Scroll-down Stretch-hance

Top half: “stretchy!”

Bottom half: “playing it cool”




Nice e-long-gay-shons, Eve P.



  1. earlybird1 says:

    Yoga kitty

  2. He’s just showing off… He’s all like “Yes, you ARE going to work and yes, I AM going to enjoy this bed without you…Good bye!”

  3. Resriechan says:

    1. Nice linens.
    2. Felines OWN the entire concept of ssssstttttttttrrrrrreeeeeeettttttcccchhhhiiiinnng.
    Our place is but to gaze upon their metaphysical abilities & learn.

  4. Once upon a time my family had a huge Maine Coon girl,Ivy(nee Toes), who would happily stretch out in my Dad’s arms, her toes splayed in total comfort.

    Great pic. Nice memory-bringer-upper:)

  5. MissKitty says:

    BEEEEEEEEEEEELLY!! belly belly belly!! *rub rub rub*

  6. In my house we call it “chicken legs” when the cats stretch out like that. Humans can do it too, but it’s not quite as cute.

  7. HunnyBunny says:

    splayed toes kill me.

  8. Those are some righteous yoga toes! Splayed toes for the win.

  9. Kittytoes says:

    Kimmzy, we also call it “turkey leg, chicken leg” when my Bev does that. Makes me wanna bite dem toes.

  10. punkinberry says:

    But … the top half of the photo is the bottom half of the kitteh…

    I had to think about this one for a while.

  11. ooooh yea! Bring back the Meg posts! Purrr.

  12. Illini Jen says:

    kimmzy, OMG that’s what I call it too and those chicken legs are one of my favorite things about kitty stretches!

  13. BELLY SNORGLE!!!!!

  14. splayed kitteh toesicles kill me… so cute

  15. “I have checked the thread count and it meets my approval, the damage is only superficial”

  16. Those toes are a sign of a REALLY good stretch!

  17. I would say that yoga kitty needs a manicure on his back claws but since I can never manage to do that with my kittys I don’t feel I can advise others. I can clip their front claws (even with the spitting and the OMG your killing me protest) but I can never manage to do the back they wiggle to much.

  18. @ Gigi I have found the cure for my inability to clip kitty nails.. @ my local pet store they do it for 6 bucks and they do a great job. I just call to ensure that the nail trimmer lady is in and whoosh my kitty there it is a 3 minute car ride and 10 minutes later we are home kitty has ben trimmed petted and given treats and everyone is much happier.

  19. Re hovertext: I am afraid you are out of a jorb, spokeskitteh.

    Taking in the entire photo, it’s like two different kittehs ‘shopped together. Weird.

  20. EHHHHHHHHnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Aaaaaaah. [legs bounce back into immodest pose]

    For a total stretch, she should be displaying helicopter ears, I think.

  21. I am so pleased I am not the only person who uses poultry terminology to refer to my cats’ legs. When the legs are in a retracted position, they are referred to as “drumsticks.”

  22. Oops! I thought that kitty was a calico, so I said “she.” This is what happens when your comment is way below the actual post. (And that’s all I deserve. *sniff*)

  23. Stretchy kitty toes are a much-overlooked source of cuteness. Kudos, CO for keeping them before the Cute-appreciating public. 😀

  24. Splayed toes are keeling me ded!! 😯

    My favorite part of my dogs is their meaty drumsticks. I have to grit my teeth to keep from ripping off huge chunks with my teef. 😀

  25. Nicolletta says:

    Extreme toe splayage!

  26. “Linens and Things”– that’s not what The Onion called it. :mrgreen:

  27. LovesDogs says:

    That’s one loooong, talll drink of kittie.

  28. skippymom says:

    Rachael, I just literally choked, picturing you ripping off chunks of doggie drumstick with your teeth. OMG, LOL, etc.

    [I am a little disturbed by this. – Ed.]

  29. skippymom says:

    My Chloe Zoe Calico likes to lie on her tummy with her arms extended out front as far as they will go. I call it her praying to Mecca position (although she usually isn’t pointing in the right direction).

  30. It is my prerogative to lounge on soft warm bedding, while you go out into the harsh, cold world and toil to earn money to buy me food and litter.

  31. I want to plant my face in that warm, fluffy kitty belly. Oh, and toe stretchingks.

  32. Him look like Superman banking a turn.

  33. (Diving in to snorgle tummy) Then next I will lay with kitty and nap. Ahhh….

  34. BEEP!

  35. My dear, departed Libby had black legs, black feet, and white toes. When she spread them out, they looked like the old-fashioned white porcelain knobs on a bathroom sink. We called them “faucet-feet.”

  36. skippymom says:

    Theo, she started it!

  37. Not so much for cats, but our corgi definitely has legs that could qualify as drumsticks. So short and yet full of muscle! Just like a corgi.

  38. Kitty has it’s lets snorggle face on!

  39. GreyandWhite Kitty says:

    Ooo nice toes! I want to stretch with this kitty too!

  40. Firstly, I too am happy to find out I’m not the only person who refers to my kitty’s legs as drumsticks. For the longest time I honestly thought I was alone in the world until I started coming here and reading that other people had to fight the urge to bite their pets, face plant into their pet’s belleh, or think that something is so cute that it’s actually sad.

    Secondly, LOVING the toe splayage. My kitty has some serious toe-hawkage and when she stretches like that its a mess of splayed toes and tufts of floof. *wub*

  41. I call them drumsticks too! Wow what a small world! My doggie Pokey has great meaty drumsticks when she lays on her belly with her legs splayed out.

  42. As someone new to cat servitude I have a question: in the morning the cat likes to pounce on the bed until I got up and fed her (only after she saw my eyes are open of course). Sometimes even after (maybe she’s not satisfied with quantity?) She claws and bites the comforter and sheets. I had to buy a new fitted sheet last weekend because I put my foot through a hole she made while I was asleep. Now I sleep with another sheet with tiny holes in them (also her creation) on top of everything.

    Has this happened to you? What did you do?

  43. It’s chilly and raining this morning. I didn’t sleep well last night, mainly because my hubby is sick and was restless. Doesn’t seem to be hamthrax, just an ordinary cold so far (crosses paws). So I was looking forward to sleeping in this morning. Alas, it was not to be. Philo the hyper kitteh ricocheted all over the bed and me until at last I relented and got up. The punchline is that immediately after I surrendered the bed, he curled up and looked smug as he went to sleep.

  44. AuntieMame says:

    LOL, Noelegy! Cats may be a lot of things, but stupid ain’t one of em! 😀

  45. OMG this poor creature has obviously been put on some sort of rack/torture device. This is horrible, never post such things again! /end huff

    Nice toes. 🙂

  46. Love the look that says “don’t even THINK of ruining my stretch with a belly skritch.”

  47. OMG! Splayed piggie-stinkie-twinkle-toes are the BEST! Want to nom!

  48. Resriechan says:


    May I suggest a therapeutic viewing of Simoncat’s “Catmando” regarding cats & re. us humans’ inadequate waking & feeding policies & practices.

    Oh– and simply keep an open line of credit, either at L nThings; or Kmart, when you’ve given up on purchasing 8000-thread count linens. (unless there’s an old somethin’ or other that you could sacrifice to THE CAT’s destructive needs. My mom still mourns the fact that she allowed me to use a HUGE Japan Air Lines towel (back in the day when airlines PROVIDED large towels the size of small bedlinens); & only later remembered that my room was attached to The Cat in our household. She does feel it is some limited consolation, to reflect on the fact at that time, The Cat in our household was named Lucifer.

    (No joke; really, Lucifer…but my sister named her, not me)

    And @ Skippymom: (*snerk* ) Please note: “Affectionate irony”, not actual nasty sarcasm, follows) Can I borrow some of your maturity?

  49. Resriechan says:

    @ Noelegy: I also LOL’d atcher story. Our sympathies on your Sign. Other’s Plague.

    In re. Philo’s hyperness & then smugness (again I emphasize, the following is meant only in affectionate irony, NOT actual nasty sarcasm)

    “And yer point is?” (winky winky)

  50. Resriechan says:

    (translation: isn’t that why you attached your existence to a furry feline? to be befuddled on a daily basis? :))

  51. @wuyizidi
    As some one who has lived with many different cats through the years teh sooner you surrender to it the happier you will be

    says the woman with two….. count them two screens with entrance/exit holes inserted by a certain tabby-calico …

    IF you replaces the screen she would just make a new hole…

    As to the sheets go buy some cheep ones until kitty grows out of destructo stage (if you are lucky)

  52. @Resriechan (hands over small thimble of maturity) that’s all I got left, help yourself. Use it wisely. (runs around in circles, shrieking and making stupid faces)

  53. His back paws look so much like front ones that you almost think he’s headless at first glance….hahaha

  54. Lee, I see what you’re saying, but…then his tail would be growing out of his shoulders?

  55. Resriechan says:

    @ skippymom: Thanks for the donation. I will treasure your generosity.

    In re your mood today:um……wow, nope. In response to THAT, I got nuthin’.


    (Hey guys, can anybody shove a sofa over there near her, in case she collapses suddenly?)

  56. Resriechan says:

    @ Kittyadventures:

    Just a tiny little item from the Cute Grammar Police….dontcha mean to say,
    ‘two, count’EM, two….”??????? otherwise you’ll lose an ounce of cutesy effect.

    Effectvie Cutesy Writing,
    Chapter six.

  57. Sometimes we call them drumsticks. Sometimes we call them hamhocks.

  58. Orange tuxedo tabbies rock! With some more orange on the sides and a few freckles on the nose, this could be our Henry. Henry has a little honey-colored goatee just like this cutie.

    Henry rubs his face with his front paws when you rub his belly–absolutely adorable. I need to get that on video some day…

  59. Resriechan (love the name), everyday existence with Philo is a marvel. For the longest time, we couldn’t figure out why he’s supremely lovable when he’s out in the living room, but a complete toot when he’s in the bedroom. Seriously, if you sit down on the couch, you will immediately be pinned down by <5 lbs. of purring, face-rubbing, head-butting Kitteh Wuv. But in the bedroom, he harasses the other cats (nobody wants to play with him!) and is his own Flying Circus. Then we figured it out: He's the only cat that will emerge from the bedroom if the dogs are inside. Therefore, in the living room, he has no competition and he gets ALL the lovings. In the bedroom, there are other kittehs and he doesn't have to put on airs.

  60. And as if to illustrate my point, he just bounded across the bed (my computer is in the bedroom) and tapped me on the arm with a paw as I finished writing the previous post.

  61. Re: scratching screens… my kitty would always GI Joe his way across our bedroom window screen, and I way always trying to repair it with Attractive Duct Tape, etc. But then – ta daa! I put a sisal scratcher right by the screen (first vertical, then horizontal) and he has not scratched it ONCE again.

    So I would heartily recommend putting a scratching-utility object by screens. (I think when they see/smell the outside, it makes them want to mark their territory and generally display cattitude by clawing.) It really works.

  62. victoreia says:

    @ding: That’s gotta be the most dead-on translation of that pose EVER!

  63. Gizmo The Bad managed to scratch his way through the screen on the second floor of the house (I suspect with the help of Gillie the Not SoGood) and proceeded to jump. He was fine but got cornered by a stay cat and came running to momma for help.

  64. @kzgz Good Idea .. but in our case it was all about: 1. An escape hatch to the great out doors and 2. An entry port for bringing in fresh catch of the day! no scratching post would have solved our issue. Magneato was all about using windows as an exit and entrance strategy.

    At Resriechan, you can suggest all the comma fixes you want to me but I warn you, all other attempts by college professors to help me gain the upper hand on comma usage have thus far failed LOL 😉

  65. Doxylover79 says:

    Looks like a centerfold to me. Va Va Voom

    [It’s OK, I understand; this ain’t no Never-Never Land – J.G.]

  66. @wuyizidi: Clip the kitten’s nails. When it’s young is a good time to start, since it will get used to it more easily. Also, make sure she has enough fun scratching stuff–that will help to keep the nails short. Kittens sometimes don’t have great retractable claw control…..If none of this works, you can use the squirt-gun method to keep her off the bed (squirt a little water on her when she’s on the bed, she’ll get down quickly). But what fun are kittehs if not allowed bed snuggles?

  67. LAZY LAZY KITTEH! Go get a job!

  68. ^^ Lol! Funny, Paunchie. I wish they had to sometimes. It’s always, take-take-take.

    At home we call this “doing chopsticks.” When I see them stretch their legs I always say, “Oh chopsticks, chopsticks!” Of couse I do it in a super ridic voice that they love, but humans do not appreciate. It’s a true gift.

    Love the enhance-a-scope shot too.

  69. Wait. Isn’t it an another Marilyn Monroe calendar picture? I think it goes right after that one:

  70. I do not have a foot fetish, honest, but I could seriously devour those little feet.

    Also, I’m glad to know our family wasn’t alone in describing meezer’s feet with fowl names. We called them “Chicken Toes”, because darned if their long, spindly toes didn’t look, well, like a chicken’s.

  71. mrowbecca says:

    Twisty McSuper Kitty. That’s what we call that pose around here.

  72. Queen of Dork says:

    skippymom (#29) Our cat SamKitty often gets in the posish you described…lying on belly with front legs extended fuuulllllyyy forward. When he lays like that we call him, SPHYNXY BOY!!

  73. My cat did this pose on the floor at my feet when I was trying to get my clothes for the day out of the wardrobe. Talk about DISTRACTING.

  74. Thanks for all the advices. She’s almost 3 so I don’t think she’ll grow out of it. But I will try to trim those claws. And will start feeding her only at night and see how that works. And I’ll get a water pistol 🙂

  75. called “stretchy toes with archy tail” in my house.

  76. Dude, that cat looks just like my Kestine. o_o

    Same white mask and belly and paws. AND HE STRETCHES LIKE THAT, TOO.

  77. 😈 That kitty’s belly is in need of a major SNORGLE-FEST 😈

  78. Resriechan says:

    @ Aleutie: GREAT call — even the linenz R red, as in MM !!

    @ Noelegy:
    1: re the name– thanks– we can credit the people of Japanese extraction (is that sufficiently PC to prevent a nuffplosion?), when we lived there, for whom the letters “L’s” and “S’s” were difficult to pronounce. (oh– and I was a munchkin of about 8 yrs at the time; “chan” is the affectionate suffix they use for “little kid”)

    2: Re the animallove convention at your residence: sounds like an overall territorial competishe of Luuuuuuuuuuuv might have developed.
    While I will admit that I’m slightly covetous of your generous “heapin’ helpins” of snuggles… I’m genuinely and entirely joyous for the snuggles (AND the silly Flying Circus events) that your love & devotion to these animaux, has returned unto you.

    Snuggle at will !!!

  79. i love when my kitties do this. the lil’ toes kill me. i want to nom them, each and every one.

  80. Resriechan says:

    And @ KittyAdventures:

    That, my dear, is why God (or some human of His Creation) placed the term
    “longsuffering” into the dictionary.

    (tortured, angst-filled sigh of resignation)


  81. @wuyizidi: Your kitteh is just trying to protect you from the Ebil Linens. Many cats are thusly protective of their servants. I keep a cheap fleece throw on top of my bed linens so Tubby has something to claw without ruining my sheets. And yes, I have put off buying any nice ones while he’s around.

  82. Jazz paws!

  83. Resriechan: thanks for the backstory! That makes the name even cuter. I had an inkling that might be the genesis of your name. I have five cats, ranging from 15 years to 2.5. Two of them are brothers and are frequently found snuggling each other. The 15 y.o. inadvertently spent the night in the garage (don’t feel TOO sorry for her, I found her bedded down in a bag of clothes slated for Goodwill), and hasn’t left my lap once in the nearly three hours since I found her.

    I can’t remember a time in my life when I haven’t had at least one cat. One of my Facebook photo albums has a picture showing me, about four years old, snorgling a huge Meezer in my lap. My life has always been blessed with these sweet, mysterious, and often daft creatures.

    Speaking of FB: I would love to connect with CO friends there! If anyone wants to look me up, my email is (remove spaces) g n o e l l e @ c h a r t e r . n e t. My avie photo shows an auburn-haired woman (me) standing next to a tall red-haired man in a blue shirt (hubby). Just put in the friend invite that you’re from CO.

  84. TrekkieCat says:

    Holy crap, that looks like my kitty! Seriously. Except for the patch of orange on his chin, it could be my Waverly-cat. He lies like that and everything!

    I miss my kitty… I’m almost 1000 km north of home and seeing this takes me right back.

  85. Love how his toes are all POINK

  86. Nice stretch Kitty! But my greyhound Cleo got you beat in the stretch department…..she got those long long bambi legs that stretch across the room, but Kitty you do have some dang cute toes that I wanna tickle…..goochi goochi gooooooo! who’s got cutesie wittle toesie wosies? you do!!! i wuv them….sigh :o)

  87. Resriechan says:

    @ Noelegy —
    no esta FB, en mi casa 😦
    Myspace, si ….

    aber kein FB 😦