Three Heads Are Cuter Than One

It’s Halloween, and time once again for examples of costumed pet redonkulousness, courtesy BuzzFeed.  A few favorites:


Why is this iPhone costume scary?  Because it’s in … a dead zone (ooooo-WEEEEE)!


Now when he was a puppeh / He nevah thought he’d see / People put a hat on him / Just like a boy king…




  1. Who in the world makes iPhone dog costumes?!


  2. Oh goodness. I was going to dress as a personal ad this Halloween. I could just dress my dog as “a happy relationship” and be set.

  3. Who knew that Cerberus was so cute?

  4. In picture number one, the dog in the middle looks so proud, like “Yes, yes I do indeed have three heads. You are most welcome to admire all of them.”

    Either this, or “Extra heads? Sir or madam, I have no idea of what you speak. Good day to you now.”

  5. Resriechan says:

    Skippymom — nice versatility, there. For meself, I like your second character the best….

  6. “Gotta condo made of stone-a!”

  7. I think that the first one is like really funny. And that is the third one.

    Hes sitting like a royal person.

  8. Brian Fowler says:

    #1 is Cerberus, he’s Fluffy. That’s why his human is (sort of) dressed like Harry Potter.

  9. The wee little Harry Potter with Fluffy (Hagrid’s dog in the first book/movie, “Sorcerer’s Stone”) is nine kinds of kyoot. The doggie playing Fluffy is totally method…

  10. Resriechan says:

    @ Theresa. OK, here’s where I make the most-outrageous self-confession I’ve ever made.
    (“EVERYBODY RUN FOR THA HILLZZZZZZ!!!!!” — Whoooosh — Crowds go running away at top speed)

    Er, that lyric? “The CondO” “madeof Stone-ah”? um, well, see, “wha’ ha’ happen’, wuz ……my geekiness led my alleged mind ….to….shall we say ….replace the term “Condo” with an excruciatingly similar word…. & the idea of its being “made of Stone” ….is also just slightly ironic . There, did I manage to paint a word picture (“Ewwwwwww !!!!!”) without actually bruising anyone’s Boundaries unnecessarily??? Yep, I were mighty odd, I were….

  11. Queen of Dork says:

    Hey! The King Mutt guy would look nice next to my cat when he lies in the “Sphynxy Boy” position.

    Blondie: Wow! On another thread you talked about doing the lighting for West Side Story in Rockville?! Man! Usually, my daughter and I go home for Christmas to visit our big ole silly family in Silver Spring! But this year I decided not to go. Bummer because a) I ADORE West Side Story. (I met Jerome Robbins one time) and b) It would have been nice to have met you.

  12. OK, Fluffy and Harry Potter though officially made me burst out laughing. That is HILARIOUS! Give that kid’s mom the full-sized candy bar!

  13. Von Zeppelin says:

    Picture #3: A furrier and more friendly version of the dreaded Anubis, God of the Dead:

  14. Queen of Dork says:

    I think, for Halloween, I’ll dress my cat as a Muggle. And my daughter as a cat.

  15. Love the Steve Martin reference!

  16. Not even a passing Harry Potter reference for the first one? Look at the scarf! The scarf!

  17. King Mutt for the win (in my books). Hey: I’m dressed like a pirate with my parrot on my shoulder for “effect”. Bring on the trick-or-treaters!

  18. Halloween has gone to the dogs.

  19. Harry Potter and Fluffy are FABULOUS. I’d give that kid a few extra candies, and his mom a few more.

    King Mutt looks like a good, kind-hearted ruler though – no tyrant there, no sir. Nose fluff is all you need to be a good pharaoh.

  20. graceofbass says:

    Very nice Steve Martin King Tut ref. That was back when Saturday Night Live was funny.

  21. victoreia says:

    Great, another earworm!

    And I love Fluffy! (Although two of his heads look a little droopy; maybe they didn’t get enough sleep?)

  22. DaytimeDeb says:

    What??? No App for walkies? Poor puppy. How will he leave his Halloween tricks and get his treats? Thanks NTMTOM for making me laugh out loud and scare the baby. 🙂

  23. DaytimeDeb says:

    Oh, I just reread. There IS an app for walkies. Yay for pupster! Note to self: Get eyes checked.

  24. Juniper Jupiter says:

    King Mutt!! He’s my favorite doggy!
    King Mutt!! Likes to chase his froggy!
    Born in Alexandria (Egypt)
    Moved to Alexandria (Louisiana)

    KING MUTT!!!


  25. SusaninMI says:

    omg the three-headed dog is the best!

  26. gail the second says:

    @SusaninMI: I agree. It was a clever idea. However would you mind having an easier-to-remember username for when people with very small Internet windows are trying to ‘@’ you, so we don’t have to scroll up and down to try and get your username. Thanks. 🙂

    @everyone: Last Halloween I dressed up as Death, you know that guy dressed in black with the tentacles and the scythe and the making people die, aaaagh, (Sorry, just making a Professor Frink reference, you know the guy from the simpsons?)
    So anyway, I dressed up as Death and I dressed my dog up as a skeleton. I reckon it scared a few people into giving us lots of candy. (I have a six year old who loves candy but hates going Trick Or Treating.)

    As for the King Mutt picture, howsabout:
    King Muttenkhamen
    Oops. I reckon that’s where it came from: King Tut. I’m so embarrased! :$ !

  27. gail the second says:

    Double embarrased. :$ doesn’t work. It’s meant to mean an embarrased face.

  28. Emo Gazanthe VIII says:

    @ gail the second: Do you know French? This is your first paragraph in French.

    “@ SusaninMI : je suis d’accord. C’était une idée intelligente. Néanmoins pourriez-vous avoir un nom d’utilisater plus facile à mémoriser pour lorsque des très petites fenêtres Internet tentent ‘@’ vous, donc nous n’avons pas à faire défiler vers le haut ou vers le bas pour essayer de votre nom d’utilisater. Merci.”

    Consider me a genius, Gail.

  29. emmberrann says:

    @Emo: Qu’est-ce? Comment? S’il vous plait, repetez puisque je comprends.. [j’sais pas toucher les accents pour etre veritablement correcte.]

  30. Emo Gazanthe VIII says:

    @emmberrann: Did you just say….

    What is this? How? If you please, repeat so I understand. [I don’t know how to type with accent sensitivity to be truly correct.]

    Yeah, I know, I’m showing off a wee bit, but I don’t get how you know French and still don’t know what I said before.

    Am confused.

  31. Emo Gazanthe VIII says:

    @emberann: See gail the second’s unbearably long post.

  32. Emo Gazanthe VIII says:

    The srike still didn’t work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :@

  33. Emo Gazanthe VIII says:

    The emoticon didn’t work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😐
    And with post 31, it was meant to have ‘unbearably’ with a STRIKE THROUGH IT!!!!!!!!
    Try again.

  34. I wish iwas that for halloween i probliy would get more candy