68. Oh brother the html demon took over. I used brackets instead of parenthesis. Corrections follow:
    May (I put my cat in your rack?)
    Juleye (capsules)

  69. NOOOOOOOOOO!!! Por Que?????!!?!! POR QUEEEEEE??!!!!?!!!!?!?!? *falling to knees, shaking fists in the air*

  70. Decembarooooooooo FTW!

  71. Bunday

  72. sallyfish says:

    Harpa the Happy Icelandic suggests that you imagine Teh Qte Mnke nomming on her nose for a Nomnosevibber. Dreamink of those velvety lips on her schnoze, she hopes for a union of the two. Nomnosevibber!

  73. Nomvember, indeed. HOO-Ha. Woopy.

    Hey, Jen8, I’ll take Oh, NO-sevember in a heartbeat!

  74. Ok, there we have it… we’ll take Jen8’s 12 months (May & June TBD) and Blondie’s days of the week. What more do we need?? I say “nada”.

  75. p.s. “Nosevember” for the win. End of story.

    p.p.s. “Oh Noes-vember” in leap years. Ok, now… end of story.

  76. ‘s adorable. But.
    You just know that thing is crawling with fleas.

  77. bosskitteh says:

    I think we know Meg is a Battlestar Galactica Fan 🙂
    (I am too!!!!)

  78. those pictures are SO sweet

  79. I detect a penchant for wearers of designer sunglasses