You gotta love this lil’ Galapagos seal pup, he’s all concentrating on mutating into a cuter version of himself over time and stuff, waiting for Darwin to write a book about him.


Photo by Stuart Leslie. Did you know you could enter the International Photo Contest over at National Geographic!? Then, after that, download this prosh-leaf-dweller wallpaper!



  1. I’m sorry, little seal pup, but it’s impossible for you to become any cuter. You have reached the apex of evolutionary cuteness.

  2. sweet little guy! I was in the Galapagos several years ago and it was during seal pup season. It was the hardest thing ever not to touch them! They have no fear and would come right up to you to nuzzle–I wanted to pick one up so badly!

  3. @Laura: I don’t think I could have held back. I’d sit down and let them come get me, and fall asleep in a pile on the sand.

  4. Bebeh seal is all “Duuuudes, I was at a beach bonfire with my bros, kickin’ back and thinking about the waves we were going to ride tomorrow. So this walrus comes up to us and says ‘Hey braaas! Want to try some of these new Brine flavored Doritos?” and we were all like, whoa, bra, that would be awesome. So we ate the tasty chips and man, they were good. We wanted more. But the walrus said ‘coocoocojoob’, which we thought was groovy and it also caused us to start to hallucinate, man. Colors swirled in the rainbows that were touching down in our minds. Black was white, salt was sweet, and Celine Dion no longer gave us a headache. Wow, man. We were tripping on the brine fantastic! We ran after the walrus, but kept falling over and tripping. I landed here on this spot on the beach because I hallucinated falling over a laaarge package of Brine Doritos. Now I am wondering how it got to be daylight all of a sudden. Did I trip over the imaginary bag of goodness in the evening instead of the morning? I do not know. My bros are also passed out over there, man, down on the beach because they also fell over imaginary chips. They were all “WHOA, man, we are flying over the Brine!”.
    Moral of the story, bros, is “We fell over the Brine before it’s time”


  5. Awwwwwwww *thud*

  6. **Slow-motion hair…errr… fur flip**

  7. BEEP!

  8. Whoa, little pupster! You wanna be cuter than the very essence of cuteness?? I’m sorry but that’s simply not possible. Just accept that you’re already the cutest guy on the planet and leave it at that.

  9. If that sealdude were any cuter…

    he’d be an otter!

  10. Lookit that eye-squish!

  11. Soooo adorable. Here’s a nose beep for you little cutie! Now you’ve been sealed with a kiss.

  12. OMG, can’t handle the cuteness! He looks like he is sooo enjoying the sunshine after a nice little swim. I just can’t handle it!

  13. Just wanted to add that this shockingly cute photo was submitted to National Geographic’s International Photo Contest by Stuart Leslie.

  14. He has my seal of approval.

  15. Impossible!

  16. MissKitty says:

    OMG I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone look more content chillin on the beach.

    Eat yer heart out, Bo Derek.

    On third (ok, fifty millionth) viewing, I noticed tiny water dropplet on end of nose. Beyond cute.

  17. The whiskers! The little flippage! That whole package! I want one! I could stare at him allllll day! SQUEEEEE!

  18. Von Zeppelin says:

    “Hey! Mr. Darwin! Look over here! Forget about those stupid finch beaks. MY ANCESTORS WERE LAND MAMMALS!! Write that down. Think it over when you get back to England. There might be a book idea in it.”

  19. ButtaRumCake says:

    LOLZ @ Saffron!! I *SOOOOO* was reading that with the Keanu Reeves accent! LMAO!!!!!

  20. You’re right. I do love it. How darn cute is he?!

  21. Nancy, I think you meant ‘impossealble”. :mrgreen:

    If one of these little guys came up to me, I couldn’t not pet him!!! I would make a terrible nature photographer because I’d be all sorts of interfering in their lives!! After watching Planet Earth and *gulp* the little elephant dies. Oh noooooes. No thank you. How could you just stand by and let it happen????

    Anywaysssss, back to happier thoughts and cute little sealios. 😀

  22. I agree: Little Sealy McSealson has reached the pinnacle of cuteness.

    Did anyone else notice the little drops of water hanging on to the tiny chest?

  23. LovesDogs says:

    I neeeed to snorgle that cutie.

  24. Seriously, that is just about the cutest face I’ve ever seen. Those whiskers! Those eyes! Those flippers! That nose! This seal is the Extree-Special Cute Total Package Deluxe!

  25. I visited the Galapagos and decided that in my next life I want to be a Galapagos sea lion. Lazing on the beach, swimming in the ocean, all the raw fish I can eat – that is the life for me. Plus the cuteness factor.

  26. @Camille: would you like all the people staring and taking pictures of you? I loved the Galapagos (been twice actually), but kind of felt sorry for all the wildlife. All the tourists coming and going. The animals don’t fear us, however, it seems a bit unnatural. The sea lion pups were super adorable though. One mother got pretty protective of her baby.

  27. Wanders up to sealio… Beeep.

    Sigh that feels better..
    I noticed he got no nose beeps yet so .ya know Mission accomplished.

  28. googlie eyes says:

    I want to beep the nose, but will it still beep if it’s that soggy? I imagine it might “bmphfluh” instead.

  29. OMG I want to breastfeed you!

  30. Nothing cutter than a baby seal

  31. LeAnn (not LeAnna) says:

    Basking, he is…basking in the sun and his own adorabuhlness.

  32. Its perfect for my teacher.

  33. @Neena – well, I guess the paparazzi would be a small price to pay for my perfect sealion life, as long as they didn’t get too aggressive. As long as the weird two-legged critters didn’t mess up my habitat or try to make off with my babies, I’d tolerate them.

  34. So cute. I just wanna wipe those two drops off his fur.

  35. In La Jolla CA the seals come up within the curved stone encasement and ride the small waves to the shore. They behave just like a pack of Labradors. Sea dogs. They love fun and playing with the surf.

  36. The Great Squee says:

    Bah! I squeed. I can’t help it. I LUFF TEH SEALS! And it’s a behbe! ZOMG!

    Okay. *breathes* I’m done.

  37. Is this the same little sealio as “I shall not tolerate such rubbish! Good day sir!”?

  38. Eeeeeee I love seals. What a cutie!!!

  39. I love this little dude! He looks very sleepy. 🙂

  40. tiniestowl says:

    Why download the prosh leaf-dweller wallpaper when you can download Mr. My Tongue Is EPIC?

  41. I. want. to. SNORGLE. that. cute. behbeh. NOW.

  42. emmberrann says:

    How can bebeh sealy be any cuter? I asks you, how? Is oompossible.

  43. He just reminds me of Shadowchild from Ursula Vernon’s webcomic Digger! The little squinty happy eyes and all!