No Wonder They’re So Pricey – They’re Lined With Fur

I mean, I appreciate her efforts – I really do. But it’s just not me. And you know, I just don’t have the heart to tell her that I’m more of a plaid flannel-wearing, L.L. Bean backpacker. But, she’s the one with the thumbs, so here I am.
Why you tie-dye my nose?

It is a real supple ride though.

I didn't know you could lock a dog.

I wasn’t aware that Louis Vuitton made pets, Florence A.



  1. This is their new line, so much fashionable (and furry) 🙂

  2. Andi from NC says:

    The second pic took me out! What a sweetie!

  3. Queen of Dork says:

    Speckled nosicle. Speckled nosicle. crap. *thud*

  4. Awww sooo tie tie from all that shopping!

  5. Knock Off.

  6. New tag!

    And whoever heard of a tie-dyed nose? Now that’s fashion!

  7. The bag is totally fake. One can tell bc the LV print is cut off around the seams, the leather trim is the wrong color and it looks like pleather. I think that picture may encapsulate everything that is wrong w. the world.

    [Wow that’s EXACTLY what I was thinking. Maybe you should publish. – Ed.]

  8. Yes, it is a fake LV. But would you put a puppy in a really one? Other than the poor bag, that is one very cute puppy.

  9. fearthebear says:

    Who cares about the bag!? The eyes, the EYES! me melting… *squish*

  10. If the bag is a fake, then is that also a counterfeit doggie?

    Regardless, …..*BEEP* on the bicolored nosicle.

  11. The puppy is cute, but the fake bag is tacky. I don’t understand why anyone would want to be seen with a bag so obviously fake. They aren’t even *trying* to make the print look authentic. The piping is vinyl — it’s really not a cute picture.

  12. If that bag were “genuine”, it would not take away from the fact that it is ugly as sin. No famous name can cover ugly. The dog is prosh however. 🙂

  13. Seriously? People are nuffing the bag?

    That said, awww, sleepy puppy!

  14. Mary, I swear it’s my first or maybe second nuff ever! I just hate that people are so willing to accept anything with a famous name on it even when it flies in the face of all that is tasteful. I have a few designer togs, it just makes me all the happier when I take scissors and cut the labels out. And even if I have a thing or two by Christian Dior or Betsy Johnson, I have things I picked up at Sears and Goodwill that I’m just as fond of. Taste and style are almost totally independent of labeling.

  15. GreyandWhite Kitty says:

    Those puppy eyes are sweet.

  16. I wouldn’t know a Louis Vuitton bag of it came up and split my cranium with an ivory fan. I keep my lorgnette in a beaded reticule.

    That said, that doggie is prosh to the max.

  17. Speckled nosicle!!!

    Pic 1: Puppy says “Get me outta this fake bag, please? PUHLEEEZE?!?”

    Pic 2: Puppy says “Well, if you ain’t gonna get me outta here, might as well get some shut eye.”

  18. What a huggy pup! What breed is that?

  19. Hmmmm well if I were the pup I wouldn’t care
    I looked Here at the LV website—- the “real” one is very similar to this little puppy purse..

  20. Cindy I think it is a maltese

  21. LOL @ theresa I am the same– as long as it fits my needs I am good. A bag is a bag is a bag…. but some people enjoy it so I say go buy you something nice and enjoy!

    Some want it and can not afford the real thing so they spend 20-50 on a knock off. stop hating on them SHeesh. We are not all made of money..

  22. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: Hilarious! I was thinking that, too! I carry around a freaking green backpack. Ha-ha!!!

  23. Resriechan says:

    @ The Brand & All the Knockoffs:
    glad for diverse prices available BUT
    don’t want any thugs /violence/crime assoc.

    *If one person prefers a fake for the economy & no violence/ exploitation created the bag or tax evasion & such occurred …& another person *WILL ONLY* spend $5000 on the real thing…..then there are two markets of customers for two different things that (ALMOST) look the same or (sigh) at least resemble each other.

    @ Theresa:

    ummm…..y’know, something about your description there (ivory fan/cranium) just kinda feels familiar. Are you having a deja vu moment, also?? There’s JUST SOMETHING about that mental /visual scene……

  24. Resriechan says:

    PS Theresa please tell us more, about your beaded reticule. I am, allegedly, not bad at beadwork, myself.

    (or was the beaded reticule just a red herring)

    (okay, folks, now we’ve got enough side references for about 4 different Monty Python sketches!!
    Have at it ! aka Whhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!)

  25. Metz, got any threes?

  26. Queen of Dork says:

    I (heart) my green backpack.

  27. @Brinn, nope Go Fish! 😈

  28. Somebody, Please! I need an 8! Anyone got an 8???

  29. *pulls a 3 from teh pile*

    Hmm, got any eights?

  30. Aw, JINX Bugsy! Here, you can haz mine.

    *hands Bugsy an 8*

  31. BTW, are we playing pairs or books?

    (and according to WP I’m posting too fast and must slow down)

  32. Has anyone got a keyute maltese in a handbag?
    Oh, and any Kings?

  33. LOL! Thanks Brinn! Here, I have 3 7’s and you only need a pair, so you can have all three…..wait…did I do that right? Magenta is confused.

  34. I think a few of you might be just a wee bit lost. Possibly. 😐

  35. whassa book?

    Sorry, Metzee, I’ve only got a shitzu in a hobo bag. Fortunately it’s a real Sonoma one :p Kohls finest!

  36. I dunno, I’ve never heard of pairs or books. I always played when you’ve got 2 lay them down.

  37. Queen of Dork says:

    What are we playing? Is this Hearts or Spades?

  38. Bugsy, if we’re playing pairs, then you should keep two of those 7s and give me one.

  39. Teho, you don’t know what a book is either??? Sigh, crazy Texans…….

  40. A book is when you have all four of a card.

    QofD, we’re playing go feesh. 😀

  41. Queen of Dork says:

    Huh? *trouble keeping up*

    [Yeah, I’m guessing that’s kinda the point. 🙄 – Ed.]

  42. We’re playing Go Fish. So, I have 1 seven….anyone got a seven?

  43. Sorry Metz, no kings. Go feesh.

  44. Queen of Dork says:

    Go Fish!

  45. Oh hai Theo! We’re not lost. We just love it here so much we thought we’d play a rousing game of Go Fish. How about you, got any Malteses in handbags?

    [I know I’m supposed to say “Nope, Go Fish” right here, but somehow… – Ed.]

  46. QofD, it was either play go feesh or make soup. And it’s still fairly warm in Texas, so no soup for me plzkthx.

  47. Can I get a chihuahua in a messenger bag please? Anyone? I can trade for a rottie in a clutch (no guarantee on condition of clutch)

  48. i have everything else in my bag, but no pup with the CUTEST freckled nose……*sigh*

  49. Queen of Dork says:

    I tend to carry hedgehogs in my green backpack. (Just kidding…nuffers…I’m kidding. a joke)

  50. Ohhh! Q of D! Can I interest you in the rottie previously mentioned? I will totally trade for your Sonic the Pursehog

  51. People, it’s CUTE overload, not FASHION overload. Are we really rating the cuteness of this photo on the authenticity of the bag? SERIOUSLY? Do we rate the cuteness of others animals based on how attractive their owners/cages/beds/sunbeams are? No, we do not. (Except Cats’nRacks and when cute men have baby animals :P)

    Step away from the keyboards, folks, and just enjoy looking at the adorable puppy. In fact, unplug your keyboards all together until you can learn to use them responsibly.

    That being said…OMG HOW CUTE!!!

    Also, in about a month, that puppy will be too big for that bag. It will have to be placed into a fake Samsonite or something.

  52. @Brinann, fish soup!!?? Bouilliabaisse!!

    (PS don’t put the bouilliabaisse in the bag, whatever kind of bag.)

  53. (tosses cards over shoulders)
    Alright! Now we’re playing for the good stuff!
    I’ll see your Rottie in a clutch and raise it a Coonhound in a camera case.

  54. So the nuffers are saying that if you’re going to spend thousands of dollars on a single purse, it’s essential for everyone you meet to KNOW that the purse you’re holding costs thousands of dollars, because god forbid they should think it’s a knock-off that only costs tens of dollars.

    Am I understanding this correctly? These folks are essentially buying the bag because they want everyone to know they COULD buy the bag, not because they just enjoy having it. If the latter were the case, they wouldn’t give a crap who thought what.

  55. Queen of Dork says:

    GO FISH! I WON!!!

  56. Deal you in Kristi? The game is Go Fish. The stakes are high. Got any 2’s?

  57. PS “Sonic the Pursehog”– snerk

  58. (I should also note how much I love how the 2nd pic makes it look like the puppers is smiling happily.)

  59. D’oh! QofD stomped us!

  60. Queen of Dork says:

    You peeps are waaayyy to much fun!!

  61. Hmm….I do have a 2! Go again!

  62. Maybe we should play Crazy Eights….emphasis on the *crazy*.

  63. Eh–sorry. Pomposity really gets my goat. Or in this case, maltese puppers.

  64. Queen of Dork says:

    Kristi: Huh? A 2? What? Wait! I already won!?

  65. Well damn, QofD, what am I supposed to do with this Ace up my sleeve now?

  66. Queen of Dork says:

    Kristi: play it.

  67. But I thought you won!? Or are all of us losers playing until there is only 1 left? 😛

  68. Resriechan says:

    NOTE: *snerk* located

    (snicker, snicker)

  69. *rolling eyes all around*
    Crazy Eights? *blink blink* what exactly is that supposed 2 imply?
    We’re all perfectly sanely enjoying a game of cards and using pupps and pets in various carrying containers as stakes.
    *blink blink* That’s sane right? 🙂

  70. Queen of Dork says:

    He-he! I can’t keep up with this. I think I won! Let’s play again!!

  71. Resriechan says:

    PS; Theo — I bet you’re really feeling the worth of your expertise around CuteOverload, just now. Remember, the other day, I suggested writing screenplays; there might still be a couple of openings at
    CHEEP (get it?) FILMS R US …….

    (they hold their office space from a storage unit; but…the rent there, is REALLY worth the square footage & no windows to have to clean & repair…)

  72. Tempting.

  73. llism….personally when I read your comment I said “D’oh haha” right out loud! You are not alone in your thoughts.

    *cuz i’m there too, walkin around your head…… 😯 are you scared?

  74. Seeing a fake bag makes me furious >:I

  75. Bugmom,

    I don’t mind at all (waves at own eyeballs). That’s a lovely perfume you’re wearing, btw. 🙂

  76. Queen of Dork says:

    Resriechan: Stuff R Us. ? Does that work?

  77. Oh I know! People just don’t understand the rage of seeing such an imposter! They’re always going on about politics or religion or world hunger pissing them off. All the time I’m just sitting there thinking “seriously? you wast your time on that?? when there are all those fake bags around?” I mean, come on people! Lets stess about SERIOUS stuff here!

  78. Hey, while we’re at it, let’s critique the quilt on the bed, shall we? I mean, how dare they use a quilt that wasn’t hand sewn? FOR SHAME!

  79. llism,

    Why thank you darling. It’s Vanilla 🙂

  80. wanders In Dang it I missed the start of this card game (Silly customers arriving and all) CAn you deal me in Ido not have a dog in a hand bag but I do have lilac(adorable Siamese calico mix kitty) in my softsided briefcase/computercase… can I play too. Ohhh and there is always little one (Long haired tuxedo kitty in a shoe box.. she doesn’t like designer bags she says they are too pretentious for her tastes.. she only buys cardboard. it is the new designer bag of choice for kitties!!!!

  81. Wait aminnut! Did no one see the atrocity in the background of the 1st pic? There is CLEARLY a Tinky Winky Doll in there, how dare you expose us to this terror?

    Ok, what was I saying? Oh yes, has no one topped my bid of a coonhound in a camera case? How about a pom in a pizza box?

  82. Shoe box, you say? Hmmmmm. Take a hammie in a cereal bowl as trade?

  83. Metz, I see your coonhound and pom and raise you a great dane in a garbage can.

  84. how you even can see the bag beyond that adorable speckled nose is beyond me

    DOes anyone have a JAck

  85. Ohhhh yeah I will trade for a hammie in a box

  86. Queen of Dork says:

    My cat is sitting on the floor. Is that a sin?

  87. Resriechan says:

    @ Qod:

    definitely affirmative: In fact, that actually BROADENS out the range of merchandise that could be offered and the range of clientele. The marketing division will have it SOOOOOO easy.

  88. QoD get her a box STAT!

  89. What about Bunnies in hat boxes do those count or is that also some kind of cruelty! We could require them to be in designer hat boxes!

  90. Queen of Dork says:

    I think he’s freaking out right now. Not on the floor anymore. Hanging on the ceiling from his claws. Crap.

  91. My cat is laying on the back on the couch on top of a silk throw, basking in a sunbeam. She wins, right?

  92. Queen of Dork says:

    Kitty. Freak out. Session.

  93. Kitty needs a new home in a rubbermaid box.

    But for pups sake!!! no lid!! OMGCRUELTY!!!

  94. Queen of Dork says:

    Kristi: WINNER!

  95. Who makes the throw, Kristi?

  96. Kristi: tewtally. NOTHING trumps a sunbeam warmed kitteh.

  97. My sister spends a fortune on those stupid bags – the real kind, which I think is disgusting enough. But I get extremely annoyed by the fakes. I think they’re even more pretentious and stupid than the real bags. (Btw, the “real” one is not very similar – look at the designs – the four petal flower is supposed to have sharp ends, and there is no red “LV” on the real bags. There is supposed to be sage green, but the fake doesn’t have it, etc, etc, etc.)

    I have far more respect for a bag from Target. It’s generally what I use myself.

    And last time I checked, I still had a right to my opinion.

  98. Hmmm maybe kitty had too much cat nip…

  99. @bugmom 😆

  100. Kristi Unfare I call unfare you are not allowed to have sunshime for your cats While mine sit in cloudy soon to rain non sunebeams

  101. Don’t know who makes the throw, but it says it’s made in Egypt, where cats are sacred, right? That’s like, quadruple word score right there, I think…wait, wrong game.

  102. KA, if it makes you feel any better, a cloud just blocked the sun…

  103. Tracie yes you do but did you look deep into the puppies eyes… There now don’t you feel better… becasue it really is all about the puppies. LOL Not the designer bags.

    Let tehm who have cake eat cake and them who want fake cake eat their sawdust … Do you by chance have any 7’s or perhaps a terrier in a tote?

  104. Kristi, you are golden. WIN.

    I had oreo cakesters and found a teacup poodlein the wrapper….any takers?

  105. Kristi Well okay I guess that works but think of the poor deprived kitties with no sunbeam!

  106. Resriechan says:

    @ QoD: ARE YOU KIDDING? is the cat really suspended from your ceiling?
    Lemme call the Animal Welfare Society in LasVegas. Can you give me their number? I know that Pincochle and bridge are keeping you busy.

    Sure, I don’t mind.

  107. Resriechan,

    My friends neighbors sisters dogs mother lives in Vegas and told me its true. Call!

  108. I’m currently eating my Single Gal’s Thanksgiving Dinner and I found a baby chick in the box of stuffing…I’m willing to trade for that Poodle AND the cakester..would be good for dessert.

  109. Queen of Dork says:

    Sunbeams. Kittehs. (yum)

  110. That is entirely do-able. I love the prizes in the stuffing boxes! They’re totally collection material. I already have the inch worm and the humming bird in my curio cabinet (at opposite ends, of course)

  111. Resriechan says:

    @ Bugmom: so you’re vouching, for the word of the dog, then?

    I’d hate to submit such slanderous accusations, without feeling my statements would be Alibi’d in Kitty Kourt.
    (But my finger is in the dialing posishe; just need the one last confirmation)

  112. I think worms in your stuffing is an entirely DIFFERENT problem.

  113. Queen of Dork says:

    Sunbeams. Kittehs. Egg McMuffins. (yum) (with hash browns)

  114. Resriechan

    Of course! My friends neighbors sisters dogs mother is totally reliable!

  115. Kristi

    Hmmmm…. that explains soooo much!

  116. Cute little nose!

  117. OMG. We got purse nuffers? Can we just abbreviate and call them puffers?

  118. Anyone want some milk & cookies. It’s a little after 3 on the East coast, perfect milk and cookies time. (I’m having Stella Doro breakfast treats!)

    btw, tied dyed nose FTW.

  119. Hey where’d every one go? I was busy and couldn’t play before!

  120. I would feel sooo guilty Metsakins, for eating more cookies when I’ve just had oreo cakesters, but Kristi took tem off my hands so I’ll be happy to have some with you! 😀

  121. Bryn, that’s dangerous ground there. Since they’re fake purses, they should really be called fuffers, which we all know is just a step away from fluffers. And believe me, you DO NOT want to get Bugsy started in on fluffers. 😯

  122. Ooh, Metsie, do you by any chance have any gluten-free cookehs? And I would LOVE a large glass of milk right about now.

  123. Oh! Are we talking about fluffers now? Excellent!

  124. Cookies and porn? You’re the best mom EVER!

  125. SOUP!

    Heh. I feel kinda like we’re at the tea party with the Mad Hatter, March Hare, and teh mouse in teh teapot, and every three minutes everyone gets up and changes seats.

  126. 😆 Kristi, I just about spit out my Chex mix!

  127. So one wonders if the bag is fake is the pup fake too?

    I mean we can not have fake puppies on CO although there was that fake cats in a fake rack post you know the one with the stuffed toy and cute little boy!

  128. Resriechan says:

    @ Metsakins: (OH GOOD, We’re back, to discussing favorite snacks again)

    You’ll be happy to hear that today I bought some Pepp’ridgh Fahm Iced Lemon cookies, a little while ago …and I’m anticipatin’ …they haven’t even been OPENED YET (kinda like “new car smell” No, the cookies don’t taste like a new car, I’m just saying that the situation is rather like when ….ah, fudge. I’m goin’ home & eat Lemon cookies. Oh yeah and Milk. Frigid cold (but no ice) very fresh, full milk.

    the staff have been alerted.

  129. Thank you Kristi, thank you vereh moische. I have plenty of room….wanna be adopted? I could be the cool young hip cookie and porn giving inch worm eating mom! Your friends would be sooo jealous! Except those with the Louis Vuitton bags. I can’t compete with thier fashion sense.

  130. Resriechan

    WANT! Can I follow you home? I may or may not be bring Kristi and porn…..well definitely porn, but waiting on Kristi. 🙂


  132. I have a confession to make. I have a designer purse. And yes, it’s real. But I have never put my cat into it, so that makes it okay, right? Right?

  133. Deal! If all you like is cookies, porn and inch worms it will make Mother’s Day so much easier!

  134. No gluten free, but I have an apple. btw, I love lemons cookies, but when visiting the other night, I brought over a bag of Brussels cookies and they were well received, however, I knew I was visiting chocoholics.

  135. OMG peoples!!! Like, my sister, like, buys the real bags, but, like, I hate the fake ones, cuz, like, they’re so fake!! OMG! Cuz, like, I’m sooo cool, and like, everyone cares what I think, like, OMG!!! And I have to, like, try to dictate what other people wear and stuff, like, totally!!!

  136. Kristi, it’s ok if you have a designer purse. We can keep the cookies and porn in there along with various other…….sundries…..but you should know that the porn and inch worms are not acceptable together….like in the act? Or like size wise in the act? Grrr..I’m having difficulty explaining it.

    Metsakins, I am a sucker for chessmen!

  137. Yeah, when it comes to porn and other acts, I am not keen on the inchworms..I’m more about the nightcrawlers.

    How did a post about a puppy in a purse suddenly become so dirty? 😛

  138. OMGmoliere!

    I totally know I should like, care that you have a right to your opinion, but I’m like totally too busy at Target right now. And your sisters hair and bewbs are fake so she can totally get by with like, the real deal bag.

  139. *wipes tear*

    Kristi! Welcome to the fambly!

  140. This time Brinn started it with her fluffers comment and well Bugmom just can’t help herself. I would like everyone to know that my handbag is from Target, see Bugmom and I are twins.

  141. Ha ha! Brinn started it!! Naughty naughty Brinn!

    Metsakins…you ready to go get pink hair with me again? It’s magenta time!

  142. Resriechan says:

    @ Moliere: dear, (With all IMAGINABLE tenderness & concern & no snarkiness whatsoeverhaveyou)

    1) did you take your meds on schedule?
    2) Did you also drink any RedBull today?

    @ Metsakins (WTCrap is the deal w/ that name? if ’twere MetAskins, it would be a computer/electronics pun…maybe someone else had already claimed that name?)
    All are welcome to partake (judiciously mind you) of Lemon Cookies chez moi however I must admit to a streak of Catholic Puritanism in me. Pron, I can handle. Porn (other than fuzzy kittens & Arabian horses)???
    Naaaah, can’t really embrace that. If y’all can enjoy the fuzziness & the lemon (prob in separated areas as Fuzzy Lemon Cookies might clog up the throats) …I’m down w’ that

    (Note: Is that, the approved Cool phrase for that, these days? “Down w/ that”??)

  143. Tie dye nosez?*awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww*
    I’ll do it to my dog if it makes her look that cute!

  144. metsakins says:

    Screen name-

    go back about ten years, trying to come up with a unique screen name, don’t really want to add numbers to my name. Every name I come up with is already taken. Meanwhile, my son’s cat Mets (named for the team), is on my lap and (say in rediculous voice) she’s being such a good little girl, such a sweety, my little Metsakins, I love you so much. and guess what? the name wasn’t taken!

  145. metsakins says:

    *shifty eyes*

    You all talk to your cats like that right?

    Well, *sigh* I have to go back to tax returns.

    *waves goodbye*

  146. @ Metsie no I never talk to my babies like that :Shifty eyes: Yes I did name my sheep Sweetie pie but that has nothing to do with it nothing at all.. looks to the left ohhhh Hai Lilac aren’t you a sweetie kitty ..

  147. Hear, hear Tracie.

    Normally I would say: “OMG PUPPY – BEEP BEEP NOSICLE!!!!”
    But this time around all I can see is that fake bag. I think fake bags are disgusting.

    And for the rest of you clogging up the comments feed with your random games? Annoying.

  148. Resriechan says:

    @ Metsakins:

    Yeah, I feel ya on the whole OMG everypossiblescreennameintheuniverseisalready takenjeezihatetryingthismembershipformover& overagainwontyoujustletmeinsoicancommentalready thing.

    I’ve pretty nearly boycotted joining anything new online just due to all the hoops. We have to jump through hoops to get stuff that isn’t fuzzy & cute, like med coverage etc why should we wanna sit there patiently waiting for the UBERKOMPUTER UNIVERSE to ALLOW us to choose the name IT approves????

    Thus, similarly, Resriechan (Japan as a kid & Japanese sometimes stumble on L’s &chan is the “cute little kid” suffix they use).

    Peace, fuzziness, & Lemon Cookies to all.

  149. @ doxnsox..I’m guessing you don’t have any 9’s?

  150. Resriechan says:

    (oh. oops. D’OH!! see: now I know about something ELSE about computers, that I don’t know about …… Sorry Mods et al)

  151. Okay seriously…ya’ll have either found a new way to silence the nuffs (creative and funny btw) or you’ve had a liquid lunch…in which case, why wasn’t I invited? 😛

  152. Oh crap. Lunch.
    And dammit, now it’s 3:30 where I am. 😡

  153. Suzanne, I’m going with the liquid lunch explanation.


    WHAT?! I’m talking about teh SOUP! Gawsh, peeps. 🙄

  154. Suzane et all everyone is invited … pull up a chair have a lemon cookie and let me deal you some puppies.

    as to doxnsox.. here sweetie let me hand you a kitten…. warm soft fuzzy feel it purring in your hands now put down the designer purse and enjoy!!! 🙂

  155. Mary (the first). says:

    Liquid lunch? I was still thinking about the fake bag.. personally I have no fake (or real) bags but if I did have one that was as clearly.. to those who know these things.. fake as this one apparently is, I’d have it totally tongue-in-cheeky i.e. “yeah it’s fake, pretty funny, huh?!” I think it’s hilarious that people care about that stuff but at the same time SHAMEFUL that they would spend thousands on a bag instead of dozens, at the most, and send the rest of the thousands to the shelter or something. Seriously!
    And on top of all that, who even sees the bag when there is a TIE DYED PUPPY nose ot admire!!!! And cards to play !!!(missed it, what game are we playing?) and LIQUID LUNCH for cryin’ out loud!

  156. Mary we were playing go fish but i t kind of morphed into doggie poker… with a couple hamsters and cats thrown in for good measure and I think there was a hedge hog on the table too… of course all animal bets must come in their own carrier.

    Also there are cookies and soup for everyone.

  157. FAKE!!! why would you submit such an ugly fake??

  158. BTW leave your designer bag at the door only knock offs are allowed in.

  159. But doesn’t it say Louis Vuitton on the tag? If it is a fake, isn’t that some kind of copyright infringement? I know nothing about knock-offs…..and suddenly realize that you guys have drawn me into this silly conversation. WHO CARES ABOUT THE BAG? OMG PUPPIES WITH SOULFUL EYES!!

  160. @KA, but my designer bag is nice! And animal free! And I have cookies and porn that my new Mommy gave me!

  161. Mary S That dog is not fake it is a genuine maltese peek a pooch in his own carrying case… HOW dare you accuse the dog of being fake!

  162. Kristi how ever did you manage to get one with out a dog in it.. We need to rectify that quick go grab a puppy.

  163. all I can say is, TAG NOM!

  164. Different things make people happy, so they spend accordingly. It doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t contribute financially to other more worthy causes as well. Yes..I am a purse/shoe whore. I admit it. But, I also donate monthly to the SPCA, in addition to various other animal causes, and I’m extremely pleased to soon “adopt” an endangered Sea Turtle (really you just sponsor it)!! Although I may also have to adopt the little Sea Otter…too cute!

    So while I do have a penchant for designer…I too have a penchant for the animal kingdom!!

  165. Emily S do you get pictures with your sponsorship… really they should have pictures also nice that you are doing something so noble… Yay !

    wanders off with the puppy in the bag scritching him on the head mumbling who’s a pretty puppy??? Who is who is You is a pretty puppy! yes you are!!!

  166. As long the vessel with the pestle holds the brew that is true, then everything is OK….unless the vessel is a knockoff, then………
    uh oh

  167. I understand those who can afford them preferring designer bags. What bothers me is that someone will insult a person for NOT preferring/affording designer bags. I’ll gladly carry an authentic designer handbag if someone will gladly fork over the money for it, because I most certainly can’t.

  168. @resriechan

    Why no, I did not take my meds on time today. (Convulses involuntarily) Wonder what gave it away, hmmmm (shifty eyes).

    Either way, I’ll have you know that I do not suffer from insanity. I rather enjoy it.

  169. @KittyAdventures – You get an adoption certificate…hopefully that includes a picture!! There are various other little perks, depending upon how much you contribute, such as behind the scenes tours (this is through the South Carolina Aquarium) and a couple general admission passes, etc.

    I just checked the website to investigate your question and while I was there I noted some other adoptable creatures in case anyone is interested:
    American Alligator, Northern Puffer, Bald Eagle, River Otter, Barn Owl, Sand Tiger Shark, Comb Jellyfish, Skunk, Great Blue Heron, Treefrog, Loggerhead Sea Turtle, Penguin *NEW

    I wish adopting really meant getting to play with them…*sigh* if only…Well actually, on second though, I’m unsure of how “playable” a Tiger Shark, Alligator, or Bald Eagle is…

  170. Saffron OMG I choked on my water LOLOL

  171. Saffron – WIN!! But what about the flagon with the dragon??

  172. Emily S LOL let alone Pandas who can rip your arm off all while smiling that silly adorable panda smile. LOL

    We have a hawk that lives in our neighborhood.. HE looks cuddly but Believe you me HE IS NOT!

    Anyone who does have extra change to share don’t forget your local wildlife centers who help to foster lost and injured wildlife every year..and educate the rest of us on our native species. with little to no funds. They need your support too.

  173. kittyadventures on the “dog” is a def fake (look at the nose) no way thats a real maltese, probably stolen too, and the bag, what an ugly mess. might as well have big tag on it that says “i pay for terrorism”

    [I have a response for this, but I already used it. 😦 – Ed.]

  174. whats the response you can use it again?

  175. victoreia says:

    Wait….there was a bag? :blink:

    @Metsakins: Have my cats been talking again?

  176. Meanwhile, Aya’s cell phone is eaten by the (real) LV Panda…

  177. AuntieMame says:

    Bugsmom has a chest hair????


    This game sounds like one my friends tried to drag me into one time. If they told me its name, I don’t remember it. All I remember is that they didn’t tell me the rules–I was just supposed to figure them out as we played.

    Since I can’t figure out card games when you explain them to me repeatedly, you can guess how much fun I had…

    As for the fake bag, my only feeling is that, however pretentious they may be, it’s not right for someone to profit unlawfully from someone else’s work/name. I feel the same way about plagiarism and music piracy. If it’s an authorized knock-off, though, have at it. It’s your money.

  178. Hands Mary another puppy….. have you ever asked your self who started the whole designer purses allegedly support terrorism story.. just because some one says it or prints it and even when it is the news media you have to ask yourself…. Who is putting out the story and who benefits from it.

    IF you ever realized how much the rich are manipulating the poor you would not be so quick to whip out your money for a LV purse and just because some one wraps an Idea up in patriotism doesn’t make it true!

  179. Resriechan says:

    @ Mod’s re. my closing qu @ # 142:

    So, what I think I hear you saying, is that “down w/ that” is, perhaps just a skosh “yesterday’s news”?? How gently you gave me the let down.

    I again refer anyone interested to the phrase “Here’s the thing”. It is the verbal equivalent of “Run away! Run away” per Monty Python.

    I am, dear CO Mod’s,

    Yours (mostly) sincerely

    [Oh c’mon. It was funny. Anyway, 1985 was high school for me; I remember it like it was yesterday. Unfortunately. – Ed.]

  180. kittyadventures

    thank you for the real maltese!!! sooo cute.

    yeah, even if its not funding terrorism, its still illegal and tacky. and my momma told me to never do anything illegal or tacky, if i did both she might kill me!!

  181. AuntieMame says:

    1985 WAS yesterday. I don’t know my high school classmates got so middle-aged and gray. I certainly haven’t changed…

  182. Resriechan says:

    @ Ed: Yes, it WAS funny. I wasn’t intending a slight. So sorry. My wording must have had a sledgehammer kinda feel; that wasn’t intended.. Promise.

    Kissy-kissy? ‘K?

  183. *tromps in wearing plumber’s outfit*
    Someone mention clogged comments?
    *waves plunger about & bends over clogged thread* (insert obligatory plumber’s crack joke here)
    Ah here’s your problem. Someone has tried to flush some designer handbags.
    *tsk* That’s gonna cost ya a pretty penny indeed.
    Buuut, I’d be willing to take that suweeet puppeh in the cute little purse there as a down payment.

  184. OMG! I have a chest hair???!!! Pluck! Pluck!! For pups sake get the tweezers!!!

    [My tweezers’ name is Pegasus! – Bel.]

  185. That bag I don’t give a poop about.
    That puppy *is* cute.
    The off topic card games and other ramblings was very irritating.
    Maybe you can start a forum and do the rambling on there instead?

    [ 🙄 – Ed.]

  186. Ya’all are cracking me up! I have a royal flush. Go fish.

    BTW – I am a COACH snob. I can spot a fake from a mile away. I have a collection that makes my husband sigh, and I’m adding to it at least once a year. It’s awful, I know… But I’ve never paid as much as you would for a LV. That’s just nuts. N-V-T-S nuts.

  187. Queen of Dork says:

    Metz: I LOVE your plumbers outfit.

    As for bags. (designer or otherwise). I have some under my eyes right now.

  188. Queen of Dork says:

    Blondie: I got a queen. Go fish.


  189. That freckled nosey!

  190. 😈

  191. googlie eyes says:

    This my favorite kinda crazy! Doggie poker sounds kinda violent though. 😮

  192. Queen of Dork says:

    Wait a minute! Who started this whole card playing thing?! Maybe we should play Twister! Left hand on green, right foot on red!

    [LOL, you’re kidding, right? – R. Richards]

  193. Queen of Dork says:

    Ed [itor] He-he. That’s funny!

  194. Twister! LOL! Do you know how much fun that is to play when you have your pets helping? The cat comes up and puts his whiskers in your face and you start to sneeze, or the 100lb dog is trying to lay down, bumps into someone, and everyone falls over?

  195. snoopysnake says:

    This is a prime example of a pup with a chocolate and strawberry nose! They seem to be somewhat common on bulldogs, but this pup’s got the cutest one I’ve seen yet!

  196. Queen of Dork says:

    Blondie: That sounds like fun! I want to play Twister at your house! LOL!

  197. Oh I’m totally up for a game of twister
    and yeah Blondie I know exactly what you mean. I mean you can’t even bend over to tie your shoe without a cat materializing from thin air and claiming your back as a bed.

    [Wait, your cats don’t go for the laces!?? – Ed.]

  198. Queen of Dork says:

    My cat does that all the time. He’s nuts. Nuts, Metz. I tell you. Nuts.

  199. ha that LV is ridiculously fake.
    some LV bags have comparable prices to Coach, believe it or not. but LV is a lot more durable and so worth the price.

  200. Queen of Dork says:

    Wow. I had no idea what LV for a bag even meant. I thought it meant Las Vegas. My child had to clue me in that it means Louie Vuittoon or some such of a thing.

  201. QofD i was the same… my daughter explained it all to me too, a few years ago…

  202. Me thinks that certain commentors are messin with mod’s head today. 😉

  203. Queen of Dork says:

    kittyadventures: I just cracked up at what you said and told my kid. My daughter just said that we’re “slow..and stupa.”

  204. LOL actually at the time I was too busy working to pay the Man to know what was even in style at the time…. I was working about 60 hours a week, coming after a job where I worked 75 to 85 a week. Fashion— I didn’t need no stinkin fashion I needed a nap! LOL so yeah I am slow and STUPA???? LOL ah a new word… to add to my dead repitoir of Cool, groovey, fly, foxy, and a few other newer ones…

  205. Queen of Dork says:

    I know. She made up “stupa.” She also makes up this hilarious thing where she holds up her hand and makes this sound like, “schriiiiiieeiich” It’s kind of hard to type but it makes me laugh. 🙂

  206. BabyOpossum says:

    LOL @ “product fakeness” tag. 😀

    [ 😉 – Ed.]

  207. Queen of Dork says:

    My bad. corrected here. She just said it’s spelled..*skeeeerrrrrrch*.

  208. Resriechan says:

    @ QoD: (wow) have you been smokin’ any oregano today? Usu. I can follow the zigs & the zags of MOST of the references here, but — at the risk of repeating myself —

    @ Ed: “product fakeness” tag.

    (“MwaHaHaHaHa” — repeat as needed. Thank you.)

  209. Nojicakes says:

    Even the real LV bags are ugly. I don’t understand why people like those big bulky gross print having monstrosities. And then to pay an arm and a leg for them? I could pay a couple of months worth of rent for that!
    I’d spend my hard earned money on something that wasn’t so obviously overpriced for the sake of an recognizable print or because the latest hot celebrity is carrying one.

    But the puppy is cute. I’m surprised that nobodies mentioned googly eyeballs.

  210. AuntieMame says:

    claudia, maybe YOU can go find another blog that’s more to your taste, since you don’t like this one.

  211. There’s a Claudia impostor in dem here lands. I’m the original one, with all the right markings…


    If you want to see bag nuffing, go here:

  212. metsakins says:

    Shall we have a contest to see who can be last? Nah, it’s been done.

  213. Ed – I have one cat that loves laces, the other one is more interested in making himself comfortable between your shoulder blades as soon as you bend over. When you sit down, he bounces to your chest and hangs his front paws over your shoulder. As soon as you lay down, he will be on top of your rib cage, regardless of which way you are laying. Thank GOD he is only 11 lbs…

    If we play Twister at my place, you will be inducted into the Leveled-by-Tristan hall of fame. He’s only knocked me out of my computer chair once. I’ve learned to pay attention and brace myself. 🙂

  214. I would totally carry this puppy around in my $10 TJ Maxx Purse. Except my purse is kind of gigantic, I’d lose the puppeh.

    What a cutie pie. Just looks so happy and relaxed.

  215. metsakins says:

    Twister? *wonders what it’s like to play twister with arthritis in both knees*

    *grabs a few advil and a couple of lorazepam*

    sure, I’m up for Twister.

  216. Nana Osaki says:

    Awwww looks like a little Hachiko!

  217. Can I play? I have a Yorkie/Silkie, who loves laundry baskets, and licks faces when they get anywhere around his level. (Like when you’re having a nap, and then he runs up, straight from having a drink of water, and all of a sudden you’ve got drippin’ cold, black pup nose in yer eyeball)

  218. metsakins says:

    Sure Wend, want some preventative Advil before we start? I no longer have any animals that will play (my current cat hides), but Miss Huggums would have been up for a good game of Twister.

  219. I’ve posted to CO for a long time, adore commentraversy, am no imposter, it’s been my name for 34 years, and I won’t find another blogs because I LOOOOOVE CO, along with a few others.

    I just for once chose to state my irritation. Bummer if ya don’t like it either.

  220. FAKE BAG ALERT!!!! The patterns DO NOT match at the seams–#1 sign of a fake LV

    [Well welcome to the party, Ms. Fashionably; I’m afraid the punch has run out, not to mention the appetizers… – Ed.]

  221. Chelsea, Bugmom’s got a Rottie that will fit nicely in your large handbag.

  222. Hey, can I join the Twister party? *stretch bend stretch* I’m ready to go!

  223. [Ed.], I think I may have some pudding left. 😉

  224. Resriechan says:


    QoD won’t be joining at the BridgePachinkoTwisterBingoPokerYapDogBagLady Table ….at least I’m pretty sure that’s the case until later today ……Rumor hazzit , that occasionally, people in Las Vegas are willing to give her cash to spend time at a work setting (not sure, whether that’s on a stage in sequins, or emptying the quarters from a casino…..)

    The More You Know

  225. Resriechan, if she works at a casino in Vegas maybe she can be our dealer!

  226. @Resriechan – some of us don’t like to use the word work, it’s a four letter word ya know.

  227. OMG that bag is totally fake.

    [Holy sh!t, IS IT?!! 😛 – Ed.]

  228. 😆 I ♥ y’all.

  229. At Claudia the one with out the avatar. Post away baby.. the other Claudia (okay I am sensing a “not that Claudia the other Claudia” session coming on) was just pointing out she was not you!
    Here you need to hold a puppy. Hands both Claudias a Puppy.

  230. Now what game are we playing? hmmmm

  231. metsakins says:

    Twister! With puppies and kittehs and cookies!

  232. metsakins says:

    I’m thinking some wine too.

  233. Oh no no! If there’s wine involved I am NOT playing Twister! I tried that once. I’m afraid there may be pictures. 😯

  234. Hilarious commentary thread–like playing leapfrog!
    Sweet puppy–does he need to go to baghab? Either because he likes it there or because it’s fake, I’m not sure which.
    Give me all your 7’s.
    I’m still laughing….

  235. Resriechan says:

    @ QoD: Where are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu?

    1::(Jeez, she told me she goes to work around 5 am LV time, which is 4 hrs….EARLIER than E Coast time, I THINK) and now it’s 5 PM E Coast….
    (ok, you get the drift)


    (EARWORM or EAR[twizzler] — ALERT:

    “Like a Rhinestone DEEEEEEal-er….”
    (per “Rhinestone Cowboy”, just incaseitwasn’t TOTally OBvy)

  236. Queen of Dork says:

    Resriechan and brinnan: Actually, I did work in casino for a while and I DID learn to deal blackjack. However, now I have a office/cubicle gig. I suppose I could still wear rhinestones and glitter to work, though. hmmmmmmmmmmm.

  237. A thing on fake bags:
    Anyone that can afford real brands will see your knockoff a mile away and LAUGH at you. They will in no way think you are rich. Just trashy.
    Anyone that can’t tell its a knockoff from a mile away obviously doesn’t know brands…so why are you trying to impress them anyway?
    Moral of the story:
    Don’t buy fakes, you’ll just look like a peasant and a fool.

  238. metsakins says:

    *walks in carrying tea*
    *sees cookie crumbs everywhere and a cat asleep on the Twister spinner*
    *ewwww, one of the puppies had an accident*
    *wonders where the party went*

  239. Metsie, we were all too embarrassed by our generic handbags, so we’re hiding in the closet with Herbert.

  240. metsakins says:

    *gets tray of hot chocolate, coffee and tea and heads off to closet*

  241. WAIT!!!! Grab teh marshmallows, graham crackers (I haz some gluten-free ones in teh cabinet), and chocolate squares! We gots a microwave in here, right? Or do we need matches and firewood?

  242. Oh, forgot to add… Plzkthx.

  243. metsakins says:

    Of course we have a microwave…sheesh…and I gotz you sum blackberry tea!

  244. Mmm, tasteh.

  245. Scruffles says:

    Wow, things got a little messy around here before I had a chance to see this one.

    However as I couldn’t care less about the fake label business I shall boil this down to the essence of the post:

    OMIGOD look at that speckled nosicle!!!!!!!!

  246. Adorable little dog…..not so adorable Louis Vuitton knock off!

  247. wow people, sorry I don’t want to spend 1000 dollars on a real LV purse, I don’t care if it’s fake, I bought it cuz I think it’s cute and I spent 15 bucks on it, who cares. Get a life everyone

  248. Everyone is cutting down on the fake purse. Lets all ask ourselves would I put a dog in a 1000$ purse and risk them taking a crap in it. Lets us our heads!

  249. metsakins says:

    @Florence, give puppeh a kiss for me, so cute! (Ignore the purse critics, they’re just jealous cause they don’t have a puppeh.)

  250. Queen of Dork says:

    Yeah, Florence. What metsakins said. 🙂 I would rather spend 1,000 bucks on…oh I don’t know….rent? bills?

  251. Queen of Dork says:

    (btw metsakins: thanks for the coffee)

  252. haha thank you 🙂

  253. A Maltese owned me once. Her name was Precious and she was. She got her name from so many people as I carried her around everyone said … ‘oh how precious.’ I swear DaeNae is a cross between Duke and Precious, he was black and white and she had the long beautiful coat.

  254. “Why you tie-dye my nose?”
    We have brand new puppies and one of their noses is just like that, only in larval form x3

    There’s only one reason I could ever see for being upset over a fake bag. Fashion design is its own art, and anyone producing fakes of that art is as bad as a plagiarist of poetry, a knockoff painter, or anyone else that people would be similarly outraged at. Other than that, who cares?

  255. It’s sooooo sweet ❤