I’ll Blink After You Blend My Steak

Wait a minute.  I thought we agreed that you would create an emulsion of a 16-oz prime New York strip. You know, on the bone, seared, broiled in a 1600 degree oven, and blended into a delightful goo. With fries. Also goo-ed. Yet now I hear I’m getting a mixture of salty water and B12??? Can I speak to the president of something please?

'Ello! My name is Puss in Boots. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

“Tough Cookie” was found in a box after being hit by a car. She recovered and is presumably doing well with her new owner.

Creamed spinach IVs and all thanks go to Lyndley P.



  1. Oh my gosh!!! GEEV HER TO MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

  2. Don’t forget to serve the whirled peas.

  3. Nooooooo, Theresa, she’s MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Seriously, though, this picture is more sad than cute. Kitty is adorable, of course, but looks so hurt and scared. (not a nuff!) Very glad to know she recovered, but can anybody tell us more than that she is “presumably” doing well?

  5. Von Zeppelin says:

    Poor kit. After being hit by a car, surgery and whatever, she deserves whatever they’re giving her to glaze those eyeballs.


    Is her little back leg hurt?

    But check out the ear tufts and reverse eye liner! Pretty!

  7. PS somebody snuggle her on their breast ASAP

  8. She does look scared…but she is adorable, and is clearly getting the care she needs. More cute than sad, I say, though definitely a big dose of sad there.

  9. GingerBean says:

    Oh the poor bebeh! What an absolutely gorgeous kitty! SO glad someone saved her. I want to give her treats and kisses and the softest bestest window bed and and…

  10. Hovertext win!

    Dat is teh sweetest widdle bebeh. Ahn. *gently hugs kitteh*

  11. A little sad, but oh so cute!

  12. Man, she has got the Puss in Boots eyes goin’ ON. Poor little beauty. I hope she’s doing much better now.

  13. I love a good Princess Bride-like reference during the day.

  14. Maybe it’s just a personal preference, but goo-ed steak bones do not sound appetizing.

    But glad to hear this sweetie pie is doing just fine!

  15. Awww, poor scared little hurtie bebeh. 😦

  16. P.S. “Tough Cookie” is an excellent name for this furbaby.

  17. O.O
    The EYES!
    Such sadness!
    Don’t worry kitten! I will snuggle you and take care of you forevers!!!!! **Grabby Hands**

  18. ButtaRumCake says:


  19. Pat Gallagher says:

    Thanks to whoever saved this sweetie.

  20. aww, kitteh!!! she’s a trooper.

  21. bookmonstercats says:

    How can anybody……? Pretty kitty. I’m so glad she’s in such good hands, and I’m sure she’s getting her creamed steak and fries. Right now.

  22. Boohoohoo. Poor little trooper. It’s so nice to know that she survived and is getting help. That makes me feel kinda warm n fuzzy.
    Eight lives to go!

  23. I remember reading once that lining the eyes with white eyeliner makes your eyes look larger… and here’s the proof. 😉

  24. The cat isn’t *too* scared – ears are straight up and eyes not fully round. Just a little concerned about what’s up next.

  25. Stop saying that!

  26. Poor little meow! She deserves lots and lots of catnip for this (purely for medicinal purposes, of course)!

  27. Maybe there’s enough room on the bun-lady’s boobs for this little one, too.

  28. Fingernail polish 😦
    Kitty saved 🙂
    Who, me? Superficial?

  29. SUCH a pretty girl. I hope she has a long, happy, healthy life and forgets all about being little and lost and hurt. Yay for people who pick up hurt kittens and bring them to the vet! Yay for vets who patch them up!

  30. catnip for medicinal purposes <—– *snerk* hee!

    When the cops in "Far Far Away" catch Shrek, Puss, and Donkey, didn't they find 'nip on Puss? He's all IT'S NOT MINE.


  31. PS I want steak and frites! Not blended though. Mmm.

  32. paranoiagirl says:

    It hurts and has a temperature!

  33. whitehound says:

    OMG! *tear* Glad she was saved.

  34. YAY for the rescue people! Such a beautiful kitty, i like to think she is in a good home and she gets spoiled to the max…i know i would spoil her….

  35. She looks like my Cookie girl

  36. Poor kitty=( But I love the baby sock on her hind leg=) At least that what it looks like… maybe to protect the bandage?

  37. Poor bitty-kitty booboo–she has lemur-eyes

    “The coldest depth of Hell is reserved for people who abandon kittens.”

  38. catloveschanel says:

    Remember the lil kitten with the pink sweater and the arm cast? I loved that one so. There’s just something about a kitten with one front paw longer than the other gets to me.
    It should be a new cat – er – gory. Cats -n- gory for Halloween.

  39. CoconutCheez says:

    so… cute…! can’t take my eyes off her… the cute along with a pinch of sad is making my heart ache.

  40. Thank you to the rescuers! May you know only gentle hands and kind words forevermore li’l one. 🙂 Get well soon cookie! lots of kisses and pets and soothing sounds…

  41. Oh poor dear.

    I could never work at a vet’s office, I’d spend all day feeding bits of shaved roast beef to the patients.

  42. If this was my cat, the vet tech’s hand would look like a colander right about now 😉

  43. I’ll give her my steak and fries (can’t eat them cause my gallbladder is busted). Hope she is in the mend. Best of luck to ya kitteh!


  44. Helena Montana says:

    That kitty is almost enough to make me renounce my no more pets rule.

  45. My blessings and prayers with Tough Cookie. Poor thing, people are so thoughtless when it comes to animals, but I’m glad there are people like us to undo the damage!

  46. oh love that hovertext

  47. Congratulations, this site has now officially made me squee loud enough to alarm my own two cats. I blame the fact that I work at an animal hospital for it taking this long to induce such squee-age.

    That being said…


  48. *What* a little Pre-Raphaelite angel!! Love, love! Want!!!

  49. Mrs. McGinty says:

    Awwww. Well, it’s cute now. Coulda been sad, but thanks to some heroes and heroines, it’s going to have a happy ending. Kitteh still looks a little dazed but clearly she is in the most loving and caring of hands now, and all will be well. Tough Cookie indeed. Kitteh, I wish you much loving, full health and many meals of gooey steak et frites (or just gooey steak) in your new home!

  50. Plz don’t show broken kitties.

    OK, what I mean is, don’t show broken kitties with hypodermic needles in them.

    Makes me faint and stuff.

  51. That’s no hypodermic needle… it’s a syringe in the iv line in her poor wee little arm. 😦

  52. I’ve always tried to avoid driving into boxes. In the back of my worry-wart brain, I worried about a furry creature using it for shelter, and that the box somehow got blown into the road just as I drove up.

    Not sure if Tough Cookie was placed in a box for transport to the vet, or what, but I’ve just gone into heebie-jeebie overload. I’m also so very glad to know she’s been rescued, and hope she’s up to her gorgeous eyes in steak for the rest of her long and healthy life.

  53. Awwww….what a pretty kitty! Those huge eyes are adorable!

  54. Queen of Dork says:

    Beautiful Kitty! (eyes…gasp. eartufts, too! swoon.) HUGE owie. But thankfully, bright eyed baby is obviously in good, loving, caring hands so that makes it a bit easier to think about the whole situation happening there.

    *swallow hard*
    *blink back tears*

    (pssst…Kitty…I don’t have any steak but would you like a bite of my turkey burger)?

  55. There is a humongous spot in my heart reserved for rescute kittehs. Almost every cat I’ve owned has had a sad story in their past, but they’ve all been very spoiled and loved to make up for a bad beginning. I would adopt this little girl in a heartbeat if my Moo would let me. Look at those eyes! And the ear tufts! *faints*

  56. “president of something” – hee hee, good one Prongs.

  57. “Also goo-ed” slays me. I hurt from laughing.

  58. AWWW 😦 Poor little kitty 😦 I agree with the name “Tough Cookie” 😀 I am glad to hear that she has been taken care of and has a loving owner to care for her 😀 I also agree on giving that baby plenty of SNORGLES, and CUDDLES, and LOVE 😀 😈 I would also beat the living daylights out of whoever abandoned that kitty 😈 I bet there are a lot of people who will help me on that matter 😈

  59. kibblenibble says:

    There are no words to capture the beauty in those eyes. That said, I just snuggled my own two precious kitties, grateful that they are safe and loved, like this beauty is now. *sniff*

  60. Take 2 beeps and call me in the morning.

  61. baileysgrandmom says:

    Many years ago, when TV was still “live,” a doctor on a daytime drama (AKA soap opera) was supposedly doing very delicate surgery. Tension reigned as the surgeon barked, “Scalpel! Sponge! Hypodemic Nurdle!!!” (Go ahead, say it out loud.) Don’t remember whether “patient” guffawed…I know I did!
    So, best wishes to wee kittie with some sort of needle.

  62. Queen of Dork says:

    Metz: I could kind of use a beep, too.

    *sticks face out and exposes nosicle region to Metz*

  63. “Found in a box after being hit by a car”? So did some jerkhole put her in a box and set her out in the street, after which she was hit by a car? Or did someone hit her, put her in a box and leave her? If someone cared enough to pick her up and put her in a box, surely they would take the next step and get her to a vet???

    Okay. (Deep breaths.) She has a home now. She is okay. And she is precious!

  64. Mairsydoats says:

    For some reason, I have seen a plethora of abandoned dogs and cats lately. It breaks my heart as all *four* of my dogs, and both my cats are all rescutes. Stars in the crown of all rescuers, and big boos, hisses and darts in the butt for all abandoners. This post actually made me cry, with sad, and then with happy. (and, btw, YAY! from our house, we have a new addition as of today, Scrappy, who we found at the vet after having been abandoned!)

  65. JuliaJolie says:

    Aww! How come the needle is still sticking out of her in the pic? It seems weird that they’d just leave it in there…

  66. Jessy, it’s also quite possible that she dragged her own poor self into a safe box. You know how cats feel better in closed spaces. And hurt animals are capable of much greater things than hurt humans are. :/

  67. OH! Puweeez!!! Provide an update on Tough Cookie’s condition and adoptive situation!@ We can’t rest until we know!

  68. Alicia K. says:

    That is one of the cutest kitties I have ever seen, and I’m a cat lover to the max. So glad to know someone rescued it!!! I hope we can see some post-recovery photos soon! 🙂

  69. Lyndley P. says:

    I’m so happy to read everyone’s concerned thoughts and warm wishes. The picture was take pre-op. “Tough Cookie”did do fabulously through surgery. Her leg was broken, but healed nicely. Unfortunately she lost about half of her tail, but the lack of it didn’t seem to phase her! Although I must admit “Tough Cookie” was a bit scared overall she was much more calm (as oldcat suggested) than most kittens/cats, hence her name. However, I can guarantee she received an overdose of kisses and snuggles. And, Lizzy, cat nip can’t hold a flame to what we gave her, but we hope she’s having some now! Thanks again everyone.

  70. DewiCasgwent says:

    Lyndley P
    Thanks for the update, but your wrong there is no such thing as overdose of kisses and snuggles.

    But Kitty likes here stake well done or is it flash broiled for microseconds at 1600!

  71. DewiCasgwent says:

    Watching and reading too much true blood
    Wrong Steak

  72. TwilightGuru says:


  73. Saucer eyes.

  74. Awww, thanks for the update Lyndley P. I’m so glad she is all better now! I’d love to see an updated pic of this gorgeous girl. Bless her and her rescuers!

  75. Poor little baby. ❤ I volunteer at an animal shelter and it's amazing where cats are found (dumpsters, etc) and how people have treated them… just awful. Thank goodness for the people who rescue them, nurse them back to health, and love them. Glad to hear the update from Lyndley P that the kitty has healed well 🙂

  76. I didn’t know a cat could show betrayal on its face, but there it is.

  77. Friday-morning Princess Bride reference FOR THE WIN!!!!

  78. Resriechan says:

    Eyes = possibly part of shock but GOW-ghuss to look at
    Cat= insanely luxuriantly luvlee.
    Ear Tufts= The Best Bit of Long-Haired Cat accessories.

    yay for the second person’s comment who remembered our little Whirled Peas thing. Remember kiddies, “Give Peas a chance” !!

    And finally — Theresa — wha’ happened, to the urbane, intellectual references to Ancient Welsh verbal histories as they affected the Mainland British Naval History?
    All of a sudden, ye’re all about cutesy goopiness? Who knew?

    (welcome to CO & thanks for sharing, Theresa)

  79. Andi from NC says:

    Lyndley, you’re a real angel. “Tough Cookie” is appropriate, but “Lucky Kitteh” works too.

    Thanks for making my Friday!

  80. such a sweet face!

  81. Can I speak to the president of something please? is my new favorite phrase. I am going to use it as often as possible.

    P.S. Pretty pretty rescue kitty!

  82. WANT!! 😀

  83. what a gorgeous kitty.

    has she blinked yet?

  84. She is absolutely beautiful! She’ll be okay – no doubt that new owner is going to make up for a lot of unhappiness that poor little kitty has suffered. What a fabulous little critter… I have 3 already, but she makes me want 4 (somebody please stop me).

  85. Awww, poor kitty. Glad the surgery went well and she’s gotten much love!

  86. What KrisD said bears repeating:

    “The coldest depth of Hell is reserved for people who abandon kittens.”

  87. I am available to cuddle! Hate seeing animals hurt.
    Poor little cutie.
    Doesnt understand, but its so good to see people helping animals.
    They are the best kind!
    Looks like she’s been through alot! (I would sooo spoil her.)

  88. Resriechan says:

    @ RJ: While we “feel your pain” here at CO, I think perhaps you might not find too many members of the “Stop me from getting more cats” support group, here.

    We understand, but we would probably enable & increase the “problem”. .

    Jus’ sayin’

  89. OHHHHHHH that is SO cute and sad and adorable…I wish to hug her right now! I’m so glad her story has a happy ending.

  90. bootiful baby kat…I wish 4 flat tires and revoked drivers license on the scumbag who hit u!

    [Bear in mind, given the brief description of the circumstance, it’s very likely the “scumbag” also delivered the injured kitty to the vet. So there’s that, at least. – Ed.]

  91. @Resriechan, therein lies my paradox. I am indeed, truly obscenely educated, and have a pretty fair degree of retention of information. But I am essentially four years old.

  92. @ Theresa, I know what you mean. Here I am, a dignified &% years old, and I still want to splash in puddles, and crunch leaves, and build snowmen 🙂 … and my kids are too old for me to use them as excuses anymore! 😦 Not that it stops me. Just sometimes it’s a little … hard to explain? if you know what I mean. (Oh, and playdough… don’t let’s go there).

  93. Resriechan says:

    (Theresa, perhaps, didn’t you intend to use the term “educamated”??)

    and four years old is FUN FUN FUN FUN!!!!Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
    (Who, what? I didn’t say anything….)

    And finally at our wonderful QoD who has probably passed out now, for lack of “beep”ing (it looks as tho’ she’s been in beep-WD for about 24 hours now):

    BEEP x 89,000 !!!!!!

  94. gravyboat says:

    Get better, Cookie!

  95. SusaninMI says:

    Look up terrified in the dictionary an you will find this pic. Poor baby, how could anyone want to hurt her?

  96. @ Katey

    Yeah, had not thought of that. Hope you are right. Hey, maybe she needs some boxhab along with her physical rehab. 🙂

  97. Lyndley P. says:

    I agree, if someone hit and ran “Tough Cookie” they should burn in hell. However, I am aware that often times the cats people hit scamper off and hide before they can even pull their care over. I truly hope that is why she was left for dead, but, I suppose it doesn’t matter now that she’s safe!

  98. Awwwwww, poor bb. It’s good that she survived getting hit by a car (not a lot of animals do) and that she’s getting the care she needs. I hope she finds a good home full of snuggles and yummy steak.

  99. Whoops, looks as though I missed the part where it said she’d already FOUND a home.

    Reading fail.

  100. My parents tried to send a kitteh home with me tonight. The kitteh looked JUST LIKE Tough Cookie but was a juvenile male. He seemed very sweet and loving, was all purr purr and rub rub, and I was seriously considering it…but he was a biter! And not just a little love bite either. While I was petting him, he bit me hard enough to break the skin (don’t worry, I disinfected thoroughly) and never once stopped purring. Weird.

  101. That is one beautiful kitty! Thanks for saving her!