THIS JUST IN: New episode of Simon’s Cat

Simon’s cat is getting into troubs again. Poor Simon, he just goes about his daily life, and his cat antagonizes him at every turn. This time, the Kitteh Terrorism involves… a heat lamp.

Susan H., I think the “moww” sound effects are my favorite part. See ALL episodes here…



  1. Queen of Dork says:

    Sadly, that looks like something my SamKitty would do. But I really LOVE these Simon videos!

  2. “I never seem to get a tan.”

  3. Hehe! Except my cats wouldn’t have waited for me to leave!

  4. this is so true, lol. cats like to sit on whatever your doing, book, laptop…

  5. Yep.. sit on whatever you’re doing, ESPECIALLY if there’s a lamp putting out heat that’s involved. I always say that my quilts have 10% cat hair in them for insulation.

  6. Scruffles says:

    Kitties are so rotten. They can’t help it, they were just born with an ingrained badness. :o) I love Simon’s Cat!

  7. I agree with previous comments… real cats don’t wait for you to leave. They would just lay down on the book! They like to be in the middle of whatever you’re doing.

  8. LOL my favorite part the sound of The kitty running to get under the lamp while Simon is distracted…

  9. oh my goodness. one of the best simons cat videos there is.

  10. Story of my life, haha.

  11. eternalcanadian says:

    LOLZ! That’s so funny, and sadly very true of a lot of kitties! If only someone would invent shred-proof paper!

  12. Houdi'sMom says:

    Loved it, but this was such a short one; it was like a teaser, and I want more!

  13. Heh, the cat ran off to ring the doorbell! Sneaky kitty!!

  14. Simon is so cool! And his kitty is adorabubble. 🙂

  15. It was missing the usual part with the cat pointing to his mouth and meowing, but otherwise cute as always.

  16. Hahaha, fantastic. I love this series so much!

  17. DaytimeDeb says:

    Simon’s cat, or Daytime Deb’s cat? I swear he must have a hidden camara in my house and is getting his inspiration here. I can’t use my laptop in the morning because there’s a perfect sunbeam coming in the window btw 10-11 and since I usually forget to move my laptop, I find my kitty asleep on top of it, enjoying that sunbeam. By 11, she’s followed the sunbeam to the couch… usually we can share.

  18. LMAO! I was just thinking of Mr. Simon! We were in the bookstore today and they’ve published a book of Simon cartoons! It’s too funny…

  19. Hi, if anyone has any burst eardrums from a round the world heard squee, I’m sorry. That was my daughter when I told her there was a new Simon’s Cat Vid.
    Ok ok I admit it, the 1st one was me when I saw there was a new vid, but the 2nd one was REALLY my daughter. The 3rd Stereophonic Squee, well, we um, you see, we watched the video. I’m really sorry. I hope you’ll all be able to clean up the blood dripping from your ears when you regain consciousness, sorry again. 😳

  20. Darn it, Blondie! I was going to say that about the book! I bought it while I was in Yellowstone earlier this month. It’s adorable 🙂 But the sound effects make the videos better! ::moww::

  21. Queen of Dork says:

    Metz: I heard that and wondered what in the heck that was. I am just coming around…

  22. My cat woulda eaten the pages. Who says declawing keeps them from destruction? 😉

  23. victoreia says:

    “Oh, were you working on that?”

    But, yeah, mine never wait for me to leave. “Excuse me, but your hands are supposed to be petting me, not fiddling with that key-thingy!”

  24. Okay and he missed the whole walking back and forth on the desk making sure the tail hits you in the face trick.. or ummm maybe that is just my cat.

  25. Queen of Dork says:

    kittyadventures. My cat does the hitting with the tail in the face every. day. Every. Day.

  26. muttluver says:

    QoD: Every DAY? (Inside joke from my youth group, sorry.)

    Metz: Crack. Me. Up.

    I watched all the ones that popped up on the youtube window thingy. I think I like “Fly Guy” best. But yeah, that one was pretty funny.

  27. muttluver says:

    Oh, and I love how Simon’s cat gets into all this trouble while Simon’s mostly oblivious, and he comes back/to and is all, “WHAT?! NO!!”

  28. The Great Squee says:

    Yay, more Simon’s Cat! But it was too short. I want the long version now. *points to mouth and mrows*

  29. Queen of Dork says:

    muttluver: Every. Single. Day .


  30. Did CO not post Fly Guy? I only know Simon’s Cat from here, but I just went to the site, and I hadn’t seen this one. It’s the best yet!

    [Oh yeah, we posted it! – Ed.]

  31. Mrrrow?

  32. GIGGLE 😆 That a boy, Simon’s Cat 😆 You show that human that lamps are for kitties to lie under 😆

  33. My cat steals my seat EVERY time I get up from the couch or the computer chair. Never fails.

  34. Obviously kitty didn’t like his portrait. Really, why draw kitties when you could be petting a real one?

  35. This is so funny! I have a space heater I like to have on when watching TV in my drafty old apartment, and my kitty always gets in front of it and hogs all the heat. Then he streches out full length, so there’s nowhere to put my feet! If I try to move him, or bump him, he gets all offended.

  36. Cats? PFFT. My DOG would do that. She’s such a heatspot hooker 😦

  37. We had a flat that had an Aga (for anyone who doesn’t know, it’s basically an oven that’s always on). The dog and cat would jostle for position to lie right in front of it.

  38. @chanpon: I think that’s one of the rules in the cat handbook–“Let your human warm your spot for you first.”

  39. Daphne Moss says:

    So classic…my favorite of his, though, is where the cat ruins the room chasing a fly, which the guy swallows…and then the cat demands food.
    He captures the essence of cat

  40. Lesly Moore says:

    It’s not a lamp – it’s a cat warmer. That’s what my girls told me, anyway….

  41. LOL…It didn’t occur to me until someone said it here that the cat went to ring the doorbell!

  42. GreyandWhite Kitty says:

    Somehow this kitty reminds me of Maru. I think it’s just the looks. ^__^

  43. Yeah, no, first thing on my Boo-ba-doo’s agenda would have been stealing the pens.


    [You’re welcome. Please turn off your CAPS LOCK. – Ed.]

  45. @Tammy W. – Sorry about that! LOL! I totally agree tho, that the sound effects make it a million times better. Luckily, as I was browsing the book yesterday, I had the sound effects in my head. My husband walked up behind me as I was reading/laughing. I just looked at him and pointed into my mouth. He stared for a couple seconds and I busted out laughing. Then he figured out what I was reading and just shook his head. The people around us must have thought I was crazy. Later I found him going thru the music/DVD section… He had to admit he was looking for a DVD of the Simon videos. *busted* 🙂

    (BTW – he didn’t find a DVD. I don’t think one exists yet.)

  46. Is this the first vid in which he doesn’t point to his mouth?

  47. @Kittyadventures, I wake up with the tail in the face every morning. Sometimes I’m awakened by an earthquake caused by vigorous hygiene being practiced three inches from my head.

  48. Resriechan says:

    Simonscat, Simon, Maru & Winston are the top competitors for my heart.
    I hope the staff of CO don’t feel used; y’all are the VENUE for my cuteaddiction. I’ll send you flowers, though!

    Re. this S’scat item among the entire series: while I do agree that no S’scat story is entirely complete, w/out his pointing his pointer FINGER to his lil mouth & meowing to indicate his hunger….MORE importantly, Simon should feel relatively unscathed after this incident w/ book & lamp….at least his Furry Guy didn’t haul out a caveman club (from under the table where it’s always just out of sight) and KLOP Simon over the head, as happened when Simon refused to awaken in time for The Cat’s Breakfast …..
    Simon’s punishment here was relatively benign….. Although his local public library might yet punish him for the damage au livre.

  49. I love Simon’s cat. *sighs* I always fall for the bad boys.

  50. My favorite one is still the one where it’s early morning and the cat wants to be fed.

    Mow. Mow. Mow? Prrrt?

  51. Yeah, my cat not only doesn’t wait for me to finish what I’m working on, he completely goes out of his way about it. 5 yard piece of fabric on floor next to me and 18″ square piece I’m working with….guess where he sits?

  52. rogueleopard says:

    This came out to commemorate his new book, that just hit the shelves. Which I might add, is as funny as the videos, but better cause there are pages and pages and pages of naughty cat!

    [STOP! Commemorate, and listen!… – Ed.]

  53. Everytime my cat mrows, I think of Simon’s cat. They sound just alike. My kitty must be listening to the videos….

  54. Tammie: is declawing actually legal?
    That’s discusting. Why don’t you people just clip your cats claws regularly, no need to mutilate them.

  55. SoccerSue says:

    Yay, I finally got a sub-mee-shon posted! Whee!

    My Angel cat’s latest thing is to pace around our home office until I take a piece of paper off my desk and lay it down on the rug for her. She then immediately walks over to said piece of paper and lays (lies?) down on it, purring for all she’s worth. She’s got me very well trained.

  56. Juniper Jupiter says:

    My cats would find nothing wrong with this episode, really.

    😀 Go, Simon, you wonderful pain in the butt! 😛

  57. Juniper Jupiter says:

    ^^^er, rather, Simon’s cat…what IS his name?