It’s Time for Benny’s TV Playhouse!

Hey there, kids!  Welcome to my super-fun TV playhouse!  All my favorite TV pals are here, like Bucky Bear, and Sally the White Object That Might Be a Bunny (I think she passed out on the swing set)!

And you’re just in time to see me hop on my flying carpet and travel …


To the moon! OK, here I am on the moon… The lunar surface is really bumpy…


… and it smells just like fabric softener!  Oh, well, as long as I don’t meet up with any scary moon monsters I should be…


… fine.


Benny’s TV Playhouse is a Jess E. Production!  Benny trained by Jess E.!  Sets designed by Jess E.!  Benny designed by Benny’s mom and dad!  Photos by Jess E. and Jess E.’s Mom!  Executive Senior Script Consultant, NTMTOM!  Fake moon landing set by NASA (I knew it)!  See’ya next week, kids, YAAAAAY!!!



  1. Cute hammie, but… that blankie? WANT!!

  2. Moon hamster,
    Wider than a… mouse
    Come visit in my house

    OK, I know that was pretty lame.

  3. victoreia says:

    Man, that lunar surface is pinker than expected…..

    That said, OMGHammie!

  4. rubber duck says:


    That last picture seriously cracked me up. But it’s also very very cute.

  5. bethmachine says:

    99.9% sure that bunny is a Hello Kitty figurine!!! Talk about cute!

  6. Tiny steps are what you take,
    Walking on the moon
    I hope my whiskers don’t shake
    Walking on the moon…
    EE-YO-YO *Sing in Sting early years voice*

    [Keep it up… – Ed.]

  7. The pinkness of the blankie matches the nose and the paws…

    Watch out for those NASA induced explosions on the moon li’l Benny!

    Anyone else humming “Buh buh buh Benny and the Jets!”

  8. katfighter says:

    Soooooo cute, but…isn’t that a gerbil, not a hammie?! Or am I looney tunes? (Well yeah, I am, but for many other reasons.)

  9. SMOOCH!

  10. Since the moon is made of green…er, pink cheese, then that is a mouse!

  11. NTMTOM, at first I thought you were going all-in for the cutesy harmless commentroversy-proof hammy-on-moon action, but then no! You had to bring up the moon landing. Danger, NTMTOM, danger!

  12. Mekka-lekka-hi, mekka-hiney ho!

    Remember kids, when you hear the secret word, SCREAM REAL LOUD!!

  13. lovefelines2003 says:

    That’s definitely a gerbil (I think!) – I’ve had both, and they are both beyond adorable critters………his little fingers…OMG!

  14. It is indeed…Hamster Hump Day

  15. fish eye no miko says:

    If you believe
    We put a ham on the moon (ham on the moon)
    And if you believe
    They won’t crawl up your sleeve

    [Why, then you’re a fooool… – Ed.]

  16. Heh, much dishaprovalsh in that last picture.
    But still so cutes! *faints with want*

  17. OMG this post is SO FULL OF WIN

  18. It’s singalong Wednesday!

  19. ant man bee says:

    Oh, that Sally — she used to be such a star — her own show and everything — but she started hitting the gin bottle by lunch time and now she’s head down in the swing set every afternoon, slurring her lines and missing her marks. Showbusiness, I tells ya, it’ll eat you up and spit you out… Take care, little Benny, take care!

    [Take another little piece of my hamster, baby… – J.J.]

  20. DaytimeDeb says:

    Oh Theresa, you beat me to it! Mekka-Lekka Hi, Mekka Hiney Ho!!

  21. Yay for Benny’s TV Playhouse!!! He needs a theme song? Well, what could be better than “Benny and the Jets”??

    “hey kids, shake it loose together
    the spotlight’s hitting something
    that’s been known to change the weather
    we’ll kill the fatted calf tonight

    What??? hmmm. I think some of the lyrics need adjusting. Does Benny have an electric suit, mohair boots? never mind.

    (p.s. love the last pic. It’s OK you were caught playing again, Benny. It’s good to have an imagination)

  22. Re: “Benny designed by Benny’s mom and dad!” hahahahahahaha! Brilliance.

    I think everything should have this in the credits/on the title page/in the by-line.

  23. Let’s all sing along: I was walking on the moon one day, in the merry merry month of May euh November…

  24. here i thought it was a giant (and cute) hammie living in that playhouse. until the last pic with the gynormas human hand to show scale…WAS that a human or a MOON GIANT..!!!…..anxiously awaiting next weeks espisode….

  25. *cue dramatic music soundtrack*

  26. Or, of course, paraphrasing:

    Benny, Benny, Benny the wonder hamster
    He doesn’t bite, and he doesn’t squeal
    He just runs around on his hamster wheel…

  27. Von Zeppelin says:

    OK, this proves it (cynical sneer)–the moon landing was FAKED! Look carefully at the rodent on the lunar surface. Enhanced photographic analysis demonstrates that (insert Dramatic Prairie Dog) THE CRATERS ARE INSIDE OUT!! Real moon craters are pokey-inny things in the ground. These are pokey-OUTY things. Hah! Caught you, NASA! Just try to explain THAT!

    (Also, the giant finger stroking the wee mousie is unlikely to be found on the moon. I’m not saying definitely, mind you, but unlikely. . .)

  28. AuntieMame says:

    Who knew the Moon had an innie and not an outie? 🙂

  29. *Screams real loud*

  30. Oh em gee! The sweetest little hammy I ever did see!
    And playing around on a little mat my Sylvanian families had when I was little! That’s adorable :3

  31. NOMTOM, this post was soooooo qte!!! love it! little furry critter with crazy BEF, check; redonkulous captioning, check; awesome hovertext, check =D

    in that last pic it looks like the hooman hand is head-beeping benny. like a nose beep, but on the head. …. so, is there such a thing as a head beep? if not, i want to patent the use of said beeping….

  32. good lawd. that’s all i can say.

    well, that, and i like the *poink* last pic.,

  33. MissKitty says:

    I am quite pleased with the quantity of adorable hamsters on CO lately…. Quite pleased, indeed.

  34. Chauvinist says:

    Mouse don’t know what …. he may find, why don’tcha come with me, little mouse, on a Magic Carpet Ride, well. …..

  35. Mmmm that blankie looks sooooo soft and cuddly!
    Oh and the little furry friend doesn’t look so bad either. ^_-

  36. Space Cowgirl says:

    ROFL @ Bryn!

  37. I totally have a jacket made out of that fuzzy bubble-wrap cloth, except it’s mint green! I wear it like a pajama top in the winter. 🙂 But that’s such a cutey little hammie! And I’m pretty sure that Sally is Hello Kitty from the side view. But she might well have passed out on the swingset.

  38. Queen of Dork says:

    Bucky Bear has the table all set back there and is like, Wheeee!! C’mon, it’s time for lunchuhbals!! Sally is all, no. nap time. Hammy (or whatever that is) is too busy with the magic carpet moon launch countdown.

  39. Benny, Benny
    A Ham you’re not.
    One look at that tail
    Four inches it’s got!
    A Ham has but a stub
    Mostly hidden by fur.
    But Benny is definitely not a ham but a Ger……………………..bil.

    Just as cute and just as furry
    but in California they must scurry
    ’cause Fish & Game think they’re a threat
    Even though a menacing Gerbil they never met.

    So Benny, Benny please hear me well
    If you’re in CA your tail will tell.
    But if your Playhouse is anywhere else
    Show the tail with pride, let the bear be jealous

    p.s. I’m not a poet… doncha know it.

  40. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    spb wins a kabillionty Internets!

    Scanning the comments, it seems that Benny has an awesome collection of potential theme songs to choose from!

  41. kibblenibble says:

    That was so cute and random and fun, just what I needed after a long day. I’m laughing helplessly. Thanks, NOMTOM and CO friends.

  42. But where’s the tail? I don’t see it! 😥

  43. This is my hamster Benjamim. He is a Chinese Dwarf Hamster, everyone, in case you were wondering. He was very young when these shots were taken. He didn’t require any training at all, really, he’s just very docile and sweet. ^-^

  44. Aww, what an adorable little hammy! I love Chinese hams, they’re such sweet little guys. ^^

  45. The tiny 6 or 7 cm tails on Chinese Dwarfs are used for climbing. If you slip your finger under their tummies, they will curl their little paws and tails around you. They cling. It’s remarkably adorable. After aquiring Benji, I squee’d so more times than I had in the past 6 monthes combined. I lub ma benji!!!! I’m extremley elated that you all do too! SQUEE!
    (and yes, that’s a Hello Kitty on the swing. And that is my finger. He’s tiny.)

  46. Lolz did I say 6 cm? XD I met 1.3. Lolz I’m not good at measurements ad guesstimating. But I just measured on Benji who’s sitting comfortable in my hand right now. He says hello. Btw, those theme songs are amazing!! CuteOverload rocks!!1!!!!

  47. metzdarling says:

    50bajillion cable television stations and not one of them carry Benny’s TV Playhouse!

    And my Mom won’t let me get the Benny’s TV Playhouse Playhouse either. Or the Benny Action Figure, or Lunchbox, or TV Trays, or even the Benny’s TV Playhouse Tissues! Whahhhhh!!!!

  48. Ben, the two of us need look no more…
    We’ve both found what we were looking for
    With a friend to call my own
    I’ll never be alone
    And you my friend will see
    You’ve got a friend in me…

  49. Somehow I found that song way more sad than I imagined. Ah the lost promise of youth…

    Guess I need another visit to Benny’s TV Playhouse to lift my spirits. YAYYYYYYY!!!
    all better

  50. OMG I got a Chinese Dwarf a few months ago (I’ve always been partially to Russians or Syrians) and she’s the flippin’ cutest thing ever – her name’s Pixie – but I think your Benny might put her to cuteness shame; she’s a skinny little thing and plump looks good on him 🙂

  51. The last pic! SQUEEEEEEEEEE!

  52. Lenses by Bausch and Lomb filmed in Super Hamervision.

  53. Tiny cuteness, redonkulousss capshons, whimsical songs and pomes by the Comment Peeps, Ed. scolding no one… :mrgreen: Aaaaah, the soothing comfortabuhlness of it all. *contented sigh*

  54. She packed my straw last night pre-flight
    Zero hour nine a.m.
    And I’m gonna be on a pink moon by then

    I miss those seeds so much I miss my cage
    It’s lonely out this quilt
    On such a flo-o-ofy blankie

    And I think it’s gonna be a long long time
    Till I get back into my nice warm cage
    I’m not the mouse they think I am on CO
    Oh no no no I’m a rocket ham
    Rocket ham twitching my cute whiskers up here alone

    A pink moon ain’t the kind of place to run around
    In fact it’s not even a Habitrail!
    And there’s no plastic tubes here any way, even if you ran

    And all this soft flatness I don’t understand
    It’s just my job to scurry five days a week

    A rocket ham, a rocket ham!

    And I think it’s gonna be a long long time
    Till everyone sees the movie Capricorn One
    And realize the moon is not real, it’s just a cute pink quilt
    Oh yeah yeah yeah I’m a rocket ham

  55. Hi Benny!!! *jumping up and down with glee*

    When I was a little kid I thought the people on tv could see me just as I could see them (c’mon, people, admit you thought so too). Our local tv weatherman started every broadcast with “Hiya small fry!” Then one day my mom and I met him, he greeted me with a “Hiya small fry” and I knew I was right – he HAD seen me!

    All that to say… Benny sees me, Benny sees me!!

    Time for my nap now. 😀

  56. Oh, and these pictures not prove the moon landing was a fake; it only proves that a smarter-than-average hammy can land on the moon too. So there. :ppfftt:

  57. “Do not prove,” not “not prove.”

    Seriously in need of a nap now.

  58. Either the moon landing is a fake, or the moon is just a giant Boppy! I’m hoping for the latter. It’s hard to fool a gramma.

  59. Resriechan says:

    @ Rachael:

    While I din’ akshually believe that people on TV could see me as easily as I saw them, my mind had some similiar semi-delusions ……It was literally about the 9th grade, before I figured out that the Beatles’ song “8 Days a Week” was intended as an Ironic Phrase…. & that explained why people referred to “10 business days” rather than “16 business days”, etc. & etc. I had to go back, in rewind, through my memory & try to untangle all the secondary conclusions that I had made, about the length of time which had passed between Event A & Event B …throughout my recent experiences …..

    Somewhat embarrassed to admit it !

    (But at least it was due to a great Beatles’ song!!)

  60. Andi from NC says:

    @saffron – hamtastic song!!!

  61. Resriechan says:

    @ NTM:

    is there a webpage avail, on which I could locate the approximate quantity that you have offered, there? “Kabillionty”????

    It seems rather awe-inspiring just to consider the possibilities …..

  62. AuntieMame says:

    Rachael, I know they could see me. Their eyes followed me all the way across the froom!

  63. @Saffron — you have my vote for Best Benny Theme Song!!

  64. We have just unleashed a “Benny and the Jets” earworm on people? Really?
    Oh, man…….

    [That’s nothing. Now we got Buh Buh Buh Bunny and the Breasts too. 😯 – Ed.]

  65. I can’t let it go. Unless I’m mistaken ‘the white object that might be a bunny’ on the swing is the epitome of bunny cuteness, Miffy!

  66. Rocket Ham! That was great, Saffron.

  67. The last shot of Benny and the “alien creature” is SO great. I love eet 😀

  68. Awww!!! Benny is sooo cute in the last shot! Look at those little adorable eyes! Small, cute adorable. What kind of hamster is this?

  69. HEAD BEEP!

  70. Speaking of kooky classic children’s tv shows, bad news 2day. Soupy Sales has died. 😦
    I loved that guy! 😦

  71. Benny designed by benny’s moom and dad! oh goodness i almost pooped my pants when i read that

  72. zosterops says:

    This post has great timing and great subtitles!

    [Isn’t it amazing how a written piece, which is by definition static & fixed, can be said to have great timing? We have good writers. 🙂 – Ed.]

  73. auntyloba says:

    so cute ! i have a hamster like that

    Oh the sweetness!
    I miss my Cornelius so much now.
    He is also a smuggleable little chinese dawrf.
    So cute!