Friday Haiku: Gotta Have My Pops!

Sweetness meets sweetness
Will your haiku stay crunchy
Even within milk?


Dig ’em, Megan G.  (No, wait, that’s Smacks.)



  1. Awwww, cute ratty! What big ears!

  2. Oh the injustice
    All the delicious morsels
    And I cannot swim!

    ~Dora D.

  3. A balanced breakfast
    Requires breakfast balance
    Too early for this

  4. Von Zeppelin says:

    Yes, of course it’s sweet
    It’s high fructose corn syrup
    Mother Nature’s best

  5. oh, you are all so good at this haiku business!!! i am so LMAO!

  6. ButtaRumCake says:

    Why is it that every time I read a ‘ku, I’m always a’countin’ to make sure it’s a’five-seven-five?

    *sigh* I’m twisted….

  7. Colonel Jenna says:

    Bright eyes shining black
    nose goes boldly to sweet treat
    meal is best when shared

  8. Stunbunny says:

    “Honey…” she exclaimed.
    “A rat’s eating my breakfast.”
    “I’ll get him a spoon.” (that’s what he said!)

  9. Granola is bland
    I prefer synthetic food
    Pops or Cap’n Crunch!

  10. Rat in mi kitchen
    What Ima gonna do? I’m
    gonna feex dat rat…

    …a bowl of cereal, I’m gonna feex dat rat

    With apologies to UB40.

  11. I’m fairly certain
    Haiku form is not about
    “That’s what SHE said” gags

    😉 Stunbunny.

  12. Yellow puffs of corn
    Dancing in a bowl of milk
    You all shall be mine

    “Yes, eat up my food,”
    Slinky cat lurks in the back,
    Just waiting to pounce

  13. Bowl of tasty treats
    Poses puzzle I can’t solve:
    Do I eat or swim?

  14. picture of twue wuv
    peep and pet sharing a bowl
    without fear of germs

  15. You guys wrote some amazing haikus! (haiki?)
    Whatever, you guys are good and that ratty is cute.

  16. Milky bowl of joy
    It’s Sweeter than sweet , that’s sweet.
    Two pals Breakfast treat

  17. Mr. Rat check moat
    after tossing Brush Man in.
    Rats hate salesmen.

  18. doggabone says:

    @Theo: I say bonus points for anyone who works “that’s what she/he said” into a haiku.

    It’s been said what’s said
    Should not be “that’s what he said”
    But by whose say-so?

    [ 😆 – Ed.]

  19. Creme-de-la-creme Rat
    Add bowl of milk and honey
    Cute and crunchy nom!

  20. Yellow orbed goodness
    Sweet delight for the senses
    Ratty takes the plunge

    The little guy/girl is uber adorabuhls! I would gladly share any meal with a creature of such discerning taste.

  21. Friends should share a meal
    Eating together is fine
    But this makes me ill

  22. In Canada, pops
    look different than US.
    I say, why is that?

  23. Nibble little mouse
    who’s that eating at my house
    Silly witch ~ breakfast!

  24. Is all this for me
    Winter time will soon be here
    A leaf softly falls

  25. Never thought I’d see
    A rat I could think was cute.
    This one changes me.

    Rats eat high fructose
    And other nuclear junk.
    Still here, mere mortal!

  26. Tygress22 says:

    You guys are the best
    I needed you in High School.
    Failed this assignment.

    (that’s totally true too…lol)

  27. metsakins says:

    My poor kitteh Sol
    no longer shares my breakfast
    I now use soy milk.

    but all is not lost
    hubby still uses cow milk
    Sol can share his bowl.

  28. Sweet corn on my tongue
    I can taste it now yum yum
    Thank God for tip toes

  29. Just looked at the pic
    Second time around, earsies
    Are deadifying!

  30. Metsie LOL

  31. metsakins – lol! same w my kitties – but no hubby to save them…

  32. doggabone says:

    @Hon Glad: Brilliant! 🙂

  33. catloveschanel says:

    Waiter, there’s a mouse
    in my soup. I thought I said
    chocolate fondue – EEK!

  34. I’m not going to even try!!

    [oh come on, that could be your second line, right there – Ed.]

  35. C’mon Lose That Girl. You can do it! I was afraid, too, at first. It’s easier than it looks.

  36. Rat has a sweet tooth
    Rat likes his high fructose corn

  37. Mamamclain says:

    Yellow Corn Pops Are
    In This Bowl When I Clearly Asked
    For Pancakes This Morn

  38. Mamamclain says:

    Oh count fail on line two… doh!

  39. Sweet little rodent
    Cute but – a pet in my dish?
    Break out the Lysol

  40. Mamamclain:

    Yellow corn pops are
    In this bowl. I clearly asked
    for pancakes this morn.

  41. can haiku have two stanzas?

    o sweet corn morsel
    how can you be so tasty
    and yet so poofy?

    i fear once again
    that bio-engineering
    may have run amok

  42. Corn pops for breakfast
    oh what fun in my rat tum
    Nibble slurp and crunch

  43. Cute blond with big ears.
    How much did I drink last night?
    Breakfast awkwardness.

  44. Start the day off right
    Milk and cereal are part
    of a balanced meal

  45. Reaching, yearning, rat
    Tries to eat sweet cereal.
    Noiscicle now wet.

  46. Mamamclain says:

    @ Lisa: Aha! Thanks…. Haiku is not my thing, Lime-ricks on the other hand, I can do well. I put the dash there cause I think I am funny….


  47. Bryn had beer-goggles
    That have now worn off in time
    For the walk of shame.

  48. paranoiagirl says:

    Breakfast with rodent
    “Silly human”, he mumbled
    “Why so tall, table?”

  49. Milk cold on toesies,
    but noms look so delicious
    Better just stretch. Ehn.

  50. One Eyed Daruma says:

    Can you see my tongue?
    A tongue ‘hance would be awesome.
    It’s totally true.

  51. Heather in Oregon says:

    awww, this rat reminds me of one who use to share my life. They make such sweet pets. She use to lick my hand all the time and she never ever took a nom, not even a teeny little one!

  52. Iceberg! Right ahead!
    No, a whole FLEET of icebergs!
    Fetch Titanic Rat!

  53. Never understood how to create a Haiku, but you folks are just slaying me!!!

  54. Breakfast inspector!
    Yes, everything seems good here.
    A leeck for the road.

  55. StormCat — 5 syllables first line, 7 in the second, 5 again in the third line. Try to make each line able to stand on its own. Maximum meaning, minimum verbiage. Oh, and if you want to be all traditional and poetic, try to include some sort of seasonal reference; I don’t usually bother.

  56. @ Meredith ROFLMAO!!!111!!11111

  57. I’d try my hand at
    haiku, but my mind is a
    total blank. So there.

  58. Yellow pops of corms
    Float like fallen leaves in milk
    Golden rat DOES WANT!

  59. no time for haikus til later……my public radio station needs my services
    @birdcage -reason for different shaped pops has to do with 2 things:
    1) type of corn hybrid used. we have alot of gmo’s in US sad to say.
    2) type of “gun” corn is popped in (yes its called a gun).
    its basically a steam jacketed pressure vessel which is pressurized and when
    opened a drop in pressure occurs causing the steam inside kernel to flash and
    expand, “puffing” the grain. same process for puffed wheat or corn. i know, tmi…….

  60. Yay for ratties! This site needs more. 😀

  61. Mary (the first) says:

    Rat tastes corn pops, milk.
    A tad bland. Something’s missing.
    Maybe it needs salt?

    (see, cuz ye’r s’posed ta include a seasonal reference, and all…..)

    [ 😆 That actually took me a second. *groan* 😛 – Ed.]

  62. emily rachel says:

    kellog’s new corn pops
    ninety-five percent starched corn
    hundred percent fun

  63. Somebody just shoot me. I had to read Mary (the first)’s haiku 5 times before I figured out the “seasonal” reference. Really, I’m just too stupid to live this late on a Friday afternoon. 😀

  64. I do not get up
    For less than five thousand.
    Puffs?! Oh, OK then!

  65. The green painted leaf
    Makes it look so nutritious.
    The rat is not fooled.

  66. Partially hydrog-
    enated vegetable oil,
    yum, yum, yum, yum, yum.

    [Oh for pete squeaks THIS IS NOT A HAIKU 😛 (LOL!) – Ed.]

  67. Rachel, oh Rachel….
    Dont be so hard on yourself!
    Its just *Pop* culture

  68. beardediris says:

    Food taster for king.
    Prevents poison coup d’etat.
    Oh la la! Here goes.

  69. @Sprock – too, too, too funny! BRILLIANT! Even if Ed says no…although the “pete squeak” gets a giggle.

    @Mary…also too, too, too funny!

  70. @beardideris: GOOD!!!!! 😀

  71. All this is for me?
    Sweet crunchy corn pops *and* milk?
    Beady gratefulness.

    [Y’know “gratitude” also works 😉 – Ed.]

  72. It’s alright Rachael
    I had to read it ten times
    Before I got it

  73. Okay, I don’t get Mary’s seasonal reference at all. Either I’m not trying hard enough, I’m trying too hard, or I’m just out of it. Sigh.

  74. @ Skippy Mom Sal is a season… get it??? hehehe

  75. chloebean says:

    Sweet little ratty
    Share some cereal with me
    But I might squeeze you

  76. skippymom says:

    Oh. It’s a seasoning reference. Never would have gotten there. Thanks, Kitty.

  77. After sharing some
    delicious breakfast nuggets,
    let’s spoon together.

  78. I am immpressed you got it even with my typos LOL.

  79. @Jennie, too funny, That is definitely the first time I’ve read the line “Break out the Lysol” in a haiku LOLOLOL

  80. skippymom says:

    Well, it taked me a minoot even after I read your splanation, K.

  81. darkshines says:

    Mmmm, I love moo juice,
    AND sweet cereal too?!
    I must have been good! 😀

  82. Season reference
    also took me a minute
    I’ve taken a fall

  83. Mary (the first) is
    Too sharp for our Friday heads
    We need some corn pops

  84. Shadowtiger says:

    Corn Pops in a bowl on the table,
    Along comes a rat with eyes sable,
    “A treat I can munch?
    I’ll have it for lunch!
    I’d like you to share if you’re able.”

    Whiskers a-quiver.
    Cute rodent nomming beckwiss.
    Milk like winter dawn.

  85. Mary (the first) says:

    OMG, my ‘ku
    Has caused comments! I’m Honored!
    And glad! (but not Glad)

  86. Mary the First FTW!
    salt…seasonal…hahaha (yeah, it took me ages to get it, too)…Friday afternoons and my brain is drained.

    Lucky little rat
    eats his high charging breakfast
    Gonna crash later!

  87. @ Mary (the first) A haiku with a pun in it… I’m in heaven!

  88. Mary (the first) says:

    @Gigi: “is this heaven?” “no, it’s.. cute overload!”

    [well it ain’t Nebraska 😉 – Ed.]

  89. SusaninMI says:

    Do my eyes deceive?
    The land of milk and honey!
    Humans make great friends . . .

  90. kibblenibble says:

    CO folks’ haikus
    creative and humorous
    make this lady’s day

  91. Bounteous breakfast,
    Buoyant Pops in milk, a rat’s

  92. flattened dumbo ears
    highlight nomming rattie face
    you now have the plague

  93. “I have gift for you
    Gift is pretty golden rat”
    that is what he said !!

    Will that do – I hope it is acceptable – did not someone want a “that is what he said” in a Haiku, I live the other side the pond (UK) and I love cute overload.
    I write haiku – often – sometimes they help to sort out problemos.
    **gets up faces west and makes lovely Japanese BOW – Oh SO**

  94. binky-mama says:

    Oh dear lord help meh….that looks like dumbo rat….aaaaaaand my heart is in a puddle. Sorry, I fail at haiku.

  95. Here I was, looking
    At a wombat in a box
    I could have seen rat!!

  96. You’re all brilliant!

  97. andrea b. says:

    Well loved rat, here – eat.
    Corn pops in cream. You see?
    See how I love you?

  98. andrea b. says:

    oops! missed a sylabobble:

    Well loved rat, here – eat.
    Corn pops in cream. You see now?
    See how I love you?

  99. You wow editor.
    Your haiku so erudite.
    Cute has no season.