Now serving: Kitten in a Blanket

Piping hot out of the oven. Would you like Chablis or Chardonnay with this morsel? [serving in your general direction]


This is the Overload, Kristen H., you can have a glass of each.



  1. Blinky in a bleenie blankie!

  2. Not to mention, the Yoda ears…

  3. is this the NOMember response to that post with all the noses below?
    if so, it’s working.
    I can smell that fresh-from-the-oven aroma.
    and notice how the blanket color is coordinated on the kittehs delicate nosicle and muzzlepouch.

  4. I always have a Corona with my kitten burrito.

  5. Nose and blankie – color matchingks!

    Beep! Beepbeepbeepbeep!!!!

  6. mariser – jinx!

  7. AmyJ – great minds and all that.

  8. Queen of Dork says:

    Beep. Love.


  9. *thud*
    ded from cuteoverload

  10. Queen of Dork says:

    *comes back. looks again. crap…the closed eye areas look like backward paranthesis.*


  11. QoD – you had to notice that. you just HAD to. now I must proceed to have a head-exploding incident. please look for cover
    ::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit: :poit:poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit: :poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit: :poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit: :poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit: :poit::poit: :poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit::poit: :poit::poit::poit::poit::poit:

  12. QofD you are so right!

    I htink this little morsel perfectly illustrates both Nom- AND Nosevember.

  13. Queen of Dork says:

    *dragging self to source of water*

  14. Queen of Dork says:

    AmyJ: Quite true!

    *shoving smelling salts up own nose* (Nosevember).

  15. kibblenibble says:

    Earses at 9 and 3…squeee!

  16. *in Yoda voice* Adorable I am…

  17. YEP he is Nom-able and he has a nose that cries out to be Beeped
    Kess on forehead

    Falls over from the adorable cuteness

  18. Some guacamole for your purrito, sir?

  19. Ohhh and I forgot to notice New Born kitten ears… oh so tiny and well you know nom-able!

  20. tinee tabbee
    tinee tabbee
    tinee tabbee
    tinee tabbee
    tinee tabbee
    tinee tabbee
    tinee tabbee
    tinee tabbee

  21. Resriechan says:

    @ QoD: glad that you’ve been able to advance to self-application of Smelling Salts over the weekend, as I was down the hall (Literally) when this pic was posted)

    @ Theresa; Ma’am, when and if Theo shows up, we are required to use the term “guac”, in His presence, please. Offishe Policy. You understand, yes??

    @ Eds: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze provide ridiculous squeaky audio to accompany this little guy/ gal in a wrap????

  22. Tiny. Tabby.

  23. Queen of Dork says:

    You all are totally cracking me up over here. Hey, this is sort of random but does anyone else out there have this thing where you ABSOLUTELY cannot let wet cat food touch your fingers? Almost as though they’ll burst into flame or something if that happens? Or is that just me?

    Just a thought. *briiinnng…The More You Knooowwwww*

  24. Um. Chablis IS Chardonnay

  25. Tabbito!

  26. BabyOpossum says:

    I’d like mine extra tie-tie, with ears on the side. Thanks!

  27. I’m not sure either the Chard or the Chablis would go with this morsel. I’m thinking a nice roz-ay or maybe a zin would do it…

  28. Tabita,
    In case he
    is a she

  29. Resriechan says:

    @ Anita — Related:

    “If a tree falls in a forest & no one hears it, did it actually occur?”

    A Puzzle Wrapped up in a Riddle

  30. 260Oakley says:

    I would rather have a nice catserole, please.

  31. @Theresa, love the “purrito”! Oooh, that sweet little nose is just aching for a smooch…

    *Wipes smooch marks off computer screen.*

  32. @queen of dork: wet cat food is like napalm, in my opinion. I can never get rid of the stink.

    apropos of the picture: One of my students has charmingly referred to this site as “cuteoverlord.” Now I see why. The cuteness overpowers me.

  33. This tiny tabby purrito is tabbilicious.

  34. As cute as that little purrito is, I can’t help but notice that they chose a towel that matches that beepable nose.

  35. hahhaha you are all sooo cracking me up! purrito! *thud. i’ve been cuteoverloaded!


  36. So cute, it is!

  37. 1) Best way to get rid of wet cat food stink is real, unaltered lemon juice. I squeeze a half lemon in my hands if I have to touch wet cat food or wet dog food. I also squeeze the lemons onto my counters after preparing anything remotely smelly like fish.

    2) I was thinking of a very good German Riesling with this Kitteh Swaddled in a Nappy. There’s sweetness and hints of peach and apricot in most Rieslings and that would go nicely with the babeh’s swaddle and nozzicle.

    3)Keeses for da Kitteh!!!

  38. Babycats are so weird… not cute… but with such potential for cute! (‘n’ I know, I’ve known my cat Buzzo since he was 7 days old, closed eyes and mini ears, but NOT CUTE!)

  39. @Heather: I was just thinking a Riesling would be most apropos with this dish. (I prefer a Mosel-region Riesling, but some others are agreeable….)

    And, now: NOSE BEEP!

  40. I don’t know anything about wine but I think I’m going to go into sweet overload & have some honey mead with that tasty morsel ! I think I still have some mead left in the fridge. (is honey mead wine ?)

  41. berthaservant says:

    Do you know in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” where Willy Wonka says “The Snozzberries taste like Snozzberries”?

    Well, ladies and gents, I give you, the Snozzberry colored schnozz.

    Beepable and nomable.

  42. Baby!! Someone left a baby that size in my car over 4th of July weekend back in the early 90’s. Box, towel, supplies, and kitty baby. You can’t help but walk all over town with kitty on your rack or on your shoulder. You smell like kitty milk for a month, but hey, that’s ok. Oh, and it is impossible to hold back the BEEPS!

    I will take my taburrito with a snozzberry margarita please. No salt.

  43. Beep, kiss, nom, snorgle,…. gulp. Gotta run.

  44. Aw, here is a Puffs tissue with aloe for the kitten nosicle.

    Reminds me of my orange tabbeh who had a series of respiratory infections, pink eye and
    head colds his first year. The vet prescribed nose drops. Ever try to get nose drops into a kitten’s nostrils? Can’t be done.
    Fortunately all was resolved and he is a happy big tabbeh now.

  45. I’m trying to remain calm, no squeeing or beeping or screen licking or diabetic comatosing. I’m trying very hard, really I am. I’m a doctor, Jim, not a block of ice.

  46. @Rachael, you would have to be a Vulcan not to be overcome by the qte!

  47. Cambridge_Rat_Mom says:

    OK. So, I think this is how it works: Chardonnay is the grape itself and the Chardonnay grapes grown in the Chablis region produce Chablis wine. Chardonnay grapes grown in other regions produce Chardonnay wine. Is that fair?

  48. LovesDogs says:

    I can’t handle the cuteness.

  49. Resriechan says:

    Rachael: under these sorts of stimuli, your restraint is admirable (no licking the SCREEN? Did you tie your torso to the back of your chair?)

    Admiring your Stiff Upper Lip
    (is it quivering, just a bit, though?)


  50. I swear, I can feel my heart beat faster when I look at that little dollop of cat.

    Did I mention, T I N Y T A B B Y ? ! ?

  51. *beeps nose*
    *noms ear buds*
    *sighs happily & goes back for moar*

  52. “that little dollop of cat” T.U.M. niiiiiiiiiiice!

    and “poit!” wonderful!

  53. I believe a Vulcan would acknowledge the qte…internally….with no outward show of emotion. I also believe that a half-human, half-Vulcan would hafta BEEP the nose…privately, of course! Illogical, but true.

  54. I happen to know that a certain Vulcan petted both a Tribble AND a black cat – however totally illogical it may seem. (This does NOT make me a Star Trek geek; I don’t know the episode numbers. The titles, however… )

    Q of D: I join the league of people who can’t stand to have wet cat food touch their fingers. If it happens, I have to wash my hands.

    It could be a kitten burrito, true, but how ’bout a kitten crepe? (for those of you who speak French. Pretend there’s a little accent thingy somewhere over the word crepe).

  55. Queen of Dork says:

    Rooanne: I’m glad to know I’m not the only one with the whole wet cat food touching aversion. I thought maybe I was just being overly dramatic.

  56. Kitteh’s face = >w<

  57. 😀 AWW 😀 Where is the bottle of kitten milk to feed that sweet little baby? 😀 I would LOVE to hold him/her and feed that baby 😀

  58. there is not enough piggeh in that blanket.

  59. I don’t know, I think that a certain half-breed’s Vulcan father would just have to give in to the veritable logical cutness of this particular morsel. We do know that he has married at least two humans. And, yes, I am a Trekkie, and proud of it!

  60. Cigar Reviews says:

    Okay, this is seriously too cute. I have a picture of my kitten that looks exactly like this! It reminds me of when she was a baby.. ohh memories. Too Sweet.