Twofers Bun

It was peculiar, yes. Mr. Fred Jingles had never come across such an uneven ottoman that thumped every second.

If you could stick a carrot in your under arm, I'd really appreciate it.

Would it kill you to offer him a pillow, Jen W.?



  1. No, no, not buns and racks, buns and BUNS.

  2. skippymom says:

    This is gorgeous, and Prongs, you are sooo asking for it. Godspeed to you.

  3. MissKitty says:

    Love the orangey bit on the toesies of the dangling foot. Too cute! Mr. Jingles looks quite comfy and content, not much disapproval at all.

  4. there is a bun on the picture?

  5. What kind of pillow? Perhaps Mr. Jingles would like a dirty pillow or two?

  6. no no.. not buns and BUNS…

    Boobies and Buns!!!!

    Lovely.. I bet he feels all soft and warm too. Well.. I suppose she does too! 😉

  7. Dwarf Thuringer bunny Lands cushy position.

  8. Someone get that damn rabbit out of the way & retake that picture!

  9. Does Tom’s of Maine make carrot-scented deodorant now?

  10. Jugged Hare………………….Well someone had to say it!

  11. skippymom says:

    Burt’s Bees makes a very carroty skin lotion. I’ll bet she’s got that smeared all over her.

  12. skippymom says:

    Hon Glad, sir, you are full of brilliant wit.

  13. im lost just like ADA…i don’t see a bun in here…

  14. biscuithead says:

    there’s a bunny in this photo?

  15. AuntieMame says:

    Hahaha! I sense another commentroversy coming up. Yay Prongs! :D:D:D

    (It’s not fair! She has so much, and I have so little! Boohoo!)

  16. It maybe lumpy.. but atleast it’s warm 😀

  17. Buns and boobs or rabbits and racks???? 😈

  18. thedistractor says:

    As a well-endowed woman myself (such an understatement), I have this happen to me a lot with my pets. They just love to snuggle on my chest and get very upset if I don’t let them.

  19. CO will put hare on your chest.

  20. @Hon Glad Nicely played. (polite golf clap)

  21. I think this picture is wonderful. 🙂 I love it when my furbabies snuggle up to me like that. The built-in shelf is great for that sort of thing….soft and warm. I think the heartbeat might be a bit comforting as well.

  22. biscuithead says:

    If it can be said, I believe 260Oakely wins this thread.

  23. 260Oakely-you should talk! Snerk, snerk, oh, snerkity-snerk to both of you!

    Let us try to focus, now it is just the midst of ‘Tocktober, yes?

  24. Yowza! Gulp.

    Moving on: @260Oakely for “CO will put hare on your chest”: Standing O for that one!!!

    And yes, adowable bunny.

  25. What’s Meghan McCain doing on Cute Overload??

  26. @ 260Oakely OMG a PUN, a BAD BAD PUN !!!
    NOOOO!!! it’s not Punday! (running away holding my nose and screaming) It is of course the geartest recongnition you can give a punster.

  27. Talk about a dynamic duo. 😀

  28. My high school’s mascot was a bunny named Boob. go figure.

  29. Resriechan says:

    While HonGlad is exceeding brrrrriiiiilllllllliante… all times & in all places….

    I feel also that Rachael’s “dynamic duo”, so quietly entered…..
    presents a very subtle yet worthwhile caliber of competishe.

  30. Resriechan says:

    (not that CO is a place of aggressive competition for the wrong reasons, mindye)

  31. What breed of rabbit is this? Looking to adopt one.

  32. haha, “hare on your chest” hahahaha, that’s awesome.

  33. THREADJACK: Hey guys, look at this baby pic of Simon’s Cat!
    (“Simon’s Cat aged 9 weeks”)

  34. (Remembering when my two feline overlords were small enough to do that…..)

  35. Little guy looks totally spent!

  36. OH NOES! B00bz! Teh world, she is over!!!!!!!!!111!!11!one!

  37. General Approval says:

    I approve of this picture.

    but wait, this name “Jen W” sounds familiar has she been on cute-overload before?

    Not that I lie awake at night, obsessing about her or anything..

  38. I never ever thought I’d see anything to top Cats ‘n’ Racks and then you go and give us Buns ‘n’ Boobs!!! This, friends, is why the internets was invented. A series of tubes? No, Senator Stevens. A series of boobs. And cats. And buns.

  39. Bugs and Jugs

  40. I don’t call ’em God’s perfect pillows for nothing

  41. It’s been very quiet here lately. Do you think the nuffers all followed through on their promise never to darken CO’s doors again? Or are they all just at a convention somewhere?

  42. You’ve heard of a bun warmer. Now it’s a bun being a boobie warmer.

  43. @BBSOM it is a dwarf Thuringer.. we had one once they are fiesty active happy bunnies.

  44. Camille, I think Outrage, Inc. was holding a seminar or job fair or something. That might explain their absence.

  45. Bunny approves!

  46. @brinann – ah, OK. I kind of miss them.

  47. AuntieMame says:

    Camille, I was gonna help them by posting one of Outrage, Inc.’s standard replies, but for some reason I couldn’t find it to cut-n-paste from the photo properties. (And I’m not smart enough to remember it all to type it myself.)

  48. Von Zeppelin says:

    OK, Camille–just for you:
    Rage rage rage shock horror disgust indignation anger disapproval. . .
    “NOT cute. . . sexist. . . obscene. . . children look at this site, y’know. . . never coming back. . . removing bookmark. . . silicone. . . photoshopped”

    Whew! This gets pretty tiring after a while.

  49. Thanks, Von Z and AuntieMame. I feel more at home now. 🙂

  50. Chests and Coneys! (conies?)

    Vocabulary test!

    (see “>this)

  51. Poop!


    The hell with it:

  52. AuntieMame says:

    Von Z, you forgot the part about how croooool it is to the bunny.

  53. *puts on mock nuff pants*

    Hmph! How DARE YOU post a picture of a bun resting on some girl’s round, full, perky boobs?!?! The NERVE! I am SO outraged! Do you have ANY IDEA how inadequate this kind of blatant flaunting makes those of us who are less well-endowed feel?! Well you SHOULD! You should’ve known that some of us are sensitive to our unremarkable breasts and choose your posts accordingly! You CO people are so inconsiderate of my personal problems. 👿

    *unbunches panties*

    😯 Damn, that was rather uncomfortable. I don’t see how some people have the energy to do it all the time.

  54. bunneh is just keeping abreast of things.

  55. ButtaRumCake says:

    *falls on floor laughing @ brinnann’s post*
    Thanks so much for that giggle, brinnann!! I certainly needed it today! LOL

  56. rubber duck says:

    Bun, bun and bun! 🙂

    But what kind of bun is that (the one on top I mean)? It looks like a baby hare!

  57. Jessica and Roger Rabbit

  58. ‘Bbits and Tits?

  59. Von Zep,

    Your “sexist . . . obscene” pairing reminded me of the Groucho Marx quote: “Women should be obscene and not heard.”


  60. buns & busts!

  61. her chest is the bun warmer, and the bun is her chest warmer. Perfect combination.

    soft and warm and with a heart beat ~ what could be more comforting? I think it’s what breasts were intended for.

  62. Got milk?

  63. Nope, not buns and racks…more like snooze and saline!

  64. Spanks, Brinnan! LMAO! I needed that.

    I like how you went for the “victim mindset/PC/over sensitive nuff” as opposed to the “self righteous-my-kids-look-at-this-site nuff”.

    Nicely done.

  65. Crap! I knew I forgot something! LOL

  66. When will see some jugs and pugs?

  67. (\__/)

  68. Actually, Deb, them boobs (at least what can be seen of them) look quite natural. If they have been enhanced, I’d love to get her doctor’s name and number!!!

    Mmmm, “Buns and Boobs”… can “Marsupials ‘n Mammaries” be far behind?

    Me, I’m waiting for “Hogs ‘n Hunks.”

  69. ButtaRumCake says:

    “Hogs’N’Hunks” *snortle*

  70. Theadosia says:

    Well, I’ve got a similar level of abundance, but I’d like to know what type of bra she’s wearing to get them up and perfectly globular like that. Perhaps the bunny is actually an integral part of the, um, engineering. It would work if there were a side panel/strap that kept everything together velcroed to the bun at each end.

  71. @Theadosia –

    Looks like a demi bra.

    I think the fact that she’s lying on her back helps.

    Seriously, those things are nice.

  72. Annie, she also looks quite young. Gravity probably hasn’t had a chance to exert its terrible pull for too long.

    Mine were lush and perky once, too…

  73. This is sweeter than sweet.

    […which is sweet – Ed.]

  74. That’s some lucky rabbit’s foot. But isn’t the fur supposed to line the bra not cover it?

  75. I must agree with those who are complimenting them. I am quite jealous, to be honest.

    *imagines J’s fur-lined bra*

    *sweats to death in Texas just from the thought of it*

  76. AuntieMame says:

    What were those gel bras called? The ones where the only women who looked convincing in them didn’t need them in the first place, but the rest of us just looked like over-optimistic 11-year-olds?

  77. AuntieMame says:

    Although, I have to admit, the older I get, that it’s kinda nice to be card-carrying member of the IBTC. Gravity will never be a problem for me. 😀

  78. I hope to be Globe-ular rather than Glob-ular. Erm.

  79. MadMaximus says:

    please tell your bunny to quit staring at me 🙂

  80. paranoiagirl says:

    So cute! Rabbit isn’t half bad either 😀

  81. wuyizidi ROFLMAO!!!!!111!!!!

  82. Indiana Joe says:

    I have the inexplicable urge for some carrot cheesecake now.

  83. Well. I am outraged! To show the callow attitude of this bun, reclining on a bounteous bosom. And so many of us remain bunless and alone. Shame. Shame.

    *Huffs off to find bunny of my own to tuck into my bra*

  84. “bosom buddies”?
    “bosom bunnies”?
    Although, personally, I’m still waiting for “Pets ‘n Pecs”!

  85. since when is blouse bunnies a category? ha.

  86. Personally, I like the ring of “bosom bunnies”. It sounds classier. After all, we want the upper crust as clientelle…
    don’t we?

  87. (looks through monocle, down nose at Wend)

    heah heah

  88. Von Zeppelin says:

    I’d like to express my personal appreciation, as a male CO fan (a distinct minority, I believe), to my feminine comrades for all of the useful information about gravity, anatomy, and the engineering mysteries of the brassiere.

  89. How lovely. Von Zep will you take this guy behind the woodshed for a thrashing?

    Foul! Red Card!

  90. Eww at Jack A. Take those thoughts somewhere else please.

  91. I call bra stuffing on this one….

  92. what a cutie bunny! My bunny did that when he was a baby too 🙂

  93. omg those boobs are glorious.

  94. Sorry guys, I’m married 🙂 That bunny is our darling Connor baby. He’s probably the best, most cuddly bunny ever, and we have a ton of pictures of him sleeping on me. He’s a few months older than that picture now, but he still thinks I’m just there for his comfort. He’s not a special breed, just a bunny mutt, and a rescue at that because we run a rabbit rescue.

  95. Ho and hare?

  96. Lol awwww, bunny found itself a nice comfy resting spot hehe

  97. Whoa. Look at that beautiful pair of…bunny ears.

  98. nice puppies. rabbits cute too

  99. So much nuff-anticipation. So little actual nuff.

  100. i love this! i have a little girl bunny, Alice, who was raised by all women. every time a guy holds her she tries to find their ‘shelf’ and ends up on their shoulders. she seems to be very comfortable on makeshift ‘ottomen/ans(?)’ It’s her favorite place to chill out.

  101. Jim K. – I know! Just what I was hoping for too!!

    *snortle over Marsupials and Mammeries*

  102. Chauvinist says:

    Please remove my raunchy comment about a rabbit and beautiful t***ies, before I inadvertently write anything w***y.

  103. berthaservant says:

    The town I grew up in, Thousand Oaks, is in what we call “The Conejo Valley.”

    So, that’s my pun. Conejo Valley.

    Jen, I also like your red(dish) hair.

  104. Leave the soft porn for other sights. This is sad… Loose the fat lady

    [Oh! Well, since you say so… 🙄 – Ed.]

  105. Resriechan says:

    @ Merz:

    (and “the fat lady”??? who are you kidding?)

    Discouraged & Disa-POINTed!!!
    (that last one is a ref to a CO Tag)

  106. Boobs Bunny says:

    nice boobs ups I mean bunny…

  107. Yikes, the word porn and the improper word choice of loose should not be in the same sentence together. Bad images! Bad bad bad! I would like to *lose* these images in my noggin.

    Leave it to the bun to have the courage to motorboat!

  108. Copperbat says:

    Merz is just seeing how many words can be misspelled in a single post without triggering a spellcheck.

  109. AuntieMame says:

    They’re all spelled correctly, Copperbat. Merz is just using the wrong words. Repeatedly.

  110. axis of snorgling-amundo…

  111. thicktortiethintabby says:

    Please, Mr. Buns, take her shopping to get a properly fitting bra! (I also speak as a woman of rackular abundance.)

  112. Nice thread folks, nice thread. And nobody got hurt or maimed or permanently scarred or flustered or disfigured or…oh, well almost.

    The young lady is lovely and her bunbun adorable, I think we’re batting 1000 here.

    I just love snorgling, don’t you?

  113. The owner’s name is Jen, how perfect is that (see Step 1 in link below)?

  114. Wow Merz, not only are you utterly stupid, but you’re a jerk too! DOUBLE WHAMMIE!!

  115. Maybe Merz is uttering a battle cry

    “Loose the fat lady! Avast, me hearties!”

    As a battle cry, however, it loses power in that there is no fat lady to be seen. (Perhaps someone let her loose?)

    @ Jen “He’s a few months older than that picture now, but he still thinks I’m just there for his comfort. ”
    –isn’t that our role in this world?

  116. AAAAHHHHHH!!! Boobies! RunandHIDE!

    [Relevant linkage added. 😉 – Ed.]

  117. Thank you EDS!! Eesh. You know of what I speak.

    Loose the what now? (throws bra out winder)

  118. Uhm, where are the bun’s other’s paw/legs? A vet might need further vitals and take weights and measures.

  119. “Gladdice, get ma’ shotgun, them rabbits are into the melon patch again, dag-gummit!”

  120. doglover1234 says:

    Nice rack

  121. Ahhh, life. Round things, soft things, furry things. It’s all good.

  122. janet2buns says:

    @ Jen: I agree with KrisD. As a bunny indentured servant, you should know that you DO exist solely for his comfort. And it looks like you are doing a fine job. ((Hugs)) to bunny rescuers!!

  123. Bunneh: And by the way, they’re real, and they’re spectacular.

    What? I’m talking about my ears…

  124. Hah! Another bunny that likes racks. Mine being uses mine as a sitting shelf/amusement park ride.

    She also has taken to sitting on my shoulder like a parrot. Go figure.

  125. And btw, whoever said anything about fat needs an a** kicking. Never a pound over 125, so 😛

  126. Busts and Buns?
    Busties and bunnies?
    Yeah, that’s all I got right right now…

  127. Yukon Sam says:

    It’s not a jackrabbit…. it’s a rackrabbit!

  128. Not that Bob, the other Bob says:

    Now just train Connor to unbutton those buttons… 😉

  129. Queen of Dork says:

    This got brought back up?
    On Halloween?
    Prairie dog zombies and Packages?

    *sorry Ed. couldn’t help it.* 🙂

  130. onejesusfreak98 says:

    i had a rabbit but she wasnt nice are there any holland lops for sale????

  131. Max our rabbit likes to sit on the wife like that, he always looks comfy until he decides he has had enough then nips at the wife!