I dare yous!

Ilana B., it’s imposs. Absolutely imposs.



  1. I failed! (Within the first 15 seconds too… I’m so ashamed.)

  2. thedistractor says:

    It’s a “slap slap kiss kiss” movie. The front kitty eventually gives in and just enjoys the cleaning.

  3. Anne Packrat says:

    “I’m going to clean you whether you like it or not!”

  4. LOL that is the Smile Laugh grin video HEHEHEHE

  5. What beautiful babies!

    That no smile thing? EPIC FAIL. I gave up within the first few seconds too.

  6. kawaii kitens.

    i hold until 1:01

  7. ♥ ♥ ♥ MEEZER TABBIES! ♥ ♥ ♥

    Rikki acts like this with me all the time, especially when I’m trying to work.

  8. OMG kitty makeout session. This seriously needs a Barry White soundtrack or maybe some Al Green.

    [Opening your eyeballs eyeballs, pretending that you’re Al Green Al Green – A. Ant]

  9. When ever I had this scene happen at home, my best friend would say “Your cats are making out again!”

    Just thinking of that made me smile, much less the video.

  10. kittensnotkids says:

    file under matchingks? I shall leeeeek you?

    adorable. why don’t my catties do nice cute things like this?

  11. Kitty makeout session, ending with spoons. *thud*

    I didn’t smile – my mouth was too busy saying “awwwww” about 2000 times. 🙂

  12. I lasted 20 secs! A good one.

  13. I lasted until about 2:27 when I saw the back kitty flop into spoons position. Then I lost it. *sigh*

  14. wow, to get three minutes (and still going) of that, without a *meeeee-rowrrrr* /slap slap/ hisssss… is amazing!

    the front one is thinking, I just want to sleeeep!

  15. Typical kitties:
    groom groom groom groom OMG!!!!! FIGHTFIGHTFIGHTFIGHT groom groom

  16. The cleaning kitty gives the camera a stare from time to time as if to say, “Do you mind??! This is our alone time…” And kitty being cleaned is all, “Whateveryawnhmphzzzzzz…”

  17. Theo, got your eyeliner on?

  18. PS i.e your makeup makeup?

    [Make sure you get my good side good side. – Ed.]

  19. Aww, come on, it’s only 5:54 am, stay a little longer… yeah, just like that..smooch, schmooch, seee?

  20. Resriechan says:

    Haven’t yet watched the vid., Meg….but (please cue the whiney bratty spoiled kid’s voice, here):

    “It’s not fai-ai-airrrrrrrrr!!! Three whooooooole minnits? and TWO kitties? and licking???? Mah-ah-ahm !!!!!! Make it stah-ah-aaaaaaaap”

  21. Yes I smiled. Reminds me of, when as a kid, Mum would clean round my mouth, after an ice cream.

  22. ^_____________________^

  23. Beth (in NC) says:

    ❤ ❤ ❤ Ennnnhhhhhh ❤ ❤ ❤

  24. shahinrani says:

    On youtube it says their names are One and Zero! I think that makes me as happy as the licking.

    [I do like that. 😀 – Ed.]

  25. I tried, I really tried not to smile, but by the end I know I had a contented smile on my face. RX: watch once a day to lower stress.

  26. Stunbunny says:

    NSFW! (Nose-Snorgling Face Wash)

    [ 😆 – Ed.]


  28. Get a room! 🙂

  29. what beautiful kitties! i think i lasted about 3 seconds.

  30. I did NOT smile. I will NOT smile. I am NOT Smiling.
    Nope. NOt doing or did or whatev. Just don’t pay attention to the grinning idiot behind my cardboard facade here. Wait, did I just say that outloud? Danggit!! Gotta stop narrating myself. 🙄

  31. Resriechan says:

    @ Josee

    Although I was delighted with your punchline/ comment & its appropriate mood, made me LOL, see, UNLESS the bed, quilt & curtains are suspended out in the cornfield………………….(I think that they’re IN a room. But you can’t be TOO sure; it’s a close-up, I know. Don’t worry; I won’t tell anyone.)

    “But, what about Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee(ow.) ??????”

  32. The bottom kitteh smiled too–did you notice? On the closeup? What a gorgeous pair.

  33. ‘Stop lickings me, I is trying to snooze!’

  34. Resriechan says:

    PS @ Adam Ant (or his body double/ whatev)

    Always did like that song (espec. w/ an ex, who — we were BOTH in school together if that tells you about the Pleistocene Era) ….

    Thanks for the Memories (and the Earworm)

    (wait; it must be an EarANT!!!!????)

  35. PeppaMama says:

    Serious SQUEEEEE! They are so beautiful, and look s-o-o-o-o-o SOFT! Ah, bliss.

  36. @R-chan — I’m bucking for Earwyverns now. 😉

  37. I lasted about 12 seconds, until Back Kitty got to Front Kitty’s armpit.

    Front Kitty reminds me of me in the morning, when the Dog Alarm begins licking me on the nose.

  38. Sweetness! Love the quilt/eyecolor matchy, matchy action too. Luv eet!

  39. bad_kittymama says:

    Oh dear. I could have resisted smiling, but I plain forgot to resist.

  40. Resriechan says:

    @ Theo — yes, I recall clicking on your provided link, I think ’twas yesterday. I began to read thru the article. I’m all into eccentric, however I meself never did much w. the whole Dungeons/ Dragons (or whichever fantasy role game is cool nowadays..) anyway; cool new concept someone’s at the door (literally) bye

  41. I honestly wasn’t thinking D&D when I came up with Earwyverns, but now that you mention it, some friends & I are trying to put together a regular game of D&D 4 (I’m calling it the Mid-Life Crisis Edition) so there may indeed be wyverns in my future. Dear oh dearie me.

  42. Awwwwwwwwww! LUV BUGS !
    Then Snuggle bugs !

    Kerthud !!!

  43. Awww…spooning!

  44. @ Theo: Meezer?
    It didn’t make me smile, but it did make me vewwwy sweeepy… wish I could fall asleep while somebody washed my head… it’s dark and rainy here in the Pacific NW, the monsoons done come & all I wanna do is hibern8.

    [For clarity, you might try visiting here =^.^= – Ed.]

  45. Resriechan says:

    @ Theo:

    (Caution: some audience members might find the following objectionable. I hope not. If I really FELT scornful, I wouldn’t comment — knowing it might hurt; I’d choose to go to another item. )

    “D & D: Midlife Crisis Edition”???? 😆


  46. [sigh] I didn’t even make it past pressing “play”! [hanging head in embarrassment]

  47. I failed on the 3 second mark when I heard the first lick!

    I’m hopeless!

  48. Sigh. I was smiling in anticipation before I even started the video.

    I think watching it should be promoted as a form of stress-relief therapy – Rx: view once a day or more, as needed. Even better would be if I could squeeze in there with those beautiful soft squishy kitties!

  49. victoreia – you and me both (and at the same time, too!)

  50. I loff you and must liek and bite you!

  51. what a gorgeous pair.

    [That’s what HE said. *ducks* – Ed.]

  52. Tsk, such a dirty, dirty, DIRTY cat!!


  53. Aww, so cute! Meezers love lickin’s, don’t they? I love when the lick-ee looks at the camera just before 1:00; like “he’s my brudder, whatcha gonna do… snooooozzzzzeeee”.

  54. LOL at the head kick!

    Oh all right, sigh, lub me….

  55. leeck leeck leeck, nom nom nom, leeck leeck leeck, nom nom nom….

    I was smilin’ from the get go.

  56. I was able to hold out until the little kicks.

  57. That was graphic! Kitty pron!

  58. They remind me of a married couple. The one is all “come here baby, let me love and cuddle and lick you alllll over… meow!” and the other is like “stop it! I have a headache! I’m trying to sleep! Ugh… oh fine.”

  59. I’m smiling and I haven’t even SEEN the video yet (darned work and it’s blocking teh qteness 😦 ). But reading the comments makes me want to rush home and watch!

  60. Theo, I’ve got the wet noodles, you may commence with the whipping.
    Hmm, doesn’t sound good does it. How about Theo, Metz is reeeeely sorry and is prepared to offer you Marmies and other assorted Kittens (from the Purrardeli Deluxe Assortment) as attonement?

    (seriously though, I am sorry.)

  61. So cute! My 2 kitties like to do this, too. Sometimes, they are super sweet about it, other times not so much (you can see them in a washing tizzy here: )

  62. DaytimeDeb says:

    I made it through the video without smiling — on the OUTSIDE. On the inside, I am grinning so wide that my head just cracked open and my brain is now a puddle. Note to self: Find superglue, then watch video again without taking on this dangerous dare!!

  63. They are so cuuute! *3*

  64. I need a cigarette

  65. You’ve been a VERY dirty kitty. I must clean you!

    But de-flea the poor thing! You can see the flea in the kitty’s ear at 2:00, and it keeps itching its ear.

  66. I think the washee really just wants to sleep. (And how many times does he have to tell you, NOT THE ARMPIT! Man, that tickles.)

  67. Resriechan says:

    Two further considerations (jeez, one *might* think that I really like several bits, about this vid & the resulting comments stream………naaaaaaaaahh. It’s just that I’m opinionated, immature, pushy & bored)

    1: re Theo’s answer (to Hyura) @ #52

    O, NO, YOU DI-unt!!!

    (FootNOTE A: DID EVERYBODY analize Hyura ‘s comment & Theo’s VULGAR REPROBATE (challenging vocab word “du jour,”but in English!) INTENTION? If you di-unt, go back, with a durty mind, & read that item agin.

    2: I’m TELLING (Meg? no, she *posted* this vulgar tripe (harrumph!); NTM? MY MOTHER? (“Run away!” “Run away!” ) … BECAUSE …

    (I’ll whisper here, so the young’uns won’t hear this disgusting part….”They’re FRENCH kissing, Mommieeeeeeeeeee”)
    (“No, Dear, because they’re Siamese Cats so they must be Siamese Kissing!”
    FootNOTE B: for best effect, please click on the following link. RIGHT NOW:
    C:\Documents and Settings\Acer\My Documents\Rimshot Button and sound effect.mht

    (FootNOTE C: Thanks to the wonderful CO post-person who provided me w/ that link yesterday. Normally I’d search around to find who it was but I don’t “feel normal today” IT’s ON MY HARD DRIVE NOW, SO LOOK OUT CHEAP HUMOR, HERE I COME!!!!!!! BWA HAHAHAH AHHAH (etc., etc & so forth)


    **BONUS POINTS to the first *NON CO STAFF MEMBER* (sorry, Theo) who writes in to say what PDA stands for. Hint: the video of Kitties in Or**** above…are participating in a HORRIFYINGLY BLATANT PDA.
    (“No, Lucy, it DOESN’T mean “Personal Digital Assistant”, in THIS case”)

  68. Resriechan says:

    (whadidIdowrong? the link for a rimshot? I saved it to/ hard drive….won’t it play, from the way I saved it? HelpmeObiWonKinobe…..Help me “Lone Stranger”…Help me, Batman !! Help me, Charlie’s Angels (mostly Farrah; the other two can tag along, that’s fine, if there’s room in the car….)

    [It’s — don’t bother trying to save it to your hard drive, it’s on the internet – Ed.]

    […oh, and I’m afraid you’re out of luck, Farrah’s no longer on the payroll. 😦 – Ed.]

  69. Public Display of Affection!

  70. Resriechan says:

    Let’s see, my computer is an Acer & the other part is the word proc. “documents” File, so …MAYBE: (let’s try it, this way….I LIKE TYPEWRITERS BETTER ALS COMPUTERS)

    rimshot Button and Sound Effect.mht

    The Migraine Headache Dept.

    [Hon we can’t link to something on your computer, unless you’ve set it up properly as a web server, registered a domain name, got a commercial account with an internet service provider, etc. Far far easier to just remember the URL. – Ed.]

  71. Resriechan says:

    WOW my rimshot still won’t work but
    AQUAMARINE WINS BONUS POINTS FOR THE CORRECT ANSWER, AND WINS **MORE** BONUS POINTS. She got it in, before I could finish re-typing my rimshot effort #2

    Aquamarine is hereby 2nd in charge after The Meg.

    (hey, I kinda like that; you know, like The Donald. Hmmmmmmm. The Theo.
    Obvy, “The NotThatMikeTheOtherMike”, isn’t so great…The Prongs)

    [Dunno, I think “El Teo” sounds better, except it sounds maybe too much like “El Feo”… hmm 😐 – Ed.]

  72. Resriechan, I think your best bet is to save that web address to your favorites list and just copy/paste from there.

    […or do that, yeah – Ed.]

  73. Aww!! It’s Romeow and Julicat! Loves it!

  74. The Meg’s shoes are too big for The Aquamarine!

    (I tried to put a kewt little embarrassed smiley in here the first time I posted this but I think it imploded?)

    [Here’s the smilies link in the WordPress Codex – Ed.]

  75. Justahannah says:

    I have a bald ferret (she’s a rescue with adrenal problems) and she takes out her grooming tendencies on my cat just like that..licks, nibbles, feeble protestations from kitty like he couldn’t possibly be strong enough to break away from a tiny sick ferret. I love it 😀

  76. Oh, thank you! I came home somewhat crabby, even after being greeted by our 4 cats. (OK, I was a lot crabby.) I haz a happy now.

  77. GreyandWhite Kitty says:

    Wow, it’s like they’re married. ^___^

  78. 😯

    did it work?

  79. 😀


  80. Copperbat says:

    I could put this on endless loop and watch it all day. It’s as addicting as opium.

  81. 😳

    thanks, Ed!

  82. rubber duck says:

    I feel…dirty. o_o

  83. Kitty porn? :3

  84. No means No, kitty!

  85. This video made me more than smile. It made me giggle.

    I loved “I shall lick, lick, lick you — wait, itch alert— now, what was I doing? Oh yeah. Lick, lick, lick you.”

  86. I’m sorry, but I must admit that I had the same reaction that -Ed did to comment #52… (bowing head in shame…)

    (Hey -Ed! Shhh…. don’t tell anybody, but I’ve really been giggling since I read your comment. Ha! That was PERFECT!)

    Nothing to see here. Now back to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress…

    [One can’t be sophisticated and mature ALL the time. 😉 – Ed.]

  87. Resriechan says:

    @ Blondie & Theo:

    —what, does that mean, that MY reaction to it was horrifying & that I’M the eeeeejit?? (wait, don’t answer that !)

    (walks forlornly away from the people, kicking a rock in shame)

  88. 😕 Where are you getting that, Res?

  89. [One can’t be sophisticated and mature ALL the time. 😉 – Ed.]

    Wait a minute– one can be sophisticated and mature?

    [Hence the winkety-wink. – Ed.]

  90. Resriechan says:

    Well, I figure if two TO-tally cool, together peeps such as yerselves matched up, then (as a “recovering, ex- Catholic, guilty on all counts at all time ……..giggle, tee hee……)

    (I grew up w/ three OLDER brothers — taller, too– so pretty much always my take, on things was outnumbered by “the Other Team”….unless I was alone in the Window Seat, reading Jane Eyre– which I did, in the 7th grade, not in a classroom but just ‘cuz I’m a book geek……Probably contributed to the eventual
    Librariologizing of my Life????)

  91. I failed…. it was too cute and funny. 😦 🙂

  92. coprogirl says:

    My mouf hurts from big grin… so sweet, even though lickee was trying to snooze, licker was on a mission to lick, I loved it. Sweet. Enh…… I want a kitteh tongue bath too.

    [OK, I may well regret asking, but uh… what’s the story behind your screen name? I know what the prefix means, see, and… well, um… – Ed.]

  93. Resriechan says:

    PS @ Theo: **thanks for asking** I like things better when we’re friends (can we still have a chance to be friends, after I felt insulted the other day? :oop:
    I really admire, how witty you are & I’ve just had approx 47 years, outnumbered by three “loving” brothers, ready to tell me how inadequate I was compared to them — true description; I’m not being an overdramatic prairie dog; even the IQ levels are widely different…..)

    [Well… thanks, but really I don’t need the ego strokes. I’ll just say that right now before anybody else does. – Ed.]

  94. Broke out in a guffaw at 0:32 when the sleeping kitty tries to fend the licker off with a few swats. :mrgreen:

  95. @ 1:48

  96. skippymom says:

    Now that you’ve brought it to attention, yes, I too am wondering about coprogirl’s name. Let’s hope the answer has to do with something other than what we’re thinking.

  97. Peanutcat says:

    Don’t smile during the video? I didn’t even make it as far as watching the video before I started smiling . . . . . .

  98. @ Theo

    Please, please don’t play 4th Edition. 3.5 is where it’s at. Actually, if you’re interested in modules, check out Pathfinder’s Burnt Offerings path. It’s universally adored.

    [LOL. Actually the guy who’s going to be DM is 3.5 to the core, BUT… somebody else is bankrolling, and he’s bringing all the new stuff to the table, so what the hey. Me, I’ve only played real hardcore D&D rules via Neverwinter Nights 2 😉 so I’m easy. – Ed.]

  99. Queen of Dork says:

    At one point when the groomer shakes his head I think I heard ear flappage. I agree with Ptycho about the eyeball sucking out thing.

  100. Heck, I smiled just reading the title 😉 Turned into a bubbling puddle of ahnn after that…

  101. Heather Wolf says:

    I didn’t smile. I had a 😐 face through the entire video. I’ve seen enough cat videos of them grooming, sleeping, mewing, getting baths, you name it. C’mon Cute Overload, 95% of the world’s cutest animals are absent from your blog. I’m just tired of cats.

  102. Ahem Cute overload Proponent Girl.

    How was that.. because I have no clue about the other and am going with she doesn’t either.

  103. I knew it was coming, because I watched it earlier, and I still couldn’t help it. I laughed at 18, even though I was biting my cheeks and thinking unhappy thoughts. Not very good!

  104. For other disciples of cuteness courtesy of youtube, this short film is so reminiscent of the cat licking the fennec fox! Look it up to further your cuteology education.

  105. It’s simply impossible! Must smile! 🙂

  106. It’s so chilly tonight, and I would love nothing more than to snuggle with those two gorgeous kitties. Such beautiful eyes! And yes, I know I would seriously risk a brain explosion from such close-up cuteness. But hey. I’m willing to risk it.

  107. *liklikliklikliklikliklikliklikliklikliklikliklik* *nom nom nom* *likliklikliklikliklikliklikliklik*

    And they are just so beautiful!

  108. Daphne Moss says:

    Was not possible. Also impossible…108 comments and not a commentroversy!
    The hell you say!

  109. Queen of Dork says:

    Daphne: *holding index finger and thumb apart a little bit in pinch position*

    A teeny, tiny one seemed to potentially unfold but seems not to have. 🙂

  110. Just think: to a furry, this is a porn video.
    Ugh, I’ve been online too long.

    [And I’m going to add something that looks like an editor’s comment because I can. – Ed]

    [Best not to open that door, don’t you think? Since I have admin privs and you don’t? 😐 – Ed.] [for real]

  111. i smiled as soon as i saw the beautiful kittehs!!! =^._.^=

  112. I can’t believe I made it a whole work day without seeing this! But now my heart is content and I can sleep soundly wif dreams of kitty snuggles 🙂

  113. I read the title, saw the picture, Before I started the video I started smiling. Its impossible for me. I giggle every second in on this site. 😀

  114. earlybird1 says:

    Jeez, get a room whydon’tcha. Oh wait, looks like they already did! LOL!

    [Yeah, they got the room with the CAMERA 😛 – Ed.]

  115. AWW 😆 Who can’t but smile during this video 😆

  116. OH NO! Theo, you got go for 4E, 3.5 is both passe and so broken it ain’t worth it. And this if from someone who has played since 1E. Download the Character Builder, it will make your life that much easier.

    On a less geeky yet cuter note, are these two Siamese?

    [Them are TABBY MEEZERS. So, partly. 😉 – Ed.]

    […oh, and I would need to buy a D&D Insider subscription to use/get the Character Builder, so *BZZZT*. – Ed.]

  117. Space Cowgirl says:

    Made it to 0:20, with difficulty!

  118. Resriechan says:

    @ Theo:

    1: re: comment #117: Isn’t the proper phrasing, “These/those are (Sia)Mee-ez, if you plee-eez…”etc. ??

    2: BTW, did you see on the Domesticatedblahblahblah pic….I placed a comment, providing you with an *ALLEGED* airtight Alibi, re your recent education on the whole Billy Preston thing. As the Brit lady in the laundry commercial says, “One MIGHT be surprized …..” *)

  119. Y’know, if I don’t respond to every little thing, maybe don’t take it too personally. Cute Overload occupies a fairly comfortable internet-sized niche, and I’ve only got just the one me.

  120. I just love the front kitty’s attempts to put up a Privacy Paw.

  121. Lynx Point kittehs! I LOVE lynx point kittehs! Maybe even more than marmalades… *whispers* shh, don’t tell my marmalade boy I said that.

  122. kibblenibble says:

    This video could bring about whirled peas, I theenk.

  123. Kitteh lovins!!

  124. Lame. I kept waiting for something cute to happen. About half-way through, it occurred to me that all the scratching could be due to fleas, and that killed any chance of a smile.

  125. firecatsslave says:

    That was hoplessly cute i forgot within a sec that i was not suposed to smile but hey it was a great happy moment if only the rest of the world where like cats though in some aspects it already is .

  126. I lasted 14 seconds. The first kick in the head got me.

  127. Sleepy licky kittens!!! Gaaaah! Splat!!

  128. Resriechan says:

    @ Kibblenibble for the WIN

  129. Panda from D town says:

    I love GreyandWhite Kitty

  130. That poor kitty just wants to sleep… but the pest persists! I had a kitty that would love on my ear like that…I swear it would be shriveled by morning…please give it a break-ha!

  131. […oh, and I’m afraid you’re out of luck, Farrah’s no longer on the payroll. 😦 – Ed.]

    As I understand it Farrah was taken for Higher Service this year June 25 she was such a lovely lady
    Love to all

  132. eee! cats are my absolute weakness!

    hello! was out blog surfing and so happily hopped across you gem of a blog! so happy to find you — would love to swap links! xoxo

  133. Vid tags say they’re ragdoll kitties, not meezers.

  134. Dennis Cook says:

    I started with just a little grin, and it kept growing!
    Then it exploded! I now have a permanent smile.
    I will forever resemble the Joker!!!!!!
    The kittens have won!!!!!

  135. Resriechan says:

    (Don’t know any songs about TWO ragdolls, or about make-out sessions, but ….)

    “She’s a RAGDOLL, such a RAGDOLL,
    Such a pretty face, should be dressed in lace…”

    With apologies to Paul Anka/ 4 Seasons……

  136. jimmynorth says:

    i just smiled! nice video! thanks! i love cats!

  137. I FAILED pretty much from the get-go. Love how kitten goes leekleekleekEARITCHYleekleekSTUPIDEARleekleekleek.

    My cats usually start leeeeking and one of them will bite the other’s ear and it degenerates into wrasslin’.

    Also smiled from D&D references. Have not played in a loong time, but you still never forget your first orc beheading.
    Good times.

  138. oops, “leeck” not “leek”, the tasty vegetable. *sigh* Brain is still like a bunch of wet broccoli from cuteness of kittehs.

  139. I love how front kitty doesn’t even CONSIDER reciprocating. Pillow queen!

  140. The kitty in the back is my kitty…the kitty in the front is me trying to sleep at night. Can’t cuz I have a constant tongue in my face licking my nose!!! HAHAHAHA…I am one tired woman.

  141. By the way…my kitty is a Ragdoll….

  142. Holy endorphins, Batman!

    Actually, this sorta reminds me of my second marriage. (don’t ask)

  143. 😀

  144. lol.. I had to look away.. the indecency! 😉

  145. I don’t know about anyone else, but that was BORING. It’s not impossible to not smile because I didn’t crack a smile at all. Not even a little bit. Hopefully, we won’t continue to be “amused” by such low key entertainment any time soon!
    The cat’s are pretty though.

  146. wow. boring? thanks, meg, for all the great stuff you put on this site for us for FREE!!! (unless there’s some bill in my mailbox that i haven’t seen yet! tee hee)

  147. Very relaxing…

  148. donkeyinawhitecoat says:

    I sort of feel like I’m not SUPPOSED to be watching. Can they not make love without someone pulling out a camera?

  149. Resriechan says:

    @ Theo re # 120: Okeydokey; so noted ! Thanks for the quiet heads-up !!!
    Have a grooooooooovy day, week, month, life & whatever!!

    Peace & marmie kittens to ya….

  150. they are so beautiful! those blue eyes..snuggly little babies……awwwwwwwwww sigh…….

  151. Apparently, you can tickle a cat, as long as you have a velcro tongue.

  152. Get a room you twos! This seems to be the snuggleupagus species of cat.

  153. Yitzysmommie says:

    Yitzy wants me to do this right now – he’s snorgling my neck, hard to type – he’ll have to settle for kisses b/c I can’t abide too much fur on my tongue!

  154. Don’t smile? I failed at .24 seconds. 🙂

  155. @Resriechan #88: You are no eye-dee-ott. There are just those of us who have spent more time with their minds in the gutter than others. I grew up in a hardware store/warehouse that my family owned, my husband has three younger brothers, and I’ve been doing theater for fun for 20 years. When not doing theater I hang with a bunch of country dancers who *love* the Jack@ss movies. (Ugh, I think they’re stupid, just like Adam Sandler…) I’ve really had to learn to use my internal filter when in other company. Sometimes it’s very difficult, and it occasionally slips out… 😉

  156. Definitely needed a soundtrack. But Lynx Point meezers are always cute.

  157. I did it!! I did not smil it was soo hard they arer soo cute!!

  158. i didnt smile. its wierd though i giggled but didnt smile…

  159. Resriechan says:

    @ Blondie:

    I really do appreciate the positivity/ affirmation you wrote. It seems that I find that in a one-on-one situation, I can fairly accurately read a person’s reaction , but when more than one or two people are in disagreement with me, then I rather shutdown….panic & truly it seems part of that resonates with the whole Catholic guilt thing …Not to say that I go by the C. Ch’s full beliefs re guilt & all that; but btw family personalities being what they were & then plop 3 guys in front of me, sayin’ “that’s stupid” or “you’re not ambitious enough (esp if it’s somebody whose opinion seems important to me.

  160. Ok….. I ooohhhed. Aaaahed. (Hanging my head) and I smiled. There, are you happy now. I sure am. Thanks for sharing.

  161. A very cute video, though I took to the challenge and did not smile at any point throughout the duration of the film, nor when reading the comments posted. Perhaps I’m just not as affected by the cutsies of kittens.

  162. AuntieMame says:

    Wow, Susan. Do you visit your friends’ homes and tell them their linoleum sucks?

    I didn’t smile, either, but that’s because I was too busy admiring how pretty the floofy kittehs were with their creamy fur and blue eyes. And freckles!

  163. Resriechan says:

    @ Deb:

    We feel your pain. 😥 One day at a time, dear. One day at a time.

  164. I lasted for the whole of two seconds… Then again, I’m seriously in need of kitten love these days. The polar nights is setting in, it’s been raining constantly for like a month now, my bipolar disorder is acting up because of this, and I’m not allowed to have pets at my flat… 😦

  165. Awww, the one in front looks just like my kitty (: Hahah I think they might be twins

  166. rubber duck says:

    “donkeyinawhitecoat 10.14.09 at 7:14 am
    I sort of feel like I’m not SUPPOSED to be watching. Can they not make love without someone pulling out a camera?”

    My thoughts exaclty. I felt a bit ashamed to be watching. 😳

  167. donkeyinawhitecoat says:

    Let me just give everyone a ++ for not once going for the obvious p word joke at any time during this event.

  168. Miyakochann says:

    I know I’m depressed and stressed when a kitten video didn’t make me smile. Not one time did I even come close. Those kittens are so beautiful and cute! What’s wrong with me!

  169. beach2peak says:

    Love the spoon position at 2:28!

  170. I had to hold my lips to keep from smiling. Finally gave up at 7 seconds.

  171. that brownish cat looks likemy lost cat koko

  172. Resriechan says:

    @ Emily: our hug vibes, go out to ya

  173. ok, i may be the only one on here who actually didn’t smile. somehow watching 3 whole minutes of cats “making out” doesn’t do it for me.

  174. watched it says:

    omg this flick is so lol see ya ,watchin it again

  175. I made it to 59 seconds! Melted when the kitty closest to the camera turned and opened its sleepy blue eyes wide … aye aye aye. That is killer diller.

  176. It was pretty easy not to laugh, and I made it all the way through. I dont think it was all that amusing because I’ve seen way better cute kittens.

  177. they just leek and leek and leek .. so cute! i could watch this all day! 🙂

  178. lauralovesworld says:

    I had to scroll a million times to add my comment! I am not alone in this silliness! found another cuteone at ( —>TO DIE FOR!

    In my eyes, kittens and cats are the first and foremost at heartfelt melting and puppies and dogs runs a close second! Give me more cats and kittens anytime!

  179. Anyone over 5 seconds = out-of-this-world self-discipline

  180. Reminds me of my old cats, Merlin & Magic. They have long since crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Current cats Nyxie & Sprite are not so into LICKFEST & never were, but are stil cute & loving……

  181. Xander R. Brown says:

    I made it, maintaining a neutral frown the entire time, thanks to rigorous self-discipline by way of an internal monologue of swearing and narrating it as the “observed personal grooming habits of house cats”. Nearly killed me to do so though.

  182. this is the cutest! What adorable kittens. I love watching them.

  183. young kitten love!