Caturday Mexican Stand-off





How will it end!?

Sender-Inner and Strategerizer (strategy + tenderizer) Elva S. sent this one in.



  1. Wow, the little one in the middle seemed to have it figured out – let the big guys hold the ends for him so he could just eat up everything in the middle!

  2. Betty Ford says:

    I love the middle cat too – he seemed to be making the most of the moment. The whole thing was so tense, once I started watching, I couldn’t even blink!

  3. Yes! He’s a little clever scamp.

    There’s a kind of kendo/sumo feel to this. Intent staring, positioning and Flurryofactivity then more staring.

    (I don’t like it when kitties fight, but I’m not nuffing ‘cuz it’s clear they’re all okay.)

  4. 3 kittehs, 1 juicy steak.

    I don’t see what could possible go wrong.

  5. I don’t like this video. Cats who are obviously hungry (and most likely strays) fighting over meat? How did this make it to CUTE overload?

  6. The little brown tabby opportunist cat is my favourite animal for today. He is awesome. And I LOVE how DEADLY SERIOUS they are. Their battle auras are FLARING.

  7. kibbles: All cats presented with a nice steak are ‘obviously hungry.’ I don’t know why you think they are most likely strays, since they all look pretty clean and healthy. What makes it uncute for you is the way your mind goes to the worst case scenario without much reason.

  8. HA ha! If i were to give 3 cats one steak, I’d make sure i did it out on the front porch, too…something slick and easy to wash off with a hose! That little grey kitteh has some grit! Smart to keep chewing, no matter whose paw is on the head!

  9. I was going to post that I was waiting for the Nuffers to appear, but I looks like they are already here!

    kibbles, there is nothing about these three cats that would make me think that they are strays. All three look clean, healthy and well-groomed. And about halfway through, I heard noises that made me think that someone was trying to distract the kitties. And at the end, the man did break it up.

    No harm, no foul.

  10. Angelbeast says:

    Kibbles- how are these cats “most likely strays” they seem to me like they all actually have lived together- hence the not really fighting and hurting each other. They also look pretty well fed here. Its meat, and carnivores, they will all try to horde.

    having been in a similar situation I’d assume something like- sneaky kitty stole a steak when mom’s back was turned and the others wanted some too. They know enough not to fight to hurt each other.

    Have you seen wild hungry strays fight? its not anything this timid- it gets ugly and horrible quickly, and is over pretty quickly too. These cats look like they are trying to exert dominance over the situation (except sneaky clever #3 eating out of the middle- tricky tricky kitty)

  11. Peanuts mama says:

    Im NOT nuffin’….but am I the only one who thinks letting a kitty eat raw meat is alittle iffy?!?!?! Yes, know in the wild they kill rodents and don’t bbq them, but still…..maybe I’m just a hovering mama.

  12. kibblenibble says:

    That’s some serious “angry ears” action!

  13. Love the middle kitty…*yangh yangh yangh*

  14. Peanuts mama says:

    OK, watched it again. DEFINITELY NOT CUTE! I’m with kibbles on this one!

  15. Original here:

    Same youtube-user has this follow-up:

  16. Love the low-pitched menacing savage jungle cat noises. :mrgreen:

  17. tigers and lions!

    raw meat though, it’s kinda yew.

  18. Queen of Dork says:


    The Good
    The Bad
    The Ugly.


  19. Hmmm – I’m not sure what the point of this is – it’s not particularly cute. Amusing to the person filming, maybe. But cutting the meat into three pieces and letting them naw away wouldn’t make an interesting youtube.

  20. Justahannah says:

    Kitties are carnivores and except for the past 100 years or so never had cooked meat…their digestive systems are designed to handle this sort of thing, with super-acidic stomachs that can break down pieces of bone and kill most bacteria. I feed both my cats and ferrets a raw diet and the positive differences it has made in health, smell, coat, and stool have me convinced to never go back to crunchy or cooked foods. Not trying to sound all preachy, but the rendered meat and filler junk in most processed foods is way worse for animals than a steak I’d be willing to eat :P.

  21. Queen of Dork says:

    Whoa. you changed the whole vid! What happened to the meat eating vid you first posted?

  22. Baykon Cheezburger says:

    Peanuts, I thought the same thing too. I’ll put on my semi-nuffer hat and say that it’s not a great idea due to the bacteria. If it’s a high grade of meat and has been straight out of the cold, it’s one thing.

    I mean, we can eat it too (tartare, anyone?) but it’s probably not a good idea. There’s a reason it costs so much to eat tartare; it’s handled particularly in such a way as to minimize bacteria or contamination.

    Half-nuffer hat off.

  23. I’m glad they’re not strays! But the video is still not cute.

  24. falnfenix says:

    Paunchie – feeding raw is actually better for them than kibble. 😉

  25. Queen of Dork says:

    GOOD GRIEF! What the heck? Sometimes, I’m absolutely astounded at the things people get mad about. What’s wrong with this?! Cats eat meat!! why are people freaking out about this? People are freaking out over…WHAT?!!! I myself have lived with a cat who would chase, kill and eat raw, live mice and birds because he was being a cat! What the heck is wrong with you people!!!???

  26. Thanks Skvt,
    I am so glad you posted the follow up video. I was seriously worried about those cats and I would had no choice but to put my nuffer pants on and start ranting had I not seen that the kits were healthy on follow up. Now I can simply say “pasickie” and get on to the next post.

  27. Oh for god’s sake, what’s cruel about it? Three well-looked after cats fighting very tamely over a piece of meat. Are you anthropomorphising them so much that you think the ones that miss out will be cut to the quick like a toddler missing out on a sweet would be?

    Just because the cats aren’t dining off silver platters and being handled with kid gloves doesn’t make it “cruel”. I doubt they compete for every meal – the fight would have been a lot more violent if that were the case. I suggest you do a bit of research on what real animal cruelty looks like, and come back and see if the steak battle even compares.

  28. Queen of Dork says:

    It’s what cats do. They are carnivors. They eat meat. It is what they naturally do. they have the teeth for that. That’s what they do. They eat meat. They think it is deleeshus. Because that’s. what. they. do.

  29. Queen of Dork says:

    Dare you to rebutt that

  30. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh. And btw. If you have some sort of data that shows that cats should be salad eating vegetarians, please, send the pdf. I’d like to see it.

  31. Um. OK. This is pretty nonsensical nuffing here.

    Three well cared for pet cats fighting (very tamely) over a piece of meat that they probably stole is not anything to be concerned with. (Maybe that guy should be concerned that they’ll want steak every night now!)

    And that it’s raw… if that steak was originally bought from a grocery store as fit for human consumption and not left in a fridge for a couple of weeks, then it’s extremely unlikely to make us sick when eaten raw, never mind the cats. People do occasionally get bad meat from the store, but it’s rare.

  32. Queen of Dork says:

    To all the nuffers out there: I will now prepare lettuce and tomatos for my cat to eat. I think salad would be good for him for dinner.

  33. Queen of Dork says:

    Cats eat things that they catch which are still breathing and moving.

  34. Yay-When I saw this post, I thought, this will bring out the nuffers, and it did!

  35. The problem obviously is not that they are eating meat. It’s that they are stressed and fighting over a single piece.

  36. KatieZientek says:

    Why is there an argument about whether or not cats should eat meat? >_>

  37. Nano's Mom says:

    QofD – except for my Jeremy, whose attitude seemed to be “I am a carnivore – I tear raw meat – but could you cook it first and cut it up real small? Kthnx” He was a persian 🙂

  38. Which kitty will win? There’s only one way to find out…kitty fight !!! (harry hill)

  39. When caring for animals in zoos it’s often considered important to let them pursue what’s refered to as species apropriate behavior. Basically things like hunting, foraging, eating dead animals and social/dominance displays. Allowing an animal to engage in these behaviors generally makes them better adjusted and “happier”.

    As long as what the animal is doing is natural for them and safe, letting them engage something a little more wild is certainly not cruel and may even be extremely kind.

  40. MarmieLover says:

    Bloody marmie maw! Grrr. I have no doubt that they stole the steak, started their little grrr-off, and mommy&daddy grabbed the camera. Very cute.

  41. I am truly perplexed. I am trying to figure out what this post violates. If the kitties were ripping up a still-living critter, I could understand. But these are three domestic kitties, well-loved, well-adjusted (see other vid), acting like three kitties with a piece of meat. What the hail is the problem?

  42. Copperbat says:



    laughing at the nuffs who think cats arguing over a STEAK (a steak, people) is somehow “cruel”.

  43. It’s obvious from the end of the video that at least one of the cats lives at the place this was filmed.

    These cats are not ‘in distress.’ They’re just being cats.

    I’m so thankful that I can accept things that go on in this big ole’ world without getting upset and defensive. Not how I would choose to spend my Friday night, but I guess that’s how some people get their kicks.

  44. MC Squared says:

    Even if the hooman had cut the steak into 3 pieces and given one to each kitty, they would all be fighting over one piece. Trust me on this.

  45. You know I am bugged by vegan persons who feed cats only rice and veg and stuff. It’s not their natural diet. Ok fine, I’m sorry to the vegans but animals do indeed eat other animals in nature. That’s enough for my nuffing the nuffers.

    That said, when I was a kid, we had a cat that used to get on the counter and chomp a hole into green peppers that were out. He loved veg, and I used to feed him bits of my salad.

    I still think raw meat is yew, though.

  46. Teeny Gozer says:

    I own three kitties and this video made me laugh. It’s not cruel, that’s just cat-like behavior; if they were really fighting, you’d *know* it! My three pull little aggressive moves on one another to vie for top-cat status all the time, it’s nothing. My only problem with the version posted here is the annoying ad that pops up about a quarter of the way in and stays up. The version linked to by Skvt is the original, from the kitties’ owner, and doesn’t have an ad. I also loved the “same kitties, no meat” vid that Skvt posted. Those cats adore one another and are very well-cared for.

  47. you know I did too LOL at the vulcan death grip. Ouch, looked like he sunk his claws in his haid though!

  48. Queen of Dork says:

    I agree. They’re just being cats. Good grief.

  49. Queen of Dork says:

    I didn’t even see anything that would POSSIBLY be nuffy about this but I guess I was wrong *sigh*

  50. the best is mr opportunist gnawing away on the middle while the two bigger cats hold it up for him, hahahaha.

  51. “Mostly likely strays”?? Kibbles, I wanna know where you live, because your stray cats are very well-off.

  52. All I could think of while watching this video was when I read about lions and how they fight each other over the kill. There’s definitely nothing wrong with this video. They’re cats doing what their species, and every other non-human species, INTENDED of them to do, which is fight over food. And almost every freakin’ animal out there eats their prey raw, alive or barely alive, and uncooked. Nuffers who talk here are just humanizing them. Let the cat be the cat and the dog be the dog. Take the chihuahua out of the doggie purse and let it walk and have exercise. Let them do what they’re innately intended to do despite their domestication.

    This is sooooo cute, too. XD



  54. I like this video because it offers a glimpse into what cats are really like–and what they used to be like before we started putting wigs on them and stuff (Like in that creepy banner ad I see on the right of this page sometimes :D) It’s sorta funny that people are getting upset about feeding them raw meat.
    You know, in the Serengeti, lions don’t typically have a George Foreman grill. Though that’d be an interesting charity for some well-off celebrity to start.

  55. Now it’s all nice and tenderised and ready for the barbeque! Yay!

    I like how the male cat finally gives up and lets the ladies fight it out…lol.

  56. There’s a mouseover that pops up a SPAM message, about how you can earn $$$$ every day, online. Please delete this video.

  57. Oh, and I love the little opportunist in the middle!!

  58. Didn’t watch the whole vid.

    Don’t mind this kind of activity as a one-off. Just hope this isn’t a regular ‘show’ at the owner’s house.

    [Giving cats whole steaks to fight over? Well if it’s anything like our place, never more than twice a week. Just wouldn’t be economical. 🙄 – Ed.]

  59. Cat on the Right: MINE!
    Cat on the Left: MINE!
    Cat in the Middle: om nom nom nom

  60. Yikes! This is why I don’t feed my *indoor* cats raw meat! It could never end well.

    Although I thought it was cute how the little cat was nibbling on the meat while the other two were pulling on it. He figured he’d get the meat while he had the chance! 🙂

  61. Anyone who has had multiple cats know that once food comes around of such quality, they get very fiesty. Does it mean they’re OMG super stressed and abused and neglected and starved? No. They’re animals. It’s how they survive. It’s instinct. People can find the negative in everything and I feel sorry for those individuals.

  62. The only thing not cute about this video his the add that pops up and wont go away. My cats PLAY rougher than that, those cats are NOT strays and they are NOT hungry, the proof is one of them just gives up. They are spoiled house pets that stole a steak. How do I know they’re spoiled? The owners didn’t grab back the steak, they did not yell at the cats, they grab a camera to film the babies.

  63. A different Megan says:

    Wow, I wish I could afford to eat steak… let alone feed it to my cats! Lucky kitties if you ask me.

  64. I turned the volume up and I even laughed out loud. Rrrrrrrrrooweerrrrrrgerrrrrrrrr! sssssssssssssss!!! They were not fighting. They didn’t scratch one another at all! Bat bat, contemplate, bat bat, but nary a scratch. I am sure they were voicing some serious warnings though. Rrrrrowrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I was shocked to see the bigger cat take off with the smaller cat still attached to the steak though!!!

    As a side note, cats do this over balls of yard too!! And dogs over a rag toy!!! Tug o steak!!

  65. YarN not Yard, uh!

  66. KatieZientek says:

    I think the main issue is that a kitty COULD have been hurt. It was irresponsible of the owner to give them this steak just to see them fight for it.

  67. 😆 Those 3 kitties are definitely trying to eat that 1 steak at the same time 😆 the one kitty who got in the middle was the lucky one 😆 He/she got the most meat 😆

  68. Queen of Dork:
    You chose the perfect name for yourself!

  69. muttluver says:

    I’m laughing at the anti-nuffers. Especially Queen of Dork. Oh, and the what the hail comment–I don’t know why, but it reminded me of the holy butt comment. Hilarious.

    I also love teh kitteh in the middle. And how when one cat leans into the other to aviod his claws on her face. (Not that they were out very far.) And how the kitteh took over at the end–LOVED how big cat was all, Hey! And put his paw on her head before giving up. “Fine, whatever. I didn’t want it anyway.”

    I’m thinking Big Boss (dad) didn’t know about this till the end of the vid or something, cuz that’s when he started getting upset. Also, can someone tell me what language that is? From the characters on some of tapestry/whatever you call that thing on the chair in the second video, I’m guessing it’s an Asian country. Chinese? Japanese? Korean? Cambodian? Vietnamese? Sorry, but I can’t identify symbols……..

    [Germany, actually. Bundesrepublik Deutschland. – Ed.]

  70. muttluver says:

    Rita: Heeeeyyy…… is that an insult? Don’t insult teh Queen! She is in the right! If you’re using it as an affectionate term that’s different but……. I like the Queen, so I’m a little insulted by that…..

  71. Oh, for crying out loud. People are getting bent out of shape over this?!

    [Maybe a few, because the internet is full of… well, you name it… but definitely not as many as the reaction would seem to indicate. – Ed.]

    Our cats used to tussle with each other over tuna, folks. Cooked, packed in oil, approved for human consumption tuna. You want to talk about cat fights? Our five meezers made these three look like they were just having a staring contest.

    It’s already been pointed out by saner, clearer heads: this is what cats do. Raw or cooked, fish, fowl or beast, it doesn’t matter. Cats are meat eaters and are not too far removed from their cousins in the jungle. When they sink their teeth into something they like, they are not letting go without a fight. Kind of like me with a really good slice of pizza.

    And I’d look out for the one in the middle. He’s pretty smart and will probably start picking locks someday.

  72. JoeBentley says:

    I’m seriously racking my brain here to figure out what level of disconnect with reality and what level of self-righteousness a person must reach to have their moral outrage sensor triggered over a video of housecats being feed steak.

    [Not worth it, my man. Some folks just have different wiring than others. – Ed.]

  73. anonymouse says:

    I would like to nuff about the stupid banner ad that wouldn’t go away. It obscured too much of the action.

  74. janet2buns says:

    Loved the “I are fierce and growly kitteh, watch out for meh” ears.

  75. I’m with Shari (and the other none nuffers) on this one. Great way to end on a funny note.

    I used to have two cats that argued over who was going to eat out of the bowl first. Getting another bowl solved the problem (most of the time).

  76. JoeBentley says:

    So if 3 cats 1 steak is worth moral outrage, how would a ‘Nuffer respond to 2 girls 1 cup?

  77. When I saw the Welcome mat, I thought to myself, “Not today.” 😉

    I normally don’t watch videos on here that are longer than a minute (short attention span, even for cute stuff), but I couldn’t look away from this one.

  78. Mmmmmmm steak.

    I saw claws but none were used. These kitties are very tame, aren’t they?

    No blood shed, and the only offense was that the video had annoying advertisement. But you can turn that off, at least.

    I don’t get nuffers.

  79. Yeah, you two fight over the ends and I’ll just nom my way through the midsection, here. Thanks, guys, you’re greatnomnomnomnom.

  80. I think the little brown cat had the right idea: chew what you can while you can haz it. The other two had the wrong strategy, and got nothing other than the juice. Though I was wishing for someone to summon Solomon–cut the meat in 3. Nom nom.

  81. I got completely sucked into the tension (which was exacerbated by the obnoxious ad) and I don’t think I took a breath until halfway through. I think I need a mai tai now.

  82. Nibbler, devourer of souls says:

    What happens? What happens?? Aw, I loved the little one in the middle. And he was just totally nomming little bits off while the bigger ones were playing tug-of-war. Then when the one let go and put his paw on the little one’s head.. almost like tag-team. At the end it looked like the bigger cat actually dragged the little cat by the steak to the other room!


  83. I’m wondering if it might be better to post this video from the original filmer, rather than using the one from the guy who, not only stole the video, but is advertising crap on it. Um…Theo?

    Here’s the original one:

  84. this. is. steakalicious.
    full of awesome.
    the stretched back ears and low to the ground growls.

    now, give each cat its own steak. lightly seared on both sides. little salt, no pepper

  85. AuntieMame says:

    Hilarious video, but yeah, I could have done without the spammy mouse-over.

  86. They could’ve at least put pepper on it. Of course not cinnamon, but some pepper would’ve been nice.

    Personally I found separate pieces in separate corners of the room seem to work. Of course mine do that with the meat on MY plate.

  87. I watch cute overload to feel relaxed and happy looking at cute critters. I don’t find fighting over a steak relaxing and cute. Too human.

  88. Queen of Dork says:

    Rita: Yes, it’s a good name for me. It was given to me by my daughter years ago because we’re very close and quite silly together sometimes.

  89. Biscuit Tin says:

    Each of the bigger cats want to run off with the whole “kill” like a prize. Little cat just wants to eat him some steak – anywhere, anytime, anyhow, nom, nom, nom!

  90. I now plan to get two more cats purely so that I can have them fight over steak for my entertainment. I can afford vet care for three and a steak per week for that kind of comedy!

  91. Felicityanne says:

    There’s a fable in here somewhere…
    My two, Skimble and Nermal, are so competitive they make a point of eating out of EACH OTHER’S dishes every now and again, just to establish that they CAN!

  92. A shame that the YouTube user had to add the spam for a pyramid get-rich-quick scheme over the vid.

  93. Starlinguk says:

    My cat hates steak. And chicken. He’ll eat fish, if you cook it first. But only salmon and coley. He likes hummus, cheese sauce and hot chocolate.

  94. Starlinguk says:

    Oh, and pumpkin soup (as we found out yesterday).

  95. Queen of Dork says:

    Starlinguk: There’s a song fest happening on the thread about…ummmmmm. I forgot. I think it’s the one about…..crap. forgot

  96. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh! It’s on the moth thing. And it’s just me. 😦

  97. Resriechan says:

    QoD: Here’s this morning’s song for you: (appropriately enuff, by the group Queen)

    “You are the Champion” …(“of the World”)

    How’s SamKitty?

    (Now that it’s mornin’, I’m gonna go to bedzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzand so on)

  98. The cat’s human are German, but live in Madagascar, apparently.

  99. What? No one’s nuffin’ about the title?!
    (steps back expectantly for the fireworks to begin…)

    [Oh thank you so VERY much, smart mouth – Ed.]

  100. 1. I hope this was filmed in Mexico. If not, please have a good reason for calling a catfight Mexican.

    [He said Mexican STANDOFF, not “Mexican”. – Ed.]

    2. Little kitty is the BEST! He’s likeL okay folks, you fight, I’ll nom.

    3. This did not turn out at all how I thought it would; wow, white-and-marmie dude gave up???

    4. For heaven’s sakes, people, buy a knife.

  101. PS – original was filmed in Germany…I love cats, but need to not see subtle racism on C.O either.

    [I’d rather not see it anywhere, including here in the comments – Ed.]

  102. It’s actually less violent than the time I forgot to get two boxes of already-grown oat grass for my cats. I only got one and there was a lot of hitting, hissing,tackling and undescribable (sp?) noises until they settled who would nom first. It only lasted about a minute but man, it was like Gladiator, only less violent.

  103. I love little opportunistic grey kitty. Nom nom nom!

    Also- would YOU really want to stick your hand into the middle of three competitive cats that have managed to get their little paws on a piece of steak (which is obviously not going to harm them, since they’re carnivorous animals)? Someone would lose a finger, and that is decidedly NOT CUTE.

  104. soo funny, and the nuffers are funny too in the way that they always find something to nuff about.

  105. What is cute about this?? Nothing…Cute the steak in three pieces and let each one have their own. I swear people are just stupid and mean when they think this is CUTE, It;s NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are not in the wild and should be treated as pets with love not amusement.

  106. Geez, nice parents for putting out 1 steak! Cut it in 3’s! Poor cats. Stupid people!

  107. Peanutcat says:

    Kibbles — I have a Siamese cat who’s very well-fed, and he’ll still steal the baloney from your sammach if you turn your back on him.

  108. I don’t agree. My four cats are all well fed, indoor cats and not one of them will have anything to do with raw meat. I have tried, because a raw diet is the best thing that you can do for your cat/dog, but every one of them turns up their nose at it. This video, while depicting three healthy looking cats, has an air of desperation about it. I can’t see anyone tossing three cats a steak and then allowing them to have a stress-match over who gets it. Just cut it into three pieces, for crying out loud.

  109. Lynn: Whether they’re in the wild or not, they still have a cat-like instinct and you CANNOT take it away from them. They’re predators. When you see kittens play fighting with each other, that’s them preparing themselves for upcoming fights to come with other enemies. Sure, cats can be friendly towards each other but they would still have that instinct in them to fight with them for food. I guess, even when you cut it into pieces, they’re going to want to take from each other again.

  110. it seems a little mean to make them fight over a teat

    [Proofread before posting, Kristin. 😆 – Ed.]

  111. arachnophile says:

    lol both my dog and my cat eat raw meat and are healthier than I am. 😉

    Come on gang, you can see the video above. These are well loved and cared for kitties. Sheesh.

  112. Ya, find something better to be mad about. Cripes!!! And don’t categorize every single cats in earthly existence based solely on your own personal opinions and the cats you owned that were, in all honesty, subjected to your own prejudices and preferences of yours not that of the cats in general, to judge every real possibilities out there or the facts of feline life either. Please. And what’s wrong with cats fighting over stuff? Please… if you don’t get upset at fellow human being fighting over stuff every damn day… why the hell do you care so much about cats when it is their instinct not to mention they probably get a jolt of positive energy from it. Huh? Stop bitching about stupid stuff!!!

  113. Magic and Mischief says:

    This video is great! Even if you were to cut the meat in three pieces the cats would not just stick to their own piece; they would go after each other’s. It’s natural. Dogs do that too if you feed them in the same vicinity. If you ask me, people try to humanize their pets wayyyyy too much. They’re animals for goodness sakes!

  114. Magic and Mischief says:

    Amen, Jon.

  115. Gee, what’s up with people wanting to assume the worst in any given situation?

    I’m not sure I’d classify the video as ‘cute’ but it’s pretty cool to watch. It shows a side of cats that comes out when there’s something they’re willing to fight for, which is different from cat to cat. My kitty, he’s willing to bring out the back-slicked ears and the growl for something as tiny as a toy mouse dipped in catnip, while my mom’s cat doesn’t even get territorial when another cat goes to sleep on top of him. You’re really grasping for straws if you’re seeing anything ‘upsetting’ here, unless you’re getting upset by a cat’s natural instincts, in which case… don’t get a cat.

    They’re not wee little stuffed toys, they’re not hamsters, they’re not supposed to behave like little toys, and what you’re seeing here is natural behaviour. I highly doubt the owner throws out a steak every day for them to tussle over and no other food at all, and it’s a little baffling to me why so many sit back and try to come up with some horrid scenario that must have led up to this point. Strays? Seriously? Come on…

  116. As for the business about Mexican Stand-off and possible racism? Are you serious?

    It’s an expression.

  117. Magic and Mischief says:

    Linda, I agree. Don’t get a dog or a cat if you can’t handle natural animal instincts and behavior. People think that animals are there solely for them to cuddle, and expect that that’s what the cat or dog wants all the time. It’s not. Sure, they need attention and love and you certainly cannot neglect them. But they don’t need that 24/7. They were not designed for it.They were designed to survive in the wild. Sure, a pet is a wonderful companion. But you need to let the animal be itself, too.

  118. JoeBentley says:

    Linda gets it dead on. I simply can’t understand how people can anthropomorphize their cats to the point where they see them as some kind of living stuffed animal instead of a lightly domesticated predators who are amongst the most ruthless and efficient ambush killers in the animal kingdom. Never forget that all the cute “hammies” and other “pocket pets” people coo-coo over on this site are lunch to your “Kittehs.”

    [Predators they are, no question, but they aren’t wild. You can’t just disregard a lifetime of living & socializing with humans as being “lightly domesticated”, especially because housepets are generally spayed/neutered/de-sexed. There is play, affection, and even humor; they are our companions. – Ed.]

  119. Like others have pointed out, it’s just very weird to see the things people will pull out of their behinds to get offended over sometimes. The Nuffer comments here are solid proof of that.

    Especially the accusation of racism. Frankly, I burst out laughing when I read that one, so idiotic it was comedy gold.

  120. Michelle: key word there being your cats. Other kittehs will react differently.

    If I cut up a piece of steak and gave it to my 2 cats (large purebred Siberians), they would both proceed to have a race to see who could gobble their piece fastest, and whoever finished first would try to steal the rest. Apparently in your house nobody competes over anything, but in mine, a little competition is normal and healthy.

  121. LOL Kitty fight + people = fight… at least on the internets..

    well I thought I would chime in with some cat diet info.. I am in the process of switching my kitties to raw… I have three who would eat raw in a flash if I would only just give it to them and one hold out.. we are on step one which is to switch them to canned food only … Anyway my point was to post a veterinarian’s website with information on diet and why at the very least you should switch to canned food only diet…
    IF you only ever go to a fully canned diet you will see the following
    Improved coat and stools
    and NO hairballs

    it took about two weeks to get rid of all the hiar I guess
    so even if I never make the last two steps to raw

    my cats never will have to have a hairball again

    and one of them little one was the queen of hairballs she is a longhaired floofy cat and would have at least one a day even on hairball medicine.

    also regarding the stools on the canned food only diet they have barely any odor.
    I am thinking it would be complewtly gone on a fully raw diet.
    and also the long haired queen has no more dry flakey kitty dandruff.

  122. Why on earth would you do that to your kitties!? Just cut it up into 3 pieces and give it to them instead of tormenting them and instigating a possible fight.

  123. i knew that when i sat this video, some of you freaks would get all defensive and try to mother and coddle the cats on a video “ooh thats so mean, ooh thats cruel, ooh wah wah whine cry”. dude, they are cats, and cats, like any other animal are NOT people and will not behave like people but like cats (yes, im stating the obvious). they will do things that CATS do, such as compete with eachother for food, because thats what CATS do as well as EVERY other animal on earth.

    FFS if you only like animals when they are cute, then you shouldnt be around them or owning them. a cat lying around your house and pooping in a litter box is not “natural” cat behavior, but what we have made them to be through our own convenience.

    get real people, they are fine and they will live.

  124. This is my last comment in this thread. To all the “you should have cut it into pieces before giving it to them” people. You are assuming that the steak WAS given to the cats. The cats probably found the steak, maybe for the humans’ dinner, and took it for themselves.

    And as for “why did they let it go on for so long?” I agree with everyone else.

    1) getting in between two or more cats in “dominance mode” is a good way to get yourself hurt.

    2) you can hear some computer noises in the background. The man was probably distracted and didn’t know that things were getting “hissy”.

    3) yeah, they filmed it? So what. Haven’t you ever videoed people and/or animals and/or both together doing something silly?

  125. I’m loving the comments about the raw meat being unhealthy, even with the bacteria argument.

    Because cats killing in the wild make sure to handle it carefully to ensure lack of bacterial contamination, right?

    I’ve had my animals on both kibble diets and raw food diets, and the health benefits of the latter are extraordinary. Ah, people…

  126. I could almost see the non-verbal negotiations going on between the marmie and the calico…..

    And for the nuffers, I just have one thing to say:

  127. the real thing to be worried about with raw meat is parasites. yeah, cats are designed to eat raw meat, but that doesn’t make it any more optimal for them to be full of worms or parasitic protozoans. and let’s not knock all dry kibble, because there are some superb, high-quality cat foods on the market that are full of human-grade ingredients and provide a great nutritional balance. personally i feed both dry kibble (aforementioned premium quality) and whole meats to my cats.

    that being said i thought the video was hilarious, and the cats were adorable. mostly i just can’t figure out how they all managed to get ahold of the steak before one of them ran off with it and hid.

  128. Calicoes ALWAYS have feisty tempers! It’s because they’re really two cats trapped in one body. 😉

  129. @Vernon

    My cats have two bowls, and they still fight and growl because OMG there MIGHT be something better in the other cat’s bowl! You never KNOW! *growlcuffhiss*

  130. I love how after the big marmie dude gives up, he stands around going “What? What steak? I certainly don’t care about steak. Only silly cats compete over steak.”

  131. And I am disappointed that Nuffers never seem to read the previous comments to see whether the point that they are about to make has perhaps already been made and discussed thoroughly.

  132. This video cracked me up! And for the record, I’M Mexican, and not offended (to whoever up there posted the dumb remark about the “subtle racism”.. come, on, really now? You need to get out more, rofl. Let me guess, you thought the taco bell chihuahua was racist as well?) because its a darn expression. And a Mexican standoff is, in fact, exactly what these cats are doing! And its funny as hell.

    And, I do all kinds of animal rescue/care work as well, and have been for a very long time, and I can tell YOU, that no, these kitties are fine. They are healthy, well cared for, and not starving. Anyone working with cats for any period of time will be able to tell you that, like the above posters said, cutting it into 3 pieces is not the solution, lol. In a perfect happy world yes, the kitties would each eat their own piece and be done with it… but alas, they are cats, and that is steak. 😉

    The cats don’t care if you are laughing at them. Trust me. Just like the kitty in the blender pic had no idea it was actually in a blender. They are not people. They are CATS. It is not cruel to throw a piece of meat in the middle of three healthy happy cats and watch them play tug of war with it. Its freaking adorable! And I’m sure they all got their share of the steak after the video. Unless of course the owners decided they could still cook up the steak for themselves. 😉

  133. Three mischievous kitties steal a steak and their owner decides to film it. I see absolutely no problem in this scenario at all, except the owner is out one steak.

    ZOMG, won’t someone think of the poor starving German guy? Those cats stole his dinner!!!one!!

  134. @Melissa – that’s lovely that you think the term Mexican Standoff is not racist; good for you! However, you don’t speak for all Latinos. Others find it pejorative and derogatory.

  135. Nope. Not cute. Not cute at all. Do you think dog fights are cute? No cat got hurt, but at one point, one could have had it’s eye scratched out. The baby crying in the background makes it worse. Quit giving the cats raw meat and filming it for your entertainment? Put DOWN the camera and go pick up your baby.

  136. I don’t like the video. Just what they hoping to accomplish by putting these kitties in that kind of position. It could have been nasty. Not kind or cute at all.

  137. Lildragon says:

    It is so NOT ok to give cats raw meat. This is a terrible thing to teach them.

    [ 😆 and 🙄 – Ed.]

  138. Lol! That was some seerious kitteh action.

    Middle kitteh was the smart one, half expected him to bat the bigger cats at the same time so they’d let go in surprise then run off with teh tasties.

    And to the nuffers. Seriously, you must not know cats, at all. Kitteh prolly snucked the meat (and nothing wrong with kittehs eating raw meat), and they did what kittehs do. “Ooohh Food! MINE MINE!”
    Comparing it to dog fights? Go read about animals, observe them, this was tame squabble among friends.

  139. Scary and creepy. Definitely NOT cute.

  140. ok. I just read some of the comments. Regardless of whether it’s right or healthy or whatever, IT’S NOT CUTE. That’s the only criteria for this site.

    And this IS cute overload. Do you know how silly ya’ll sound getting into political arguments on a site dedicated to cute? I mean, wow.

  141. “What cat is not hungry when presented steak?”
    Uh, mine. None of my cats would want anything to do with steak-raw or cooked. Raw grasshopper and cricket is on the menu, though.

    And my tuppence; vid not cute.

  142. Beth (in NC) says:

    I’m just laughing about making these kitties fight for a “teat”. hahahahahahahaha. le sigh.

  143. Man, if only my three were this tame! They fight worse than this over which CHAIR to sit on – even though I have more furniture than floor space it seems. And, my oldest is a torti. Enough said, there, methinks. Scarlett on a good day makes this trio look like they are having a damn lovefest.

    What is it about torties, anyway? Why are they so neurotic?

    Anyway, heaven forbid someone drops food at my house. I dropped a pizza crust once and after 3 minutes of tug o war with my youngest, I gave up. It just wasn’t worth it, man!

    P.S. At my house, all cupboards and the fridge have locks. My little mongrels know how to open the damn FRIDGE for crying out loud! I have feline garbage disposals! If they were to get ahold of a steak like this, lions fighting over the gazelle on the African plains would cower in fear!

  144. Oh please, my cats do that all the time, though usually over toys since it’s difficult to have a tug o war over pieces of kibble or loaf-style wet food. There’s a lot of posturing and growling and hissing… but give them 20 minutes and they’ll be snuggled up sleeping together.

  145. People are saying this takes place at their house and worse…

    Uh, guys, just what kinda kittehs do y’all have? Nobody fights at my house over anything, and I have three large dogs and four cats. Sure they romp, spit and growl whilst playing, but that’s it. Do I just have a magical, out-of-touch-with-reality group or what? One warning growly-yowl and everybody backs off (without me intervening). I’m just shaking my head at some of these comments.

    And no, I’m not kidding about the furkid peace at my house.