Cow Eye Side Eye

OMG, you did NOT just do that. Embarrrrasssing! [Singsong]


Another stellar entry over at the National Geographic Photo Contest. This one is by Dana Styber!



  1. A caption contest must be declared…. 😉

  2. Those are some buggular eyes!

  3. i just had one of the crappiest days in a long time.

    this made everything better again! 🙂

    thank you, cuteoverload!!

  4. “You didn’t tell me I had power brakes!”

  5. The menace that is cow tipping

  6. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Mike, meet your new desktop wallpaper. New desktop wallpaper, this is Mike.

  7. Calf implant

  8. Baby animals of all kind are so incredibly cute when they are trying to figure out how to stand up for the first time!

    Mom’s expression is absolutely priceless.

  9. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    “See, this is exactly why I can’t get you into the good preschools!”

  10. Juniper Jupiter says:


    But, seriously…poor bebeh cow!

  11. AuntieMame says:


  12. LovesDogs says:

    A just borned baby moo-er goes thumpfpfpf.

  13. fish eye no miko says:

    @260Oakely: LOL! Awesome.

  14. Von Zeppelin says:

    “Herman the Calf explains to his mom how to play Twister.”

  15. BWAHHAHAHA! Too funny!

  16. Who thought you to do that? It’s that Mama Moo’s calf, right? Told you not to play with him, he’s bad influence!

  17. This is why I can’t take you to any nice pasture.

  18. PS Walk much? :mrgreen:

  19. victoreia says:

    “I meant to do that!”

    (Oh wait….that was my cat falling off the coffee table…)

  20. Mommy: “Now this is EXACTLY why I told you to stop running around. Do you ever listen? No. C’mere and let me have a look at you.”

    The calf would answer, but he’s too busy spitting grass…

  21. Mama’s thinking: “he takes after his father”

  22. It’s like some sort of horribly ostrich recessive gene burying its ugly head-in-the-sand.

  23. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    [years later, when the calf brings a girlfriend home] “I’m so glad you want to look at these old family photos with me. Eugene was such a cute baby. Take a look at this one — This was his first faceplant.”

  24. First day on the new legs?… oh, wait, yes it is, actually. 🙂

  25. Mom Cow’s expression is utterly great. Very human, in fact. Kinda reminds me of my mom.

  26. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    “Well, there goes my dream of raising the next Baryshnykov”…..

  27. “Oh my god, we do NOT know each other.”

  28. That cow looks like she is holding the laugh lol
    lovely pic

  29. OMG – COWZ! Fresh Brown Swiss babeh! Still damp from the lickings and has the soft hoof tissue. Most likely less than 30 minutes old.

  30. What? I’m face planting. This is a farm, isn’t it?

  31. Killer Klown says:

    But maaa! I don’t wanna be a baby cow!
    I wanna be a prarie dog!

  32. “Now if Bessie or Sophie say ANYTHING about this, tell them you slipped on fresh, spring grass!”

  33. RainbowBaby says:

    Aww! Methinks this lil guy got suddenly tired and went *KABLOOIE*, and takes a nap. His mommy just doesn’t know what happened!

  34. Queen of Dork says:

    Baby has given himself a MAJOR nose beep! And his mom looks pretty exasperated.

  35. Exceptional photo.

  36. ButtaRumCake says:


  37. Queen of Dork says:

    VonZep: He-he. Twister. (he-he)

  38. Resriechan says:

    Dictionary Definition/ Photo at entry for term: “Hairy Eyeball”

  39. Thanks for the NatGeo link. Those were some amazing photographs!

  40. DaytimeDeb says:

    Way to go, Grace. Nice trip, see you next fall.

  41. The caption/ comments are sooo wrong… lol
    But someone please tell me why I can’t stop laughing at them 🙂

  42. Resriechan says:


    Welcome to the Land of I Can’t Stop Laughing !!! Glad you could join us!

  43. Proof that animals do have feelings. That mom shows great concern for her newly born calf. Priceless!

  44. Oops! Wow, that LAST PUSH was a little too STRONG!

  45. “What did I tell you, young man? It’s all fun and games until somebody pokes an eye out.” 😀

    Love the mom’s exasperated expression!

  46. Alternate title: Cow Tipping

    I can NOT believe no one else thought of that.

  47. “i told you to watch out for that pile of poo…. not dive into it….” O.o

  48. These captions are as funny as the photo!!!! 😆

    Momma cow is NOT amused!!!

  49. Andi from NC says:

    poor baby cow, it’s still drippingz wit goo – and the look in mom’s eyes is priceless!

  50. That mama cow’s expression, to me, looks like, “Child, what is wrong with you!”

  51. Lol! Poor baby! That momma cow’s expression is priceless!

  52. Resriechan says:

    @ J. re. Cow Tipping:

    OMG, how didn’t we all grab that one? You’re SO right !!
    KA-CHING; folks, we have a WINNER !!!!

  53. @Resriechan: In the words of Elvis: Thank you. Thank you very much.

  54. Mama looks like she’s thinking…I had morning sickness and heartburn for nine months for THIS?

  55. bahahahaha It makes me think of Bambi.

  56. fencerchick says:

    Hate to be the boring one … but it looks to me like a behbeh that’s just had all it’s first lickings, and is trying to stand up… and the head’s the last to come. So, baby hasn’t fallen or faceplanted, (s)he just hasn’t figured out the “head comes first” theory. And Mama’s just watching to make sure no one touches the babe while (s)he figures it out.

    All that said ….


  57. Resriechan says:

    @ Fencerchick:

    Well, okay, sure, but ………….

    (how much fun is THAT? in comparison??

    Mind you, there ain’t a CO person who means the tiniest SMIDGE of harm to either calf or mama….In fact, we’d prob. knock ea other over, trying to get to Mama to give her a cow-Valium; or to the calf to right it & reassure it ….)

  58. “obitz-Oops! Wow, that LAST PUSH was a little too STRONG!”

    OMG – ROFL at this one for at least 10 minutes! This would be my vote for best caption, hands down.

  59. Resriechan says:

    @ J.:

    Just one little adjustment, if I may, to your Elvis diction ?? This is, of course, entirely optional & you may think I’m a fool & disregard entirely. But consider the following:

    “Thanye. Thanyeverrrmuch.”.

    It has, on occasion, worked well, for me. Once when I gave that response, someone even was so kind as to respond to my response (Whew):


  60. DaytimeDeb says:

    Re Cow Tipping: Um, comment #5 peeps. Got mentioned early on by 260Oakley.

  61. Resriechan says:

    @ Daytime Deb: Ye’re abso korrect & I surely di-unt notice it, there !!!

    good catch! I sit, corrected !!

    (as opp. to the usu. phrase “I STAND corrected…”)

  62. Queen of Dork says:

    Can I go lie-down-on-the-couch corrected? Is there such a thing as that? (If not, I’m inventing it). 🙂

  63. Resriechan says:

    YAY for inventions!! 🙂

  64. DaytimeDeb says:

    I was just laughing ’cause I try to read all the comments, but sometimes I only get to the first 10 or so…. so I saw that cow tipping was already on the agenda. (wait that doesn’t sound right…)

    Where did the phrase “I stand corrected” come from, anyway?

  65. @ daytimedeb: re: “i stand corrected” i totally know what you mean! like QoD, why can’t we lie-down-on-the-couch corrected? i like that better. with the tv remote. … and a drink. =)

    my parents have given me the same look that mama cow gave the bebeh cow many a time. i wasn’t faceplanting, but pretty durn close!

  66. HAHAHAHA. THANK YOU for this. exactly what i needed during an all-nighter studying for my cognitive psychology exam ❤

  67. @260Oakely #5 “The menace that is cow tipping”

    ROTFL! Brilliant!

  68. Baby go boom! 😀

  69. Fleurdamour says:


  70. Resriechan says:

    @ Daytime Deb:
    wayulll…’s a bit, about that:
    (NOTE: I’m not knowledgeable wh. these are Academically Wonderful or Not. Also the Ed’s have one of my posts under Moderation at the moment. Hopefully this one won’t need that but who knowzzz….)
    [I’m guessing that was due to the passel of URLs included all together; published – Ed.]

    Peace to all.

    Items from approx 2004/2005:
    Location: Milton Keynes, UK
    Native language: English
    Age: 26

    stand corrected

    does anyone know where this comes from? why don’t we sit corrected? or lie down corrected? i know sometimes i feel like hiding corrected

    Location: Yorkshire
    Native language: English
    Age: 24
    “It was first recorded in John Dryden’s The Maiden Queen (1668): “I stand corrected, and myself reprove.”

  71. You gotta LOVE the mommy’s concerned look!! 🙂