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I won’t !

You can’t make moi! Etc.!



Madagascar Lemur by Sandrine Vuillermoz. Another fine selection from the National Geographic Photo contest. Yes, you can enter your photos, yes, you could win a LEICA D-LUX 4 camera! But hurry, like ‘Tocktober, contest closes 10/31.



  1. So there! Nyeah!

  2. Tangleflower says:

    Am I the only one whose first thought upon seeing this picture was, “Zaboomafoo! You’ve come back!”?

  3. Tongue-hance, pleeeze!!!

  4. And what a plushy fabulous coat! I want to sink my fingers in to that softness.

    Tangleflower – yes! Me too!

  5. THAT is a fantastic photo. Btw, my cat, Felix, looks like a Sifaka lemur. For reals!

  6. YAAAAYYYYY ZABOOMAFOO! the memorys flood back. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Silly penguins always messing up King Julian’s midnight disco parties!


  8. Hahahahahaha, this fits my day perfectly…. went to see an oral surgeon today, and of course, he kept telling me to stick out my tongue at him. I kept wanting to say, “I’m sorry, but Mother always told me that was rude”. In the end, I figured, “What the heck? How may times does one actually get permission to stick one’s tongue out at people”?!? (OK, so secretly I enjoyed it — * and that’s for that rude lady yesterday, and that *&^))*^&^ motorcyclist last week…*)

  9. This picture will have me laughing for days… Silly lemur!

  10. @Tangleflower
    I was trying to remember who he looked like lol i loved that show

  11. BeckyMonster says:

    That is one sassy-ass primate! I wish I had a prehensile tail!!!

  12. I’ve told this story before, but it’s worth repeating: I have had the pleasure of HOLDING and FEEDING a ring-tailed lemur before. Soft doesn’t begin to describe their fur.

  13. Von Zeppelin says:

    Reminds me of the famous picture of Einstein:

    (Sorry–I don’t know from HTML. Pasting in a link is about as creative as I can get)

  14. I loved Zaboomafoo and those brothers lol is that wrong to have tv crushes on men who love animals?

  15. Those photos at the Nat’l Geo Photo Contest are cool. There was one of mountain goats with one in the front looking like the famous squirrel who “failed” that couple’s photo by the lake.

  16. I know he’s really tasting that little twig or whatever he’s got in front of him, but HAHHAHAHAH!!!

  17. @Tangleflower
    Haha, me too. My sister and I loved that show. We were so little, I can’t remember much about it but I do recall a certain Lemur…

  18. ……..And I HOPE you don’t like it !!!

  19. ButtaRumCake says:

    I second AmyJ’s request for a tongue-hance!

  20. AmyJ and ButtaRumCake — For tongue-hance, just click on the picture!

  21. Resriechan says:

    @ Von Zepp: leave it to the Intellektuals in the rhem (Insp. Clouseau pronounciation, there) to find/ connect the most renowned figure of modern scientific intelligence…channeling his inner 3-yr old!! Only you, VZ, ONLY you !!

    Bravo, Sir!!!

    Your Humble Servant.

  22. I was all *scroll scroll scroll* “oh cr*ap it’s a lemur!” I hearts lemurs with all my hearts.

  23. Lemur says No publicity I’ve warned you.

  24. Starlinguk says:

    At the South Lakes zoo in Dalton you can pet those. You’re not supposed to, but when they climb on your head, you just gotta, ya know?

  25. eternalcanadian says:

    lmao! tiny pink tongue licking the grass shoot. i agree with the others about Zoboomafoo. I still see it on telly here now and then.

  26. Leaping lemurs!! He doesn’t look angry so I think he’s just offering to french kiss us (me in particular). His luxurious fur is to die for! And he’s way cuter than Einstein ever was. 😀

  27. Dude, that is one groovin’ coat you have there. I wanna touch it…………. *reaches* enh, enh….

  28. metsakins says:

    btw, petting the coat with the mouse pointer is normal, right? (It was just trying to see if the the different colors feel differently that was wierd, right?)


  29. 1. What!? This grass is actually made from tofu??!!
    2. What!? The Partridge Family did not actually sing except for Keith and Shirley?!?!!
    3. What!? The Shamwow is just a chamois?!???

  30. Some of those photos from NG are unreal! I thought of submitting a few of mine, but they PALE in comparison. Plus, you know, the $27 to enter your photo is a bit prohibitive at this point!!

  31. Kristabelle that would eliminate those pictures not so good i am thinking.

  32. OMG LEMURS LEMURS LEMURS!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!

    Ok y’all. check out the Duke University Primate Center where they have LIVE LEMURS LIVING IN IN THE TREES IN NORTH CAROLINA

    There is an annual LemurCon there where we go and worship the Lemurs.

  33. Oh my, even the blobular thumb on his right hand is cute!

  34. By “unreal”, I meant phenomenal, not actually un-real. 😉

  35. “Hey, you can chomp your grass if you want! I’m licking mine–it’ll last longer!”

  36. green grass blade…mmmm….you didnt get none?…take the picture cause thats all ya gonna get…….
    Tiny tongue is cutest!

  37. @Bucky, do you go far back enough on the Internets to remember Nigel the Lemur (frink frink frink)?

  38. I love how the colors on his coat are so perfectly delineated. Looks like some type of athletic uniform – the stripes down the sides of the jerseys or pants. I love heem!

  39. “Ooooh… you’d like this piece of bamboo… wouldn’t you?? Well tough! Its mine! 😛 ”

    Heehee… too cute.

  40. They always look fake!

  41. darkshines says:

    My boyfriend and I went to Bristol Zoo the other week and saw loads of cuties, including lots of different kinds of lemurs. We were told not to pet them, but I sneaked in a pet when no-one was looking, they are the softest thing on earth.

  42. A better caption would be:
    “There – I licked it – it’s MINE forever!”

  43. Tangleflower says:

    darkshines, if a zoo tells you not to pet an animal, it’s for a reason, usually the safety of both you and the animals.

  44. googlie eyes says:


  45. darkshines says:

    It was actually because there were small children there aswell as adults, and unfortunately most children do not know the difference between gently patting a wild animal, and smooshing it and ending up with lemur claws in their eyes. I did it with no-one else around, and the lemur didn’t even notice. She was a hand fed tame lemur who was rescued as a baby and completly used to humans.

    I don’t touch wild animals in order to distress them or the park owners.

  46. You no want beep? Yes you do. Stop turning away, you know you want beep.


    Gotcha! Thbbbppppth!

  47. Aw…I would get him another grass blade.

    He would be great in a staring contest!

  48. googlie eyes says:

    (Just FYI, I was fishing for a Madagascar quote here: “No, not ‘hoo-ha!’ ‘As-car!’

  49. totally zamoomafoo!!!! 😀