That’ll Do Pig, That’ll Do

Winnie the Pig had a date. A hot date. It was his first in weeks, and since he wasn’t about to go and blow it, he had to make sure everything was just right. So obviously, he brought in reinforcements:

Listen, if it was your intention to bathe in Drakkar Noir and possibly kill your date with cheesiness, then you exceeded expectations. I mean, I think my nose may have stopped twitching.

I'm not one to talk about unmanicured feets, but it looks like you stepped in a dozen marshmallows.

Here’s the thing: It looks like Arthur Fonzarelli took a greased comb to your hair, and yet it doesn’t occur to you to pluck a nose hair? It’s surprising considering they’re practically hindering your eyesight.

Just because you go over your fur with a fine tooth comb doesn't mean you have to turn your nose up at me.

Here’s to the partnership, Maria L.



  1. Smooth, very smooth.

  2. The issue is with the Drakkar Noir. Now if it was Hi Karate…..oooh baby!!

  3. Send him over this way. I haven’t had a date THAT cute in a long time. 😛

  4. P.S. “Babe” reference FTW!

  5. Thumbs up for quoting “Babe” in the title!

  6. What is it about pigs and Playboy Bunnies? So disappointed…

  7. Methinks Prongs has seen an episode or two of What Not to Wear.

    (PS – Arthur Fonzarelli’s got an army of clones)

    (PPS – fully agreed on the Drakkar, GAAAAK)

  8. Lose the two-tone duds, there, piggie. The chicks are into mono-chrome this year. Lookit me. I’m all white and I have to beat them off with a carrot stick.

  9. Whitest. Rabbit. Ever.

  10. Here to speak the “Don’t house cavies with rabbits” rule. Otherwise, love it!

  11. OMG!!! My pets are famous now! Winnie and Halo are a lovely couple. Now that I’ve been published on cuteoverload, all my dreams have been realized. =P

  12. Don’t worry, ink, they don’t live together. They just go on dates sometimes.

  13. I’ve never had a date that cute! 😀

  14. Ok, now I’m curious. As I’ve never had either a bunny or a peeg, and thus have never had to consider the practicalities of housing them together OR separately, I’ve never heard about the “don’t house cavies with rabbits” rule. What happens if they co-habitate?

    [You’re telling me you don’t know where Tribbles come from? 😯 – Ed.]

  15. Resriechan says:

    cute, cute, cute!! Both Fuzzy AND cute.

    But –(Huge, angst-filled sigh)a little Interspecies Snorgling, pleeeeeezz????

    (My Tag Proofreading duties are sooooooo underused here on CO)
    (walks away, muttering to self)

  16. “Duties”??
    [eyebrow hoist]

  17. doggabone says:

    Oh, Drakkar … I remember when it was the one to wear, when most of the gals said they loved it. (I never would have worn it in the first place if it hadn’t been recommended by a woman I admired.) And it seemed to work well with my chemistry. I heard more than once, “Really? I hate Drakkar, but it works on you …. *snffff*” [Intergender Snorgle]. Good times.

    Mind you, I was playing in a rock band back in the day. The overtones of porn cheesiness that Drakkar brought probably fit in with the tight pants and form-fitting t-shirts.

    I found a nearly empty bottle of the stuff recently, at the bottom of a box that had been in the closet for a loooong time. Which prompted me to go shopping and pick up a new bottle – of something by Armani. The results using it which proved how inferior Drakkar had always been! 🙂

  18. Resriechan says:

    (Angst-filled sigh #2)

    (Well, jeez, Ah ain’t got no “duties” here no moah, since they dun’ gave me that they-uh Disabiliteeeezzz thingumabob…so Ah gots tuh keep mahself busy in some kinda way, dontcha know???)

  19. Resriechan says:

    (PS: Wink, wink; nudge, nudge) (Silly grin)

  20. Nose hair was never popular.

  21. Resriechan says:

    Hon Glad is so keenly correct on Classic Fashion Trends !!

  22. Copperbat says:

    Oh man. I’ve had dates like that. Xp

  23. Andi from NC says:

    They both appear so amazingly well-groomed!

    Makes me long for the days when suits (with ties) were required officewear. I know that business casual is more comfortable but there’s just something about a well-groomed gentleman in a suit (*sigh*)

  24. Oh, “Babe,” one of my favorite movies of all time!! “Christmas is carnage!!!” Every time I see it I swear I’m going vegan…..

  25. Von Zeppelin says:

    Andi from NC, while watching “The Blob” on TCM last night, I commented to the Countess von Zeppelin that I would probably not put on a suit and tie if I had to go down to the police station in the middle of the night to pick up my teenage kid. A more genteel age, 1958.

  26. @Saffron, I gave my Dad Hai Karate for his birthday one year. I wanted to see if my mom attacked him like on the commercials.

  27. @Von Zep, the other night I saw a movie with a guy wearing a jacket and tie in jail. That was a really strict institution.

  28. I thought “Ax” was what the horny young whippersnapper was drenching himself in, these days.

  29. PS Theo, Spin around, ninjas!

    [What the effing crap? That angel guy just felt me up! – Ed.]

    [BTW can you ‘splain when folks start asking WTF we’re talking about, please? I gotta GTFO ASAP… – Ed.]

  30. @Theresa…and let’s not forget Charlie, or Jean Nate or Tabu for the ladies! 😀

    @Andi fro NC…ah, just like Don Draper! Mmmm….Hamm

  31. *from.. not fro
    eesh, I should know better than to type after having four cups of tea because I am reallyBUZZEDandneedtodostuffreallyREALLYfastNOW

  32. So cute! My peeg and bun go on little dates, too, and are great companions. I think they might be in luff, because they love to play chase and sometimes snuggle, and they follow me around the house along with the cat (I call them my “entourage”).

    But they do not cohabitate, oh no no. Everybody needs to have their own space.

  33. My husband wore Drakkar when we met. BLERGH!!! Personally, I hate perfume and cologne, so we’re kind of a scent-free house.

    Maria – Congrats on getting famous on CO!!! Kisses to the little furry ones!

  34. @cheesybird: in my experience, rabbits and peegs are okay to play together (supervised, of course). Rabbits are bigger and tend to play rough though, and guinea pigs are kinda fragile. You wouldn’t want to keep them cooped up in the same space because an accident could happen.

    OTOH, rabbits express superiority by presenting themselves for grooming, and guinea pigs do the same by being the top groom-er…. they have similar body languages, so they are kind of compatible that way. Although i’ve seen my pig get annoyed by the rabbit for being too pushy and then there’s all this gnashing of teeth and fussing and huffing, so you have to watch out.

  35. @moontreestudios-

    Your story about your “entourage” is awesome! That’s so great all three can get along. I could never let my two guinea pigs out without strict oversight because the cat stalks them in their cage and the dogs like to lick them… but I can only imagine a hoppy bunny, kitty and guinea pig following you around! So cute!

  36. @Theo: “Tribbles” *giggle* Thanks for the public service announcement!

  37. I think “Cavies wirh Rabbits” sounds like a band name.

  38. Or “Rabbits with Cavies.” That sounds like a disease.

  39. I love how smooth and soft peeg looks!

  40. “I thought “Ax” was what the horny young whippersnapper was drenching himself in, these days”

    LMAO!!! ZOMG!!! LOL!!

    [Sure, we call ’em “Ax holes” 😈 – Ed.]

  41. Rabbits with Cavities? No, maybe I read that too quickly.

  42. My brother and I used to give my dad four different scents of Aqua Velva on Father’s Day. Which he would use once, while we watched – and then probably flushed the rest down the toilet shortly thereafter. The only thing nastier than regular Aqua Velva was Sandalwood Aqua Velva.

    And Theresa and Theo, you are NOT the only people on the internet who know what Literal Videos are.

    [Relevant linkage added. 😉 – Ed.]

  43. bookmonstercats says:

    I used to give my dad Old Spice. I still get nostalgic when I smell sandalwood – my dad passed on about 17 years ago and I still miss him.

    @Irm, our last two GPs used to stalk the cat……..

  44. Um – mullets with headlights? What WILL they think of next??????

    Hoppy Bunday everyone. My kitty follows me around, and the bun follows him….

  45. Totally unrelated to anything cute, but the last time I went to Japan for a conference, I realised as I got to the hotel that I had taken an empty can of deodorant with me, more or less to give it a holiday before chucking it out. Now I am not someone who should be without deodorant for any length of time, so I went off to the local shop to buy more. I barely recognised any of the brands, and those I did were the ‘natural’ ones (motto: ‘We don’t work, but we’re supposed to!’). So I ended up with a can of Axe, and smelled like a 14-year-old all week.

    Second anecdote: I don’t match my socks, because I don’t really see the point. They’re just socks. I also like to buy loud and patterned socks, because it pleases me. I just grab the first two I come across and pull them on. On our first night in Japan, we went to a traditional Soba (noodle) house, where you sit on the floor. Without shoes. So there I sit, reeking of Axe, with one sock polka-dotted, and one with broken pink stripes. I do wonder what was said about me later.

  46. ButtaRumCake says:




  47. Beep! Beep! They’re beepin’ their noses themselves!

  48. @Camille: I dunno, my brother thought Aqua Velva was pretty tasty when he was a youngster.