We Glare—Because We Care!

Are other peoples’ freedoms too much to handle?  Then turn to Outrage, Inc., your one-stop source for manufactured outrage!  Choose from a variety of specialized tantrums, or try our general-purpose “I’m Mad As Hell” package:


Want to be the death of the party?  Our “Gloom and Doom” package will show you time-tested secrets to help you bring down any room in seconds!


Need to look down on others?  Our “TechnoSnob” package will teach you the secret catchphrases that will make you sound just like a jaded expert!


So stop feeling irrelevant and ignored!  Call Outrage, Inc. today, and start getting the attention you think you deserve!

Photos: Sad Scottish Fold by Stephanie R., flickr fan by BeccaG



  1. Super funny. 🙂 Love the sad kitteh…. ooooo….

  2. 😆 NOMTOM & Teho, you guys crack me up! Too purrfect!

    [I dint do nufin – Ed.]

  3. wait to stick it to the nuffers 😀

  4. way*, whoops

  5. 260Oakley says:

    I love the smell of sarcasm in the morning. It smells like… kangaroo scat.

  6. Nice summation in the hovertext!

    The leopard (?) has amazing paws, and a definite “don’t mess with me” attitude.

  7. Aw, sad kitty needs a hug!

  8. that’s the saddest kitteh ever.

  9. Resriechan says:

    Scottish Fold breed+
    “Widdle kitten”+

    I’m officially post mortem.

  10. Oh, well-flargled, NOMTOM, with just the right amount of grimace and yrpling!

    What did happen-I missed it. CO history and I missed it. Can anyone relate the tale? (tail) of the sequence of event leading to the *poof* of the thread?

  11. Perfection.

    Have I mentioned my undying love lately?

  12. Resriechan says:

    (‘k, not REALLY ded, I s’pose)

    You should develop & publish a New Dictionary of Outrageous Mumble Sounds:
    Exhibit A:


    Case Closed.

  13. HAHA!! I can just hear all the ’nuffers grumbling and going, “Well, I NEVER!!” Truly a perfect way to start my day. Thank you! =D

  14. got disapproving rabbits?

  15. Resriechan says:

    @ Katrina….well, the one detail that I recall (if we’re referencing the Kanga Komments Kommentroversy?) …is that the word “slavery” was used without heartily denouncing & disclaimering its Evils. I hope I’ve described that in a semi-accurate way. Generally I forget something & I”m sure that if I did, someone else will be generous & indulgent & further embellish.

    Peace to all

  16. I think the nuffers are already fully paid up members of Outrage, Inc.

  17. This is so full of win it’s spilled over and flooded the town. *gets on raft made of Pom Fur Shavings & floats blissfully away*

  18. NOMTOM, you are rocking the hovertext, this morning. When I become queen, you shall have a special place in my man-harem. 😀

  19. epic WIN.

  20. Jess&Friends says:

    I’m going to snorrgle them untill they are shaking with the rageing fury of one thousand burning suns.

  21. Love the Sad Cat.

    People need to realize the “enraging” photos/picture commentary is just the sites way
    of increasing publicity. Angry people=more site participation=more site visits
    =good for the paying sponsers.

    ANY publicity is good publicity.

  22. ::snorflechoke:: Best hovertext EVER.

  23. Oh, laws. I had to pop an extra Prozac when I saw Sad Kittayn.

  24. OMG, this needs to be a blog! CuteOutrage.com hasn’t been bought up yet. I would totally do it myself, unfortunately, my computer skills are limited to making comments on other peoples’ blogs. X3;

  25. GreyandWhite Kitty says:

    Ooooo first kitty is punk rock!

  26. Forgot to mention – ORMULAR flanging? Does Photoshop know about that effect?

  27. BeckyMonster says:

    Cute Overload, you complete me…

  28. Who knew huffy could be cute?

  29. Best… hovertext…. evar! NTMTOM, I give you a standing ovation. Yes, a one person standing ovation. 😛

  30. Copperbat says:


    Purrrrr… FECT!

    Give em hell, NTMTOM!

  31. Teehee teehee snicker snicker snort. 😀

  32. beardediris says:

    I laughed so loud at your comment, it’s a good thing I sit in a big old lobby all by myself most of the day!

  33. And may I add – for the record – that I adamantly disapprove of slavery. It’s bad, darn it, it’s just bad! And wrong! And evil! 🙂

    [Noted! — Mike ;)]

  34. (Re photo 1) Edvard Munch, eat your heart out.

  35. alwayscataddict says:

    freakin’ awesome!

  36. Katrina- To sum it all up… Buff kangaroo sheik = not funny… to some anyways…

    I loveeeee the second kitty.. Don’t worry kitty I will scoop you up and nuzzle you!!!

  37. Vicki, at least as it relates to this particular Korny Kangaroo Kontroversy “nuffer,” outraged? No. Cringe-y? Definitely.

    I didn’t ask that it be taken down, and a part of me wishes it hadn’t – if only because yes, I believe in freedom of expression and I am convinced NTMTOM honestly did not intend any harm and was merely referencing an existing body of corny “literature” and old Valentino films. But I can understand that some readers, whose ancestors suffered the horrors of slavery, could be hurt. Not to mention the fact that just the other day a 12-year old whose father had given in “marriage” to an older man in settlement of a debt, died in childbirth.

    And now, back to our scheduled huffy kittens, feckless ferrets and disapproving rabbits…

  38. Is the hovertext NTMTOM or Theo? To whomever: go get ’em!! Awesome encapsulation of nuffitude.
    [‘Tweren’t me – Ed.]

    I love fierceness of baby snow leopard (?) and massive paw. “I’m small now, but you just wait…”

  39. OMG!! That first picture… I. just. died. !!
    You just know he’s totally yelping: “Eeeeooow! Get Off My TAIL!” heeheehee.

    Love the hovertexts. Gold.

  40. Wait, I think I missed something other than the Kangamentroversy. NOMTOM does the hovertexts now?

  41. Sad kitteh picture has keeeeeled me! Kitteh needs to be snorgled, stat!

    Love the huuuge paw on the leopard and the look of shock as he is saying “WHAT! Jon and Kate got divorced?!?!? My DVR messed up my stories and did not pick up that episode!!!”

  42. I, for one, an OUTRAGED at OUTRAGE, INC.!!! I demand … uh…something or other… oh my…oh my gawd. The doom & gloom kitteh. Oh the utter SADNESS in those eyes!!
    I’m just gonna go jump off this cliff now. *SOB

  43. Resriechan says:

    (wow now there’s Jen; and then, there’s Jenn) Friendly wave to both!!

    To Jen: I LOL’d after reading your comment. Emphatically.
    And, I’m willing to do it again.
    Carry on.

  44. Resriechan says:

    “Wait, zeldapie—

    DON’TJUMP !! It MIGHT just be a picture. The kitten MIGHT still be alive & be nibbling on catnip, now….Somebody bring this woman a puppy, STAT!!”

    @ Vicki no it is not the first– there was one other that I know of but it was before I found my way to cuteoverload.

  46. @Jen – mind if I join your standing ovation? This really is the best hovertext ever.

  47. shahinrani says:

    OMG I love this!! NTMTOM wins so much.

  48. WIN!

  49. Where the heck was Outrage, Inc. this summer? We could have used them for town hall meetings. I’m mad as heck and I’m outraged. Dang it all!

  50. BeckyMonster says:

    I can’t believe nobody said it yet….

    “Put the f-ing leopard in the basket!!!”

  51. @ BB/VA : The more the merrier!

  52. Resriechan – THANK YOU for the puppeh! I am saved! Life is wonderful again! (Although I could use an updated picture of the gloom & doom kitteh, looking all happy and content.)

  53. BeckyMonster, I think the overlap between people who read CO and people who know the lyrics to “Silence of the Lambs: the musical” are VERY VERY small!
    Thank you, I will now have that stuck in my head all day.

    [You mean this? (link NSFW y’all, for language) – Ed.]

  54. Silvendil says:

    Best CO post ever! The Best.

  55. Love the snow leopard! Hilarious post!

  56. AuntieMame says:

    This post is classic!! I’ve already used the sad Scottish Fold hovertext in the shaved Pommie thread, and I’m totally gonna paste the outraged snow leopard next time there’s a ripsnorting commentroversy!

    Awesome job, Not Mike and Theo!
    [Nothing to do with me. – Ed.]

    (I missed the kangaroo kerfuffle yesterday. The post was still there, but the comments had been deleted. The photo was fairly innocuous, I thought, but I knew some hypersensitive bleeding heart was going to take offense at it. I could just tell [from the pixels]. Anyhoo, I wonder what these people think they’re accomplishing by pitching a snit at a photo blog? Is it changing anything for the better?)

    (And I hope no one feels the need to apologize for the post, either.)

  57. @Saffron…Haha, that was way better than what I thought he was saying. Silly kitty should pick up a tabloid magazine. 😉

  58. Best

  59. Mr. Sad kitteh is totally the outer reflection of me today!


  60. Silly nuffers.

  61. AuntieMame says:

    You didn’t do the hovertexts on this one, Theo? Hmm.

    Maybe the byline should include both the post-er and the hover-er.

  62. Add to the argle slargle, a hearty sassn rassn frassn. :mrgreen:

  63. Bravo MadameX yes, CO is like a movie that we start and play around with in our own heads and then share.

    AuntieMame-Kangaroo Kerfuffle, nicely put.

    To those who equate this blog with life (other than the rescuing power it has over all of us, who comment and who need a lift, even by a buff kangaroo,) please don’t.

    CO is made up of very funny people who senses of humor to come together and create magic. Don’t tinker with the magic.

    You own bone fides don’t have to get all up in a bunch. I have suggestion- if you don’t like a thread, just don’t comment on it. Another one will come along soon. OR go back to one you did like and comment on that one again.

    That will help not to create a commentroversy, you won’t have your name associated with whatever evil you are seeing and it is just like anything else, like a book- don’t buy it, it you don’t want to. Don’t vote for someone you don’t like. Turn off the TV that is not to your liking. You can make a great impression by not participating. It will send a message to CO of what you don’t like and you won’t “reward” them with a whole lot of extra comments!

    I still think Rudolph Valentino is kinda sexy, even if he is a kangaroo.

    And I’ll take two Outraged Felines (Panthers, if you’ve got ’em,) to go, please, you can wrap them up in these newspaper comics I brought. Thanks.

  64. BeckyMonster says:


    I need to be the leader of that small overlap – Dark Humor + Sarcasm + Nihilist + Kittens!

    Now taking applications for my new Utopia. We will watch depressing foreign films about the worst parts of human nature while drinking hot chocolate and snorgling kittehs. Please supply your own fleece robe and slippers.

  65. Wow, I totally missed this whole brouhaha. This imbroglio. This dust-up. THIS ENGLAND. Wait – that’s something else.

    I just thought he was a beautiful kangaroo and that it was like a Come With Me To The Casbah sort of deal. Whoops. [ducking] Is it over?

  66. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @AuntieMame: I write the hovertexts for virtually all my items. I try to use the space to deliver an added joke, but I have to take care not to make it too essential to the piece, since not every browser can display the hovertext (iPhone, for example).

    The posting system doesn’t allow for shared bylines, unfortunately.

  67. the only thing missing is “don’t let the door hit your a$$ on the way outta here”

    baaaad nuffers! baaaaad, baaaad!

  68. woowww, the kanga post has been deleted? things must have gotten cray-cray up in here.

  69. Rachel P. says:

    Super awesome, was purr-fect for a first-thing-in-the-morning laugh! Thanks again, CO! *thumbsup*

  70. That little scottie just convinced me that I need Zoloft.

  71. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    I’ve been looking all morning and I think I finally found what I’ve been seeking: A 2005 International 8500 dump truck with a 5×7 yard dump body, cruise control, and a tape deck — just big enough to contain the MASSIVE WIN of this post. (And listen to my old Howard Jones tapes while hauling it around town.)

    [ 😆 I very nearly clicked the “SPAM” button on this, AD. You almost didn’t make it past my skim filter. 😉 – Ed.]

    [singing Phil Collins’ harmony… no one, noooo one, no one ever… is to blame – Ed.]

  72. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Dude seriously. You get spam about dump trucks? What kind of websites do you visit? 🙂 Maybe you need to INCREASE THE SIZE of the parameters on your spam filter so you’re not UP ALL NIGHT going through messages manually. [snerk]

    [It’s more about what kind of websites visit us, really. But read your first line again… it’s completely off-topic and obviously trying to sell something. Until you bring it back around. 🙂 Before heading back off in a random direction… 😉 – Ed.]

  73. Miss Brea says:

    You have a special place in my heart, NTMTOM. I haven’t laughed like that in a loooonnng time – both capshions and hovertext just killed me.

    Man-harem, indeed.

  74. Ouch… I think I sprained something trying not to LOL at this… and the hovertext! It almost DID ME IN!!!

    AWESOME post, y’all! ❤

  75. Look at the size of the PAWS on that first pic.

  76. Christy, and anyone else:

    “Angry people=more site participation=more site visits
    =good for the paying sponsers.”

    You miss the part where more site visits don’t really mean JACK unless you go to the paying sponsor’s site and BUY SOMETHING.

    [Also, making money is not the only reason, or even the main reason, that Cute Overload exists. This really ought to be obvious. – Ed.]

  77. Tygress22 says:

    OMG! I don’t think i can convey just how much i love this one! 🙂 The whole thing is great and the hovertext is absolutely genius. I litereally LOL’d (which got me a few weird looks from my coworkers…oops..hehe). Thanks so much for all you guys do!

  78. Love the NufferButter response post. I too am sorry not to be able to amble through the commentroversy– must have been SIZZLIN’ HOT to have been ‘disappeared’. Usually comment threads are just closed, not evaporated.

    Reminds me of my very favorite small town newspaper headline about the growing controversy when Pres. George HW Bush declared that he hated broccoli. Headline: Broccoli Rhubarb Mushrooms. (cracks me up EVERY time I think of it!)

  79. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    @Ed: You make a good point. In future posts, I shall endeavor to get to the essence with greater celerity (a word that makes me crave a salad every time I hear it). No guarantees that I’ll succeed, though. After all, sometimes our aspirations are in the clouds, but our hopes go down the drain.

    [Righty-ho. I’m off to dip my foot in the pool. – Ed.]

  80. @Argyle, Celerity Stalks at Midnight.

  81. divinebluesky says:

    This post is so fabulous cute AND snarky – it doesn’t get much better than that combo.

    NTMTOM – I’m so glad that you aren’t wuffled under by all the arglebarglesnarleyow self-righteousness of blatherers that think it is their right and responsibility to teach everyone else in the world how to think.

  82. I am utterly pertubed, shocked and outraged, that I missed yesterday’s Kanga Kontroversie. I loved the idea of a Kanga Sheikh, and couldn’t understand why there were no comments. Now I realize they were deleted, I’m quite aggrieved at my tardiness in following this issue. Sure, there was an inkling of non-PC-ity to the accompaning text, but it was tres sexy and a Harlequin romance stereotype if ever there was one. Can’t we put Kanga Al Kanga back up and try again?

  83. [speechless with laughter]

  84. @Ed, um, I dunno if you want 2 get in that pool, I think Argyle’s been aspiring in it again. 😯

    [Fortunately, it seems that while she can feel the punishment, she can’t commit the sin. 😀 – Ed.]

  85. I too missed the kerfluffle!

    This post is made of win.
    Best. Ever.

  86. Hilarious!

  87. @Katrina, I think Valentino is sexy too!

    @BeckyMonster; instead of a fuzzy robe can I bring a slanket? You know they have those for dogs now, but not for cats, bunnehs or hammies. Too bad. I think hammies would look good in slankets. Or pigs in a slanket.
    I’m just saying.

  88. What?! I missed commentroversy yesterday? How did the nuffs get offended over a kangaroo?
    Oh well, I luff this post! 😀

  89. Hahahahahaha!!! Funniest post EVER. Totally captures the nature of the beast — nuffers in commentroveries, that is. Once again I missed it…. and it involved a KangaROO?? Commentroversies are fascinating studies in human behavior.

    The hover text — “argle flargel grumbly snoot”, “sniifity snurf”, “kravitz fleeple blorp”!
    I think Mr. NOMTOM should be writing children’s books. Similar to Dr. Seuss. Then we can call him Dr. NOMTOM.

    [Relevant linkage added. 😉 – Ed.]

  90. NTMTOM were you genetically engineered to be made of WIN?

    Best Post EVER 😀

  91. You can’t call it outrage if none of the animals is wearing a monocle.

    *tummy hurts from laughing at NOMTOM’s Jerry Lewis impression*

  92. Well played, NOMTOM. I join the wave–that makes 3 of us, right?

  93. BeckyMonster says:

    Slankets are totally welcome!! My cat Scout may come and drool on it while “makin’ biscuits”, if it is made of fleece. That cat needs Fleece-Hab, and a claw trimming, might I add!

    Totally Random Thoughts:
    Rudolf Kangarino – I’ve been saying it to myself all day!
    BlenderGate 2009, now eclipsed by The Great Kangaroo Kerfuffle!!

  94. Resriechan says:

    @ Zeldapie (WHEW!! I HATE it when somebody get hurt or goes over a cliff)

    While I’m not adept eNUFF to provide PRECISELY what you’ve requested, I believe (IF I manage to herd up the correct link– NEVER a certainty) that the following might fit into the correct notch — if you watch all the way to the (not) bitter end, there might even be a few pitiful “mew” & squeaky sounds. Have fun.

  95. Resriechan says:

    (ooh, wow — I thought it would just print the address/link. Din’ even know it were gonna land fully-formed. have NO idee how that happint.)

    ok i guess occasionally computers are maybe slightly different in abilities than typewriters.

  96. Resriechan says:

    (oh and — FLAILING KITTEN LIMBS alert!!!!!)

  97. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Rooanne: Doctor NTMTOM?! Now, that would be a health-care crisis!!

    [He’s the one that makes us feel all right! – Vince]

  98. I’m really trying not to nuff here but…


    [grumble] Smarty-pants smart-aleck. [/grumble]

    [Isn’t it 1-888-YOU-SUCK? Or do they use a real old-school 800 number? 😉 – Ed.]

  99. nano's mom says:

    CO – you have rescued me again. I was feeling kinda like the first picture (“come closer and let me disembowel you” – I really need a new job) and then I read this post! 😀
    I went home last night and said to DH, “It got so bad they pulled all the comments! AND I MISSED THE WHOLE THING. D–M”
    @Susan – would that Harlequin be “The Virgin Sheik’s Illegitimate MIstress’s Baby Kangaroo”? or something like that.

  100. earlybird1 says:

    @resriechan: OH. MY. What a CUTE video!!! Stubblar, wiggly, purring, uncoordinated… all the possible levels of kitten cuteness! Ahhhnnnnnn.

  101. OMG I remember that video, and all these people were like, waaaah, don’t let kittens play with your hands or they’ll grow up to be serial killer cats, waaaaaah.

    Hovertext FOR TEH WIN.

  102. nano's mom says:

    “Kangaroo Kerfluffle” ROLFMAO, which doesn’t go over well at work.

  103. Mein Gott. Silence of the Motley Crue Howard Johnson pop-culture referencing mayhem!

    [er 😆 close but not quite, there – Ed.]

  104. LOL @ NTMTOM
    and @Theo – I don’t know how the heck you find all those crazy links. I watched the musical Silence of the Lambs one (really creeeeeepy) and now I have a strange earworm, “put the fleepin farkle in the basket”…..

  105. Ha ha, Theo, as soon as I get home tonight I am going to call 1-888-YOU-SUCK and see what happens!

    [Um. Actually I have no idea what you’ll end up getting; personally I wouldn’t do it. – Ed.]

  106. And yes, I join the chorus proclaiming this one of the most bang-on combinations of pictures and hovertexts ever.

  107. BeckyMonster says:

    I just have to say that I am SO VERY GLAD that I got to read the Kangaroo post yesterday. It was awesome, and honestly, not nearly as nasty as some commentroversies have been. Not sure what prompted the “removal in entirety” rather than just closing the comments, but heck, not my blog!

    C.O. thanks for making life worth living! 8^)

  108. Yes, the Ormular flanging also got me! I fall for it every single time. Nomtom: Thanks again. I had a super day at the office (no irony) and this just made my day even better!

  109. Holy Resurrected Corpse of Commentroversy! It’s a zombie nuffer.

  110. @Bryn HAHAHA zombie nuffer! Love it!

    Can’t believe I missed the commentroversy, I saw the kanga post shortly after it was put up then didn’t come back to CO until just now. In other news, best hovertext ever.

  111. @Theo, in comment #77, hey, give us a clue here!

    @Resriechan, in comment #95, what a little purring machine!!! And the flailing! “Enh, if yu won’t come close enough, I’ll bat mai own feet! ENH!”

  112. Bryn, a peep on another forum referred to this phenomenon as “necroposting.” Rather fitting, dontchathink?

  113. “Put the leopard in the basket”? I’m afraid that my brain went to “Con Air” before “The Silence of the Lambs.” 😀

    [Step AWAY from the bunny. – Nick]

  114. Resriechan says:

    @ earlybird1 & whiskers:

    I feel your endorphins!!!
    (aka: “Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!”)

  115. BeckyMonster says:

    Is Outrage.Inc a subsidiary of LoudMouthIdiots, LLC?

  116. Awww, BABIES!!! When I had a regular monitor, my baby kitty would sit on top – it was warm there… and bat at the mouse.

    I love the first pic. MUST have.


    (goes running to the theater…)

  117. Warning, there is a new virus out there. The Qte Virus.
    Known to cause ‘sploding hearts & minds everywhere.
    Some of the carriers of this virus have been caught and are currently in quarantine here:
    Proceed with caution. Members of Nose Beepers, be sure to obtain your inoculations from Dr. NTMTOM. Don’t worry it’s covered under our group health plan, mostly.

  118. Wouldn’t the number be 1-800-OUT-RAGE? or 888 or whatever they are using for toll-free these days…

    [Hmm, makes sense; but then again, making sense isn’t really in their charter. – Ed.]

  119. Awww, MAN!! I missed a commentroversy and now it’s GONE?? Carap… 😦

  120. MeheartKitties says:

    OMG .. That Scottish fold just breaks my heart!! I serisously tear up everytime I see it. Poor thing! I hope it got a good home and is happy somewheres!

  121. Theo, also:

    Reminds me of “Blazing Saddles.” “Howard Johnson is right!”

  122. rubber duck says:


  123. KatieZientek says:

    Wow…nuffing at nuffers. So lame.

    [Which makes THIS comment… what, exactly? – Ed.]

  124. From the Department of Redundancy Department?

    [Either that or an infinite feedback loop which becomes a resonance cascade and tears the fabric of the known universe, an event which ends up being immortalized in a nifty series of video games – Ed.]

  125. Man I should read comments more often, that Donkeypants-almost-spam moment was almost as funny as the main post.

  126. LOL @Theo in comment #124!

  127. LOL! The next challenge, obviously, would be a series of photos sticking it to the anti-nuffers. (Personally, I find them much, much more annoying.) Surely some disapproving bunnies would come in handy there. Then a series for the anti-anti-nuffers (you know, people who complain about those of us annoyed by the anti-nuffers), and so on . . . and so on . . . . When will it end?! 😉

  128. Excellant!!

  129. @Mina — to conflate Forrest Gump and Monty Python, if I may…
    C.O. comments are like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get. Sometimes it’s hazelnut fudge and caramel praline, other times it’s Spring Surprise and Lark’s Vomit.

  130. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Theo: Well, where’s the pleasure in that?! If people place a nice chockie in their mouths, they’re not expecting to have their cheeks pierced! In any event, it is an inadequate description of the sweetmeat. I shall have to ask you to accompany me to the station-house!

  131. “Run, Forrest, Run!!”

  132. skippymom says:

    only the finest baby frogs, dew picked and flown from Iraq

  133. I may or may not have started the kangasplosion yesterday at 8 in the morning. But I have definitely got the trolling out of my system and apologize for inciting any nuffers and anti-nuffers and anti-anti-nuffers into any anger fits. That kangaroo deserved a little more respect than that (as well as the people involved in this lovely site). kthxbai

  134. BeckyMonster says:

    If we keep up with all that anti-anti-anti-nuffing, this site will HAVE to be brought to you by Larry the Wonder Llama!!!!!!

    (because the nuffers will have been sacked, of course)

  135. BeckyMonster says:

    Don’t forget the Cockroach Clusters

  136. skippymom says:

    And Anthrax Ripple, of course.

  137. (Pompous Brit army officer voice) Right, then, this is getting very silly indeed.

  138. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Sarah: Thank you for that comment. Of course, I regret that the earlier post upset readers and ignited controversy. This happens from time to time, and it is not as easy to predict as some would believe. The post above is a rare example of me trying to annoy certain readers on purpose, but from your thoughtful comment, I can see that you are not one of them, so I accept your apology and offer you mine in return.

    And your last point is spot-on; Kangaroos deserve ultimate respect. This is because they can kick us clean into next week.

  139. LunaChickFringe says:

    My stomach hurts from laughing so hard. I missed out on the KangaKontroversy too but this applies to all those doom amd gloomers who live to nuff on this site.

  140. @ Theresa (post #81) – holy blast from the past! I had totally forgotten about that book from my childhood until you posted that! 😀

  141. @Not That Mike The Other Mike–

    that’s mighty nice of you to forgive someone apologizing for you being insensitive. way to own up to the post in question. i assume by “certain readers” you mean “women who may be upset by rape references.” that’s really quite humanist of you.

  142. Wow, I didn’t bat an eye at that kangaroo post yesterday. In fact I found it kinda “meh.” 😉

    Can’t believe it was yoinked off the blog altogether! When was the last time a commentroversy got so bad that the whole post was removed? O_o

  143. Heh heh… genius hovertexts! Super cute pics too.

    I missed it all though! I blame work. I coulda been at home reading it and instead I had to be there. Ugh. 😉

  144. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @FilthyGrandeur: Indeed, you are an example of the “certain people” that I caricature in the post above. Since I began writing here, I’ve noticed three types of complaint that I’ve found particularly amusing, and in light of recent events, I thought a post on the subject would be cathartic for many of us.

    But I must clear up a factual error in your comment: There was no rape reference in the post. I didn’t write a post about rape — we wrote a post about rape, you and I together. I began a narrative woven from old silent movies and shopworn romance-novel clichés — and you invented the rape scene on your own.

    Granted, a mob of other readers marched down that same path with you, and due to the severity of the reaction, the post was deleted. But the choice to interpret the post in that exact fashion — indeed, the choice to interpret it at all — was yours, and necessarily reflected your unique beliefs, biases and experiences.

    So I didn’t really step on your toes, and won’t apologize for that. However, I can see how my post triggered you into stepping on your own. This I regret. But in order to be a true human, and not merely a set of triggers that reacts when touched, like a fern or Venus Fly-trap, you must take responsibility for your own reactions.

    And since Cute Overload seems to cause you to react in ways we do not intend or desire, I have a request: Please stop reading. Do not subject yourself to any further risk of offense until such time as you think you can handle it. You will feel better, and so will we.

  145. NTMTOM- You’re much too nice! I don’t think you should have to clarify every detail of a post to avoid people mentally dragging something quite obviously innocent, although apparently not since intent is now irrelevant, through the mud. In fact, I’m quite certain that it would be impossible to ever include a sufficient number of disclaimers on each post to avoid misinterpretation by troubled minds. I’m sorry that some people have made you feel that way, but you handled the situation quite diplomatically!

  146. Oh, my hat. Didn’t read the roo-troversy, but indeed did imagine the comments would be wailing and gnashing and ‘think of the CHILLLLdren’ and not as mentioned that if a roo were becostumed in seven veils plus harem pants, the would-be bestialist to whom it was to be delivered at midnight [if not the costumer] would be kicked into next week avec un soupcon of disembowelment.
    And Constable Parrot et one of those.

    Nuffbusting. It’s a *good* thing.

  147. Oh man, this post makes me so angries! On a side note, that kitty needs some snuggins, a warm tray of milk, and a sunbaff.

  148. Getting Dizzy! 😉

  149. You said it, Kittyadventures. I’m so Dizzy, my head is spinnin’, like a whirlpool it never ends… (is there an emoticon with a spinning curlicue over the head? that’s me)

    [Uhmmm… there’s a colon question mark smiley… looks like 😕 – Ed.]

  150. Practice



  151. Waves to SOCALSIS from one Cali girl to another

  152. @Nano’s mom: yes the Kanga Shiekh’s Illegitimate Llama Mistress

  153. Question: in that first picture, exactly WHICH straw in that basket is the last straw?

    Was it ORMULAR flanged out because of the sniffity snuff commentroversy around it? That must be where it went.

    (btw, excellent response, NTMTOM.)

  154. Wow, that kitty in the second picture looks exactly like a guy that I used to work with (if he was a kitty, of course). Strange.

  155. AuntieMame says:

    NOMTOM’s response is the reason I wish we could still give thumbs up around here…

  156. very nice and cutest pictures

  157. “What’s wrong Bullwinkle?”
    “I can’t move, I must be froze with fear!”
    “Bullwinkle, you’re standing on your own foot!”
    “Doesn’t everybody?”

    NOMTOM, I agree with you and wish to ask that the people who see a picture that causes offense to simply walk on by. I’m sorry that people saw a rape scenario, I really am. Not everyone did. Some saw a very funny Rudolph Valentino flick and no one got hurt. A) it was a picture of a kangaroo and 2) it was a reference that had nothing to do with anything at all, it was a pretend scenario.

    OK, I love you all, yes, all, have a great day,

  158. I used to read trashy romance novels all the time, the type parodied in the unmentionable post. therefore i must defend the honor of the kangaroo sheik: his callous exterior is a facade. he is a wounded puppy and would never harm the harem girl. she will remind him of all that’s good in the world, and they will marry and have sons and live happily ever after, as all kangaroos should.

  159. Yeesh.

    People are sthilly.

  160. Resriechan says:

    –Anybody wanna play “guess the pop song”, from SoCalSis’s reference? or does everyone alreddy rekanize?

  161. KatieZientek says:

    The folks behind this site want us all to be nicey to them and kiss their toesies and never, ever argue with them about anything. How cute!

  162. KAtieZ this site is not a political commentary site
    If it was there would be like politcal commentary themes

    it is just a picture blog

    Take a deep breath and go hold a puppy.

  163. Sheeesh I meant If it was.

  164. AuntieMame says:

    No, KatieZ, the CO people just want you to treat other posters with respect and not be a jerk.

    [You know, I’m not really the sort to give hugs, but this kinda makes me want to make an exception. – Ed.]

  165. BeckyMonster says:


    No missy, we ALL are tired of the self righteous attitudes of nuffers, and their apparently filthy minds. People seem to LOVE to complain and shake their tiny fists in OUTRAGE that their poor precious sensibilities have been tarnished by some brutish person POSTING AN F-ING PICTURE OF A KANGAROO FOR THE LOVE OF JESUS.

    That being said, please don’t let the cute door hit you on the ass on the way out.

    [Hoo. Deep breaths. 😐 – Ed.]

  166. @KatieZ: Well, true, no, they don’t want anyone to argue with them. This here blog is supposed to be FUN. Remember fun? It’s what you have when you don’t feel the need to take offense at every little thing. It’s nice when people unclench a little.

  167. Could we please have another kangaroo picture and pay homage to the noble beast? Something that says ‘dignity’ and, and, ‘probity’, and ‘stentorian’ and ‘gravitas’ and maybe a baaaabbbbyyyeee in its pouch? NOMTOM can do it, I know he can! Theo, you too are altogether tooooo capable….just an idea.

    [I won’t be going there, though I do like the way you think. 😉 – Ed.]

    Even I stopped with any political references during the elections (after a while), so I think that as we self-regulate here, we can come to some understanding of our more critical purpose in being here- to stretch the boundaries of cute and feeling cute and being cute and propagating cute and making us all laugh like slow Lorises being tickled by hyenas.

    KatieZ-of course you are welcome, just try to please understand that there are thousands of people reading/commenting and we are not all going to agree on anything, yes? Yes. Just walk on by the pictures you don’t like, that’s all, just walk on by…we’ll catch each other on another picture thread and we can be silly with each other again. These things aren’t meant to be taken to heart if it offends you, no, not ever.

    Have a marvelous day Peeps, I’ll see you later- gotta run to the store and get Killer some treats-all out! Can I get anyone anything? Chew bone, perhaps?

  168. Angelbeast says:

    Are you kidding me people? This is outrage!

    That Kanagroo was Ebil!

    I can totally see Kangaroo Sheik making those poor, obviously stray kitties, fight over a steak too.

    As a side not I missed all the crazy on the kangaroo… I’m kinda sad…

  169. Angelbeast says:

    Also- you guys are my heros.

  170. Oh, nuts, I missed all of this roo rage, even the picture. I wish I’d seen it; from what I can tell from these comments, it sounds like it was a good picture and a funny post. Some people need to lighten up. But whatever, I am LOVING this current post! Cuteness + stfu = awesome squared. I’m pretty sure Pythagoras would agree.

  171. Resriechan says:

    Katrina: does your local store carry Nachos Doritos? I’m good for it, promise!

  172. @yoda – In that kind of story, he would also fire all the other harem girls because this one would complete him.

  173. Oh no! That second one looks so sad! 😦

  174. This post WINS. I love the hovertext! 😀

  175. Elizabeth says:


    I know that nuffers can be super annoying; this post is a wonderful example of a witty and cute response to them.

    But I think your response to the KangaKontroversy in the comments is a bit disingenuous. Did you really not see how others might interpret your ‘Roo post in negative ways? It seems immature to claim innocence and then to criticize other people for their interpretations (kind of like blaming the victim . . . which reminds me of something from yesterday).

    I’d rather you just own up to having an off-beat, occasionally offensive sense of humor, and then apologize when you totally cross a line, and it seems I’m not the only one who thought you did that yesterday. Your sense of humor is why we read you and leave adoring comments, for the most part. Putting one’s writing out in a public forum takes a lot of guts, and I admire that you do it. But it takes even more guts to look at oneself and acknowledge one’s mistakes.

  176. CO: These pics and hovertexts are fabulous, pithy, and just fine; it is, after all, your blog, eh? Last time I checked, this was America, and you are free to be brave. Love them pics, hovertexts, and you…now, let’s get back to playtime!
    p.s. Katrina, will you bring me back a bar of very dark chocolate? I’m flush and will happily pay you Tuesday for a chocolate today…:-)

  177. KatieZientek says:

    @Babs: I think it’s the snarky attitude of the editors that generates all the nuffs in the first place. Whenever there is commentroversy, you will find a huge pile of snark. Not fun.

  178. @KatieZ…..ya know, most of the time the words typed out by the nuffers are absolutely, well, moronic when you get right down to it, sometimes they really do deserve the snark from whomever gives it, editors or fellow commentors.

    What generates the nuffing in the first place is NOT the ‘snark’, it’s the minds of those doing the nuffing.

    And Elizabeth….are you serious? How is NTMTOM responsible in any manner for what kinds of thoughts OTHER PEOPLE who are NOT HIM have? I read that Roo post and totally did NOT go straight to anything negative, but rather I laughed. Because it was funny. I don’t expect everyone to share the same sense of humour, but don’t you think for just one second that perhaps the ‘outrage’ that was apparently displayed had everything to do with the minds of those being outraged?

  179. Okay, this may be oversharing a bit, but I have been sexually assaulted twice, once by a stranger when I was 7, and last year at age 54 by a man who was packing boxes for a moving company during a relocation. So I’ve had my share of negative experience. I’m overly sensitive to certain triggers which may or may not be under my control. Some would be obvious (a strange man getting into an elevator with me) and others (the sound of tape being pulled off a roll) are not.

    My point is that each person carries a unique set of funny/not funny characteristics that the rest of the world is completely unaware of. So, for my husband to sneak up behind me and rip a piece of packing tape off just to see me shake and cry would be cruel (he doesn’t do this of course) but for the guy in the next cubicle to me, well, he uses tape occasionally and I just deal with it. He has no idea it’s setting me off. My healing is my responsibility and I have family and friends to support me. I don’t expect complete strangers to somehow mind meld with me and cater to my every sensitivity.

    In the days/weeks/months right after my assault, Cute Overload was one of my go-to sites (still is) because it would make me smile and I didn’t smile much back then.

    So, yes, rape is a horrible, devastating experience thing. But that kangaroo was cute, the reference was not intended to be offensive, and in the realm of sexual abuse of women, it’s not that big of a deal. Squalling at Cute Overload is just wasted energy. Go make a contribution to Save Darfur or volunteer at a rape crisis center if you are so concerned about rape victims or if you are a rape victim.

    BTW, I’m doing fine. And if you’re one of those who’d like to argue with me about this, save your fingers, because I won’t respond.

  180. Resriechan says:

    @ Bet:

    I hope that there are many people (who you choose to stay in your life now)
    who affirm you & to whom you can go on days that are not mellow, and be able to collapse emotionally with them & know that they’ll only feel relieved that you trusted them, when you needed someone.

    I truly try to remember on a daily basis, that each of us who hasn’t either been assaulted in a vicious manner, or been in a coma ….has at least those two blessings in his/ her perspective. Some days it takes me longer to remember those considerations, than on other days.

    I find your not having become a bitter, vicious person, in response to such events, to be an inspiration.

    Peace to you and thank you for having survived such heinous events, yet not choosing to operate in bitterness or lashing out in violence.

  181. Dearest BET Hugs to you.
    I would second what Resriechan said and add that for my own healing journey I found.. like you that being angry never ever made it any better. Helping others by being around for them to talk to did make it emensly better.

  182. Bet, I wanted to write an almost identical post but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Thank you for being so brave and good luck to you in your healing.

  183. @ Resriechan, KittyAdventures and Get it

    Thank you – I’m humbled by your kind words. I’m afraid that I came off as a bit judgmental myself though. Yes, this bad thing happened to me, but my friends and husband rallied around me, the women holding my hand during examinations, police lineups and court dates and the men gave me glasses of their best bourbon while muttering darkly about what they’d do if they ever caught “that bastard” in a dark alley. I have good insurance which helps me to afford a psychiatrist, a therapist, Ativan, and even holistic massage (to help me accept being touched again). The sheriff’s department was outstanding. They even made sure I could see “that bastard” do the perp walk in his orange jumpsuit and shackles as he was led away to prison. All of these things contributed to my ability to turn my anger towards forgiveness and healing.

    Many, maybe even most, women who are assaulted by men don’t have this cocoon of kindness and safety that I’m fortunate to have. One of my friends recently told me that her high school buddy was gang raped at 16 and not only was nothing done, but her own father (a minister!!) told her it was her fault. Nearly 50 years later, she’s still very angry and bitter and really, who can blame her? So the healing process is not so simple as I made it sound in my earlier post and a lot depends on how you are treated, or not treated by those around you. To those ladies who were upset by the kangaroo and might have seemed hypersensitive, I apologize if I sounded judgmental. It’s just that CO really helped me smile on some dark days, and as far as I can tell (this is the interwebs, after all) the men here are not even one little bit misogynistic. And in the interest of fairness, none of them got their undies in a wad when we all drooled over that cute young man who was holding a tiny brown furry creature. I think it was a monkey or something.

    Anyway, I think we’ve beaten this one pretty much to death, so let’s just remember to be kind to each other and get back to enjoying the outstanding work of these nice people at CO. Also, it helps to remember the words of Mel Brooks, when he was asked why, as a Jew, he made a funny movie about Hitler: “Rhetoric does not get you anywhere, because Hitler and Mussolini are just as good at rhetoric. But if you can bring these people down with comedy, they stand no chance.”

  184. Pixiesnix says:

    Long-time viewer, first-time poster. But I can be silent no longer.

    I didn’t see the kanagaroo kerfuffle, and I don’t think I need to. There has been too much foolishness like it already.

    KatieZientek, you are not coming across well here. The huge pile of snark is mainly coming from you, so you might want to have your own house in order before you accuse others of being snarky.

    Elizabeth…I don’t know how to properly list all the things that were wrong with your statement. It is so over the top as to be comical.

    Geez Louise eating bread and cheese, people. It’s a blog dedicated to pictures of cute animals. It is not the New York Times. It is not a battleground of thought. Step away from the computer, take a deep breath, and get the frick over it.

    Bet, you have my sympathies and best wishes. I know my post kind of goes against your well-written and thoughtful statement, but I felt I had to put in my two bits.

  185. KatieZientek says:

    @Pixiesnix: Snark creates more snark. It’s impossible to avoid, sadly. I’m simply saying (and I know I didn’t make this clear) that if the editors didn’t flame the viewers that object to the material posted this site would be a much friendlier, less “nuffy” place. Here’s a crazy idea, maybe they could stop posting offensive material in the first place? A snowball has a better chance in hell.

  186. Oh, I promised myself I would let this go, but here I am again…

    @KatieZientek – I understand where you’re coming from, but what you’re asking is impossible. How can the editors know what is going to be offensive each and every one of the thousands of people who come here for a smile and a laugh? As I mentioned in a previous post, some things are obviously offensive and others are not. Each viewer brings a (perfectly valid) set of sensitivities with them when they come here. While a post might be upsetting to me in particular, I need to recognize that I bring my own baggage, so to speak, and I can’t hold the editors responsible for my individual reaction. I personally did not see anything offensive at all in the kangaroo dealio, but another woman might, and validly so. However, the editor here has no way of knowing us or what we bring with us here, so they just put up something that they think is funny, and hope we do too.

    I mentioned that I react very badly when I hear tape being pulled off a dispenser. But I can’t ask the entire world to stop using tape while I fix myself. And you can find something offensive in just about everything if you really look hard. This doesn’t diminish the very real problem of the sexual abuse of women and girls, but it’s important to pick your battles. Spending energy railing at CO for a cheesy Valentino reference just makes a person look silly. For me, it’s better to use my time to try to stop real sexual abuse instead. That said, I DO understand and sympathize with any woman who’s been through it. It does make you sensitive to even quite harmless or offhand remarks. I still have a lot of anger too, and I don’t always direct it properly either.

    @Pixiesnix – No harm done. I thought your post was wonderful, and perfectly in keeping with mine, just said in a different, but no less kind, manner. And I think that “Geez Louise eating bread and cheese” will become part of my personal language, if you don’t mind me copying you.

    Another Mel Brooks quote and then I’ll shut the H.E. double hockey sticks up: “We’re here to make people laugh, we don’t want to offend anyone”.

  187. KatieZientek says:

    @Bet: I’m just trying to understand how a site dedicated to cute things can have such drama. It’s astounding to me. Every other post it seems has some kind of controversy. A site called Cute Overload!! o__O Either the editors aren’t learning from previous posts what is likely to cause havoc [Perhaps they have short-term memory loss? Do I have to bring up Blender Cat?] or they just don’t care what people think. I’m thinking the latter. But it’s that kind of attitude that bothers me most of all. It’s not really cute at all.. it just leaves a bad taste in the mouth. I thought this site was better than that. Now I will wait for the oh-so-helpful advice to go somewhere else if I don’t like it. And also, B-O-O H-O-O. Can’t we just have All Fuzzy Wuzzy Animals, All the Time? Btw editors, I’m really not this whiny and annoying in real life. Truly. >_>

  188. @KatieZientek

    I don’t know how to answer that. I tried to in my previous posts, but I’m apparently not very good at pointing out that no matter what they put up, somebody, somewhere is going to have a problem with it. It’s not the editors fault for not being mind readers.

    I wasn’t offended by the kangaroo, Blender Cat, Cats and Racks or any of the other “controversial” posts and was surprised by the anger that they generated, so I guess I’d suck at being an editor here too.

    I know that you don’t want to hear this, but you really don’t seem to like what’s being done here. Maybe you need to take a break from CO. I don’t like Fox News, although many people do, including some good friends. I find it offensive on many levels, so I don’t watch it. Simple as that.

  189. KAtie Z really I think Bet is right in this if you really truly are offended by the content of Cute overload then why are you here..
    You say you are not usually in real life this winey and angry so if that is the case and Cuteoverload really is upsetting you then you should take a break.. there are other sites out there with cute animals… it isn’t the only one
    you could do LOLcats or Daily puppy or any host of other sites
    Cute overload has never positioned itself to be all fuzzy and sweet >> I have looked back through the archives and it has always been pretty much hjust as it is now. not a little kid site.. an adult site of pictures of animals some cute some funny and commentary from Meg and others with those of us who view it adding our own views an interpretations to the posts. I would like every post to be happy but thousands of people visit here each day and not everyone is a happy camper.
    Please take a deep breath and find your own place of peace.. you will always be welcome here but don’t if it hurts you this much and you find it so offensive.. don’t make your self uncomfortable here.
    Hugs to you what ever you should decide.
    as always

  190. Oh I forgot to add I have seen pictures that have nothing to really carry on about turn into flame wars and nuff fests
    and anti nuff fests to counter the nuffs but really it is those of us who post who turn a post into something good or something bad.. and I have seen other sites where people post vile comments or angry comments it is the nature of the internets and people …
    IT seems to me you get 3 or 4 posts with everyone all happy and then people take their frustrations out on each other in the comments regardless of the picture
    sometimes I think one person throws a comment out there and people jump on the band wagon. We live in complicated frustrationg times where we have to be carefull what we say inout day to day lives so we have this place where we can be annonymous and we let it all out..
    and once someone makes an angry comment then it seems like people respond in kind.. IT is human nature.
    At any rate KatieZ I hope you find your self at peace and not in so much turmoil
    as i said before hugs to you!

  191. Pixiesnix says:

    Heh, thanks Bet, you can use it any time. But I’m through with being kind. Her response to you made me good and mad. It seems KatieZientek only speaks one language: nasty.

    KatieZientek, you say that snark creates more snark, yet you seem to take no responsibility for the snark you yourself dispense. The editors didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to treat some posters with something less than rose petals. It’s in direct response to posts like yours. So you’re right. Snark creates snark. Your snark creates theirs. Your snark creates mine. Behold KatieZientek, Creator of Snark. Look upon her works, ye mighty, and despair.

    You wonder how a cute animal site can create so much drama. Have you read your own posts, in this very thread? They come off as snide, self-righteous, and agressive even to Bet, who has been nothing but kind and considerate to you. But you want to hold the editors to a higher standard? You want them to respond to your antics with hugs and cookies? Puh-lease. You even admit you’re not as whiny and annoying (really smug and nasty) in real life. But you decided to bless us with it instead. Jeepers, thanks.

    In fact, you are so bound and determined to be as nasty as possible over some freakin’ animal photos that I have a hard time believing your beliefs are real. I have a firm suspicion that you are nothing but a troll. Well, congratulations. You created drama, much to your “wonderment.” You can now move on to a forum dedicated to diabetic grandmothers who knit sweaters out of cat hair and accuse them of communism.

    [Enough already. You think you sound any more reasonable? – Ed.]

  192. Pixiesnix says:

    kittyadventures, nice post, in all ways! Makes mine look extreme, but dang it, someone has to take her to the woodshed for all her mayhem and foolishness.*

    *Sorry, Niecy.

  193. Hilarious! Giggling madly at home alone, I’m sure I look crazy but I do not care! 😀

  194. Pixiesnix says:

    Well, that’s what I get for sticking up for people. I think I’ll take others’ advice and not darken this particular door again. And don’t worry, I’m leaving too fast for any door to make contact with my posterior.

    Good day.

    I said good day!

    [Hasn’t been half bad, actually. Thanks, and you too – Ed.]

  195. Queen of Dork says:

    Holy crap! I just kind of checked this one out and saw that everybody has written a thesis. I haven’t (and probably won’t) read everything but it looks reeeaaallllyyyy serious and stuff.
    *backs away and closes door slowly*

  196. *sigh*
    Now I remember why I usually avoid the comments sections on websites. I feel like I’ve create chaos, and I truly do apologize.

  197. Resriechan says:

    @ Bet: I’ve followed CO’s pics and I’ve also chosen to be a commentor pretty regularly & I’ve had some of my comments *MODERATED* temporarily & I’ve had my own moments when I felt some personal frustration re. an occasional interaction with either another poster or w/ CO staff on a few isolated moments. So I guess I’ve had some exper. in those types of interactions.And more than likely it was my own actions that were mostly to blame. I don’t claim to be very perceptive about Human Nature. In facat, I’m willing to list several examples from my personal life where I Blew It Entirely. No problem there.

    You, ma’am, *Caused* absoLUTEly NO chaos. I feel quite comfy in emphasizing this to you. Your statements seemed to me to be particularly calm, well-considered & rational. Everybody above had lots of detail in their descriptions. Your responses — and also those from KittyAdventures — seemed to me, to be especially cool & worded in civil, even pleasant demeanor, while expressing a difference of position in the best of “supposedly democratic” dialogue (meaning TWO or three-way discussion, by specific definintion).

    Please have a lovely evening & a lovely Sunday, everybody.
    (Unless some peeps out there, really don’t want to live in a white picket fence & feel frustrated with my hopes for a gentler tomorrow. I’m sure that such types are out there)

  198. KatieZientek says:

    Ok.. those in this small circle of drama [started by me] I really apologize. I’ve got a better understanding of how this place works, now. From what I’ve seen over the last few months, it has up and down moments.. just like real life I suppose. It’s not perfect by any means, and the editors can’t be expected to be perfect. Nor can everyone be expected to be friendly ALL the time. Lesson learned, now we can move on. Cheers.

    [This is what I’m saying. Thank you. – Ed.]

  199. When I’m walking down the hall and I accidentally step on someone’s toes, I apologize for it and take a moment to make sure that I haven’t seriously hurt the person whom I stepped on.

    I don’t get up in arms and protest that I didn’t intend to step on their toes and that there was nothing malicious about it — of course that’s true, but it doesn’t change the fact that I caused an injury, however slight.

    I also don’t blame the person for feeling pain when I stepped on them. It’s not their fault they were there; they have just as much right to be there as I, and just because I didn’t happen to see things from their point of view when I was walking doesn’t mean that their point of view is invalid or shouldn’t be considered, just that I wasn’t aware of it until they yelped.

    And sometimes their yelps of pain, being surprised ones, take a tone of accusation at first. I don’t take offense to that; it’s easy when one is surprised and hurt to suspect that malice is intended, even when it’s not. Usually after some apologies and expression of concern, the person I stepped on understand that what happened was an accident on my part and that I am genuinely concerned about their well-being. We exchange mutual pleasantries and move on.

    That’s probably what should have happened here, but it appears that it didn’t. For that reason, I probably won’t be back to visit Cute Overload — I really don’t want to interact with people who say things like “walk somewhere else, you’re not welcome here” when they’ve trod on someone accidentally. The first trodding on may have been accidentally, but this post is quite clearly stomping on someone’s toes on purpose. It seems to me to be juvenile and rude and unnecessary. Just because you aren’t face to face with the person who’s toes you injured doesn’t mean you have license to go on without apologizing, or to claim that their toes weren’t actually trod upon at all, and it was all in their head.