But how do you use it in a sentence?

Dude A “Did you see that donkey’s ears??”

Dude B “Yeah, they were ridiculous.”

Dude A “Nah, they were redonkulous!”


There’s your answer Justine W.



  1. ohh…the fuzz!

  2. haha ::))

  3. Queen of Dork says:

    He looks so very furry. I want to pet him.

  4. OMG Becky look at that donkey’s ears? They are like soooooo big.

    She looks like one of those racing stallions girlfriends. They only talk to her cuz she looks like a total snorgle-ostitute.

    They’re just so big, and fuzzy, and out there, and….uuugh….LOOK!

  5. Mary (the first) says:

    Forget the ears. Look at those EYELASHES!!

  6. I wonder if he has a friend named Shrek…

  7. Queen of Dork says:

    Now you’re telling me there are eyelashes? With mascara? Crap. (I looked again and the sky is blue). Coooolll.

  8. kibblenibble says:

    FLOOFY FLOOFY FLOOFY EARSES! Perfect definition of redonkulous. 🙂

  9. Queen of Dork says:

    *beep* *boop*

  10. SO. FUZZY. *passes out*

  11. Oh look at those sweet, liquid eyes! Does anyone else love those eyes? And I want to scritch his little chin.

  12. Queen of Dork says:

    Ummmmm. Risha. come to. wake up. *fanning Risha*

  13. This is an assinine post. 😉

    [OK, now say it 8 more times. 😛 – Ed.]

  14. Oh how precious! He looks like he just came out of the dryer!

  15. PS: Nice ass. :mrgreen:

  16. @QofD: Here…[splash] use this bucket of water. Oops….sorry!

    @J.: *snicker*

  17. Rabadash was never so cute.

  18. *Tosses towels at QofD and Risha on way past* I want to bury my fingies in his fuzzies, and then spend an hour or so gazing into those eyes, and touching the velvety muzzle, and tickling those redonkulous ears.

  19. Beat me to it, Theresa! 🙂

    But seriously, that is one beautiful donkey! The eyes, the ears, the soft kissable forehead – WANT!

  20. Resriechan says:

    Now look here. Y’all are some wonderful people. But HOW did you miss the ever-so-obvy laughtrack, on this one (Resriechan considers the following: “Perhaps they DID think of this one, but decided it was TOO LAME so they chose, to pas it by. Me? Lame Joke or laughtrack? No PROBLEM !!!”….Forges ahead)

    “Hee Haw! Hee-Haw!”

    (“Dur… Ah think Ah mighta made a funny, Ah has, a-yup!!”)

    PS: please continue sending ohms & healthy Karma toward LV, NV / QoD.
    Our Gal ain’t feelin’ too chipper, jist now …. 😦


  22. Happy thoughts and smiles on the way to LV, NV for QofD!

  23. ROFL@nutmeg

  24. Queen of Dork says:

    He looks llike he dunked his schnozz in a big ole glass of milk.

  25. Queen of Dork says:

    Thanks AmyJ!

  26. How did you know that donkeys are my FAVORITE?! 🙂

  27. Queen of Dork says:

    Resrie: Hahahahaha!! Hee-Haw?! Hahahahaha!! Thanks! Hahahahahahaha!

  28. Da multitudinous fuzzies, da velvety schnoz, da soulful eyes… I am done in but it all.

  29. Hmmm…a nice shot of a Rocky Mountain canary, a rare breed!

  30. Mrs. Lackey says:

    unusualy high levels of florfage can be seen here, and here. (*circles various areas with a white marker a la weather forcaster)…

    I totally want to snorf his forhead.

  31. Resriechan says:

    @ QoD: glad that the Goofy effect did not cause any rotten veggies to be thrown a moi!!

    And au general …..there be lotsa “F” bombs (but not the vulgar kind of “F” bombs) ,floatin’ thru’ this’yere comments stream….
    ” Florfage”, “snorf”, “fuzzies”, “favorite”……

    (Perhaps an English major thesis, This Way Lies–Lays–you get my point….)

  32. Such a cute McDonkersons. **sigh**

  33. Dude. Indeed. Love the Donk.

  34. I wonder how many beans you could get in those ears?

  35. thank you for DONKEYS! i loves them too.

  36. earlybird1 says:

    Um… don’t be embarrassed… but you may be getting an ear hair trimmer for Christmas. 😀


  38. victoreia says:

    @debg: My first thought was “Oh look, it’s Puzzle!”

    (Narnia references, for the lost peeps…)

  39. *sputter* *gasp* Thanks!

    *pets donkey ears*

  40. I think you mean they’re re-DONKY-lous!

  41. Donkey ears! DONKEY EARS!!! *swoon*

  42. DONK-EH!

  43. Donny the Bunkey 🙂

  44. That donkeh is waaaaay pretty.

  45. I thought Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear?

  46. That donkey looks serious, as though deep in thought. I think he knows something the rest of us don’t.