Red Panda Monorail Delay

Attention Passengers.

There will be a 30-minute wait for the Dangling Paw Red Panda Monorail.

Please expect multiple bamboo-nomming delays. [sigh]


Squirrel reinforcements are on their way with back-up nuts.*


*Wait What!?

Brian B. took these shots at the Smithsonian Zoo.



  1. AuntieMame says:

    Squirrel reinforcements are on their way with back-up nuts.


  2. Von Zeppelin says:

    Nice paint job on the monorail–especially the stripe around the nose.

  3. TOOO CUTE! ❤ I love Red Pandas so bad.

  4. Good thing I brought a book.


    I love Red Pandas. He can come nap at my house.

  6. 10-4 base I copy. What is the 10-20 of Squirrel reinforcements?

  7. I feel like that red panda looks. Though, it is noteworthy that my “dangling hands” at the sides of my desk chair do not elicit any sort of “Awwwwwww!” reaction from my boss.

  8. Again? *sighes* And when it comes, the seats will be covered in bamboo and nut pieces. And squirrel fur. Quite unacceptable.

  9. I’ll still take the DPRPM over Chicago’s CTA!

  10. Is it me or has it been ages since we’ve seen a red panda on CO? To me, they are part of the Holy Trinity of cute animals (along with kittens and otters).

  11. Monorail Panda has left the station? Noooo.

  12. DPRPM asks you to “Mind the nap”

  13. TrixandSam says:

    Slow down, you movin’ too fast
    You gotta make the moment last
    Just slowin’ down the Monorail
    Lookin’ for fun and
    Feelin’ groovy


  14. We keep referring to it as ‘monorail,’ but perhaps we hoomans, as primates, are missing the point. We see this positional display in many, many non-hoofed quadripeds – monorail cat, monorail ham, monorail squirrel, monorail lizard, etc., over and over again. I’m beginning to think it is some kind of ancient spiritual technique of which we are unaware. Perhaps they have been doing this for millennia (maybe there where monorail dinosaurs) and there is an associated chakra, Dangling Paw, or whatever. I suspect these critters are way more spiritual than we have ever given them credit for; we are so wrapped up in the quest for qute.

    and blah blah blah, there is my treatise on 4 legged spirituality:-0, yawn

  15. Resriechan says:

    To the Mgmt: are these Red Panda Monorail delays, related, in any way, to the Red Panda Monorail delays, from a few months back? Or is this an independent breakdown, with diverse causations?

    And@ TrixxxandSam:

    EggZACTly my kinda earworm. S&G. now THAT’s whatahmtalkinabout.

  16. Resriechan says:

    And alternative storyline. caption option #9 (Beatles earworm yet again)

    “Houston [or perhaps in this case, “District of Columbia”], We have a problem.”


  17. Public transportation has never looked so cute! 🙂

  18. (sigh) at least the DPRPM is cheaper than those krazy lemur cabs.

  19. Considering it’s the National Zoo, shouldn’t that be a red line *Metro*rail delay?

  20. snuh, those lemur cabs may be crazy, but I’d rather use one of them than the sloth rickshaw I took the other day. I thought we’d neeeevvveerr get there!

  21. I’d take the DPRPM just for the breakdowns. Post perfect Meg! Thnx!

  22. Oops, not breakdowns, “nomming delays”.

  23. Dooo doo bas de doo dooo doo doo felling groooovy.

  24. F train here. If you must know, I take it WAY PAST all those hipster stops, to where I have LIVED PRACTICALLY ALL MY LIFE, SO THERE. You know, the neighborhoods without cafes and clubs. 😛

  25. Oh no, I said too much. :mrgreen:

    [That’s me with a corndog, that’s me with a pot pie, chewin’ my provisions – Ed.]

    [aka Not That Michael Stipe The Other Michael Stipe 😉 – Ed.]

  26. I suppose I haven’t said enough!

  27. Aww these little guys are so precious!

  28. I’m confused as to why there was a link to the Smithsonian Zoo, when it’s actually referred to as the National Zoo…. I promise I know this, I live nearby.

  29. Kay, the link says “Smithsonian Zoo” probably because the official name of the National Zoo is “Smithsonian’s National Zoological Park”, or just “Smithsonian National Zoo”. Residents probably just call it the National Zoo, but out-of-towners might not. And google doesn’t.

    I wonder if the Red Panda Monorail is still on a break. I want to cuddle that little guy (or gal)!

  30. I was JUST AT the National Zoo on the 9th! The only photo I got of the red panda was of him hiding under all the brush in the corner. :sob: Red Panderers are my FAVORITE!!!!

  31. emmberrann says:

    Haw! Back-up Nuts!
    You’d think there’d be plenty of regular nuts on this blog! (Oh, and yes, count me in as one. Folks say I’m pretty squirrely without any back-up nuts atall!)

  32. belphebe, i assure you that the smithsonian also refers to this institution as the “national zoo”. if you poke around the website a bit you’ll see verification” titles of pages such as “visiting the national zoo”, et cetera. it’s not just a lazy nickname used by locals. also, if you google “national zoo”, you’ll see that google knows more than you give it credit for 😉

  33. Branch straddler paw dangler

  34. awwwwwww
    i love red pandas and this by far is the cutest!!!!!