Highlights from Fashion Week!


Style.com is reporting that United Bamboo Designers Aoki and Pham created a kitty-size version of their new collection and shot the looks on actual cats. Check them out, they are making it WORK! [Tim Gunn voice]




Fabu-photog-a-roos by Mr. Noah Sheldon.



  1. Kinda looks like a Goodwill fashion show 😉 Reach for the stars, baby!

  2. I’m sorry these cats are not size 00 and therefore cannot be models. Goodness, what would Uncle Karl say?

  3. That top photo is kinda mind-bending. Weeeeird.

  4. I can’t stop laughing at kitteh #1’s expression… puss is nonplussed

  5. miu miu indeed

  6. How do people get their cats in clothes without losing an eye? Seriously, I’ve seen my daughter try to put Build-a-Bear clothing on our cats and it never works. At least not without a few serious wounds.

    [Depends on the cat. I could probably dress Rikki up in damn near anything; Bounce would struggle; Spot would bide her time and wait for the right moment in which to exact her revenge. – Ed.]

  7. I’m sorry but those pics are horrible. Cats – and animals in general – are no toys. This isn’t cute in any way nor even remotely funny, and it hurts my eyes. Don’t get me wrong, I love cuteoverload but sometimes I disagree with your sense of cuteness.
    Animals are much more cute and funny “au naturel”.

    [A somewhat broader and more forgiving sense of aesthetics might do you some good. I don’t even mean that in a snide way. – Ed.]

  8. Resriechan says:

    wow. Here I was, all rarin’ up to make up a PseudoNuff about the impropriety of people clothes on cats & such….but “it’s been done”. sigh.

    Guess I’ll have to go to the DMV to find something to complain about ….

  9. Rachel Zoe says:

    ba NANNAS

  10. Taylor Jacobson says:

    would only be better if they were wearing ray bans

  11. Brad Goreski says:

    total xanadu. that is a double gay whammy.

  12. Brad Goreski says:

    i mean xanadu, not xanadont

  13. Brad Goreski says:

    these cats are shutting it down

  14. i. die.

  15. meowvelous

  16. Resriechan says:

    @ # 15:

    Mighty smoooooooth pics & clothing, there. Bee-YOOT-iful.

    (no joke at all). Just ACTUAL, beautiful people, clothes & photography;
    fall leaves @ the Tuileries??? le sigh.

  17. I’m with Louise. Humans need clothes — cats do not.

  18. This is sheer scrumtrulescence!!

  19. LOL @ the rachel zoe comments….LOVES it. You must have been watching Bravo as I was tonight….Xanadu indeed!

  20. I love the second pic!

    To people complaining about putting clothes on pets, it’s only a problem if you keep doing it when you know they hate it. One of my cats lets me put a little velcro kitty tie on him, and he just walks around like normal and doesn’t care. It depends on the animal’s personality. My other cat hated it, so I haven’t done it to her since.

  21. totally Beatrix Potter

  22. Wait, no one makes even one mention of “cat walk”?

    I am loving the 2nd outfit & pose. Veddy Cover Model

  23. Would you PLEASE STOP posting such pics here ?!?

    It’s neither funny nor cute, you know. Forcing animals to do such humiliating things (e.g. dressing them) is animal abuse – nothing more. People who are forcing animals to do such things are either dumb or should urgently see a shrink !

    [The Nephy doth protest too much 🙄 – Ed.speare]

  24. Resriechan says:

    (tee hee. Are ya ready, for this, guys?)

    ‘Nuff, nuffin’ .

    (Aaaaaand again: “Nothin’ from nothin’, leaves nothin’.
    Ya gotta have nothin’ if ya wanna be with me……”
    Note: for further background & data on this song, please see several items under the Domestication/ Office Picture/ Comments stream — the one with the CSI/ FBI subplot. Sorry; I cannot quite spare the time presently, to list the exact comment #’s ……Thankyeverrmuch.)
    B. Preston )

  25. My two Tuxes come ready dressed.

  26. Where’s da first puddeh’s back foots? A fashion victim, to be sure.

    Theo- might you find the pictures of the lady who makes the elaborate kitteh historical costumes-1,000 of them so far? I believe that might put this in perspective. The poor dear, I wondering if she is still at it. Now THAT was something!

    Anybody who still thinks this site has any but the best intentions for the puddehs and the goggies, and turkles, etc., really has no sense of CO history, *sheesh*.

    NO, no nuffing here, just awe that people have such compliant puddeh-tats.

  27. For God’s sake, Louise. I hope you are a troll, because you cannot be for real, for your own good!
    I mean, how do you lead a regular life, commuting past ads, seeing tv shows, looking at other people’s styles and the way they carry their pets, without getting offended twice every second?

  28. Nephelyn,

    I found a site that may suit you better:


  29. “Nephyln”…or do you mean “Nuffyln”?

  30. Nephelyn, Would you PLEASE STOP posting such pics here ?!?

    Fixed that for you 😉

  31. Pic #2, overly dramatic kitteh looks… overly dramatic. 😀

    I see nothing wrong with dressing up your pets as long as they don’t mind. Once they’ve expressed their disapproval or discomfort you should stop, but a lot of pets really don’t mind. It’s not cruel, it’s not abusive, it’s just fun. Lighten up!

  32. That is beyond awesome!

  33. I LOVE IT!!!!!

  34. Sometimes I wonder at what some people consider “animal abuse” and “torture.” They must lead very sheltered lives, or else reside in a land of milk and honey where kittens and puppies aren’t put in bags and thrown into rivers to drown, or soaked in gasoline and lit up, or tied to stakes in the burning sun without food and water, or trained to kill each other for the “entertainment” of sick, perverted people…

    Words can be powerful: please don’t strip them of their true meaning.

    Now carry on with redonk fashion kitties…

  35. I want to see the human-size versions and the rest of the kitty outfits! Give me more! So cute!!!

  36. I’m with Amy G, I want to see more! I love my cats beyond any earthly measure, and I would never dress them up be/c they would rip my face off, but these kittehs are obviously lovin struttin the stuff. It says a calendar will be out later this year – I might have to look into that. It would – of course – hang right next to my CO calendar!

  37. Hm. Kittehs with bits of fabric on them is abuse? And I’m thinking that’s pretty much what the cats are thinking…”Why did my hooman puts bits of fabric on me, the silly things!?” As opposed to “o..m…G!!!!! I CANNOT BEAR THE MIND-BENDING PAIN AND PSYCHOLOGICAL TORTURE!! I’m ruined….RUINED!!” I don’t think kittehs CARE. lolol

  38. How cute! 🙂

  39. Show me love. Smashing! You’re an animal. You’re a tiger. Be a tiger, baby! You’re great! You’re Grrrrrr- eat! You’re Tony, be corn flakes, baby, be frosted. Now be a lemur, baby! You’re a ring-tailed lemur.

  40. @Brad Goreski: Xanadu is one of my favorite movies! Sadly, you are correct tho…

    My friend was given two 10 week old kittens for his kids. The kids were young (10 & 12) and were much more accustomed to a golden retriever who would tolerate anything. Well, the first thing they did was start dressing up the cats. I was horrified, and I couldn’t understand why they were tolerating it. I guess maybe cuz they didn’t know any better. 5 years later, they don’t dress them up anymore, but the cats sleep in a basket that has all the doll clothes they used to be shoved in to. And they won’t sleep any where else. When they go to the vet, a piece of doll clothing goes in the carrier to make them more comfortable. So while I was terrified at first, and would not personally subject myself or my cats to it, no harm was done, and in the end the cats have their own unique bed/security blanket.

    Oh, and the cats are cuddly and not afraid of humans.

  41. No. 2 is workin’ it. She is making luuuuuv to the camera. Look out, Linda Evangelista!

    That, or Laura Ingalls Wilder.

    I have a friend who has a cat who simply hearts to sit on a rolling secretary-type chair and be SPUN AROUND AT TOP SPEED. Seriously, she ASKS for it. I am not anthropomorphizing here, I promise!

  42. Love the two kitties, one looks surprised and the other seems pretty relaxed to me, despite Nuffelyn’s carrying on, I seriously don’t think they would stay still for the camera if they were uncomfortable or in any sort of pain, so go smoke a catnip joint if you have to – let the rest of us enjoy the Qte!!! 😛

  43. LMAO at the first hover text. Word.

  44. Aquamarine – too early for Blondie here to understand big words… LOL!

    The 2nd pick is either reaching to scratch her owner’s face off or is channeling Casey Casem – Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars!

    Remember to have your pets spayed or neutered…

  45. Gizmo, SOOOO funny! I had mental flashes of Verushka in Blowup…

  46. I’m sure to keep the photo shoot easier and to keep down the number of human injuries, they must have used trained cats owned by animal trainers who work with this sort of thing. So a really, really doubt these particular cats mind being dressed up. It’s just another day of acting and getting kitty treats as usual.

    A lot of trained animals are intelligent pets taken from animal shelters – if it wasn’t for their “jobs” that allow their humans to pay the bills for them, they might have never left those shelters.

  47. Second pic is clearly sign of cat crying for help.

  48. As long as they didn;t put DRESSES on MALE cats. Now THAT would be sick and wrong! 😉

  49. Um… is it just me, or does Cat #2 look like a school marm? Or a secretary, circa 1982?

  50. @gizmo: I lol’d.

    Kitteh model #2 is really working her angles. Tyra would be so proud.

  51. @Zeldapie, heh, put some big hair on her and you’ve got an extra from Working Girl. :p

    And seriously, I thot this was the land of Punster. Filled with teh Punniest peeps around, and still no “catwalk”. Sigh.

  52. OMG TUM you cracked me up.

  53. T.U.M., you make me laugh. 😀

    I love love love these pictures. That second one is really awesome. Great photography! I wish there were more.
    I know my tonk loves her little wooly-knit sweater, especially for those northern winter months. She has a fairly thin fur coat, so she’s constantly complaining that she’s cold. As soon as she gets that sweater on, her little motor goes on full blast and she gets this sweet googly look on her face. It’s so cute.

  54. sweatews! kittykye, i would love to see a kitty in a sweatew!

    gizmo, 😀 !

  55. Mmmmm, haute cature

  56. Ha, that first hovertext was awesome! Desiiiigners, you will have 30 minutes at Mood and a budget of 17 dollars to create your innovative feline-inspired looks. Don’t bore me!

  57. David Spor says:

    I hope whomever dressed the kittys gets his or her worker’s comp claim processed quickly.

  58. That first cat is all, how did THIS happen?

  59. The clothes are on the right way! So cute.

  60. Cat is too sexy for my cat. And I’m still cracking up at the second one. *working her angles* … indeed!

    I invite anyone who wants to torturing cats with clothing to TRY putting clothes on my Fusspot and Oddball. I’ll bring my camera, and bandages. That said, Fusspot will fetch his harness from the cupboard where it’s kept and drag it through the house for me to put it on him.

  61. I’m a model you know what I mean
    And I do my little turn on the catwalk
    Yeah on the catwalk on the catwalk, yeah
    I do my little turn on the catwalk
    Me OW!

  62. oh, and for the nuffers, seriously, some cats don’t mind clothes. In fact, I have an orange tabby that LOVES her fleece kitty scarf. He walks around in it all day and looks quite disapointed when I take it off.

  63. I love love love that the clothes are cut to actually fit the cats.
    shoulder seems and sleeves inserted correctly to accommodate kitty proportions … IT is tres cute!

  64. AuntieMame says:

    I’ll stay out of the kitteh habiliment discussion, but I have to say…

    Fusspot and Oddball are the most awesomest kitteh names EVAR!

  65. Fleurdamour says:

    The bottom kitty in the navy skirt is dressed like my third grade teacher.

  66. Fleurdamour says:

    PS – There is something really freaking weird about seeing a cat in a skirt.

  67. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    Go Yankees!
    (now the real nuffing can commence)

  68. The “Thank You MOOD” hover-text combined with reading some of ya’lls comments almost made me spit out my coffee.

    I’m wondering if Heidi Klum would find these outfits too “Oktoberfest”?

  69. We can’t have our little kitties having CatWalk problems! You wouldn’t want this to happen…

    (cut and paste the link to your browser if need be…)

    I saw this LIVE when it happened. OMG I was crying…

  70. Do I get scorn and such for saying I think it’s unkind to put animals in clothing, by and large? I see the point of dog coats and shoes to keep the shivering lapdogs warm in the winter, but skirts and blouses on a cat? That’s just mean. To the cat.
    Also silly.

    [Silly, yes, I’ll grant that. The rest, as I and others have already said, depends a LOT on the personality of the particular cat/dog/etc. you’d be trying to dress up. Human children aren’t always all that keen on the concept of clothing either, y’know. – Ed.]

  71. I saw a calendar of a cat “Yoshi” in outfits that her owner would dress up her in 🙂 The bottom of the calendar said “No cats were harmed in the making of this calendar. Only humiliated.” 😆 Yoshi certainly did not look like she was humiliated wearing those outfits 😆 more like she was having fun 😆

  72. Starlinguk says:

    This is TERRIBLE! Can’t you see these kittehs are SUFFERING?! Cats have style, you know, these clothes do NOT have style!

    *flounces out of thread*

  73. This is verrrry wrong! But cute as ever. I have been known to make my cat wear something. Usually gets mad after but he puts up with it. Funny about loosing an eye comment.

    Its the price he pays for food and rent. lol

    Scrunchies make him look like a flower. Til he pulls it off.

  74. Haute kitture!

  75. My grandmother would’ve loved these outfits…before she stopped drinking.

  76. Melissa: are you my cousin?

  77. @MadameX
    Thanks for saying it much more eloquently than I could have. This isn’t animal abuse. Silly, perhaps, but not abuse.

    I did put a cape on one of my dogs once while I was making my Halloween costume. He gave me a world-weary sigh and then fell asleep.

  78. [sound of head exploding]

    [chanel beads scattering]


    fade to black

  79. When my Philo had his exploratory tummeh surgery last fall, I got him a Chihuahua-sized sweater to wear until his tummeh fur grew back in. He didn’t fight me at all and seemed to appreciate the extra warmth. I guess I was torturing him after all. Who knew?

  80. snoopysnake says:

    I love outfit #2 – for myself! I don’t think my cats would wear it, unfortunately.

  81. I wish I could have dressed my old female tuxedo kitty Jasper in one of these outfits! The closest I came to making clothes for my cats were Kleenex bonnets and diapers fastened together with plastic barrettes (I was 7-8 when I used to do this, and the “clothes” didn’t stay on for long, as you could imagine). LOL.

  82. I would like to buy these clothes for muy cats. Are they available to shop on line?
    Nice post!

  83. Owwww I love it 😀