Day 13: Still No Sign of the Monster

As the expedition pauses at one of the many watering pools that dot this mysterious island, I note with some frustration that we are no closer to sighting the giant ape known to the natives only as Kong.  If there was only some clue…



  1. That little guy has some big shoes to fill when he grows up. 🙂

  2. I love the black fur on his little handsies.

  3. Is that a monkey? I can’t see his tail.



  5. Watch out little guy! He’s right behind you!!

  6. (Opposable foot thumbs!)

  7. He’s on the trail of the hot blonde babe, I’ll bet.

  8. had to bite down hard on the tongue to not squeal like a maniac on this one… he is too teeny & CUTE!

  9. Mary Jane says:

    Hey – any update on Monkeh Boy and Monkeh Bebbeh from so long ago? Monkeh Boy, if you are reading, how’s the bebbeh?

  10. coprogirl says:

    Where’s you mumma, little one? You has to watch out fer monsters……:-0

  11. Baby munkeeees make my da-a-a-a-a-a-y!!!

  12. My guess is that it’s not volcano day by that rumbling.

  13. Little squishy minkeeeeeeeeee!!!! A ‘tocks shot would be to die for!

  14. Peter Jackson should of hadded this little guy to the remake 😉

  15. Resriechan says:

    1: “Awwwwww, dah koot widdle monkeykins”

    2: OMG MIKE YA KNOW WEEELUVU (“Ri Ruv Roo!!! Barrooo!!”)
    BUT OMG y’all MISSED the OBVY storyline (or maybe I”m just Goofy — in which case, see the research I turned in to VonZepp in another column yesterday about Pluto & Goofy…) BUT OMG

    This isn’t a “Minky” (Peter Sellers, Pink Panther -pseudo-French) exploring King Kong !!!! IT’S CURIOUS GEORGE, fer___Plpkq[pjpqwj’s sake !!!

    It’s a Monkey, & he’s showing Curiosity !! What MORE do you need ????

  16. This guy rocks. 🙂 He’s just what I needed after the disturbingly sad video I was emailed about child abuse. (I hate getting those, truth be told) 😦

    Does anybody have an idea what kind of monkey this dude is? He’s super cute to look at, lol.

  17. Trabb's Boy says:

    What a wonderful shot! The splayed toes, the backlit ears, the dawning recognition of what he has been drinking from. I’m atingle in so many ways.

  18. Squeeeeeeeee! He’s so adorabuhls… I want to peench his widdle bottom and plant some keeses on his round forehead.

  19. I love the way his back foot is gripping the edge of the puddle—don’t fall in, little dude!!

  20. Tygress22 says:

    Hey….it’s a Monchihi! So soft and cuddley 🙂 Totally adorable.

  21. Mon-keh!

  22. Von Zeppelin says:

    I like the neatly parted hair on the top of the head, with a little schmeer of mud. His mom probably groomed him nicely and told him NOT to get dirty or play in puddles, since we’re leaving to visit Auntie Bertha in just a few minutes.

  23. Little monkey so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  24. LovesDogs says:

    Cute Baby Smeagol {before he grew up}

  25. The wishing pool will grant ye, only one wish. Be careful what thy asketh it!
    (ominous rumble of thunder)

  26. Hey hey it’s the minkee!!!

  27. Just imagine how shocked he is going to be when he realizes that it’s not a gorilla and is in fact, a T-rex and that he is in some weird island theme park…..

    I totally want to watch Jurassic Park now.

  28. cute baby macaque! yay for making my day.

  29. @Kristi yeah, just what does he think is making those ripples in the water??

    (giant Jurassic Park footsteps!) eeeep!

  30. looks like my relative !

  31. HonGlad: LOL!

  32. Resriechan says:

    @ HonGlad: Are you sure, that it isn’t THREE (no, five) wishes?????

    A Knight who says “NI”!!!

  33. You mean, one of the knights who until recently said, “Sanna wanna yamma PING kuchowwwwwwww”?


  34. *waits for impact tremor*

  35. “Mom? Mom! MOOOOOOOM!!!!!!”

  36. Resriechan says:

    @ Aquamarine:

    Is it possible, that I am inferring that your Lifetime Film Viewing Experience includes at least one screening of MP/Search/ Holy Grrrrrrrrrrrail??????

    Castle Anthrax
    (Who is about to be offline for at least an hour 😦

  37. @ Resriechan:

    yes. about one…….THOUSAND. i am, alas, an addict. i must be punished! bad, bad zoot! (now watch me have gotten that line wrong)

    methinks thou must be in a different time zone than myself….although i don’t really want to know….it’s sort of fun not really knowing anything about you clowns….and i mean that with all luvvvvvv! 😀

  38. Resriechan says:

    @ Aquamarine:

    This has entirely NUTTIN’ to do w/ the monkey investigating the King Kong footprint and is ENTIRELY useless, but:

    *My favorite single line/ dialogue, FROM MP/ Holy Grail ….(drum roll, here, please) IN ELMER FUDD Dialect, is as fowwows:

    *”Hewp! Hewp! I’m being wepwessed!”

    The More You know.

  39. Reminds me of a certain scene from the Lion King…just switch Mr. Monkeykins out for Simba…


  40. @ Resriechan: 😀

    “Oh, NOW we see the oppwession inhewent in the system!”

    my SI and i love to sit and do this scene, and the coconuts scene, by the hour….we get better at it the more we drink…..mind you, the movie is not even on, it’s just us….and the dogs….with their looks of pity…..

    how long will COers allow us to be off task like this?

  41. Resriechan says:

    @ Aquamarine:
    meself, I’ve been curious, WHO & HOW the coconuts banging together for footsteps developed…. My next favorite moment, is when Arthur et al trot across the fields near the peasants (clapping said coconuts) & the peasants discuss his identity.

    “Who’s that? I dunno — he must be The King.” “Why?”
    “He hasn’t got **** all over him”.

    (and the two of them describe this so analytically & calmly; as if it’s simply a mandatory work policy that all peasants are required to have ****all over them)
    pretty supreme film moment ‘f ya ask ME…

  42. Aquamarine and Resriechan, I’m with you. Possibly my favorite movie of all time (although there’s also The Princess Bride, Casablanca…).

    It’s so quotable!

  43. Queen of Dork says:

    I KNEW IT! I KNEW Curious George was a real, live monkey!!

  44. Awww. Is he a Japanese macaque?

  45. @ Resriechan & AmyJ:

    I don’t know the genesis of the coconuts….hmm…..but I love how they follow Sir Robin as he is gallantly and bravely beating a hasty retreat….

    One of my mostest favoritest lines in the peasant scene is this one:

    “Wat’ry tarts ‘andin’ out scimitars is no basis for a system ‘o gov’ment!”

    Ahh….MP&THG……I could do this all day!

    You mean having **** all over yourself ISN’T a mandatory workplace requirement….? (scurries off to bathroom, humiliated)

  46. you can’t go around claiming to be King just cause some watery tart threw a sword at you!

    If I went around saying I was an emperor, just cause some moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, they’d put me away!

    oh gawd hep’ me.

  47. paunchi i *heart* u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (*sigh* keels over in happyness)

  48. (( furrows brow over “moistened bint” )) (?)

    [It’s rather derogatory Brit slang. All I’m sayin’ – Ed.]

  49. i thought it was actually “moistened bink,” but what do i know?

  50. so adorable and tiny

  51. Admit it all you parents out there – except for a bit of fur you want to say (Audrey-Adam-Zoe-get away from that puddle) Gah- I want to scoop up the monkey and dry them off and take them to Mc-hamburgersons playplace. My kids are primates and so am I. I love you monkey- Michael

  52. soo cute!
    it’s a rhesus macaque!