Like My New Perfume?

It’s called “Delirious,” essence of rotting leaves with just a hint of dead squirrel. The saleslady at Macy’s spritzed me with some, and I just had to have it!


Eau de humanity, Micah C.



  1. Is it Eau du Steak, by any chance?

  2. EW the humanity!

  3. Eau! Eau! Eue de humanity!! ROFLMAO!
    I really can’t add to that. Just R.O.F.L.M.A.O.!!!

  4. Felicityanne says:

    …with a base-note of ‘nip, perhaps?

  5. Von Zeppelin says:

    Eau de humanity? Sounds like a zeppelin joke. The more the better, I say.

    (BTW–I like the pooch’s non-retracted tongue)

  6. Sure it isn’t Drakkar Noir?
    Or Poulet De La Mer?

  7. VA Cat Mom says:

    Poulet de la Mer?! LMAO!!! Very good…

  8. That kitty’s face is just priceless!!

  9. such a CUTE kitty face!

  10. I’d say it needs more Warm Dog in the Sun smell, just to give it that little extra something.

  11. That is one blissed-out kitty face–I love it!

    Apologies for the lack of accents over the appropriate e’s, but I vote for “eau d’ecureuil decomposant” (rotting squirrel aroma).

  12. So is it kitty-smelling-pup? Or pup-smelling-kitty? It’s so hard to tell!

    Either way, that kitteh’s expression is PRICELESS!

  13. LeeLeeMarie says:

    Kitty is really saying…Ok you can KISS me now, I’m ready!

    Love this picture!

  14. LOL @ rotten squirrel aroma!

    You would think doggehs would love that smell more than kittehs!

  15. I love to see dogs and cats who are friends. May many more follow their example!
    I do NOT love people who try to spritz you in department stores, because my mother is allergic/hypersensitive to perfumes so I have to be her bodyguard!
    No, she REALLY doesn’t want a sample. No, unless you want to see her head swell up like a Ferengi from Star Trek, BACK AWAY.

  16. The folks who brought you Kennél No. 5 have launched a new fragrance: Unleashed — for the animal in you. Or on your lap. Or in your bed.

  17. I dunno. To me it looks like the kitty is squinting one eye and looking -really- close at the puppy. Or he’s doing a Popeye impression. Either way, they’re both awful cute!

  18. Should this have an I Shall Leeck You tag? Although it looks as though it was taken post-lick, and I guess we don’t have an I Have Just Leecked You category.

  19. @260Oakley…Kennel No. 5…love it! Comes in a dog bone shaped bottle, doesn’t it? 😛

  20. Oh what an adorable pair. Love the eau de humanitiy!!

  21. I will avoid the obvious “we could all learn from this” cliches and just say SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  22. “Don’t spray me, bro!”

  23. Adorable. I love that dog. The cat is just an accessory.

  24. @260Oakley: Love the company name Kennel No. 5 and the fragrance name “Unleashed.” I see a future for you in parfumerie marketing!

  25. The Other Bryn says:

    Ooh! You smell great! Now, me, I can’t wear those rotting-vermin scents. I guess it just doesn’t work with my body’s chemistry. But on you? Perfect!

  26. Eau de humanity!

  27. Oh Mike, only you could’ve come up with “eau de humanity.”

    [As much as I’d like to take credit, I stoled it. — Mike]

  28. Mary (the first) says:

    My guess is the dog has been licking the kitten and she loves it.. is presenting the other cheek for a smooch/lick.

  29. DaytimeDeb says:

    @Paunchie, kitties love to stink just as much as dogs. They just like to choose what stink they want. I had a cat who would roll in my neighbors garden as soon as he put down the manure compost. Then he would run up to me with a look on his face like, “Mom, look what I did!” Yet another cat would look at me in digust when I pet him, and would commence cleaning hisself post-haste.

    And, Eu De Humanity FTW. We can all go home now!

  30. Awwwww, so cuuuute! 😀

  31. Nicely done NTMTOM. And LOL Theresa. I just love that there have been two posts in the last few days that have a teensy kitteh with a giant dog buddy…all is right with the world.

  32. Still laughing at Poulet de la Mer!

  33. victoreia says:

    Has there been mass hysteria, and I just missed it?

  34. Awwwwwww bless !

  35. Anonymous Coward says:

    NTMTOM —

    that pun: ow. *OOOWWWW*!!

    that one hurt it was so bad.

    eau gevalt!


  36. That cat looks like a crazy stalker lol
    love the pic, the cat expression and the doggie tongue everything

  37. the doggie may be thinking “oh, what a delicious morcel. i shall just have a taste…”

    cut to: mROWRrrr ffft ffft! claws claws claws!

    watch out, puppers. them cats be dangerous.

  38. I am glad my cats just smell sweet without any artificial help.

  39. Teensy kitties and big dogs – what could possibly be better? ❤

    My chihuahua will joyfully roll in horse poop every chance she gets. She always looks so pleased with herself afterwards… right up until the moment I dunk her in the kitchen sink to remove said poop. 😀

  40. Eau de humanityGreat one, Mike!

  41. @Theresa #22: ROTFL! I just snorted hot chocolate… LOL!!

    Put those together now: “Don’t spray me, Bro!” (pshhht) “Eau, de humanity….”

  42. No, baby, you don’t need perfume. You know I love the natural beauty of your own butt-smell.

  43. Sharon from Penn State says:

    I love seeing photos that prove cats and dogs can get along.
    Especially kittens and dogs!

  44. The dog in the picture reminds me exactly of my Lab/Dalmatian that I lost 3/29/09. I just burst out crying – in a good way though. He got along really well with cats too and even though he outweighed my Boston Terrier by 60 lbs., he LOVED her.
    THANK YOU. You warmed my heart with that picture.

  45. I can’t believe no one has pointed this out:

    Shouldn’t it be “purrfume”?

  46. AuntieMame says:

    Alternate caption:

    U haz a smell.

  47. cute, I love this sort of thing, keep ’em coming!

  48. I love the Eau the Humanity comment! NomTom, you’re so wonderful. :>

  49. Resriechan says:

    @ Racheal (sp?)#39:

    I would imagine that your feline quadruped companion will soon enroll you. in the Remedial “my Person JUST doesn’t GET IT” class, at your local Adult High School. Why d’ye think Said Feline ROLLED in that “Stuff”, to begin with
    (cue the line “Rrrrrroll, rrrrolll, roll in ze hay” from Young Frankenstein, here)?????

    “Outraged & Indignant “

  50. I have a pup that looks exactly like that: Jake, and not to long ago we found a kitten tied up ina plastic bag on the side of the road that looks amazingly like that: Jude. And they are the most adorable pair, but what kind of cat are they?