Hop this way

If I hop *just right* I can walk right out of here…



Photos by natural-light-loving, stellar event photographers Monkey Bean Photos in Jackson, Georgia via Sparkly Like a Holiday, submitted by Krista K.



  1. Babelglyph says:

    SHOEBUNNEH. omg. Fluffball of adorable. ❤ Can I get a pair?

  2. But where’s the other one?! 😮

  3. hehehehe – The bun needs shoehab!

  4. Bunny is dressing up as a Dr. Scholl’s shoeliner for halloween… 🙂

  5. Those Monkey Bean chicks are great photographers… If they could please move out to San Francisco and take all the shots for the 2011 calendar that’d be greaaaaaat

  6. It’s the Kuribo’s Shoe bunny!

  7. Meg… baby chickens took this picture???
    Ohh mahhh gahhhhhhhd.

  8. seesaw swingin’ with the boys in the school
    and your feets flyin’ up in the air
    singin’ “hey diddle diddle”
    with your kitteh in the middle
    of the swing like you didn’t care
    so I took a big chance at the high school dance
    with a bunneh who was ready to play
    wasn’t me she was foolin’
    ’cause she knew what she was doin’
    and I knowed buns was here to stay
    when she told me to

    hop this way, hop this way
    hop this way, hop this way
    hop this way, hop this way
    hop this way, hop this way
    just gimme a kiss
    like this!

  9. At least it’s a converse.

  10. @Shadyman: I’m picturing some awesome Steven Tyler scarfs-tied-to-microphone action.

  11. What a perfect round bun of fur! Very nommable. And a great photo!


  13. Nose beep! (Sorry; couldn’t help myself….)

  14. I’ve heard of bunny slippers but bunny sneakers ?

  15. So cute! Bunshoe, Private Ears, sneak(er)s out for the next case. There ain’t no rabbit case it can’t unlock and escape!

  16. When I said I wanted fur lined slippers, this wasn’t what I had in mind.

  17. “My lucky feets need some kickin’ kicks!”

  18. With all the shoes I’ve ordered from Zappo’s, I’ve never once gotten a pair with a bunny in them. *sulk*

  19. ButtaRumCake says:

    @Shadyman – Add BunDMC & it’s a rap!


  20. i just hope the bunny doesn’t think that’s the toilet…

  21. I’ve checked my hightops twice, and still no Bun-Bun! I want a refund-fund!!

    [LOL-OL – Ed.]

  22. janet2buns says:

    This bunneh is deciding how to give us a disapproval butt-kicking….and it’s gonna hurt!

  23. Isn’t that just how it is … you leave your sneaks lying around, and by the time you get back to them, they’re ‘tock full of dust bunnies!

  24. *snork* @ ButtaRumCake and BunDMC!

    With a name like “Monkey Bean” you KNOW they’ve gotta be good. 😀

  25. That’s some serious toe jam.

    [A boy looks at a girrrrrl, and a girl looks like a pony – Ed.]

  26. 260Oakley says:

    Buns know they always look sexy in something pink and lace-y.

  27. Shadyman, you’re killin’ me!!

  28. Resriechan says:

    1) Are these shoooz officially “HighTops”?
    (I’m one of the kids who were so geeky we never even were allowed Name Brand Athletic Shooz. It was generic laceups for us. )
    2) THEY’RE PINK !!!! YAY!!
    3) I suggest a new product & associated marketing: “HELLO BUNNY” !!!

  29. Resriechan says:

    Oh and 4) (I KNEW I forgot one item from my list- D’OH!!)

    This bunny & the Scary Monster Underneath Your Bed
    (svelte, blond canine person w/ Monstrously Huge Fuzzy Pink Slippers, from about 2 weeks ago here on CO) need to meet ea. other !!!

  30. Helps shoe keep it’s shape?

  31. Space Cowgirl says:

    I just died. This is the first bunny pic I’ve seen that really and truly slew me.

  32. The bunnular filled shoe hardly looks real. Is it a special kind of bunny??
    Looks part longish hair and part short?

    BTW, I never got bunnular filled shoes from Zappos, either and I’ve ordered HUNDREDS of pairs. [Ooops, I think I just admitted my addiction other than cute babeh animahls.]

  33. I always liked “Rock Box” better. Had the immortal couplet:
    Calvin Klein is no friend of mine,
    Don’t want nobody’s name on my behind!

    BTW, shouldn’t those be Adidas? :mrgreen:

    [I stepped on STAGE, at Live AID, all the people GAVE and the poor got PAID – Ed.]

  34. Okay, something’s wrong with the shoe industry. I never get furry fluffy anything in my shoes, no matter where I buy them…. 😦

  35. Bun DMC just made my day!!!! Walk this Way is in my top 10 favorite songs EVER!!!!!

  36. It’s so adorable, but don’t forget to check the shoe for bunny poo. He looks scared, you know.

  37. WOW! Thanks for the awesome compliments everyone! Meg—-we’re packing our bags already to come work for ya! 🙂 As long as we can bring the Fantastic Four—that would be our four-fuzzy-four-legged pup gang.

    That little bunny is called a Lion-head and I’m pretty sure he was not very old at all. Thankfully there were no surprise nuggets left in my sneaks. 😉

    You guys called us “stellar” —-we’re officially bff’s now. 😉

  38. emmberrann says:

    @Hon Glad: LLOLL! ROFLMAO!! Made me laff. “Not what I had in mind,” indeed!

  39. auntyloba says:

    awh that is so cute 🙂
    how old is he

  40. @Meg – I spent waaaaay too much time looking at Monkey Bean photos. They really are awesome!

  41. yay! the bun! also check out melissa’s pictures of her pups. they will slay you.

  42. @auntyloba, we’re not sure of his exact age in this picture—just a few weeks–we rescued the little guy from an auction to have for some Easter pics and now he’s living large with a sweet family that takes in foster kids and foster pets! I think he has some goat and piggie friends now! 😉

    Here’s some more pics of the cuteness

    Bunny in an all star
  43. Ok, whoever edited my comment with that youtube video? You owe me a new set of corneas.

    [That’d be Fatboy Slim. Oh… or did you mean me? – Ed.]

  44. @Kar – I’m with you. That’s 3 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. And yes you have to watch the whole thing. It’s like a train wreck. Painful to look at but you can’t stop staring in disbelief.

    BEEP (beeping the bunny nose. Not *anything* in the video)


  45. That bunneh has the sneakers I wanted as a kid.

  46. Words cannot express how much I LOVE this picture. Such a cute bunny in such a cute place (meaning the shoe :))! ❤ ❤

  47. what breed is this bunny! i want to get one for my sister this christmas!! please tell me!