Hey Vet, UR doing it wrong

The cone is supposed to go the OTHER DIRECTION!


Jay “The Tongue” Papillon before his surgery and teeth cleaning, from Christina V.



  1. LOL the tongue just adds to the whimsey

  2. All it needs is one of those handles and a music box with pop goes the weasel playing

  3. i can just imagine his teeny toes dangling……..HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

  4. Resriechan says:

    Re. the Ears:

    “I can fly, I can fly, I can FLYYYYYYYYYY….”

  5. Poor Jay the Puppy oh the indignity!

  6. Queen of Dork says:

    He looks like a mad professor or scientest.

  7. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    “All right, students — first we add the baking soda, then pour in the vinegar and then the puppy. Now, can anyone tell me what will happen next?”

  8. That’s a textbook Oh Noes-vember! post.

  9. Resriechan says:

    @ NTM: is this the episode on the Brady Bunch, where Bobby goes through the whole explanation of the steps, in setting up the volcano for the School Science Fair, over & over & over again to different people, each time….& then the final time he explains it, the volcano *doesn’t work* after the whole buildup?????

  10. VOLCANO!!! (Volcanine-o?)

  11. @ AmyJ…..brilliant!
    please take a bow. and here’s your flowers.

  12. oops i mean here ARE your flowers. sorry. i live in Amish country.

  13. Von Zeppelin says:

    1959: In the early days of the NASA space program, Astronaut Oscar “Buzz” Merbert practices egress from the Mercury spacecraft.

  14. Queen of Dork says:

    NTMTOM: Then the puppy will fart?

  15. What, me worry?

  16. Don (or tell don)

    Lets work it out and be a family again.

  17. I Juth want to know one thing
    Whoth Idea wath thith?

    And Wherth my thnakth?

  18. I’m sure I’m the only one who finds it funny, but at first sight I read the label in the cone as “butter”. which of course leads to thoughts of wanting to nom on those delicious-looking ears. all soft and velvety with a delicately crunchy center…dipped in melted parsley butter.

    did I mention I voted for NOMember?

  19. kiki willow says:

    Cone of Shame…ur doing it rong.


  21. as for the hovertext – too bad i’ve already had my wedding reception ’cause these would definately have to be my centerpieces!

  22. DogEared – why thank you! And I think your grammar is perfectly acceptable if it accompanies flowers!

    And mariser – I saw “butter” too! 🙂

  23. The difference between a dog cone and an ice cream cone is that YOU lick the ice cream cone but the dog cone licks YOU. 🙂

  24. maryjonana says:

    What a sweetums!! Big hugs for his furry little self!!

  25. OMG Gigi THat is ohhh so true!!! ;D

  26. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Little did Britney know that two rival sophomores had sabotaged her megaphone the day before the big cheerleader tryouts.

  27. *laughing too uncontrollably to think of comment*

  28. It’s Einstein!

    (with a dye job, natch)

  29. ROFL @ QoD #14. hahhahhahhah *laughs so hard i’m crying. oh geeez.

  30. tristabelle says:

    aww what a mug! hope surgery went well for you, little Jay!

    snorgles x infinity 🙂

  31. Awwwww, cute. If you fuzz your eyes, which is unfocus but not quite cross eye, it’s eyes kinda go weird.

  32. Emo Gazanthe VIII says:

    @emma: I know spanish too. This is your thing in Spanish.

    “Awwwww, bonito. Si usted de exploración de vulnerabilidades los ojos, que es unfocus pero ojo no bastante cruzada, los ojos de su clase van extraños”

  33. Emo Gazanthe VIII says:

    @—tampon— chanpon:

    *rire trop uncontrollably de penser à commentaire*

    totally agree

  34. Emo Gazanthe VIII says:

    AAAAAaaaaagh, the Strikethrough didn’t work! How do I do it?

  35. The Other Bryn says:

    For a while one of my golden retrievers needed a cone because she was chewing the heck out of an itchy foot and the allergy medicine was just kicking in. Once when I was very sleepy I accidentally put the cone on this way. She tried to walk like that and then looked up at me like, “You’re an idiot.” Too funny! She kind of looked like she was wearing armor.

  36. @ Emo Gazanthe VIII ~
    I tried this on another post and it didn’t work, but let me try one more time:
    If you know how to use HTML tags, the tag is STRIKE. Here’s a link for you: http://www.htmlcodetutorial.com/_STRIKE.html

  37. Cone of Silence….missed it by THAT much!

    What, NO tonguehance?!?!?!?!?!??? 😦

  38. Resriechan says:

    @ Emo(etc)

    Comme c’est jolie de venir a CO & de voir les pensees, decrites en Francais!!

    ahhhhhhhhhhhh. J’aime ca !!!

  39. Did anyone else notice the extra special cut out in back so puppy tail does not get squished. 🙂

  40. @ Emo Gazanthe VIII – Not a bad translation but the correct phrasing is:
    *Je ri trop incontrolablement pour penser à commenter*

    @ Resriechan – Very very good, just two little thing, it’s “écrites en français” – not decrites en Français.
    décrites = described
    écrites = written
    And you don’t capitalize common names in french so it’s français not Français.

  41. @ the other bryn: hahaha

  42. SusaninMI says:

    He’s cute, but he doesn’t look like the smartest scoop in the cone.

  43. Joxcermom says:

    I think he got drunk and the Lampshade fell really fast ’cause of that tongue issue.
    My Mom has Pap’s and the way their tails go 90 miles an hour the vet may have ment to do this! LOL

  44. Emo Gazanthe VIII says:

    @Resrichan: You said:

    It is nice to come to CO & see penses*, described/written in French!

    *I think you spelt that wrong.

  45. Emo Gazanthe VIII says:

    Penses is think.