You’re Trick-or-Treating in That?!

Pffthht — er, I mean, it’s very, um, distinctive. I especially like the way the silver lamé tutu complements the spaceman helmet.  And the corrugated-tin epaulets with the pink satin trim make a very, um, interesting statement.


So you run along, get lotsa candy, etc.  You’ll be back early, I assume. (snort, pffht!)


Evil never looked so garsh-darned adorable, Eden B.



  1. HYSTERICAL and stinkin’ cute. Keep snerking, li’l Meezers!

  2. Just toooooo awwwww-dorable!!

  3. PS Is it me, or do these two have a kind of Ebenezer and Snooch vibe?

  4. Von Zeppelin says:

    Geez, these guys are mean! I thought kittens were supposed to be adorable.

  5. Oh heavens.. is that cat on the right named Marty Feldman?? I’ve never seen a Meezer with eyes that pointed outward!

  6. Oops.. that’ll teach me to post first and read the hovertext later.. Sorry NTMTOM, I stepped on your toes!

  7. Actually, it’s ‘EYE-gor’.

  8. Resriechan says:

    Ennybuddy else channelling ….I think ’twas a NTM post & a Fox type kritter doing a Wardrobe Consultation (the small 4-legged mammal, NOT the supposed news channel anchor bipeds) standing in a corner inside an apt & evidently LAUGHIN’ his FOOL head off ….seem to remember something in the caption, about some kind of leggings (but certainly not any lovely Argyle or Paisley Donkeypants) ….????
    Just wasted 5 minutes doing a CO wordsearch, to no avail …..about 4 months ago ’twas, effn I reco-member keeerectly…

    [ Hah! You caught me repeating myself! — Mike 😀 ]

  9. kibblenibble says:

    Boy, those two look fiesty! (feisty? Darn, neither looks correct. I’m having a bad day.) Anyway, Qte!

  10. Resriechan says:

    @ kibblenibble:

    “Feisty” = rowdy & slightly mischievous
    “Fiesta” = party a l’espagnole.

    Hence, they are quite tricky/ cornfuzable !!!
    Happ’s to the Best and the Wurst uv us !!!

  11. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    “Feist” = Singer who can count to four. 😉

  12. Resriechan says:

    @ (TheOther)Mike:

    thanks for your moderating wonderfulness. So, a similar theme, “coitenly”; but who woulda thunk, (besides, obvy, “Wonderful YOU”)
    that BOTH foxes AND Siamese Fluffballs had such piercing analyses of Biped Clothing choices? ….Not to ment. the outRAGeously cartoonish facia expressions on all 3 gals/ fellows.

    Thanks for providing the Link, to the Udder. I can now sleep soundly with the Mystere Solved. Have a wonderfully Goofy Night !!!!

    Sincerely Yours,

    Muttley (wheeze *snerk* wheeze *snerk* etc. etc.)

  13. Resriechan says:

    (PS: wow — just checked & my guess as to the “when” wasn’t far off….and the leggings in question, were in a “Checkerboard” pattern!!! Keeewwwwwwllllll !!!!)


  14. “We are siamese if you please, we are siamese if you don’t please”

    Disney had it right, these guys are just creepy. But funny. And creepy.

  15. Queen of Dork says:

    Eyes. Blue eyes like the sky.


  16. Here’s the “we are siamese” video

  17. I guess the costume shop was all out of Lady and the Tramp costumes.

  18. Queen of Dork says:

    (Gets up weakly. peeks again.) Pink laugh. teeeeny white teef.


  19. Love how the kitty on the right is stopping his pal from making a less than politically correct comment on his hooman’s costume. But from the evil grin, I’d say more catmentary is a=brewin’.

    Happy Halloween to all.

  20. Resriechan says:

    (applies Smelling Salts under QoD’s nose; waves an elegantly monogrammed “QoD” hankie near her face…

    “Q???? are you okay?? Talk to me !!!!
    (earworm, ennyone?) “Don’t leave me, this way! Don’t leave me, this way-yay…!”

  21. Resriechan says:

    (ps: what’s a “pink laugh”??)

  22. Queen of Dork says:

    Resriechan: ahem. *cough. cough* Thank you for bringing me to. ahem. A pink laugh is exactly the definition of the second picture of the adorable kitten laughing with it’s mouth pinkly and white toothly. (If it’s not officially Webster, it should be).

  23. wow, these kittens are TOO. CUTE. !!!!! ahhh.

  24. Queen of Dork says:

    Wend: Happy Halloween to you toooooo!!!!!

  25. Also, kitty on the right kind of looks like Ed the hyena from Lion King.

  26. Resriechan says:

    (WHEW !! Ya gimme a leetle scare, there. “Pink laugh”; got it !! Hey — maybe you should email or text Paris Hilton. That might be, this year’s “That’s Hot !!”)

  27. TheIglets says:

    NTMTOM that joke may have been a repeat, but both are fraggin’ hilarious! A testament to how good you are – we remember your jokes even after the all the public floggings, family kerfluffles and intestinal irregularity we’ve been through over the weeks.

  28. Siamese Cat song, what a hoot!
    Either it’s been WAY too long since I’ve seen that cartoon, or I’m havin’ a “senior moment” since I can’t remember it.

  29. Kitties are describing a balloon boy costume…?

    Love the evil grin in the second picture!

  30. That’s it, I have been Cuted to death.

  31. omg can I kidnap the kitty on the right, please?

  32. (singin in Disney voices)
    “We are Si-am-ese, if you ple-eze”!

  33. Queen of Dork says:

    Yay! Halloween!

    Trick or treat,
    smell my feet,
    give me something
    good to eat!

    Now for scaaaarry movies. And passing out candy! Yay!! Fun!!

    PS. Please, don’t really smell my feet. Just got caught up in the day. Night’s falling here on the west part and all.

  34. oh hxll…i should read ALL the comments first! sorry nutmeg! you win!

  35. Look at those blue eyes!!!

  36. yep, it’s offically DARK here in northern new mexico; the goblins and gouls are beginning to appear in the streets, and i’m eating cancy….

  37. um, …candy…geewhiz, poor typing skills today!

  38. That’s definitely a “cute overload”
    Happy Halloween!

  39. Aww, poor little wall-eyed kitty… His buddy certainly looks appropriately evil for Hallowe’en though….

  40. Queen of Dork says:

    Handing out treats? I’m having waaaayy to much fun! There goes my door bell…

  41. I think it’s high time to institute a rule of cute about eyes that don’t look in the same direction.

  42. Hmmm is anyone hearing the Lady and the Tramp song? “we are siamese if you please” cue the creepy head twists… Just watched that movie for the first time in ages.

  43. Resriechan says:

    @ becca: please see & enjoy comments & video link at comments #16 & # 32.

    Also @ Meredith: SIGN ME UP on that committee……I Passionately Concur.

    (eg: “DOOOOD !!! TOW-tally !!)

  44. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    If the kitty on the right tells me to “walk this way,” do I have to do figure-eights around people’s ankles?

  45. I can’t tell which Meezer is more evil – the cackling one with the devil’s eyes, or the “serious” one looking at 10 & 2.

  46. @ chanpon – your comment made kool-aid come out of my nose.

    the text that went with the photos killed me. this post was awesome.

    happy halloween!!

  47. Resriechan says:

    @ AD:

    “If a kitty” tells you to do anything….ya gotta do it. Didn’t you read the Kitty Handbook “To Serve People”??

    (To Los Younger CO Peeps: that last bit, is from a Very Classic episode of the Ooooooooooooold, original Tw. Zone, there…)

  48. The one on the right is like… anti-Siamese or something.

  49. SusaninMI says:

    I love how the one kitty is trying to restrain the other in the first pic. . . I know what you’re thinking but for heaven’s sake, don’t say it! Those are the bluest eyes I have ever seen 🙂

  50. AuntieMame says:

    Don’t these two look like the hyenas in Lion King? The one on the right is totally Ed.

  51. @ Resriechan It’s a COOKBOOK!

    First kitteh = Damn you eyes!
    Second kitteh = Too late 🙂

  52. ebil kittehs!

    there will be a head for you, a tail for me. . .

  53. Does the clothing description remind anyone else of The Cat from Red Dwarf? It sounds a lot like his outfits.

    Also: Unfocused kitty eyes, *squee!*

  54. Resriechan says:

    GiGi Wins Today’s Pop Kulcha TV reference Prize.

    (I think there are still a few pkgs of Milk Duds in the bowl. Will they be adequate as your prize? Or do you prefer the Pink Bling Rhinestoned Computer Mouse that was leftover from yesterday?)

  55. GIGGLE 😆 Those two kitties are going to be up to something on Halloween 😆

  56. Thank you Resriechan I accept my price of Milk Duds. I actually didn’t have candy yesterday, I did have many Long Island Iced Tea at the Halloween party I attended dressed as as Gigi Brunett of Went with the wind.

  57. Resriechan says:

    Okeydokey then — I’ll be happy to send them CO-d (of COURSE !!)

    (giggle. See what I did, there? ;))

  58. Queen of Dork says:

    Resriechan: Can I have the bling mouse?

  59. Resriechan says:

    (PS Gigi — you do know the Carol Burnett bit, about

    Scarlett O’Hara using the fabric from her curtains to make her gown to impress Rhett….then when he compliments the gown, she says “Thank you ! I saw it in the Window, and I couldn’t resist it” …..

    don’t you?)

    (*giggle again*)

  60. Resriechan says:

    Well, Nurse Q., I suppose so, given your *extraordinary* abilities as a Head Nurse in the Squeaky Shoes Wing.

    Did you open the link yesterday, to see the Bling Mousie…& check the cable jack out to see, whether it’s compatible with your equipment??

  61. @ Resriechan Yes that’s what I went dress as. Wish I could include a photo of my curtain dress so you could see it. Wasn’t bad if I do say so myself.

  62. Resriechan says:

    @ Gigi:

    VERY nice selection there !! What did you use as *snerk* Tiebacks?

  63. Resriechan says:

    Nurse Q: the offer for the Bling Mouse wil only remain open for another 15 minutes. If you have not responded to our Question by 8:20 pm (Florida time), the Mousie will go back into the Prize Grab Bag.

    Whaddaya think, we’re just playing around here? We got objectives to meet…
    Martini lunches to attend & stuff.

  64. @ Resriechan Yep, and lots of drape fringes (that I call gling glings) a dark green velour curtain and of course a 2 feet curtain rod (I wanted to be able to fit in the doors).

  65. Resriechan says:

    @ Gigi: EXcellent choices of hardware aka accessories.
    We are Officially Impressed. Hope you took some pictures !! Carry on!

  66. That kitty’s eyes are weird. Is he okay?

  67. Was thinking he had Lemur eyes? Funny how they play.

  68. emmberrann says:

    Oh them silly kittehs! my gosh they do make one *snerk**snerk*! I bin sittin on da floor here, laughing my a** off becuz I can’t stop *snerkin’* long enuf to get up! You guys keeeeeeell me! (Marty Feldman, indeed!)

  69. They are adorable. I want them and I would name them Evil and Stupid.

  70. All I can think about are the hyenas from The Lion King.

  71. sooo scary yet sooo adorable im scared