We’re Currently #2 for Take-Off, So We’re Going to Turn on the Highbeams, Adjust the Rib Bumpers, and Raise the Goodyears

Spike was really looking forward to his first tandem skydiving jump. Although, he was concerned that the airbags were behind him.

What's really offensive is the condition of this manicure.

You two make a lovely pair, Jessie S.



  1. Whoo-oo! Cat-n-racks!

  2. What’s with the nail polish? Looks like she slammed her hands in a car door.

  3. Fuzzy animals in your clothing is both unnerving and very comforting at the same time. I’m always afraid I’ll be gutted, but the heart-warming snuggling action is pure bliss.
    His floof-factor is just perfect for this too!

  4. Racks and manicures
    Let the commentroversy
    begin. Three, two, one.

    Wait…this isn’t the Friday Haiku? 😀

  5. 😆 LOL from top to… well, it’s all about the top, isn’t it.

  6. that is a lot of rack.

  7. Racks look, ahhh, surgically enhanced, but the kittie’s precious…

    Enjoy, boys.

    PS. Still waiting for Dudes ‘n Doggies…

  8. GreyandWhite Kitty says:

    Instead of cute that’s just gross. It would be nice to see a different picture of this kitty. Maybe sleeping or eating? This was way too much.

  9. Copperbat says:

    Hoooray for bewbies and mewbies! 😀

  10. I’ve never wanted to be a black kitty more than now…

  11. A rather unedifing picture, surely there must be others from the cute archive?

    [You could always try clicking the tag… – Ed.]

  12. aunt issa says:

    Never mind the nail polish – that chick has man-hands! Nice boobs, though. And an adorable kitty! Yay!

  13. I don’t think that I’ve ever been tempted to wear a different color on each arm. Or think of matching it with my bra.

    On the other hand, if I had creamy skin like that I could be tempted.

    I wanna see if she uses two different colored claw covers on this little one.

  14. Very tacky post

  15. Very long-titled post

  16. Editheo – I clicked, I saw, they conquered.

  17. I agree. Didn’t think your website had to dip into the T&A bag for more attention.

  18. BabyOpossum says:

    I prefer pics where the cat is snuggled into the rack. This one looks like he is trying to escape the rack, or at the least he’s indifferent to it. (Maybe he senses it’s not real?) (Ha, kidding. Lovely rack, lovely cat, and so forth. Carry on.)

  19. This site has been doing Cats ‘n’ Racks forever – why the big disapproval all of a sudden?

  20. (Although, this being ‘Tocktober and all, maybe Buns and Buns would be more suitable.)

  21. You just lost daily viewers I’m sure. Thanks for making me gag on silicone this morning. Way to take the focus off what your site is… you must have been running out of submissions! Bring back the good posts!

    [LOL. 😆 – Ed.]

    [By the way, it sounds like you’re doing it wrong. – Ed.]

  22. They have been doing cats n racks forever. click on the tag… this one is more racks than cats and it’s not even a good rack! kitty is trying to escape from the hard melons and into a softer place! the other cats n racks posts are more appropriate.

    [OK now I’m seriously ROFL’ing… does make typing awkward… – Ed.]

  23. Stephen,
    It got YOUR attention, did it not? That’s why you clicked on here to comment. 😉 They’re just boobs. I have some, your mom had some… BOOBS, BREASTS, CHESTICLES, TA-TAS, MAMS, whatever, they’re ok! They’re a body part- not perverse, not obscene, not anything other than human flesh (and they’re covered too…).
    It’s your own mind that turns them into something erotic or ‘wrong’- this country needs to let go of the stigma behind (oh, another one) TITS. 🙂

  24. Oh come ON. It’s a great rack (even if it is fake) and an adorable kitten.

    What a bunch of Prudey McPrudensteins.

    You complainers sound like a bunch of overweight office ladies whining in your cubicles because your tatas hang down to your belly button.

    [Now now, there’s no need for that. 😛 – Ed.]

  25. I’m partial to “gazongas” myself. *snkr*

  26. Aunt Issa: “man hands” brilliant. Perhaps, that is why the head is cut off in this picture…

  27. @Dude @Aunt Issa — not “man hands”. Trust me, I’ve got a pair. 😉

  28. Oh geeze. We will stare unyieldingly at the ‘tocks of any barn yard animal but cannot handle a glimpse of the female homosapien chest? Come on… Also, I don’t think they’re fake, just enhanced by the bathing suit.

  29. Oh, and how about a “Pups n Packages” just to balance out the Cats n Racks? 🙂

  30. skippymom says:

    Ahhh…it’s a perfect day to sit back with a nice cup of tea and watch the commentroversy roll.

  31. Lol, or even worse Angela, Buns and Bulges 😮 (ok, THAT probably crossed a line…)

  32. “John” and “Stephen” both sound like Angela from The Office writing under a pseudonym. We’re really supposed to believe that there are MEN who are capable of using the internet and who are offended by a little cleavage? They might want to consider joining an order of monks. Or they could stick around for Pups n’ Peens, that might be more their cup of tea!

    [ :spit-take: BFFFFFFFPTHP! …Oh eww. – Ed.]

  33. yea Jason is right. no more covered up fug face rack posts. let’s keep it real with sweet boobs. take the kitty out of the picture – can’t even see it’s face anyways. wonder how young this broad is 😛

    [Pick one screen name and stick to it. Astroturfing doesn’t fly here, Jason. – Ed.]

  34. Resriechan says:

    hmmmm….exactly where, on the donkey, should I pin this tail?

    while meself, I’d just as soon not bother with either a “cats/ racks” category or its alternative (you could have the whole cat-egory — see what i did there 🙂 and I’d let everyone else do their thing & I prob. wouldn’t even open it up) …or a category for the alternative set…I might not even open that one up at all – But I’d be happy for those who enjoy at least the more conventionally cute ones….

    Yet and still: I gotta give Angela (#29) MAJOR POINTS !!
    just for grammatically correct phrasing (which in itself is enjoyable to some of us)
    & also for her cute marketing abilities,

    about her suggested title
    (almost typed in “tittle” there just to keep the “point” going) …….

    Pups & Packages sounds so endearing ! You could even do a special “P & P — Holiday gifts” item on Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc etc.

    But meself, I mostly go for the heartfelt but less sensually/ intimacy limited stuff

    Other than those thoughts ….Have at it, gang!

  35. Resriechan says:

    @ skippymom: how shall we quantify this one: count how many WANT graphically offensive items & how many want only Romper Room?

    Or is your strategy, to simply watch the heads & other items roll without trying to analyze the overall summary of who wins (or who is most ridiculous)?

  36. Trabb's Boy says:

    Whoa! What is with all this belittling of women going on here? Prongs first with the “airbags” comment, then all the “they’re fake!” folks and the “what’s wrong with her hands?!?” folks and of course annie, who wins the Asshole of the Thread award. Folks, this is not “Hot or Not”. This woman thought it was a cute picture of her kitty cheering on Cats and Racks. Personal critiques are just mean. All of your mothers would be disappointed in you. Nuff nuff nuff nuff nuff.

    [Actually the Asshole of the Thread Award is the banhammer, and I mete that out. Repeatedly. – Ed.]

  37. The rack aint bothering me, its just an ineptly taken photograph. No sense of composition or lighting.

  38. We can always call ’em Blouse Bunnies if you think it’s more appropriate for an animal-related site.

    Who thinks up these names?

    [Did somebody say “blouse bunnies“?? – Ed.]

  39. @Trabb’s Boy: thank you!

  40. Sorry to nuff…but this is totally ‘shopped! Just look at the pixels!

    [I did. Dear sweet Atlas moon shot, did I ever. – Ed.]

  41. I won?!

    I.. I don’t even have a speech prepared!

  42. Von Zeppelin says:

    I haven’t decided whether I approve of this picture or not, but it does have a couple of good points.

  43. The upholstery isn’t really my thing.

  44. I’m all for boobage, but the silicone is yucky.

  45. Darn, someone beat me to “blouse bunnies.” My personal favorite.

  46. Kitty is adorable and very brave to try jumping! And I think the rack looks pretty darn good, I’m sure envious. As for the fingernails, that’s why I only do my toes. Fingernails require too much maintenance.

  47. doggabone says:

    It has been suggested that when such controversy re-occurs, that there might be something to link to.

    Not sure why folks are hollerin’ “fake”. Looks as genuine as the kittens I woke up with this morning. I mean, it might be a stuffed cutie, but without touching you’d never know for sure.

  48. skippymom says:

    @Res, just enjoying the ride, and being thankful that we have our esteemed Theo to deal with whatever comes up.

    [As opposed to “steamed Theo”, presumably – Ed.]

  49. I should shove one of my cats down my shirt and send in a pic. They (my cats) would probably think i’m crazy.
    I wish my babies, all of them, were still little. *sigh*

  50. doggabone says:

    Whups, I blew the link to something.

    [Dude, no worries, got yer back… – Ed.]

  51. I’m all for Cats n’ Racks if, as some of you mentioned, there is some sort of an is-that-a-cute-fauna-in-your-pocket-or-are-you-just-happy-to-see-me equivalent. 🙂

  52. What is with all the mammary-phobia? It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month after all… people who keep hating on the “Save the Boobs” or “Save the Ta-Tas” campaign (or Cats ‘n’ Racks for that matter) should be ashamed of themselves and direct their attention to things that are really important.

  53. Resriechan says:

    @ Skippymom: The most stringently Hippie-qualified of my brothers (he even dropped outta college after one semester tho’ he was the Valedictorian
    ( & straight A’s without even tryin) of his graduation class in h. s., & is *vegan*, not “just” vegetarian, “YO” and he………….. oh, ok, you get the idea?)

    (Actual given name) Steve (Native American given name — not kiddin’): Cheyenne

    uses the following single word to sound Very Impressive & Philosophical when speaking with suits & “Normal ‘Mericuns”:

    “Indeed. Indeed.”

    That seems useful “at this juncture” 🙂

  54. metsakins says:

    Buns and buns?
    buns and bulges?
    pups & packages?
    Pups and peens!

    This stuff is great, I wish I could be so creative. Anybody got any more?

  55. skippymom says:

    I’ll have the steamed Theo with the deep-fried tofu.

  56. …and my favorite name for large breasts “gantse gazingers”. I echo what has been said before-wonderful things to have, to use and to admire. Now what is that, a cat?

  57. I vote for Pups’n Peens.

  58. can’t we all just get along?.

    I pour oil on the water by submitting cute panda pictures but they don’t get posted. Its always kittens. Believe me, pandas are far less controversial. And cuter in my totally biased opinion….does Colbert work here? *suspicious eyes*

  59. Resriechan says:

    (oops, I said the “single word” that I promised(“indeed”), twice. Sorry, Grammar/ Proofreading Police. Oh, geez, now I’ve said the word THREE times.
    “D’oh !” I blew it. Mea culpa !)

  60. But c’mon people. He looks like he’s going skydiving.

  61. gerbils and gazongas?
    mammals and mammaries?
    ferrits and funbags?

  62. Resriechan says:

    @ Skippymom: “oh no, you DI-unt, just mix up today’s Commentroversy, w/ YESTERDAY’s Commentroversy”????

    GIRL …………you just lookin’ ta “Start it Up” !!!!!! (Rolling Stones earworm, courtesy of….i dunno, whatever they call that grey matter, up inside my head)

  63. stoats and scrotes? (did i just cross the line?)

    [Well *snerk* let’s just say *snikkr* I probably won’t *bffph* be adding that tag *snggx* today, anyway… – Ed.]

  64. doggabone says:

    @Resriechan It was a single word, even if you used it twice. Some things are better in two’s even when they look identical.

  65. I have a complaint about this photo: the glare off the sunglasses or whatever on the side table there has made it hard to capture just how cute this cat-n-rack is.

  66. Tony James says:

    Hm…sweater puppies
    Why boobies cause such alarm?
    Bottle-baby much?

  67. Stunbunny says:

    YAY! Friday cats ‘n’ racks! I’m ready to go home now!

  68. I can’t say I appreciate this one as much as the other Cats ‘n’ Racks. There’s just too much emphasis on the rack (as nice a rack as it is) and not enough on the adorable little guy. He’s not nestled in there, he’s dragging down her shirt and showing off her assets.

  69. @Resriechan, so is your brother a Star Trek fan? That was sort of a Spock hallmark, huh?

  70. Hmmm, I thought the rack was great! And the kitteh looks hust like my Herschel did as a wee one.

    Viva la racks!

  71. Airbags, Prong? Really? The quality of the posts have started going downhill…

  72. kookienoonie says:

    Fake boobies not cute. No likey.

    [Cute boobies not fake. Like noey. – Ed.]

  73. Resriechan says:

    @ Sher: actually, truth to tell, HE was already saying this, in the early 1970s when (ahem) the FIRST, original, Star Trek was just a wee spark in Spock’s eye. Like, 1972 & stuff.

    However, if it is of any consolation to your great thought…I can offer the following, Our brother Greg, who is two years younger than Steve but 4 yrs older than me, was absoLUTEly a fan of the 1970s Star Trek show. However, he hid his enthusiasm from the Guys in the Locker Room, by referring to it, as “Star Blechh”
    Yeah, we’re practically members of the Petrified Forest.

    Hope that’s helpful !! Have a Spacey day & “thanks for playing with the show today” ! 🙂

    Peace & fuzziness to All.
    (“Indeed” #4)

  74. boobs aren't cute says:


  75. AuntieMame says:

    You two make a lovely pair, Jessie S.

    I saw what you did there. *snicker*

  76. This one will always be my favorite!

    [Wow, that’s a link to the OLD site! Amazing it still works. Here’s the newer version, btw. – Ed.]

  77. Andi from NC says:

    Well, it is breast cancer awareness month so let’s turn this lemon into lemonade – ladies, grab you favorite kitteh and go get your mammogram!!!

  78. OMG!! @Lisa: “stoats and scrotes? (did i just cross the line?)”… HI-larious!!! I…. don’t know if I’d honestly ever want to see that post!

    I think it’s funny how the women always get all hostile when there’s a cat-n-racks post. We just had one with the hot boy and the blue puppy, that Prongs posted on October 6th, that all the ladies went gaga for. 😛 Don’t really see how this is any different. Need to be fair to the boy viewers too!

  79. 260Oakley says:

    How about Bats ‘n Balls?
    It is playoff season.

  80. LOL, Oakley, and also EEEEK

  81. Oakley – I see what you did there LOL

  82. Hehe Thanks Ed! I was lazy and googled it…

    Now… if only you would post the video I sent in… dooooo eeeeeeeeettttt….


    [I ain’t seen no vid; that’s Meg’s domain – Ed.]

  83. *cries*
    *whispers* clicky my name and go peek? It will make you giggle like a school girl 😉

  84. skippymom says:

    Bats ‘n Balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Win!

  85. AuntieMame says:

    I’m wearing my Helton jersey, 260Oakley, so bring ’em on! 😀

  86. Cats… boobs… Thank you!

    And a lot of people suspect they’re fake. I vote for them being real and pushed up by the bra.

  87. Why don’t we have any Cats ‘n’ Buttocks? No, seriously, just think about it.

  88. victoreia says:

    @Resriechan: Um, the original Star Trek aired from 1966 to 1969. (Jus’ sayin’)

    (What do you mean, my ears are pointy? That is most illogical.)

  89. Theo: Thanks for the BCA link!

  90. Stop hating. They are all cute, but that kitten might be fake.

  91. Teho, you are slaying me today. Pulling out all the stops with your man hands. 😀

    [I tried a clever comeback. I failed. Ah well, I guess just Thanks. – Ed.]

  92. @260Oakley, two things make me want to keell myself: A Yankees/Phils WS, and listening to Chip Caray call any game. 😯

  93. @Annie, what is your problem with overweight office ladies whose tatas hang down to their belly buttons? They have feelings, too. And don’t think as the years go by, your figure won’t change a leetle bit.

  94. Is “Prongs” capable of writing captions that aren’t skeazy, grating, and/or controversial? If not, hire someone else. This hit a new low.

    [Guess what? Not up to you. – Ed.]

  95. GreyandWhite Kitty says:

    I’m only 24 so i’m not hatin’ on perkiness. I just don’t want to see human bodies when i want to see cute animals!

  96. @260Oakley: My whole office just looked at me like I was crazy as I BUSTED out laughing. Brilliant!

  97. Mewlings and Mamories.

    Did we say that one already?

  98. @GreyandWhite Kitty: I don’t think I’ve seen one post that doesn’t have a cute animal in it.

    Every year I get my husband the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. He browses it for the hot chicks, I browse it to find my next swimsuit. It’s all about looking at what you want to look at. If you don’t want to look at the boobs, don’t look at them. Just look at the pussy cat.

    One year he bought a Porsche Calendar that had hot chicks draped all over the cars – I didn’t understand why he didn’t just get the Playboy Lingerie calender. I didn’t see one car in that Calendar. 😉

  99. BabyOpossum says:

    Hams ‘n’ mams?

    Ferrets ‘n’ funbags?

    Skunks ‘n’ skanks? (OK maybe not)

  100. BeckyMonster says:

    Anyone who thinks that photo is “shopped” is an idiot. You have WAY too much faith/mystic belief in the power of Photoshop and it’s users. This is a “why would you bother” image from a daily “shopper”.

    And please, stop being so boringly Puritanical. We suck on boobs for the first year of our lives TO SURVIVE AS A SPECIES.

    Stop demonizing tits, for the love of all that is holy. It’s pathetic, small minded, and an insult to your MOTHER.

  101. BabyOpossum Snicker.

  102. I don’t understand the fuss about Prongs and her choice of hilariously double-meaning booby words. I actually lol’d when I got to the bit about the airbags behind the kitty. It’s a Cats ‘n’ Racks post! Not much point if you’re going to either ignore the rack part, or talk oh-so-PC about kitties smooshed between “human mammary glands.” Bring on the knockers and hooters! Huh. That makes me think of “Hooters ‘n’ Hooters”, but that sounds more terrifying and painful than cute…

  103. Yeah Annie, wait till yer bewbs hang low! That’s not nice.

    I like what Trabbs Boy said. Don’t rip the girl to shreds people, geez!

    Anyway, I like the rack. Hooray for racks! Pink ribbons for all.

  104. Huh, I’ve never heard a baby opossum snicker. 😐

  105. The minute there’s a “Pups -n- Packages” category is the minute I stop saying ’nuff’ to Cats-N-Racks.

    I’m not against sexuality, I just want parity. Bring it on, Meg!

    And commenters PUH-LEEZE don’t give me a bunch of garbage about how women’s bodies are more beautiful/better to look at/etc. etc.

    Men ARE gorgeous. Their bodies are gorgeous. Their faces are gorgeous. Every part of them is gorgeous.

    It’s the media and cultural socialization that’s trained us not to see them in that way.

    [Once more, with feeling… – Ed.]

  106. BabyOpossum says:

    Why am I suddenly craving a Snickers bar?

    [No idea. I’ve had this weird nagging jones for Sno Balls myself. 😕 – Ed.]

  107. Skunks ‘n Punks?

    think about it. 🙂

  108. I sent my buddy a Halloween card that said “I got your fun sized treats right here”

    It was a kitty with a litter box.

    EW! LOL

  109. Once more, with feeling, Meg…

    Non-sexualized, face-only shots of men in loose clothing are NOT the same as a close-up shot of a pair of breasts. It’s the difference between Rated R and Rated G.

    Don’t toss your female readers a half-eaten Twinkie and try to call it a cupcake. We’ll call you on it every time.

    [That was me, Theo, not Meg. And it was a pack of Sno Balls I tossed at you. Get it right. 😛 – Ed.]

  110. Resriechan says:

    @ Victorea (sp?) — Said detail noted & written into the records.

    HOWEVER said the (I can never remember whether it’s the prosecuting or the defense attorney who turns the whole court case upside down & inside out, after the other one seems to feel the entire course has been listed out & they don’t even NEED to call in a jury.

    My entire family lived on a military base in Yokosuka Japan with *NOT ONE MINUTE* of American TV (no AFI military channel, even) until about January 1971.

    (emptiness; sounds of crickets chirping)

    Does that help the case, at all?

    The Attorney.

  111. ::gets out the pupcorn::

    this should be good..

  112. Resriechan says:

    (ps: absolutely NO nastiness or harshness intended; really nothing truly negative at all in any way howsoever; I was just goin’ for the smart-alecky punchline…however the details are absolute. I have pictures of us in the military housing Yokosuka, from about that year)

    jus’ sayin’ 😉 Peace & point ears to all

  113. Is “Prongs” capable of writing captions that aren’t skeazy, grating, and/or controversial? If not, hire someone else. This hit a new low.

    [Guess what? Not up to you. – Ed.]

    Okay, that’s the bestest, funniest Ed. smack down evar. You rock, Ed.!

  114. AuntieMame says:

    Every part of them is gorgeous.

    Um, no they’re not. I don’t want to see anyone’s genitalia.

    (To be honest, I don’t want to see their feet, either. Or their elbows. Or their gall bladders. I could go on…)

  115. AuntieMame says:

    Dammit, I turned OFF my italic tag! Why why why can’t we edit our own posts??? 😦

    [I got it. For the record, you closed your bold tag but missed your italic. 😉 – Ed.]

  116. Entropy's Bitch says:

    Stoats and scrotes. Right there, you gotcherself a winner. Or wiener..or…maybe that’s bats and balls.

    I love Nuffer Friday.

    I need to send a picture of my big ol’ kitty (cat, implied, thank you berry much) with my big ol…never mind…

  117. Wow, so not a fan of cat’n’racks. Sleezy.

  118. Why don’t you sign your comments “Mod” then? Isn’t Meg the editor of the site? I know, I know… “Not up to me.” I think you may have to put that on a t-shirt. It’s CO’s new catch phrase, like “Hell to the No” and Whitney Houston.

  119. Mmmm, Twinkies…

  120. “Ed.” is a common proofreader’s abbreviation for Editor. I suppose I could do “Mod”, but I started out the traditional way & prefer to stick with it.

    Meg is the Founder and Fearless Leader. There is a hierarchy.

  121. @Auntie Mame – while I’ve never actually seen a cute gall bladder, I am not ruling out the possibility that one exists.

  122. …wait, our new catchphrase is “Whitney Houston”?? 😕

    Ironically, I think that’s pretty good. 😆

  123. Now, Sno Balls are gross! You can peel that pink covered goo off of em and throw it at your sister…. King Dongs, on the other hand, were the snack cake of choice, back in the day!

    Or those fruit pies, gah the sugar! Suuugar!!

  124. skippymom says:

    AuntieMame, I’m with you on the naughty bits and the feet, but I wouldn’t mind checking out people’s gall bladders.

  125. 😆 “King Dongs” ?!! 😆

    oh I am dyin ovah heah

  126. Jen, it’s [Ed.] as in [Edit], so signed because that particular line is an edit of the original post. Am I right, T[Ed.]?

  127. skippymom says:

    Paunchie, um, “King Dongs”? Did you really have a snack called that? We didn’t have those….

  128. Whoa, LOTSA posts between my (not usually) slow typingks and submittingks.

  129. Oh yes! Little chocolate cakes with creme filling, covered in a shell of chocolate!

    They started out way back using the name Ding Dongs, then later changed it to King Dongs. They were good! Their logo was a little cupcake guy dressed up with a crown and a miter and a face of course.

    Ding Dongs, LOL

  130. I think she may be referring to Ding Dongs. 😀

    (er, what Paunchie said)

  131. …wait, our new catchphrase is “Whitney Houston”?? 😕

    @Theo, and IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIeeeeeeeeeeeeIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIeeeeeeeeeeeeeeIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII will always lu-huv, yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowoah!

  132. @Theresa — I went looking for that Christian the Lion clip on YouTube, the one with the Whitney soundtrack, and it’d been pulled “due to terms of use violation”. And you can bet your bippy it wasn’t because of the video. 😦

  133. Those are some nice….paws!!

  134. No, Theo. “Hell to the No” is Whitney’s catch phrase, silly!

  135. Well, darn.

  136. Don’t forget the Ho Ho’s.

  137. that’s them Teho, cept they did call em King Dongs where I lived. In some places he was called King Don Ding Dong, something like that.

    Ho hos were good too. Can’t believe mom let us eat that stuff. And things like Count Chocula too! Ah the good ole 70s.

    Don’t mess with Whitney! She cut a B -word (that’s from Kathy Griffin)

  138. WoW! Ed’s on a roll today.
    (I’ll run outside for some more Sno Balls for ya’ since it snowed here today. Avoiding the yellow ones of course.)

    I’d love to know the rate of nuffers-per-hour that we’ve had today.

    continue party!

  139. @Ray — it hasn’t been too bad, actually.

  140. Wait, wait, what about Ring Dings?

  141. I wanted to write that I think fake racks should be ineligible for this category, but it might sound too mean. So I won’t. 😀

  142. Swiss Cake Rolls trump Ho-Hos anyday. 😉

  143. Resriechan says:

    FWIW– yup there either *were* or *are* specifically KING Dongs.

    1:”Been there, eaten those,” specifically. I remember going thru the testing cycle of whether the KING Dongs or the Ding Dongs were better. If I recomember keerectly, my choice was for/ or were the King Dongs. Now wait just a minute; didn’t this commentroversy re. King Dongs, belong in YESTERDAY’S “fried butter & fried Twinkies” commentroversy? How did it get HERE?

    2: I can provide some (sticky) documentation if you like; pretty sure that Aunt Ethel hasn’t cleaned out the woodshed yet, from that era. Y’know, the old wrappers? Saved ’em, just in case they were gonna have a *Special Prize* Sweepstakes one day.

    (Paragraph One: True. Paragraph Two: cow-hocky. Just kiddin about the wrappers)

  144. GreyandWhite Kitty says:

    Blondie, that’s true, i should just focus on the thing i like in the picture. It just gets overwhelming at times. When it comes to your husband, I do not envy you. Everyone is different though.

  145. Aw screw all that snack-rack crap, I’m into the hard stuff. 😉

  146. Resriechan says:

    Also @ Jen: May I make a request for clarification, please? I thought that Whitney Houston’s catchphrase supreme was

    “Crack is whack.”
    She used that statement, in order to reassure all of us, that *she* would *never* use cocaine ever no way huh-uh.
    “to the best of my memory”


  147. OH BROTHER….Thanks, let’s just admit it. This pic has NOTHING to do with a cat. Is’nt there enough cute animals in the world that this could maybe be the one only place we could NOT have to look a someones boobs? Really frowning on Cute Overload right now 😦

  148. Nuff is FFUN spelled backwards!

    […now why have I never seen that before?? – Ed.]

  149. OMG I did not just see what I think I saw at the cake wrecks! Gawd!!!


    Who would order a cake like that!!! OMG. I don’t know whether to laugh or scream.

    [Yes, that’s it exactly. – Ed.]

  150. Resriechan says:

    KittyAdv: you be one slammin’ smart person !! I do the whole look @ words backwared thing sometimes & all the times I’ve seen the word “Nuff” I NEVER noticed that before. Are you gonna sing “Somewhere over the rainbow” now?

    Hope so !

    And BTW folks (Including Hizzoner Theo), the little blue link that Theo put in at # 145 is outrageously wonderful: failures of prof. cakemaking. The first one in the pic is an old smelly galoshes cake. GREAT STUFF !!!

  151. kittensnotkids says:

    TRABB’S BOY! Dickens reference ftw.

    what a great choice of names to post under. Trabb’s Boy.
    oh, bravo.

    who can get riled up about racks n commentroversies when Trabb’s Boy is around, being a Dickens allusion? NOT ME.

  152. yeah, Paunchie,
    the Cake Wrecks WAS pretty bad. But it was funny in a sick sort of way.

    How on earth did you find that Theo? It’s not like you could google for something like that. I hope our Internets don’t get intercepted by (space) aliens. How would one explain these sorts of things?

    [Well, Cake Wrecks won a bunch of blog awards in ’09 and ’08, and Cute Overload travels in those circles too. 😉 – Ed.]

  153. @Resriechan

    2nd item down

    H to the N is a pretty commonly associated phrase with Ms. H.

  154. Fleurdamour says:

    When you say, “You make a lovely pair,” are you talking to the cat and the lady, or to…oh, never mind,

    [Short answer: YES – Ed.]

  155. How many idiots are going to say that those breasts are fake? They don’t look fake to me, they look like a nice set of perky breasts on a young girl. They aren’t even big enough to look obviously fake. She’s wearing a bra that’s holding them up and they happen to have a nice shape. So why all the fake cries? I’ll tell you why. Women are catty and jealous and when they see a nice set of breasts on another woman. They cry fake to make themselves feel better about themselves and they’re own breasts that they are obviously not happy with. And I know this from experience as I happen to have quite a large set of breasts (natural) on a tiny frame. I can’t even begin to tell you the grief I have gotten from women because of what the good lord gave me.

  156. [stepping slowly and quietly away]

  157. [tosses Sno Ball to Theo for self-defense, and tip-toes away too]

  158. I have been following Cake wrecks for a while..
    THere are some wickedly bad cakes in there.

    Wickedly bad LOL


    I love both subjects, AND im a girl 😀 you people have way stress if you are offended by something as simple as this xD

  160. googlie eyes says:

    Normally I like the parity argument, but I actually disagree that images of racks are more sexually charged than a puppy on a partially exposed ‘package.’ Unfortunately that would bring up a whole different set of culturally implications (not nearly as cute and cuddly). There is an element of nurturing underneath the idea of holding something to your breast that isn’t there with the male counterpart. That’s the reality of it, unfortunately. I think that nixes the ‘stoats and scrotes’ idea (the cute factor, anyway), much as I think that’s hilarious!

  161. googlie eyes says:

    ‘cultural,’ not ‘culturally.’ Sorry about that.

  162. I love you, cats ‘n’ racks category, both because kitties and boobies are two of my very favorite things and because of the hilarious complaining you inspire. ❤

  163. Well, I am disappointed. I have been thinking up “snappy” comments for the next commentroversy,but the nuffers are not being nuff enough. The photo is not disturbing enough for me to nuff. All in all, I am all out of sorts and am forced to use my witty/cutting/completely inappropriate comments on my husband and cats (who have wisely used the time I have been typing to disappear).

  164. Resriechan says:

    browngrl: well, usu. a husband and cats *expect* you to either purchase or create wondrous meals, for them to eat. Won’t they come a-knockin’ or a-meowin atcha when their bellies need kibble? You can let’em have your repressed irritation then.

    Hope that helps for your therapeutic needs.

  165. @kittyadventures LOL! Hey you’re right! And Nuffs put the F- in Ffun! 😀

    oh, and my suggestion for alternatives to Cats n racks,

    Snakes and well, um, Snakes.
    Pets and Peters (what? Been done already?)
    Jerboas and Johnsons
    /Ok why does Firefox think that Jerboas might possibly be a mispelling of Riverboats???/
    Anyway, this last one doesn’t rhyme but I’m gonna toss it out there anyhoo, “Lucky Laps”. On account of those laps are lucky to have cute cuddly critters on them. Oh never mind. 😛

  166. *looks around*

    Tabbies and…’taints?


    Okay…too much…I understand…

  167. Resriechan says:

    Wow, Theo (re. item # 157)

    now THAT’s a particularly strategic method of coping with a statement, that I NEVER woulda thought you chose.

    Very very restrained & diplomatic. Plus, it’ll keep the tire tracks off your Friday night shirt. She can run over somebody ELSE tonight !!!!

    I immediately thought of police officers or whoever (CSInvestigators, sheriffs, rent-a-cops; you get the drift) on television programs, where the Head Good Guy pulls out his gun & says :

    “Sir/ Ma’am (always start an order/ command with a submissive, honorific term) I must ask you, to STEP AWAY from the
    (package of lifesavers, bomb, fluffy wig,,,,,,,; you get the drift here, as well, I suppose)
    “or I will have to shoot you.” 🙂

    GOOD CHOICE there, my man!!

  168. Queen of Dork says:

    Metz: I just cracked up at Jerboas and Johnsons!
    Resriechan: You made me lol with that “emptiness…crickets chirping” thing!

    I can’t think of any alternatives myself. My brain is too tired from work I guess.

  169. Queen of Dork says:

    MLO: He-he. ‘taints. Is that the area of the female anatomy that’s between umm …things in the nether region?

  170. Yup. That’d be the area.

    Though I’ve most often heard the term in reference to the male anatomy…

  171. Queen of Dork says:

    MLO: Yeah, I suppose it could work either way. ‘Taint here nor there.

  172. Ferrets and funbags!? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!!

  173. Resriechan says:

    Greetings QoD;

    pourquoi il n’y pas rien de correspondence dans mon Clearwire, que tu m’as ecrit?

    😉 😉

  174. Hey, don’t mock the Sno Balls. I’m like Snack Ninja with these things.
    [hefts a shurikoconut]

  175. Queen of Dork says:

    Hi Resriechan

    Check Clearwire for correspondence? Please excuse my ignorance but I don’t know how. (wincing and kind of shrinking with embarassement). T isn’t even here to help.

    [I know nothing of this “Clearwire” you refer to. If you mean me. – Ed.]

  176. Resriechan says:

    nonno you ain’t got no kinda ignerance there, young lady (my misspellings here were purposeful & intended for goofy effects)….

    That thar qu. was……….(oh, in ENGLISH, you mean? Well, why didn’t you TELL me that you aren’t fluent in French. I think you know EV-erything,so why….

    oh. ok. The point is, I checked MY clearwire account, looking for emails FROM your email to me I got two initially the other night; the test msg & one other. I had kinda hoped, that after I got home from rescuing the person I was rescuing TODAY (sigh at the weight of the world so full of those who need rescuin’ but aren’t cute/fluffy/four-legged people who MEOW so it would at least be FUN to rescue them….oh, sorry, got offtrack again) …….that I’d open up my email (now that I know you have my emailable thinggie …..and THERE would be a 49 page dissertation about your life & who took you to the Third Grade Prom & comparing the levels of Pinkness you have & Tara has, in combinea’;l ///

    oh, sorry, got carried away again. Anyway, I was hopin to see enough reading material from you THERE, to keep me reading all weekend. We gotta do 80 % of our socializin THERE. Unless, that is, you wrote me the dissertation into the CuteTalk accounts that you & I both set up the other night.

  177. Resriechan says:

    @ Ed: no, you’re just dandy-fine but thanks for thinking thru that possibility!
    Smooches to all COers.

  178. Queen of Dork says:

    Resriechan: Oh. I will write to you on Cute Talk this weekend! That’s very easy! I’m by no means fluent in French although I new a great deal of German when I lived there 100 years ago. But it seems if you don’t use something like that you lose it over the years.
    Ed: Is this Theo or NTMTOM? Anyway, didn’t mean to call you Clearwire! 🙂

    [Mike usually signs as “Mike”, FYI – Ed.]

  179. Queen of Dork says:

    oops. I meant “knew not new”


  180. Resriechan says:

    @ QoD: but, I thought you were only just 23. How could you have been in Germany 100 years ago? Do you use a time machine?

  181. Resriechan says:

    ps the blush is very becoming, btw

  182. Prongs…’rib-bumpers’..snerk! good one! keep on keepin’ on!

  183. Queen of Dork says:

    Resriechan: I’ll be 45 next week! Woo-hooo!!! I wish I did have a time machine though.

  184. Resriechan says:

    Oh ! Now see, I TOLD you you couldna’ been in Germany 100 years ago. Obvy you’re better at dancing than arithmetic !!!!

    If you can at the moment, open up the CT thinggie. Tonight is fairly good for me. Honestly very often I turn my little laptop off for the entire wkend. Tonight I do have somewhat a migraine, from my rescue adventures “herding cats” activities today.

    Or, if things make more sense otherwise, I’ll prob have more time tomorrow. I want a fully documented medical first in your data, please maam.
    Oh, and glad you enjoyed my “Court Reporting” (crickets) bit. You’re the best.
    (I would hazard a guess that the mod. of the moment might be a Mike or a Prongs but that is not certain; just inferring…)

  185. Queen of Dork says:

    Ceeerrrrraaappp! Resriechan: I was so totally in the middle of writing to you on Cute Talk. I got this little floaty message saying that my “battery was low,” which I totally didn’t understand because this computer is plugged into the wall. I thought it was some glitch but then the computer just went black and died. I looked under the desk and realized T had unplugged the computer to plug in the printer. ( I really must invest in a surge protector with lots of outlets). Good grief. I’m going to write you again on CT.

  186. Resriechan says:

    thanks for the momentary update about the trials & trib’ s of Life With (or, sometimes, without!) Computers. They do aggravating things to me several times a day.

    It’s a Computer Conspiracy, I tell ya !! I’m in gear & ready when it all catches up. I’ve already brought up my CT thinggie.

  187. Queen of Dork says:

    Resriechan: Cool! I’ve sent you a message!!! Did ya get it?!!

  188. Queen of Dork says:

    Resriechan: I’ve also sent you a message on Clearthing! (I feel so clever right now) 😉

  189. You realize, don’t you, that you’re sending Leslie messages about your messages? Meta-messages, as it were?

    …which makes this comment a double-meta-message. Mmm, minty! :mrgreen:

  190. OK it may be lack of sleep or the cold medicine I just took, but this picture soet of freaked my out . Not because of the boobage but I’m getting this optical illusion effect when staring at the picture.

    If you stare directly at the center of her cleavage until your eyes start to bur it looks like her breasts become concave.

    I definitely need to go bed.

  191. If you stare directly at the center of her cleavage until your eyes start to bur

    Well THERE’S yer problem. «/jamiehyneman»

  192. Queen of Dork says:

    Theo: Huh?! Have I done somthing wrong and screwed up? (Wouldn’t surprise me). I was just trying to write…

    [No, I just thought it was funny. – Ed.]

  193. Queen of Dork says:

    Anyway…off to bed now.

  194. Queen of Dork says:

    Ed: Oh! okay then. Bye! I’m totally going to bed now. I just watched an episode of Brady Bunch where Mr. Brady’s tie was Huge. Like wider than his whole head. That pushed me over the edge and I’m seepie seepie tie tie girl now. Wow. Huge, wide ties. The ’70s. Whoooaaaa.

  195. Hours late to the snack cake but … There were King Dons, Ding Dongs, and Big Wheels, all by Hostess, until 1987 when Hostess consolidated the brand name. The Big Wheels brand on the east coast was to avoid product confusion with Ring Dings by Drake’s Cakes. Now, Interstate Bakeries owns Hostess and Drake’s.

    Now, I have to unlearn all this stuff I just learned. 😉

    King Dons, Ding Dongs and Big Wheels.

    I also advise strongly against Googling for “King Dongs”, by the way. *cough*

  196. pinkmariposas says:

    not cute or attractive at all

    just tacky T&A type post not a fan!

  197. Disgusting nails and ugly clothes = TACKYOVERLOAD
    …it’s not even a good kitten picture, you can’t even see the kitten face, just the iternal ear stuff

  198. eeew yucky nails!! the kitten must be really embarrassed

  199. holligans says:

    Gaaaahhh! LOVED the “Cake Wrecks” site! Thanks so much, Theo!!!

  200. That kitty, Spike, looks to me like someone put him in a baby sling not a shirt until I took a second look 🙂 Yeah, it is a shirt and kitty is debating how to get out 😈

  201. Please don’t get mad at me 😦 The black top the lady is wearing makes it hard to tell what she has on underneath except for the bathing suit top 😦

  202. I cannot believe, after all of the famous commentroversies that have been on this site, that people STILL get up in arms over freakin’ cats-n-racks. PG-13 site, people; get over or get out.

    Re the picture: The appearance of breasts when shaped by bras/tight clothing is not indicative of their state of realness vs. silicon. Now, if we saw her lying down, but the boobs were standing up, then there might be some reason to suspect silicon.

  203. is there always controversy over cats n racks, or are there just a lot of new people here?

    I’m thinking it’s the latter…

  204. also, the only thing I’m offended by here is the in depth discussion about real vs. fake breasts. It’s completely nasty and misogynistic and you should be ashamed of yourself for focusing on it. go outside. 🙂

  205. Queen of Dork says:

    This has not yet been put to bed? People. It’s a picture of a kitten stuffed into the shirt of a human female wearing a bathing suit. What the f___ is the problem? Move on. Go have popcorn and tea and stop worrying about this stupid picture.

    The End.

  206. Queen of Dork says:

    Ummmmm. wow. *stepping away from room. child has her own thoughts on things (which is good!)*

  207. I think if your battery is low, that means you need puddingks. Or tasty Hostess snack cakes!

    Or else you need to stuff a fuzzy kitty in yer shirt.

  208. Lol… CO commentroveries FTL.
    Seriously ppl, Cats N Racks has been around probably longer than some of you have been coming to this website.
    OMG covered boobs! Let’s make a deal out of it! But wait! What’s that? A cute guy in a photo? Lets act like horny old women who never saw a guy before!

  209. The first thing people thought was fake? o_O

    Mine are way bigger than this (naturally; scaled down from natural, actually) and my first thought was “Those aren’t big enough for a kitty to snuggle up in!”.

    Going to go take a picture of my buns in my blouse now. =D

    [Make sure you use a good camera, and frame the shot well, then… 😉 – Ed.]

  210. I thought this site was called cuteoverload, not skankoverload.

  211. i think girls are annoying and catty when they get down on other girls for being cute/hot/etc. this lady’s breasts are super nice and beautiful and the kitty is cute. it makes you all look really insecure when you rip on her, her nail polish, her boobs… get over it, you know it makes you wet and you know her boobs are enviable. (p.s. i’m a girl)