Taking One for the Team

Herbert recently lost his job as the household doorstop, so when The Dog offered him the opportunity, he couldn’t turn it down. You see, The Cat had recently upped his efforts to sabotage The Dog; and he suspected his Kibble was being poisoned in an attempt to be dethroned as man’s best friend. Frankly, Herbert felt bad for him, because let’s face it, The Dog was not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Maybe you can help me, crack-on-the-kitchen-floor. There seems to be a pin cushion in my dinner....

Listen, Dog, I agreed to test your food, but do you have to hover over me like some kind drooly sweater?

I knew I shouldn't have had that third Bartles&James wine cooler.

I’m putting my neck on the line for you, the least you could’ve done was supply a step ladder.

Here's how it's gonna go - I'm going to eat every single one of you. Prepare for greatness. R.I.P., Kibble.

I’m going to be honest with you: this crap you call food is so disgusting that I wouldn’t know if it was poisoned or not. Here’s an idea, maybe stop being so eager to please everyone and demand a real meal.

You mind?

Take one step closer to me, Dog, and I’ll go straight to The Cat and tell him that you want to replace his kitty litter with Pop Rocks Candy.

Good luck with this situation, Kristin B.



  1. Pop rocks candy! hahahaha!

    Only I’m afraid that would encourage the dog to go in there looking for snacks!


  2. AuntieMame says:

    *tries to picture pop rocks in the kitty box*



    Poor puppers!

  3. Aww, when I raised hedgehogs (pets, not retail) I had an escape artist bebeh hedgie. Everytime he would escape his cage I found him in the kitchen in the cat food dish. Our cat was scared to death of the little pin cushion.

  4. mop and brush, BFF!!!

  5. Resriechan says:

    I suggest that this is an excellent exhibit for the current edition in the
    Darwin Was Wrong Textbook.

    Species do NOT automatically improve in intelligence.

  6. The little hedgie that could….

  7. I just died. What a cute little hedgie! He wants to live in that food dish!

  8. stuck@work says:

    POP ROCKS!! I can just picture it now…. The snap, crackle, poop and the startled look of the normally dignified kitteh!

  9. My atty just came out to see what was making me laugh out loud. Told him about pop rocks in the litter box *snicker* and he was not amused. Apparently, there’s no humor in the legal field, just like there’s no crying in baseball.

    HRH Isolde Maeve would be definitely displeased by pop rocks in her box. I however, would be thoroughly entertained for the evening! I salute you, Prongs!

  10. @Stuck — I fixed your spelling, there. 😉

  11. Well, this would have been a perfect job for Benson Hedges! He would get to the bottom of these shenanigans (or the food bowl, whichever came first.)

  12. OMG, those pictures are HYSTERICAL. And I can’t believe that dog (shag rug?) just lay there.

  13. What kind of dog is that? So cayoot!

    [West Highland Throw-Rug. – Ed.]

  14. Resriechan says:

    Second the vote for Benson/Hedges to go on the job here.

  15. Benson Hedges on the case…all in favor say “Squee!”

  16. Just don’t mix a fizzy drink with the Pop Rocks….

    Those leetle feetses hanging over the bowl just killed me!!!!

  17. I didn’t even see the hedgie until I scrolled down to the next pic! Very cute! 🙂

  18. Resriechan says:

    @ Suzanne:

    (Is my “squueee” already on record, or do I need to specifically say “squeee” NOW?)

  19. Resriechan: Your “Squee” has been duly noted on the record as the second nomination for Benson Hedges. Per Thompson’s Rules of Parlimentary Order, once a motion has been seconded, there should be a call for votes. I guess to be fair, I should have said “All opposed say “NUFF”. But it’s been a LONG day

  20. Mary (the first). says:

    SQUEEEEE for Benson Hedges on the job! Checking out the food for DNA that might implicate someone ..if my brain weren’t fried from work I’d think of something clever..
    Benson the HedgeHog
    Climbs into the dog’s food dish
    Confusion ensues

    There, maybe a haiku will work 🙂

  21. well we all know whos in charge there :]

  22. Photo two is the epitome of “Ehn!”

    Add my vote for Benson Hedges to get on this case pronto.

  23. What I meant to say was, “Squeee for Benson Hedges!”

  24. Squee!
    What a mellow pup!

  25. Benson Hedges is pretty cool, but what about The Prickly Kid?

  26. Resriechan says:

    (c’mon peeps; ain’t nobuddy gonna second the MOTION, arredy? I remember how many people were writing “we want more of B & H” under the recent B& H post (what was it? About 2 wks ago?)

    Go, TEAM!!! B&H for the (defense? prosecution? I can never get those two sorted out)

  27. So funny! Love that little hedgie, too! 🙂

  28. How funny can you possibly be cute overload? How long will you continue to completely crack me up? Hmmm? How many times will you make me snarf various liquids (water,coffee,milk,etc.) out of my nose? Why am I always drinking a beverage when I come to this website? I don’t know! But I blame you all!

  29. I love its legs hanging over the side of the dish!

  30. Resriechan says:

    @ Jezebel. I feel your pain.

    But actually, your tragic observations made me LOL.

    Please do me one favor, if you would be so kind.
    The next time you open up CuteOverload on your computer, please call me. I’ll use the bus system; I’ve got enough money for a round trip fare. I’ll be happy to attend to keeping your glass full to the rim. Oh, no. No remuneration will be needed. Oh, you’re so thoughtful, really.
    No, I just want to help, in any small way that I can.

    You’re welcome, really !!

  31. I second the squee for Benson and Hedges!

  32. Awww, patient goggie.

  33. hehehehe. hedgehogs are my favorite breed of dog. All they do is sit around and poop and look cute. wait…most of my pets do that. yay for me!

  34. Daphne Moss says:

    I, too, wanted to smooth those exquisitely detailed little feets (perfectly articulated, eqipped with both velvet and teensy claws).
    Luh-ved it!

  35. victoreia says:

    (I can’t beleef nobody’s said it!) HEDGE-TOCKS!!!!!!!

    “Hey! Bring back the chair I was standin’ on!”

  36. victoreia says:

    @seafoodpunch: :blink: hedgehogs are your favorite breed of dog?!?

  37. Resriechan says:

    @ Victoreia (I THINK I managed to spell your particular spelling correctly, this time)

    um, I’m sure that seafoodpunch means something very specific that we (oops, I should just say that I) am not clever enough to understand. Perhaps he/she/it was THINKING of the curled-up doggie but distracted by the adorable Pokiness of Senor / Senorita Hedge. P. Hogg. Yeah, that must be it.

    Remember, very often peeps here are making some amazing subtle references. Soemtimes, even after a COer EXPLAINS the subtle reference to me….I *STILL* have absoLUTEly aucun idee (french for huh) what they mean.

    I know there are about 23 hours daily, when *I* make no sense, even to MESELF!!!
    Quills & fuzziness to all.

  38. Queen of Dork says:

    Popcorn and whiskers to everyone!

  39. victoreia says:

    God point, Reisriechan, good point. There are many things that go *just* over my head….

  40. victoreia says:

    *GOOD* point! (But “God” point, if you need….) 😀

  41. Resriechan says:

    Hi QoD:: wha’ happened? Is your computer working better now? I still see nothing in my CT account/ just checked in the past 2 minutes/”no new msgs”

    hoping you & T are both managing.

  42. Resriechan says:

    @ QoD: now it’s 2:40 am & I only ever got one item from you tonight in CT, not two msgs; you said you tried to send something to Clea;sl; but it didn’t come into my mailbox I think you sent it somehow to a slightly wrong address.

    Go to your personal email address (the one named after one of your family dogs; laddersomething I think). I sent you several items last night & tonight there & we already confirmed that we have ea. others’ correct emails. We’ll fix the situation. Sat I will be gone all day; very late-night change of plans. I don’t want to keep having to find ea other through CO.

    Sorry people. She’s in Las Vegas & I’m in Fla, among other complications. We’re trying to get in gear.

    Peace out to everyone

  43. What a cutie!

  44. The dog is in fact, a rug from Ikea, it’s on page 103 of the Autumn catalogue and called Hheetstavel.

  45. Resriechan says:

    @ HonGlad:

    WOW now that’s some seriously skillled research. How did you find that detail out? and also: is that( the dog’s name), the Norwegian word
    for ” to hurli// to vomiti”?

    Here we go to work outside all day

  46. The utter resignation on that dog’s uh-face, I think that is his face. The edge with the round black ball.

    Benson Hedges’ ‘tocks? Spectacular! And of course those dangling feetsies of doom.

    A squeee for the ages!

  47. Amelia was a goofy hedge-pig. Poor Tippy had no idea what to do about her. She ran the show alright. Oh and for whoever asked Tippy was a lhasa apso.

  48. This is the cutest ever♥hehe
    Is it possible for the readers to send in pictures? :O)

    [Click the “Sub-mee-shons” tab at the top, y’know, like “submissions” – Ed.]

  49. I second that the dog is a Lhasa Apso, my Frodo would have just laid there too.

  50. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    that fluffy pup is gorgeous

  51. He was a good dog. Rather large for a lhasa though. But we did get him from a breeder.

  52. nicefrenchgurl says:

    i can picture my 2 cats with pop rock candy in their litter
    love the comment, brilliant, just made my day

  53. The feet.


  54. Feeling icky, but this was worth crawling out of bed for-again. Have agreat day, Peepische.

  55. Pop Rocks in the litterbox. LOL The mental picture alone is enough to make me spew my coffee laughing!

  56. Resriechan – The Ikea reference was entirely fallacious but the Swedish word I was attempting is a bit rude, only along the lines of merde. However I saw my Swedish friend this evening and asked the spelling and I am not remotey close.

  57. Queen of Dork says:

    Katrina: Hope you feel better quickly!!
    Hon Glad: Merde is what ballet dancers say to one another in the wings before stepping out onto the stage to wish each other good luck!!!!

  58. SQUEEE! Feeties dangling, me ded too!The sweetness of the goggie, just doing nothing about the teeny varmint, so dear, so gentle. Me faint with cute overload.

  59. Resriechan says:

    @ HonGlad: well, y’know, we’re all about the ol’ (new?) College Try around here. Esp when it comes to vulgar things.

    Also….does EVERYONE here, already know what “merde” means, en Francais? Y’know when people say “it’s getting deep” [and stinky and brown in color]
    “around here”…..? Well, let’s just say, that that description works, for “merde”.

    Hokay? Hokay.

  60. No one’s mentioned the hovertext in the first pic, where said floormopdog is talking to the kitchen floor crack.

  61. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    PS floormopdog is clearly not a Westie.

  62. The first pic I looked, saw a mopey dog, and then looked at the second pic and started howling. Only a hedgie can drape itself so artfully over a food dish. My hedgie will freeze in his eating if I got too close. You just never know what a hedgie will go for. My Cal Jr. will climb anything and poke that lovely hedgie nose of his into anything. I have my hands full with my current hedgie these days. Unfortunately, my dog does not like my hedgie but at least the 3 of us can snuggle together for quality time.

  63. hahaha, stealing!!!!

  64. Resriechan says:

    @ Joy:

    “Howling”? REALLY? wow. you really DID like the pix, huh?

    I’m a devout felinephile but gotta admit, little balls of pokey quills w/ cartoon faces,…..are kinda growin on me ! I think it’s the little black ball on the tip of their beak/ nose/ whatever it is.

    Thanks for the mental picture of your enjoyment of Hedgehogs.It added to MY day !