The New York Lottery Must Be Stopped

Not content to disrupt a peaceful slumber party, now those noisy goons from the New York Lottery are crashing a bucolic Bunday picnic at (what’s left of) Coney Island.  Have these people no sense of decency?

Wanna split a funnel cake Nathan’s hot dog, sbovio?  Theresa’s buying.



  1. Resriechan says:

    1) I’m fine, with stopping the NY Lottery, but “Don’t Stop” (Clinton-era earworm, anyone?) these advert’s ….’k ?

    2)”Tunnel of Luuuuuuuuuuv”, not “Tunnel of Love” !! C’mon…..

  2. I’m with Resreichan. I love these commercials. I will actually pause my Tivo to watch them.

  3. Oh my, I want to go to this amusement park SOOOO badly! The bunnies going down the slide on sacks just killed me (especially the one who was slipping off his sack…).

  4. The cuteness is killing me! BUNNNNNNSSSSS

  5. Harruummppphhfhf!

  6. The bun who gets bumped in the bumper cars and his little cap pops off…OH. MY. GOD.

  7. kibblenibble says:

    Love the buns in the little spinning cups. 🙂

  8. Yes! I hope there would be more of these! However, the first one is still my fave. XD

    Between the tea cups, bunper cars, and buncows, I’m melting!

  9. Did you see the disapproval on the faces of the buns who had been upturned into teacups?

  10. Grant Beaudette says:

    Clearly the bunny costumes came out of the budget for the copy writers.

    “Sweeter than sweet. Which is Sweet.”
    Pure poetry.

  11. That is the most cute-packed commercial I HAVE EVER SEEN!

  12. All it takes is a dollar and a dream!

  13. Queen of Dork says:

    I think this may possibly be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

  14. After I regained consciousness- I watched it again, and again. Good lord that is good stuff!

  15. How in the h*lls did they get the bun on the unicycle?!?!? (Never mind riding the unicycle!)

  16. As a New Yorker, I am ecstatic that these ads have taken over my TV and even the subway. The Times Square-42nd St. subway station is now plastered over with pictures of bunnies, kittens, puppies, foxes, etc. It’s been killing my surly New York street cred, but it makes trudging through the station so much more enjoyable.

  17. SweetMartha says:

    That is just….adorable.

  18. Queen of Dork says:

    Snorkle: awwwwww! That’s cool! When I lived in NYC and rode the subway all we had was garbage and the smell of urine everywhere. So glad there are now bunnies, kittehs, foxes and such! (Now if we could just get REAL ones to prance through the station…)

  19. Okay, that was just adorable! Bunnies everywhere!

  20. Bunnysydney says:

    The uni-cycle-riding bunny and the balloon-releasing bunny are clearly animatrons. The real bunnies are MUCH cuter…

  21. Yay! I submitted this too — glad to see it finally made it’s way onto CO. the song gets stuck in my head every time I see it…

  22. Oh, and my favorite bun is the one who falls over after his photo gets taken because he has won the prize for best bunny-cow… Awesome.

  23. That bunny that falls over while getting photographed looks especially disapproving.

  24. I would get on the subway right now and go down to Coney Island, but there are always massive repair delays and detours on Sundays.

  25. bumper car bunnies, oh my! sliding down da hill bunnies!

    I wish I lived there in bun land!

  26. Queen of Dork says:

    I just made the mistake of watching this again. I saw super nose twitches on the first bun.


  27. I died. I died to real this time.

  28. One of the best commercials ever made!

  29. Saw this just last night (maybe during that excruciatingly long baseball game?) and since we have digital I replayed it about four times. Not a fan of the lottery, but I’m lovin’ their ads these days!

    All of the ads for this particular lottery use the same sort of erudite language – “sweeter than sweet, which is sweet” etc. But so far they all seem pretty entertaining, even the radio ones.

  30. Resriechan says:

    Matching Earworm #2

    “bumper cars, bumpin’
    This amusement never ends….”

    Thanks, Peter Gabriel!!

  31. I love this commercial (and the others like it). I posted it on my blog last week! 🙂

  32. janet2buns says:

    The little bungirl hottot nibbling out of the paper cone at :14 is SO charming. Doing something so bunnly while dressed up is so cute, I fainted.

  33. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    My husband LOVES this commercial (yeah, we live in NY State) and will sit & “rewind” on the DVR 2 or 3 times….:D

  34. Martha in Washington says:

    Just Great! Now I have to go to the dentist because my teeth are rotting from so much SWEETNESS!!

    I’d play the NY lottery just to keep these commercials coming!

  35. Obv. not actually made in NY., otherwise the bumper bun would be staggering theatrically around with a fake neck brace [buns gots necks?] and a thought bubble, ‘Wheeplash! Wheeplash!’.

  36. I can’t remember ever seeing funnel cakes in Coney. Nathan’s hot dogs, yes.

    [Thanks for setting me straight; I’ve updated the post. I’d like mine with mustard, please. 😉 — Mike]

  37. Goodness I love these lottery commercials. LOL Dub1 So so true

  38. May I point out that Coney is another word for rabbit so this really is Coney Island?

  39. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh my goodness. And the weeeee little striped tee shirts!

  40. Haha, check out their website, too, at Play around with the different pages/animals.

  41. Nathan’s hot dogs for everyone! Fries, too.

  42. that Falcon kid wasn’t in the hot air balloon was he? 🙂

    [No, but my sources say their pet rabbit was… – Ed.]

  43. Queen of Dork says:

    Elaine: Wow! Just as I read that comment from you they were talking about that on TV on the news. I had a weird “whoa” moment there. No, he wasn’t in there. 🙂

  44. who knew a lottery company could come up with such cuteness??? It makes me want to buy my first ticket. 😛

    Bun bun carnival… *sqeeeee*

  45. The girl singing sounds very similar to Inara George from The Bird and The Bee

  46. LOL the only thing the commercial needs is to be longer.

  47. okaasan59 says:

    I don’t live in NY but I get one of the NY stations on my satellite dish. When I first saw that commercial I immediately hit rewind and record. I’ll keep it recorded 4evah. ^_^

  48. Milly_eee says:

    Oh my death was sweet when I saw the buns in the teacups…dead from the cuteness… then I arose and watched it again at least 15 times! I can’t get enough! (They are nearly as cute as my nabbits if I placed them in teacups 🙂

  49. Queen of Dork says:

    Yay! Thanks for the Nathan dog, Theresa! (I like mine with mustard and kraut)

  50. I always see these when I watch the Yankees game on YES. If my Bombers are losing, these commercials always cheer me up. If they’re winning…well, cloud nine.

  51. Queen of Dork says:

    I actually have an aunt whose nickname is Bunny.

  52. Aaaaaah bunny-cow! I am going to die of its cuteness. Repeatedly.

  53. victoreia says:

    I’ll just have the fries, please…..Thanks.

  54. LunaChickFringe says:

    I want to take my baby bunnies to Bunny Land and live there 4-evah!

  55. When I die I want to spend eternity in a place JUST LIKE THIS.
    And the bunny at the 10 second mark whose cap almost bounces off….SO SWEET. I would geev heem ze teeniest of keeses on his round little forehead!

  56. Queen of Dork says:

    Diana: Right? Is this not some sort of Heaven?

  57. Queen of Dork says:

    You know what? I really think the CO admins should put in place a system of rating of some kind. This post should really be rated PF. (potentially fatal).

  58. @ Teho I saw what you did up there…. nice nod to Theresa and the new Yorkers.

  59. *wipes away a tear*

    the feets. the bunnies in the tunnel of luv.


    its the big furry feets, all sticking up so helpless looking.

    oh god… I missed the nose wiggles, there musta been nose wiggles.

    I did it wrong, must do over. MUST see quivering velvety shnozzes.

  60. Tammie you must watch it at least ten times… just saying!

  61. My new career path: bunny wrangler.

  62. the ears. the widdle ears go all down with disappointment when the balloon escapes. Awww. He needs cuddles. and kisses. and maybe some carrots and strawberries. and a gentle little nose scratch. Did you know if you hold the nose still the sides quiver instead?

    *looks forlornly at un-nibbled electric cords of all household appliances*

  63. I may have to watch this daily. This is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

  64. lol.

    @ kittyadventures: totally working on it. 😀

  65. The Great Squee says:

    I love these commercials! Better than the stupid Pennsylvania lottery commercials with the stupid creepy beaver or groundhog or whatever it is. Bunnehs = luff!

  66. Hee hee he hehehehehe…

    back leg brake-age attempts by the far right bunny on the slide….


    You know those prop costumes are totally getting “borrowed” by staff for Halloweenish occasions. A bunny in flight goggles? omg.

  67. gravyboat – I’m STILL DYING over that same scene. WAY TO ENCOURAGE GAMBLING, GUYS.

  68. Thanks for posting. Unfortunately my hope that seeing it posted here would cured me from watching it over, and over, and over, is fail. I need to know what ad agency made this! They clearly have a bullseye on my back!

  69. ***ded****
    Bunnies! Amusement Park! I must take Bun Bun there now!! If any of you New Yorkers see a lost looking lady with a white, brown earned bunny please point us in the right direction. We must play the game with the big stuft carrot prizes!

  70. I thought they were cones of broccoli. I was lucky enough to see this on TV in New York — the resolution is so much better than on the computer — and I just about died. Must go investigate web site now!

  71. Nhóóóóóóóóóó!

  72. It took a lot of creativity and work to put that together, Bravo.

  73. Resriechan says:

    @ QoD: Funny you should suggest a ratings system. Sometime when you’ve got some extra time on your hands, (like, you just broke your leg & are on mandatory bed rest for 3 weeks) ask Meg or Prongs or NTM about the Trial Run of the “Thumbs Up”/ “Thumbs Down” ratings system that WAS IN PL:AY for about a week, perhaps back in May or so (I might be entirely wrong at guessing when it was in place) ………The. Universe. Broke. in. Half., over the Commentroversies & nuffers which resulted. It took about 2 weeks for Theo to SuperGlue the Universe back together sufficiently . For what it’s worth, there were SOME who appreciated the ability to rate/ respond up/down . HOWEVER …(cue the ominous JAWS music, here)

    There might, *someday* be another ratings system (acc to the statement from the Powers That Be, on the day that ratings system was removed from CO) ……
    but the Ed’s are prob. JUST A SKOSH gunshy ……. (nervous, twitchy emoticon, looking both directions)

  74. ROFL….. AWESOME!! I wanna go to that fair!

  75. certified cutologist says:

    Oh, and you know SOMEONE out there has TONS of cutting room floor footage / deleted scenes from the production of this. For the love of god, LEAK IT!!!! I bet there’s and hour of it!!! And I could watch it all!!!!

  76. You just can not watch this enough times. HEhehehe

  77. Christine H says:

    The rating system before was for comments, not posts. I think Queen of Dork was suggesting a rating system for posts.

    [She was kinda joking, you know, but ratings aren’t really our schtick here; you’re thinking of another photo/humor blog. – Ed.]

  78. OMG! This is the sweetest EVER!

  79. The little bunnies in the tea-cups, the one in the bumper cars…the one that falls over when the flash on the camera goes off….. *bashes head through wall*

  80. cute, period.

  81. I just want this ad to be turned into a full fledged video to accompany a complete song! Who sings this? What is this song? WANT!

  82. I watched this 4 times on my mac at home last night, 5 times on my G1 phone while at work and other 3 times on the home mac tonight…….and its only 9pm! I shall have this burned on my retina’s by morning!

  83. IIRC, DDB New York did this campaign. Someone in there clearly is a regular!

  84. I would like to know who did the song, and if I can buy it anywhere. Information seems lacking – not even a credit to the performers anywhere! But I agree with Johnny that it sounds a lot like Inara George.

  85. OMG I can’t stop watching. All the bunnies make me SQUEEEEEE!! Especially the loppys! ❤

  86. SIgh I love this commercial well except the crashing at the end 🙂 but I would guess I am at like 15 times watching it at least

  87. they must be stopped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!animal abuse i say i will stop them or die trying

  88. –You just can not watch this enough times–

    I’m STILL watching it.
    *drags laptop off to make others witness the cuteness*

  89. TracyFlick says:

    These posters are all over the city and I swear it’s made a world of difference.

  90. Could I possibly watch this video one more time? I believe I can and will.

    What I want to know. Is that a song they made just for the commercial? I must have the artist’s name and that song.

    If you were a candyman….

  91. ‘Tis true, riding the subway while looking at posters of cute buns makes the ride much more enjoyable. At least until someone tries to cop a feel.

    [So THAT’S what I was doing wrong! Word of advice: don’t try to feel a cop 🙄 – Ed.]

  92. Live and learn Teho, live and learn. 😉

  93. This is what my version of heaven looks like, minus the last part of course.

  94. Thank you [Ed.] Moderator for letting my comment through. I guess it went to moderations because it had the catch word K…….. in it. Well, thanks for letting ti through.

    I don’t think of CO as a competitive kind of place that needs ratings, I love the competisch to say clever things, but gee-whiz, I’d never subject anybody to a rating for it. That takes a whole lot of the fun out of it. CO is fun. It is a refuge for many of us and as I can speak only for myself, I love us unencumbered.

  95. La Dolce Vita says:

    I am in love with this commercial. I first saw it a couple weeks ago and I have to watch it daily! I have even memorized the song and I sing it to my little bun…If you were a candybun!….. Best. Commercial. EVER.

  96. anyone heard the radio ad about the cats that learn to talk in “i love yous”? are the radio ads on teh interwebs?

  97. i just went and blew my savings on lottery tickets because of this darned commercial.

  98. You have ruined cuteoverload. Nothing will ever be cuter than this. Can’t write anymore…must watch video again…..and again…..

    […until next time… – Ed.]

  99. does anyone know where they get the animals that were used to make this video? while i was busy dying of cuteness, a (downer) friend of mine was trying to convince me that the creatures were all languishing somewhere unloved after the commercial was shot 😦 i hope that isn’t true!

  100. so much floofyness. i can’t take eet!

  101. Well, the video may be cute, but… as the care taker of a bunny I’m shocked to see it. It’s not a big deal but… I can’t image that the bunnies liked to be put in those cups, for example. It doesn’t make me happy, to be honest. 😦 Why are the bunnies so lifeless/calm?

  102. They can make BunBunLand the series now.
    I will watch it religiously.
    (I predict it will be as popular as ‘Everybody Loves Hypnotoad!’)

  103. Resriechan says:

    @ D. (wow now THAT’s a screenname w/ a lot of possibilities…)

    I would like to go on record (or CD or DVD or somewhere) that the title of the sitcom is, in fact, incorrect, about Everybody Loving Raymond.

    Meself, I’m not even fond of him. Turn the channel faster, when that show comes on. “So there” to the producers of that show.

    Outrageously Mature Person