THIS JUST IN: Hollywood Switches Its Cause Du Jour

You may have heard rumblings about a certain controversial celebrity recently incarcerated overseas. Many in Hollywood have a signed a petition asking him to be freed, but you know that cause don’t got cred until Causeactivists Tim Robbins and Sean Penn get on board. To put it into perspective, this cause is so important that they immediately halted their annual bid to end the brutal massacre of innocent pumpkins.

So once again, the troops have been assembled, and their rallying call is:


OK, which of you wacky pachyderms put super glue on my trunk.

Camilla must be worried sick, Muffy M.

Photo courtesy of Steffi Loos/AFP/Getty via



  1. Love the Muppets references, and this little elephant is adorable!

    “It’s time to play the music.
    It’s time to light the lights.
    It’s time to get things started
    On the Muppets Show tonight!”

  2. OMgosh! Such cutulesence! The teeny-weeny babyishness, the curly trunklet, the fuzzy-wuzzy new-born ‘do, the glint of mischief in the eye…. thud.

    “We are sorry to interrupt the gushing and squeeeing, however, your irregularly scheduled Wend has keeled over, er, is experiencing technical difficulties, yeah, that’s it, technical difficulties—( well, technically, she’s a ded frum the qte).”

  3. Baby elephants are adorable, and The Muppet Show was the greatest TV show of all time. Ergo, I love this post!! Thank you for brightening my day.

    Also… why don’t I have any baby elephant friends? I bet they’d make awesome friends…

  4. I’m trying to figure out why this little guy looks like a baby bird to me. Something about the eye, maybe?

  5. I just want to touch the light halo of fuzz…

  6. Dat’s a huge schnozzle for such a wittle pachy.

  7. Ahhh Gonzo! The Roman Polanski of the Muppet world. I knew his predilection for chickens would catch up with him sooner or later. Let’s hope Sesame Street has strong extradition treaties!

  8. Fuzzy little lellefont head! I want him to grab me with his trunket and never let me go. 😀

  9. beardediris says:

    Mrs. Jumbo and Dumbo are united once again!

  10. I clicked on the “Muppet-y Pachyderms” tag to see all the others I had inexplicably missed.

  11. Ohhh. The head fuzz. The head fuzz… I lurve it on all baby-animulz! And this little dude is super duper sweet.

  12. [d*mn! can’t come up with a good Statler and Waldorf exchange….]

  13. Its time to put on make up
    Its time to dress up right,
    its time to meet the Muppetts
    on the Muppet Show tonight!

    He can come to my house.
    I have always waned a Camilla the Chicken doll.

  14. I, for one, am going to keep up the fight against senseless pumpkin slaughter. (Now if you are slaughtering it to make soup, that’s another thing)

  15. Also: Gonzo was definitely great, but I must note that the Swedish Chef was always my favourite muppet 🙂

  16. He’s fuzzy. He’s cute. He’s bluuuuue! Perfection.

  17. Muppets ref for the win!!!!!! :mrgreen:

  18. Looks more like Jimmy Durante (aka the “Schnozzola”) to me.

    Good night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.

  19. Do doo doot do doo… bounces in chair to internal muppet show earworm..

  20. *plink plink*
    I don’t think this little guy’s gonna fly away with THOSE ears!

  21. Resriechan says:

    IMHO: Among a Plethora (Bonus Odd Vocabulary Word for the Day :D) of Awesome Aspects of this photo & “The Muppets Connection” ……the Awesomest Aspect is….HIS EYEBALL !! (close second place goes to the scraggly pseudo-fuzz on his little hay-ud)

    If THIS AIN’T a dictionary entry for image for a “Hairy Eyeball”, then I’m sure I don’t know what is !!!

    NOTE: The following was in Wikipedia:
    for “hairy eyeball”
    King (TV series)
    Great Big Hairy Eye-Ball- A floating hairy eye that temporarily turns anyone who looks directly at it into stone….28 September 2009

    (also there): Briar Rose (band)
    In November that same year they released their first “proper” song in 15 years in the form of “Hairy Eyeball”

  22. He really DOES look like Gonzo….

  23. fluffernugget says:

    Lurve wee pachy’s fuzzyness. And the muppets references…my fav was Beaker so much so my Macaw (in my avatar) is named Beaker.

  24. I’ve always been fond of Camilla the Chicken…

  25. baby animals are so cute shame it dosent happen the same with all human babies lol

  26. My favorite were Statler and Waldorf 😡

  27. Beautiful fuzzy baby efelant. Furry baby woozle should not be too far behind.

  28. Gonzo: “Photography’s an art. You gotta have the right film, you gotta have the right exposure, and you gotta scream just before they get the food to their mouth.”

    Gonzo: [singing] “For you, I’d wash my hair with stinky glue, I’d fry my legs and eat them too, I’d put a spider in my shoe, for you.
    That was the first verse. Would you like to hear the other 28?”

  29. Free fuzzy baby funty head!

  30. BabyOpossum says:

    There’s not a word yet for old friends who’ve just met.
    Part heaven, part space, or have I found my place?
    You can just visit, but I plan to stay.
    I’m going to go back there someday.

  31. I actually met Gonzo once – the dude that worked/voiced him, not the muppet – and he was nowhere NEAR this adorabuhls! Can I kiss the wee trunk? I’ll be gentle!

    [You mean you met Frank Oz?? 😯 Or is Gonzo done by somebody else? – Ed.]

  32. Oh, and epic LOLZ at “Camilla”!!!

  33. Theadosia says:

    My favourites were Statler and Waldorf, Janice, Animal and the inimitable Miss Piggy. I wish I looked as good in a sequined evening dress and boa as she did.

  34. BabyOpposum FTW!!! That was always my favorite of the Muppet Movie soundtrack (though I’ve been known to perform Rainbow Connection for talent shows n such)…

    Uns fler der, uns fler der oomp. BORK! BORK! BORK! I also ❤ der Swedish Chef.

    All that lil pachy needs for a halloween costume is a demin visor with a water spigot on it….

  35. I love him. I want to take him home….of course, I’d need a much larger house….

  36. shellebelle says:

    *sings* fuzzy and blue…he’s just so fuzzy and blue…


    Baby elephants are my favorite. ❤

  38. Resriechan says:

    To the Universe: sorry about the length of the following;

    @ KittyAdventures:
    …..bouncing in your chair? REALLY? wow, now THAT is what I call being a Muppet Fan!!! YOU da (man/woman/person of thus far indeterminate gender)

    To: any muppets and Ewmew Fudd fans:
    We are deeply sorry tonight, to announce the evident passing of a Classic Internet Feature from the Google homepage. Tonight an ex-Librariologist in North Florida attempted, from the Favorites bar on her laptop, to activate the Google Home Page in its Ewmew Fudd dialect, to which some wonderful person,
    had alerted the followers of a webpage called CuteOverload, earlier this year.
    Our viewers will be deeply saddened to note that, evidently, the humorous adapted dialect versions of Google are no longer available in the way that they had been (it does still have *boring* languages like German (*AUDIBLE GASP*) available

    However, there are some hopeful developments. She was able to locate a Translator page with which one can type in text & receive below the Ewmew Fudd
    version or a few other dialects (Redneck, etc.). If The Management lets us know whether providing that data would be within appropriate boundaries (ie not advertising inappropriately), we will publish the address for that site in a later Comment in this Column.
    Also, our audience will no doubt heave (HEAVE!!) a huge sigh of
    relief (RELIEF!), to know that this same Librariologist WAS, in fact, able to mark in her laptop’s Favorite Webpages file…..THE AMAZING RIMSHOT PROVIDED BY……….
    (I’ve forgotten; HonGlad; VanZepp; one of the extraspeciallyamazingwittyfrequent CO commentors). In proof:

    That is all.

  39. Resriechan says:

    (hmmm. ….I guess, not QUITE all…I thought it would make the sound when you click on the blue but it’s makin me have to click on the blue which brings up the page, THEN have to click on the RED BUTTON on that screen, to get the effect)

    I’m hopelessly geeky w/ Computers. 😕
    Can’t we just get back to typing everything on paper? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez?
    (huge, tragic sigh 😕

  40. Resriechan says:

    (AW JEEZ THOSE AREN’T the Emoticons w/ Rolling Eyeballs I was trying for, either) I think I’ll go to the library & find some books on Tragic Ways to End a Scene.
    🙄 🙄


  41. Pachyderm Pachyderm, wilt thy be mine
    Thou shall’t not wash dishes, nor yet feed the swine
    But sit on a cushion and sew a fine seam
    And dine upon stawberries, sugar and cream

  42. Is he a woozle or a hefelump?

  43. Resriechan says:

    @ Katrina….if I may …
    in my considered opinion, I believe that he/she (we haven’t done the whole male/ female question here) would most correctly be referred to, as an
    EFF-elant. If you need any further elucidation, please feel free to call My People. They will be glad to be of assistance.

    The Leslie

  44. Resriechan says:

    @ QoD:

    Go back to the photo….Read the name of the photographer/ “Photo courtesy of”) So THAT’s your Real World Job!!! You’re a ZOO photographer!!!

    😉 (wink, wink; nudge, nudge!!)

  45. Well Resriechan,
    Hefelumps and Woozles are awfully confuzal, if one subscribes to the Disney telling of the tale. I’m more the A. A. Milne/E.H. Shepard fan myself.

    Your very cordially,
    Yours a little gumpily,
    K., also

  46. Resriechan says:

    @ Katrina: are you, by any chance, a friend of a gentleman named Eeeyore?
    I believe he lives in your vicinity; he has grey hair.

    AA. Milne

  47. Are you sure he/she is not an Oliphant? Oliphaunt? What Sam saw, in Lord of the Rings! Probably not, they were a lot bigger…

  48. Resriechan,
    Why yes, Eeyore and I are occasional Military Whist partners at local basketball dinners. Fine, fine character. Though he does insist on bringing that broken red balloon to dump into the finger bowls, other than that he has a very fine dinner companion. Prefer him so much to that bouncy Tigger fellow, when the finger bowls come around…

  49. Resriechan says:

    @ Katrina:

    y’know, the Etiquette Rules and Reg’s about fingerbowls are SO STRICT. (sigh)

    But (more importantly) they have dinners at local basketball games? AND you play “Whist” at these dinners?

    (Please insert here, that weird wobbly sound effect, used in TV shows to indicate the brain wobbling around in yer head)….

  50. Don’t you, Resriechan? Just what kind of weird dark tarn of weir do you live in?

    Just kidding, you know, just joshin’, no real insult to wherever you live in Northern Florida.

  51. resriechan says:

    Way-ul, the shoat ayunsuh, izzat IT’S HOT IT’S HOT IT’S HOT & also at times IT’S….yup, yew guessed it.

    Occasionally the temps have been known to dip down below 85 degrees & then they write it up in the papers & do a television news story on “The “Big Freeze” and all the stores sell the 2 coats they keep in stock “just in case”.