C.O. Moving Tips

When packing your cute creatures for a cross-country move, be sure to wrap them in several layers of shock-absorbent packaging. Using a sock, as shown here, will protect Teh Qte from bumps and bruises without the use of wasteful plastics.



San Diego will make a nice change from Maine, Kendra H.



  1. No poking! Get that finger away from my beady eyes!

  2. Baby face! You’ve got the cutest little baby face… La la la la la la la la…

  3. GreyandWhite Kitty says:

    Awww.. fragile babies!

  4. i want them

  5. EEE, as i scrolled down I accidentally beeped teh nose of the top guy. Not that I wouldn’t have done so on purpose. Yes, I have nose beeping issues.

  6. Oh, and Jellus. I LOVE San Diego and miss is SO much!

  7. Ack, by the time I signed in to comment, comments were closed on the previous post :(. Now I’ve showed up in my sexy harem girl costume, ready to pounce on an unsuspecting ‘roo sheik so I can turn the tables on him and seduce him and make him my lof slave-in-bed, but now I just feel silly standing here wearing my gauzey outfit while the movers are packing up the sugar gliders…

    [Oh, if I had a nickel for every time that happened to me… — Mike]

  8. Who was it that was asking about sugar gliders, recently? If you’re reading this, here are… well, a couple of their noses.

  9. PS What a heavenly shade of blue! Just right for such precious little bits!

  10. Stunbunny says:

    I think this actually demonstrates the properties of a black hole and that nothing can escape a black hole, including cute.

  11. Extreme Beady Eye Factor Check Beepable Nose Check
    Mini-me with beady eyes and beepable nose Check

    Soft and fluffy blue sock for comftables Transportation Check

    You are clear for take off I repeat clear for take off. Have a good trip.

  12. beardediris says:

    One on top: You’re sqishing me!
    One on bottom: No, you’re squishing ME!
    Me: Come here and I’ll squish you both (in a cuddling and snuggling kind of way).

  13. 260Oakley says:

    I wondered where all my missing socks had gone. Now I know the sugar gliders are stealing them for packing material. I feel like a heel for blaming the cat.

    [Actually I’m pretty sure that it’s the socks that are stealing the sugar gliders 😯 – Ed.]

  14. definitely Squee-worthy. i’m sure the people beside me waiting for for their oil changes are wondering

  15. i think i just died and went to heaven.
    oh wait, there is no heaven.

    aaaaarrrrgh, then where the hell am iiiiiiiiiiiiiii!?

    *panic ensues*

  16. DaytimeDeb says:

    Welcome to California little sugar gliders (and human family). You won’t need such warm packing materials once you arrive in San Diego. However, up here in Northern California, those socks look mighty comfy!

    (Too sickly to add much else. Sigh.)

  18. Depends on where you are moving in San Diego. There are parts of the city that regularly get down to freezing in the winter. Admittedly the city is an odd shape. *coffcoffgerrymanderingcoff* There are some mountains in the county and the desert is really cold in the winter as well. However I think those cute little Sugargliders should move next to me.

  19. Andi from NC says:

    mmmmmmm cozy….

    I love how we can only see their leeetle faces – I keep hoping a 3rd one will pop through to greet us

  20. @Metz: I think people who don’t have sudden impulses to beep noses are strange, myself….

    *nose beep*

  21. @victoreia, I think we should start a support group for nose beepers. Not like AA or anything, we don’t actually *want* to give up nose beeping or anything crazy like that.
    I’ll start.
    (stands up on chair & waves @ everyone with a big grin) Hi Everyone! My name is Metz and I’m a Nose Beeper! BEEP BEEP!

  22. Me victoreia. Me beep noses!

  23. Oops – post #72 should be “And 1 slightly weird-looking hand” – so sorry!

  24. earlybird1 says:

    I agree about the hand. Looks like it’s missing a fingernail or something. Ew. Still… BEEEEEP on the little nosies!!

  25. @ Rachael be glad it would have just made you angry and no one wants a bad day and besides beepable noses

    Stands up my name is Kittyadventures and I beep noses. ::Blushes:: and sits down

  26. Resriechan says:


    Evidently, you’re all about the socks, today? You “feel like a heel” and also quoted the following legendary folksong:

    “Where have all the sockies gone? Long time, passing…”
    (w/ Apologies to PP& the recently departed Mary Travers RIP)

    also ….@ NTM;

    Please post pics of you in a harem!!! Come on everyone, join in w/ me on this one:

    “We want (Not That) Mike!” “We want (Not That) Mike!”
    (kinda loses its rhythm, when ya add the NTM disclaimer in the middle of the phrase)

  27. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Tiny beepable munchkin niblets of stripeyness! It’s as if the blue sock is a sugar glider ocean and the hand is an enormous squid.

    @Sender-Inner: Remember to lift with your legs, not your back.

  28. BIG beeper here! (waving finger)

  29. Resriechan says:

    @ AD: HI whereya been? or have I looked on the wrong items? Ain’t seen yer name here in “a few minutes” ( as “they say”, these days)….

    @ Theo: sugargliders string that you’re remembering, was under the little skwirrelish-lookin’ critter w/ a nutshell beret from (was it yesterday?)

    (wow just realized we ALL missed an opport. to get into Prince/ “Raspberry Beret” earworm w/ that one. Maybe it’ll work here…)

  30. @Resriechan, you seem like a very kind and fun and silly person, but sometimes I read your handle as “reSCREEEECHian”, because your comments kinda make my head hurt. I mean this in the nicest possible way, of course. ; )

  31. @zeldapie, feel better soon. 😦

  32. @Resrichan, re: earworm. Mission accomplished. ALWAYS up for a Prince Singalong. Seems that I was busy doing something close 2 nothing . . . :mrgreen:

  33. (Those little suggies are trying to get in through the out door, out door.)

  34. *pouts* Nawt fair. I tried 2 start a really ebil old earworm on another *not to be talked about post* but nobuddy fell for the lure. What makes it worse is, now it’s stuck in MY head because I couldn’t share the pain, er I mean love.

  35. Just a warning, sugar gliders are illegal in CA. : /

  36. Hi! My name is Blondie and I have been a nose beeper for a LOT of years. (Tried to count the years – made my head hurt…) The best thing to help encourage beeping is to visit places that have noses you want to beep.

    I was in PetSmart yesterday – they have 8 kittens that are around 8 weeks old. I tried to beep their noses, but I got my nose beeped by the glass between us. Must work on better plan of attack.

  37. Preach it Sister Blondie!! I feel your pain! I too have been too often thwarted in my attempts at nosebeepage. The pains of withdrawl have taught me that when unable to beep your target you must beep the closest available substitute as soon as possible in order to avoid the more serious side effects of Beep Loss.

    side effects may include: jammed fingers from repeated attempts to beep all the animal pictures on CO at once, severe office salivation flooding when spotting a squirrel foraging on the lawn, heart wrenching sighs designed to drive one’s spouse insane when they remind you that no, we do not have room for “Just one more pet”. If these symptoms persist they can lead to severe outbreaks of Post It Note Paper Tiger Huffing, and attempts to mold the unidentifiable life form from the office fridge into something with a nose.

  38. I must have one of these, I’m moving in 2 weeks and my silly kitty boy won’t stay out of the boxes so I might as well pack him in one that way I won’t have to worry about where he is on the day of the move.

  39. @ Resriechan: Love your posts and would hesitate to be so rude as to correct you but I’d like to give credit where it’s due – and it’s not due to Peter, Paul and Mary. It’s due to Pete Seeger, who wrote it and was performing it with the Weavers before any of us heard of PP&M.

    NTMTOM in a harem outfit? Be still, my beating heart!

  40. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    @Resriechan: I’ve been cavorting with the kiwis in NZ for the past couple weeks. I went through some pretty heinous CO withdrawal for a few days, but once I caught my first glimpse of wee woolly lamb noses, it was all ok.

    And darn you, darn you straight to heck for putting that Prince song in my head.

    [OH NO LET’S GO – Ed.]

  41. Just so you know, beeping sheep noses is way fun!!!!!

    Well and kitties noses too!

    What???? I already joined beepable noses Anonymous!

    @ resriechan your feeble prince song holds no earworm power over me(only because I don;t know the song… refrains from clicking any links or going off on a google search) 😉

  42. cuties beepies beep beep beep!

    I think that’s an elderly hand that’s why it looks a bit erm, different.

    And HA~ y’all closed the comments for the kangaroo sultan! What, no time for nuffingtons today? Actually I was only going to say that he looks like he’s challenging you to arm wrestle! (and he’d win too no doubt)


  43. @Argyle, I never meant 2 cause U any sorrow, I never meant 2 cause U any pain.

  44. @Kittyadventures: It’s only His Purple Badness’s anti-YouTube zeal that prevents me from linking to the video right now. 😦

  45. Does this mean he has no UTUBE videos?

  46. KA —–> your little picture always cracks me up. I imagine a wee tarzan yell.

  47. …comes in late, blushing, stammering…

    is it too laate, am I too late to join nose beepers anonymous? My name is Wend, and I beep noses… dog noses, cat noses, hamster noses, horse noses (mmm, velvety), and once I even beeped a verry cute leopard gecko on her nose (they have such cute, sheepish grins)… am I in, huh, am I, am I, huh?

  48. I beep bird noses, too, but carefully…. sometimes they “beep” back. Ouch. And sometimes they don’t. Sweet.

  49. Hello, my name is Saffron and I am a beep-a-holic.
    *Hi Saffron*
    It started when I was in grade school and a friend had a VERY cute kitten. “Oh, just beep his nose…just once” my friend said. I thought maybe I should spend my time working at Woolworth’s to get money for the latest Cowsills album. No, instead, I beeped.

    Now I am going to go on an episode of Intervention since my family put me on notice that my constant habit of beeping accompanied by the phrase “ooh, look at the squoodgy woodjums nosicle! Who’s the beepular nose? YOU ARE!”, is really annoying and must be stopped.

  50. Wend, I hope it’s never too late to join. My name is AmyJ and I, too, am a nose beeper. Also a nose kisser, which I think is a variation of nose beeping. I have a very serious nose-kissing problem, at least our cats think so.

  51. Saffron – the Cowsills! Wow, there’s a blast from the past! (I love the flower girl…)

  52. OK, it’s time (swallow hard and fight tears). I’m Wordgirl and I’m a beep-a-holic. It runs in families, you know, so this is really my mother’s fault. She taught me to beep and kiss noses as a young and highly impressionable child. I even beep my Great Dane’s nose, and it’s about 10 times bigger than my nose. Llamas have wonderfully beepable and velvety noses, but that’s another story.

    I’ve tried to fight the urge, truly I have. I think back on all the four-footed furries who’ve lived their lives in confusion after a nose-beep from me. My dog gets that “Oh God, here she comes again” look on his face. I’ve lost friends over this terrible addiction.

    Is there any hope for people like us?

  53. Hi, I’m back.
    Did anyone miss me? I missed you. I feel a bit out of touch.

  54. Space Cowgirl says:

    I beep my BF’s nose, but he’s Hungarian/Israeli/Canadian (if you take my meaning) and you could pretty well do it from orbit.

  55. Welcome back bird lady.

  56. PS my bro-in-law has a baby of almost 4 months, and his nose is most beepable too.

  57. that hand will haunt me in my dreams tonight

  58. Wait! NOMTOM is starting a harem!?!? And we weren’t emailed and/or officially invited? What’s that about? Are you getting picky on us, dude? We love your righteous chic…um…sheikness…(is that a word)…and your silly and wonderful humor on life…and…well, ok, just everything….and…and, sigh…I give up…I am happycat and I beep Noses! All animal noses! Pictures of animal noses! And if they beep back, I am in luf!

    [Fer crysakes, peeps, Mike isn’t starting a harem, he’s part of one. Don’t ask me how I know. – Ed.]

  59. Ah, the eternal sunshine of the spotless blog.

    [If only, Birdcage. If only. – Ed.]

  60. *addresses growing crowd of self proclaimed Nose Beepers*
    People People! Remember we are Nose Beepers and we’re proud of it! There’s nothing to be ashamed about! Beeping noses is a noble prusuit dating back to times prehistoric. Of course, back then one had to be careful in their attempts to beep the nose of “kittehs” and “doggies” back then, what with their saber teeth and all. Anyway, welcome to you all, we’re by no means an exclusive club.
    And for those of you being discriminated against for your Nose Beeping ways, our lawyers will back you 100%.

  61. Hmmm..Ed….you aren’t a member of the harem, too are you? Well? Are you? Hmmm…..

  62. Queen of Dork says:

    Saffron’s post cracked me up where she says, *Hi Saffron*

  63. kibblenibble says:



    do it too!

    I beep them AND I boop them. And I like it.

    Beep Boop Boop Beep Boop Boop Beep Boop Boop!!!

  64. Queen of Dork says:

    kibblenibble: Beeping AND booping? My goodness. *shakes head*

  65. Queen of Dork says:

    I guess all this beeping is fine as long as there’s no bopping.

  66. Queen of Dork says:

    (Or pooping)

  67. CUTE OVERLOAD: home of the Super Duper Booper Troopers

  68. Well, since Kibblenibble’s jumped ahead in the meeting agenda to the singing of the Nose Beeper’s Anthem…
    Everybody rise and salute the Nose, no not that kind of salute!! *sigh*
    Kibblenibble, if you would be so kind as to lead us?> Beep boop boop beep boop boop beep boop boop!

    Next item: A presentation on Ancient Beepers of the Mayans, by the most preeminent authority on Anthropological Beepoligy, Professor Indiana Nose!

  69. Since you mention the Ancient Mayans, oh Chairlady, I have an emergency agenda item… it has come to my attention lately, er… my sources inform me… OK, so I saw a movie trailer. But! Is there any truth to this Mayan prophesy I’ve been hearing about, for 2012? Some world-ending catastrophe of absolutely nasal scope? Should we be uniting the nations of Earth in order that we may together knit the first intercontinental Kleenex, to avert the Big Sneeze??

    I really should go to bed.

  70. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Theo: Some say the world will end in fire. Others say it will end in ice. But either way, it won’t be nice.

  71. That will suffice, pig. That will suffice.

    (What? The original script for “Babe” was adapted from an unpublished Robert Frost screenplay. Fr srsly.)

  72. First of all, I’ll address your excellent question. I do believe that we’ll be taking the clippings from all the pets who’ve been featured on CO sporting their spiffy lion cuts in order to weave said kleenex.

    Theo’s question also brings up an excellent point and the subject of our next seminar, “Moist Noses, Beepable Or Too Squishy?” Which will educate our Beepers on how to spot the noses to wipe before beeping.

    hmm, I think I need 2 go 2 bed too. Say Goodnight Metzee, “Goodnight Metzee!”
    *bangs gavel* Meeting adjourned.

  73. Sugars,ahh,Honey,honey
    You are my candy girls,
    and you got me wanting you

  74. I lurve me some sugar bebbies. I keep telling my friend if she ever gets tired of hers, she can send them my way. I get laughed at a lot.

    And all this talk of nose beeping has thrown me off the wagon. Right now, my dogs are watching me warily from across the room after a pair of nose beeps. *sob* And I was doing so well, too!

  75. We refer to nose beeping as a “shmu-peep”. Just a made up word that came out as I was doing my own version of beeping. It’s like a nose beep, but with the slightest little squeeze in the beggining. And you must emit a high pitched “SHMU-PEEP!” as you sqeeze the nosey and pull back. I thought I was weird until this site. (sheepish grateful half smile).

  76. Resriechan says:

    .sigh. Ain’t NOBUDDY gonna mention Betty Boop?????

    @ Moontreestudios (*eep*). Sorry ’bout that! Not tryin’ ta do nutthin’ harmful to nobuddy.
    “See, it all started, in my childhood when…”

    (Unfortunately when one combines a lack of cute fun things in an upbringing which was both Military AND Catholic……when later one is ALLOWED to enjoy cute fun things….and there actually is a bit of OCD….)

    The good news is, I didn’t turn out, to be either a drug addict or a bank robber.
    I hope I’m not causing any actual injuries, or anything. And thanks for mentioning “kind” among the descriptors. I can choose to stifle the word-association stuff, but there have been a few around here (not all, I admit) who’ve really volleyed back, some of my shorter entries when I first came around (Von Zepp, QoD…so the Editors have been kind enough not to short-circuit my computer as of yet).

    Have a cute day !

  77. Resriechan says:

    @ AD:

    1) Gladjerback & you’ve been safe.
    2)re. the song (“nanny-nanny boo boo” & other assoc 3-yr old interjections)
    3)NICE, how you only “darn”‘d me straight to “heck & back”. Maybe I should type that into an Angry Urban Musik Translator webpage & see where it would gone if they were writing lyrics….

    Naaaaah. I like the “G”-rated versions the best.

  78. Resriechan says:

    @ Wordgirl: I abso *DO* appreciate the affirmation. I can hear things & peeps which correct me & listen …however the upbringing was *ALL* about criticism & never about fun or adequacy ….so it’s very nourishing to the insecurities. Truly, often, I do think of Archie telling Edith Bunker (All/ Family): “Just STIFLE yerself”.

    WOW. you’ve got SERIOUS folkmusic cred. I never even knew, that Peter was part of that other group, before PP & M. I’ve seen a docu about the music producer who decided the three of them should be in the same room, in NYC before they’d ever met ea. other. But you’ve edu-ca-mated me today, on one of my favorite topics. Thanks for the detail added !! YAY optimistic 60s folk music.

    “Lemon Tree” by PPM is still one of my alltime favorite bits of music.
    Raspberry Beret is somewhere on the list though….

  79. I like having my nose beeped…I’ll invite all of you over and…and…welcome back Bird cage and I hope you feel better zeldapie.

    I’ll even giggle when you beep my nose…

  80. Resriechan – different Peter. The Peter in PP&M was Peter Yarrow. If you aren’t familiar with Pete Seeger, he was one of the most influential folk singers of the 50s (when he sang with the Weavers) and 60s. Very influential in anti-war and civil rights, and he remains active here in the New York area working on environmental issues. (If you are familiar, my apologies!!!)


  81. Resriechan says:

    @ AmyJ: You’re correct; I was ;asljdadlf;al bled.

    Thanks for the redirect. I actually am familiar w/ Pete Seeger & read the other post & rashly answered. I didn’t consider, in me feeble head, “oh, there were 2 different really cool Petes/ Peters in Folk Music”. Fully accept the Wet Noodle Award & thank you for the clarity. Howsomever…the whole bit, about the song from an earlier group not PP/M …is still a revelation to moi.

    Appreciatively Apologetic

    Bee-Beep !!!
    (RoadRunner cartoon, ennyone?)

  82. @Katrina, Oh I’m not shy I’ll beep hoomin nosicles too. Especially my kids’. LOL
    We’ve even turned it into a family ritual we like to call, “Beep Beep, Honk Honk, Aoooogah!” (Beep Beep on the nose, then Honk Honk with quick squeezes on both cheecks @ the same time, then Aoooogah is a tickle under the chin.) My kids are 11 & 7 now and they still love it. And sometimes they’ll even sneak up and surprise me with it.

  83. Thanks, AmyJ. You saved me from having to explain the two Petes.

    And Resriechan, as always, thanks for being so nice. I kinda liked your word association stuff.

  84. ROTFLMAO! You all are hilarious!

    I will be spending the next two weeks (when I’m not at work) in a theater and will have a very limited time fulfilling my CO viewing responsibilities. However, while making sure the West Side Story actors can be seen and not fall off the stage, I will be beeping the noses of all the actors, technicians, and orchestra members. They won’t know what hit ’em!


  85. to Teho
    “Men go and come, but Earth abides”
    It’s from the bible but I can’t remember where.
    It was also used as the title for a post-apocholyptic tale written in the 40’s. Great classic Sci-Fi.

    [No no, it’s The Dude who abides. – J. Coen]

  86. I mean apocalyptic.

  87. Blondie- TONIIIIIIIIIIGT, tonight, etc.

    Have lots of fun and we’ll be very glad to have you back-check in on us once in awhile even if you don’t have time to comment-we’ll leave the light on for ya!

    and, to everyone- BEEEP! Off to buy Killer chewies!

  88. apocoholic?

    Yep and the Hopi have also foretold our shift into the “5th world” in 2012.

    I hope they have puppies there.

  89. OMG i have 8 of those !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Oh my god, these comments are a riot – I’m glad my gliders could inspire such hilarity…

    BEEP! (I’ll pass the nose beeps along to the inspiring parties…)

    PS Oh, and just for the record: the move to San Diego is a C.O. fiction. I’m staying right here in NY, where sugar gliders are legal (and socks are necessary in the winter).