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On their quest to find endangered ani-pals, BBC zoologist and reporter Mark Carwardine get entangled with a frisky parrot. Hilarious hijinks ensue!

“Indeed, Suh.” (Say in Stephen Fry Jeeves and Wooster voice)



  1. It’s not easy, being green. But it does occasionally have its points. :mrgreen:

    (All the same, next time I do a nature documentary, I’ll be dressing down.)

  2. I love that Stephen Fry describes the bird as looking like a victorian gentleman. And the parrot does look AMAZINGLY happy while he’s trying to mate with Mark Carwadine.

  3. I also really like the parrot promptly climbing up into Mark’s lap to snuggle. Or mate with his arm. We dont see. Lol.

  4. OMG, I can’t believe one of New Zealand’s most endagered parrots made it onto CO!! That’s awesome and makes me so happy :o) If anyone wants to find out more about this peculiar and rather er um lovelorn parrot, see here:

  5. Hahaaha, that is so excellent. I like that the one guy is clearly in pain and the other one just watches and laughs.

  6. i was in a really really bad mood until I saw this!!

  7. Oh this is obscene! Indecent! … and most excellent. Love the postcoital snugglingks. 😀

    and with Stephen Fry to boot! It’s funny… I’ve seen a few Stephen Fry lookalikes on TV lately, and when I saw this video I started to get a little perplexed… why does EVERY middle aged British gent lately look like him?? Then I realized it actually WAS him, and was relieved. 😛

  8. ROFL.. I saw this last week and completely cracked up. And I still did the 2nd time watching it now 😀
    Just too funny. And love that parrot! Never knew that particular species existed 😀

  9. LusciousCabbage says:

    This is the first time CO had me actually laughing out loud. Usually my amusement gets a more inward reaction, maybe a grin. But this made me laugh so hard my cockatiel start squawking indignantly.

  10. graceofbass says:

    I first saw this bird on Discovery’s Planet Earth. I can’t imagine why they didn’t include this clip on the DVD. Way to take one for the team, camera guy.

  11. He looks quite a bit like Stephen!

  12. That guy got the crap kicked out of him by a freakin’ bird. AWESOME!!!

  13. Well, considering his choice of mates, I suppose we might have a better understanding of exactly why he’s so rare. LOL I love how they’re so calm, yet cracking up about it at the same time. That my friends is true composure. 😆

  14. kibblenibble says:

    Love the wings whapping him on the side of the head. 🙂

  15. We love Sirocco the Kakapo here in NZ! Normally of course, Kakapo aren’t this…erm… friendly… but Sirocco is hand-reared so he loves people.

    The kakapo is flightless, nests on the ground and is nocturnal. They have a really perculiar ‘booming’ call. There are only just over 100 left – so we are doing everything we can to look after them.

  16. Juniper Jupiter says:


    “When I said that I would fancy a shag from a pretty bird, THIS ISN’T WHAT I HAD IN MIND!!!”

    Get it? Brits call girls birds? Oh, never mind!!

  17. Birds fighting back. Well done you kakapo you

  18. Ah the British sang froid in the face of adversity.

  19. I used to work with a barn owl that would do that to me. lol!

  20. Resriechan says:

    @ Kibblenibble:

    The aspect of it, which appealed to me (said the non-Brit, making every attempt to sound as if she WERE a Brit) was that the said head-whapping was from ALTERNATE SIDES , as follows:

    WHAP! (left wing)WHAP!(right wing)WHAP(leftwing)WHAP!(rightwing)
    (sounds like the show Batman sound effects. Also could be rather useful in analyzing Congressional negotiations “leftwing”/ “rightwing”.)

    Furthermore: the other allusion regarding Nature Documentaries that applies here, is that these two biped fellows may now ascend to the thrones, left to us from the ORIGINAL, OldSchool Nature documentaries:
    “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom” with Jim (who did all the work & got all the abuse) &________(I always seem to forget his name) the other guy who sat back, in his easy chair with a mint julep, watching the film, narrating Jim’s progress …..& occasionally leaning forward, to say “Jim?” “Are you dead, yet?” (some relatively corny name like Morton or something).

    That is all.

  21. @Leslie: Marlin Perkins was the gentleman’s name.

  22. If this is how kakapos mate, you can see why they’re not hugely abundant. It’s gotta be better if your vital species survival procedures don’t involve ritually whapping your mate upside the head. I’m guessing female kakapos are good at running away.

  23. Resriechan says:

    @ Theresa:

    You, ma’am, are *ahem* a Gentleman and a Scholar.

    What? Was it something I said?

  24. victoreia says:

    I wanna find out what the resulting chick looks like!

  25. doomchild says:

    I… have to.. stop… laughing…
    omglolroflmao xD

    Love hurts 😀

  26. They should’ve let the poor bird finish up his business.

  27. So what do you think attracted him to the photographer more? the hair? or the green shirt? ^.^

  28. HAHAHA xD This is just too much, stomach hurts and I’m crying. I love Stephen Fry’s just observing the whole and calmy commenting as it goes along. And the photographer is a good sport about it.

  29. I watched it three times and still laughing

  30. Luurkensproing!

  31. Queen of Dork says:

    Ha! That bird, even while smaking the guy, seems like he really likes him. (the “bloke” as Hon Glad would say). 🙂

  32. Heatherama says:

    @JenJen OMG, your comment made me laugh so hard I nearly peed. I agree, the females are probably excellent at sprinting and camouflage. :p

    Last Chance to See was written by Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker’s Guide Series Author) and Mark Carwardine in 1990. It was for a radio series about animals that would most likely not be around much longer. I’m happy that Stephen Fry has taken on this series and done it so well….because anyone else might have stopped that love starved bird. No, Stephen Fry just commentates on it. Excellent!

  33. Everything about that was perfection. I lurve Stephen Fry! (And the parrot was cuuuuuute.)

  34. superbunnywabbit says:

    LOL; “you’ve been shagged by the rare parrot…”; hilarious

  35. Andi from NC says:

    I love how they are all so calm – Carwardine just lets the parrot go to town and Stephen Fry (who I absolutely love) just calmly lays out zingers at the guy. You have to watch more than once to catch them all. The whole thing is oh-so-very British!

  36. earlybird1 says:

    Does it have anything to do with the fact that the poor “victim” is wearing a shirt the same color as the parrot? Maybe the Victorian gentleman thought he had found an exceptionally large green lady friend. Can birds see color?

  37. David Spor says:

    That’s absolutely hilarious! The wings rhythmically smacking the photog as he passively complains while doing nothing to unseat the lusty bird, who sports an almost triumphant look on it’s face. Priceless.

  38. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Just showed it to my hubby who is not as easliy amused as *I* am…and he stood next to me just busting out laughing. Thanks for making our morning!

  39. LMAO LMAO LMAO!!!!!!!!!

    Well those victorian gentlemen were dirty little buggers 😛

  40. So much love for Stephen Fry! This video is hilarious.

  41. I sent this to all my friends at the beginning of last week. I’ve watched it 42 times, and it just gets funnier. ^_^

    Between the noises and how happy he looks, I CRACK UP.

    “He’s really going for it.”

  42. “He’s so happy.”

    Even if the great Stephen Fry hadn’t been in this video it would have been hilarious but his commentary made it a gem. And post-coital snuggling to boot, amazing!

    This made my day. 🙂

  43. Only 124 of these wonderful parrots left in the world! Check out the website for info and more pix. And consider sending a donation to help with their laudable efforts to save a most unusual (hey – the bird WALKS to get around, is the world’s heaviest parrot, may be the oldest living bird AND it has a subsonic mating boom – without a car stereo!) Or take a vacation to New Zealand to be a nest-minder volunteer! Sounds like an extraordinary opportunity to hang with the cool animals on a most unique island nation. Tempting….

  44. Marlon Perkins, Dammit!

  45. Oh, OK, Marlin, but remember his name, dammit! The poor guy- he only paid for the whole expedition (I was lead to believe, anyway that he was the emissary from the Mutual of Omaha Insurance folks). Sheesh! Thank for the correct spelling , Theresa, I just now scrolled up, after my emotional “pro-Marlin” outburst. You keep so cool in these intense situations, Theresa, “so cool, calm and collected” (Katy from the “Secret” deodorant ads.) (Which I use to this day out of loyalty to Katy.)

  46. Oh my god. I love, love, love Stephen Fry, and the camera angle of the parrot’s “happy” face with Fry’s comments… priceless.

  47. Copperbat says:


  48. Resriechan says:

    @ Katrina: now, dear, I’m so sorry to have started the whole wagon rolling, by my underwhemingly inadequate memory of “who was who” (“whom”? probably)

    Thing is, we WATCHED Jim go through so many agonies in pursuit of animal husbandry & stuff. I just alway thoroughly resented Marlin (phew. that’s the correct choice of spelling, right?) Perkins’ sitting back blithely in his armchair, describing Jim’s suicide missions. I wanted Perkins, to at least break a SWEAT or SOMETHING. I’m sure that the financing was an awesome charitable action, toward the whole environmental/ endangered animals movement & all, but ….

    Anyway. Katrina.
    Do you have a rocking chair available at your residence? Take a seat, dear.
    Perhaps a mint julep would help YOUR morning, today? Here, I’ll make one for you. You just sit back & relax. It will all be okay, I promise.


  49. Wow … I wonder if poor Mark felt, well, a little used after that whole scene … I mean, the bird didn’t even buy him a drink!

    Only one of the best wildlife-human scenarios I’ve had the fortune to witness. Bravo!!

  50. RainbowBaby says:

    “Love hurts”

    I guess it truly does! I love(!) the “thwap thwap thwap” sounds as he’s “Finding Nemo” with the photog. This is THE best video I’ve seen on CO. Congrats guys.

  51. Felicityanne says:

    I am thrilled to bits that this video and its terminology have NOT elicited any of the ‘scandalised of the USA’ comments I was fully expecting when I first saw the post. It seems Steven Fry, our National Treasure, magically overrides the ‘unsuitable-for-right-thinking-American-citizens-and-especially-the-kids’ commentroversy stuff. Yay!

  52. @Katrina, I am really stretching my memory muscle now, but I believe that Mr. Perkins was for a time, the director of the St. Louis Zoo. But I honestly don’t remember whether his name was spelled Marlin, Marlon, Marlan, Marlen or Marlin. :mrgreen:

  53. kibblenibble says:

    This video reminds me of a little grey-cheeked parakeet I once lived with. When he perched on your hand, you had to be careful. If you petted him too much, or if he became sleepy, he would become amorous with your thumb. The difference was in the facial expression. My little guy would close his eyes in concentration. That’s about the time I would put him back on his cage. Ahem. 🙄

  54. @Kibblenibble, a gray-cheeked parakeet? Just the thought of parakeet cheeks is cute!

  55. Resriechan says:

    @ Kibblenibble, we should just assign you to be in charge of this particular whole column. I also like that 2nd story from you under this parrot/person love story and……………………………..REALLY like the almost-embarrassed, nervous, twitchy-eyed emoticon you chose. It is SO appropriate to the mood of your story.

    You, my dear, have a decided & pronounced storytelling skill.

    A Per-feshunal Librariologist
    (Really, I can show you my MLS degree. I still have it in my house, just in case the question comes up ………………..)

  56. What a great vid! I am loath to admit this, but my cocktiel attemots to mate with my head — usually my hairclip while on my head — the same way: Thankfully the ‘tiel is much smaller than the Kakapo. Love the species and would love to come visit Sirocco at some point. Great, great birds 🙂

  57. LisaHoneychan says:

    This vid is A+!
    Had never heard of the Kakapo till seeing it, what a cute parrot! It dosen’t fly, walks on the ground, and looks like a Dr. Seuss bird if there ever was one. Sirocco’s look of happiness while getting busy with the head of the photographer is one for the ages!
    This Stephen Fry dude (as us Americans would call him) is a riot! His amused, calm commentary is oh-so British- and totally hysterical! I must seek out more of him.

    Go Sirocco! The webite for the bird’s conservation is really good. Who knew a bird doing the bit o’ bump and grind would get the world to know about them?

    I feel so smart, now!

  58. So this is what “headbanging” means in New Zealand, is it?

    [ *groan* 😡 – Ed.]

  59. Now if a bird was trying to mate with YOUR head, wouldn’t you be all GAHH! Get it off meh!! (waving arms).

    LOL @ the expression on the birds face when he’s having his fun, and LOLOL!! at the thwap thwap thwap! of wings on haid! Oh man.

  60. Sir Rocco! with the victorian gentleman’s mustache and sideburns!

    I’m still laughing.

  61. Did he smell good to the parrot? Was it the color of his shirt or his feathery haircut? Or just an act of dominance? Intriguing.

  62. Parrots are just dirty. I babysit a rose crested cockatoo named Mel for four weeks every year and his only goal is to “do” my hand! He even tries to trick me–he says “scratches” and when I scratch his head he grabs my hand and tries to force me to touch his danger zone! Pervs.

  63. Resriechan says:

    @ LisaHoneychan:

    I would like to present one Stephen Fry character /film choice for your consideration. ( In my memory, there might not even be any sex or kissing action). Almost all the characters in the film are slightly oddball (mostly in that British way that so many of us are appreciating today)….somewhat an eccentric & funny Brit edition of
    The Big Chill (OMG maybe you’re too young & innocent, even to get THAT reference. I’m SO OLD NOW) But you can look that one up, to get a comparison, but this film is FUNNY not somber.Set in some “Olde Britishe” estate aka castle that the guy’s family has owned for centuries…

    Film title(very simple) Peter’s Friends c. 1992
    Actors/actresses include: Stephen Fry (that’s the POINT of this..he MIGHT not be one of the primary or funniest characters that he has done, but he is IN the film)
    Kenneth Branagh, Emma Thompson (they both are almost always in the same films); Rita Rudner is *amazingly* funny & self-centered celebrity…ok my reference book says “language & some sexuality* but I really don’t remember anything that would raise any eyebrows other than what I’ve mentioned…..

    You might not agree with every point in my description but perhaps you’ll enjoy S. Fry and I feel pretty safe in predicting that 80 % of CuteOverloaders (the regular posters who love the silly aspects) would have a blast with this film

    Anyway — everybody enjoy the cute animals, wh. or not anyone watches this film ever.

    [“I’m not really in the baby business…” – FKA Jeeves]

  64. Space Cowgirl says:

    That is the biggest, fattest parrot I’ve ever seen.

    Also argument #1 in favour of not wearing green when going to film parrots.

  65. Hilarious. Ah, what some wonderful people do for conservation!

  66. Omg, so many ways to laugh at that man. It was just a hilarious pile up of indignities, not only is he getting some neck-action and clawing, he’s getting whapped in the face the entire time, and the bird above him’s grinning like a humping dog and being veerrryyy vocal about his ‘happy place’.

    If I was Fry, I would so make a comment later on, “So…I didn’t know you liked it rough.”

  67. Miss Malice says:

    Hehehehe awww Kakapos are so cute!
    ❤ my native birds

  68. Excellent! That’s the first time I’ve read someone reference Jeeves and Wooster… Cuteoverload employees are full of Win!

  69. I love you so, Stephen Fry. Please come be my best friend.

    That parrot is fantastic! It looks like a cross between a prairie dog and a pear.

  70. Oh the dear lonely kakapo! He’s so adorable. He sized up that Mark Carwadine and thought, “Well, he’s paying an awful lot of attention to me…and he truely seems to adore me…he’s talking all sweet… Ah, what the heck!”

  71. Reminds of of when one of the neighborhood peacocks fell in love with a blue cadillac.

    Paraded in front of it with his full tail, rubbed up against it, etc. He even pined when it wasn’t there.

  72. LMAO, this was the funniest “love story” EVER!

    Bravo to the camera man for putting up with the pain so we could all get a good laugh out of it…… also love the commentary at the end…..brilliant!!

  73. 😆 I don’t know whether to laugh or cry 😆 That poor parrot is looking so hard for a mate that he thought the photographer was one 😆

  74. psychologist1 says:

    This parrot seems to like cameras though looks a little bit afraid of them! lol! very cute creature!

  75. Resriechan says:

    @ Kar: you have available to you, a VERY lucrative career potential, marketing motion pictures. I, for one, am on the very edge of my seat to hear/ see more about the peacock & the automobile. Please tell more.

    Were you in the acquaintance of this peacock over many years or was it a brief encounter only? Describe (not TOO graphically, if you please) how you came to realize that the peacock was PINING for the vehicle.

    Are you already familiar with the Monty Python “Dead Parrot” sketch (pet store w/ Ridiculously Inept Salesman; angry customer returns with the bird he bought there, customer is indignant to have been sold defective merchandise; a bird whose breed is the Blue Norwegian. Salesman: “No, sir, no. THAT bird’s not dead. He’s just pinin’ for the Fjords, Sir !” ……………..???

  76. ROFL!!!!! I haven´t laughed so hard in a while…. 😉

  77. BAAAHHHHHAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. this is eerily like some episode of benny hill…..

  79. Miss Malice, I’m SO jealous that you live in New Zealand! In college I had to do a report on a country’s imports and exports but also provide general information about the country as well as a background. I chose New Zealand, and during my research is when I learned about these amazing birds (as well as kiwis)! Though to be honest, I chose New Zealand because I knew it was home to the faerie penguins (SQUEE!). I’m absolutely amazed at the country’s fauna – like Australia without all the venomous bits – and for a while after doing that report I researched ways to immigrate to NZ. Alas, there didn’t seem to be any need for fresh-out-of-college business majors, so I eventually gave up my search. I was also disappointed to find that my other two favorite places, Scotland and Ireland, had no use for a person with such (lack-of) skills either. 😦

  80. According to wikipedia

    Because Walt Disney had fabricated footage of a mass suicide of lemmings in its film White Wilderness,[6] CBC (at that time) journalist Bob McKeown asked Marlin Perkins if he had done the same. Perkins, then in his eighties, “firmly asked for the camera to be turned off, then punched a shocked McKeown in the face.” [7]

    Now I’m dying to read his autobiography. Marty Stouffer never punched anyone.

  81. Parrot does look like Stephen Fry! Amazingks.

  82. @felicityanne: Get a grip! Put your stereotypes aside.

  83. @Resriechan

    It was a rather enjoyable film, wasn’t it? I can’t understand why it never seems to show up on cable any longer . . . rather a good cast. Oh sure, the Big Chill shows up time and again, but why not Peter’s Friends?

  84. Felicityanne says:

    @erica…just take a look at the commentroversies on sooo many posts on this site…my comment was based on experience!

  85. @ Felicityanne.

    I’m totally with you. I mean, c’mon. Will no little puritan stand up and be outraged at the parrot pr0n?!?

    Not me. That’s the happiest looking parrot I’ve ever seen.

  86. Ha ha ha, this was waaay too funny. I can’t believe the camera guy just let it happen. Poor guy. Poor parrot- he really needs a female around. I keep laughing out loud!

  87. Whoa! That bird looks like it’s a mix between a parrot and an owl! Hope the dude was on the pill! LOLOLOL

  88. Felicityanne, I, too, was expecting a lot of “Think of the children!” I first saw this last week on DKN’s Facebook, and she and I were discussing the possible commentroversy. I’m almost disappointed in the nuffs!

    BTW, I’m thinking this should definitely be listed under “Interspecies Snorgling.” 😈

  89. Resriechan says:

    @ Emerson, Comment # 81: PLEASE don’t let Katrina read your comment !!!!
    She’s only just recuperated…

  90. Is this the birth of the “romantic!” tag? A sign of things to come?

    [I shudder to think. – Ed.]

  91. Joelle Taschereau says:

    Note to self: never ever wear green in tropical forest!! LOLOLOLOL

  92. I saw this on TV on the BBC the other week, made me laugh then and made me laugh again now. The whole series is amazing, I’d definitely recommend it to anyone! There are some amazing moments, though this is probably the funniest 😀

  93. Kakaporn.

  94. blue indy says:

    I love large goofy birds.

  95. I’m guessing that large goofy bird would love you, too.

  96. Jezebel- ROFL @ using the phrase “danger zone” that seriously had me cracking up reading your comment.

  97. Speaking as one who has been shagged by a rare South Pacific parrot, I …. um …. well, never mind.

  98. 😆 @ Neopatra!

  99. Love the hickeys on the neck afterwards.

  100. *falls chair laughing* 😀

  101. emmberrann says:


    Marlin Perkins was a television pie-oh-neeeer. He had a program in the black&white (the only colors available) days wherein it was he who took the hits, bites, scratches and peeings on, so I guess one could say that he paid his dues, and when Jim Fowler came along (can you guess I watched them all, just about), Marlin prolly figgered that it was time to hang up the old ballet slippers, since he now had a stunt double.

    Oh, the kakapo! I do loves me some kakapo.

  102. Resriechan says:

    oh.@ Emberrann: yameaniwasabsolutelywrongineverybitofmytheoryand

    (Cue the Emily Litella voice, –this is the ORIG first few episodes of the OLD SNL, people; BEFORE Eddie Murphy even played Gumbiedammit):

    “Never mind.”

  103. Resriechan says:

    PS @ Meg et al (The Prongs, NTMTOM, El Teo or The Theo, etc.):

    Can we get a double-post of the French-kissing Siamese cats gettin’ IT on, with the parrot WHACKing Stephen Fry’s head,…..POSTED SIDE BY SIDE & place a xxxx rating on that post & only allow 60+yr olds to comment (mature audiences, dontcha know?)

  104. Funniest. Video. EVER!

  105. i think i just laughed a hole clean through my monitor

    that may be the funniest possible thing possible

  106. You can still watch the whole documentary on bbc iplayer. And the rest of the series. But probably only if you’re a brit

    It’s a great series, and Stephen Fry is divine.

  107. surely douglas adams had something to do with this…
    thanks for bringing some much needed laughter to my day.