Friday Haiku: What’choo Lookin’ At?

Stoic sentinels
See the long and short of it
Haiku their vision

3 dogs in a hatchback

Choo lookin’ at me, Kayla C.?



  1. Obviously they pose in homage to The Police’s breakthrough first album (well woof digging up, folks)!

  2. Christine says:

    With apologies to the Beatles….

    Making memories,
    Three of us riding nowhere.

  3. I’m with the pug.

  4. Hi! I’m Larry.
    This is my brother Darryl,
    and my other brother Darryl.
    Let’s rock & roll.

  5. such beautiful dogs! i like how the pug looks the complete opposite direction XP

  6. Funny!
    Love it!

  7. I wanna tailgate with these guy! Cuties!

  8. DewiCasgwent says:

    I always though pugs had to look at every thing at right angles.

  9. HUSKY is beautiful. Looks so soft. I’ll take that one…

  10. Can they talk? The dark grey one looks like the old guy, the pug is the boss, and husky is the tried and true get the job done. Making a movie…Just noticed the hello kitty in the next car…bet they wouldnt allow that in their car! LOL

  11. Three superheroes
    Saving the world from evil
    Look out, bad doers

  12. Courtney S. says:

    The guards stand alert,
    Watching for Hello Kitty.
    Fail, guys. Epic fail.

  13. @Blondie…AWESOME.

    Costco superstore.
    A case of dogs can be bought.
    Variety pack.

  14. Sorry about double post, but I just noticed the Hello Kitty headrest in the car next to the doggies. OMG, I want one for my car!

  15. It’s those goodfellas
    Joe Pesci in the middle
    Funny like a clown

  16. Stunbunny says:

    Tailgating is fun
    When SOMEONE remembers keg!
    Take the hint Pug-O!

  17. Dog trio weak link
    Reveals ignorance when he
    Cant tell left from right

  18. Theo stole my words
    Right from under these doggies
    Lick his kneecaps boys

  19. Von Zeppelin says:

    Pug: the Godfather.
    “Dese are my ‘associates’–
    Mad Dog and Knuckles.”

  20. Crowded husky says:
    Next time we’re taking my car
    To the tailgate bash.

  21. Patiently we wait for you
    We wilt in the hot summer sunshine
    Can treats be far away

  22. Where are our owners?
    Should we make a run for it?
    Nah, who would feed us?

  23. That “husky” looks like a Malamute to me.

  24. 5-7-5, people.

  25. Pug goes his own way
    Doesn’t follow all the trends
    Hangin’ with his buds

  26. Dyslexic pug can’t
    understand sign says “Look Left”
    Always ruins shot

  27. the dawgs can’t help it
    pug says he’s above all this
    whatever, Peewee

  28. We’re on the alert
    Always ready to fight crime…
    “Look guys! A seagull!”

  29. Tailgating today
    No on cares about the game
    It’s all about FOOD!

  30. 260Oakley says:

    No junk in this trunk
    Three purebred dogs want to know
    “Where is our limo?”



  32. Desdemona says:

    Two from Men in Black
    Guard the Cosmic Emperor.
    Where’s my sunglasses?

  33. Carpooling canines.
    Malamute says to the pug,
    “It’s your turn to drive.”

  34. It’s Octoberfest!
    They smell bratwurst on the grill;
    goes well with good beer.

  35. That’s a malamute. More massive and floofy than a husky.

  36. paranoiagirl says:

    “How you doin’, babe?”
    Can’t wolfwhistle with dog lips
    Pug checks out Kitty

  37. Cross country road trip:
    Dawgs will guard the chuckwagon.
    Kittehs not welcome.

  38. It almost looks like a Mal / Collie mix, how great would that be?

  39. Foxy bitch at 10 o’clock
    Shake that tail baby
    Pug only reads digital

    [That’s 7-5-7, silly. – Ed.]

  40. Privacy Tail fail
    Photoshop recovery
    click for large version

  41. don’t miss the background
    innovative theft-proofing
    are airbags branded?

  42. I’ll ask one more time
    Give my bones and squeaky toys
    Or go for a ride?

    What is it about
    this picture? Sunny car plus
    cute pups equals mob?

    Li’l Orphan Puggy
    Says “Bye Mrs. Cattigan,
    Going to my new home.”

    Heads turned away
    Grace and Daddy Warbucks shun
    Hard Knock Life she leaves.

  43. dubya tee eff, Metz
    I don’t see no redheads here
    Irish Setter time?

  44. Artistic License
    Needed another angle
    was bored with mobsters.

    But is creepy now
    what with that bonus picture
    Run Orphan Puggy!

  45. Lifecoach says:

    Hangin’ with the boys
    Little trevor never got
    First dibs on the girls

  46. No poetry here, just an observation.

    That is a tiny car for big dogs…must get really cozy with the hatch closed and the person driving.

  47. Malamute bad breath,
    Gaseous mastiff. The pug says,
    “getting my own car.”

  48. Famous pug poses
    As bodyguards watch the crowd
    No autographs please

  49. Shake that tail baby
    Foxy bitch at 10 o’clock
    Pug reads digital

    [Ed., fixed it!]

    [OK, that works. Heh. – Ed.]

  50. Pug taunts the bullies
    Come git me now ya bitches
    Meet my leetle frenz!

  51. @Sprock…Hee-lair-ee-ous!

  52. skippymom says:

    Pug looks photoshopped.
    Pixels just don’t seem quite right.
    What’s he doing there?

  53. Not the pug, SkipMom.
    Don’t think about it too much.
    Dum de doot de doooo…

  54. skippymom says:

    Theo: just reread your comment 40, clicked and–Oh. Giggle, snort.
    [Word. – Ed.]

    (But I still think the pug looks sort of like he/she is superimposed on the picture.)

  55. Best I can do (which is not really all that good, but I have to try)…

    Three dogs in the back
    Seeing diff’rent perspectives
    Pug has stunted growth

  56. Resriechan says:

    I vote for Blondie for the win (comment #4)

    Classic goofball characters/ slightly obscure TV references. + out of Larry, Darryl & Darry, I believe only Larry EVER spoke. There MIGHT have been some moment when unexpectedly one of the Darryls spoke, but I can’t quite get the answer to that, focussed in my mind today & cannot do the research just now. (sorry folks; je n’ai pas le temps aujourd’hui pour faire d’Haiku & compter les syllabes !!! Je m’excuse, s’il vous plait. Merci.)

    Peace, grooviness (or goofiness, if you so prefer !) & Tailgate parties to all.

  57. Who let the dogs out?
    Pugsy Malone and da boys
    Now what’s it to you?

  58. Never mind the dogs
    That Hello Kitty pillow;
    Can it be for real?

  59. Should we dis-em-BARK?
    Get it? BARK, but like, you know…
    We dont know you, dude.

  60. Canines watch tennis
    While some enjoy a good game
    Others look for snacks

  61. Mary (the first). says:

    Smiling huskie mix.
    Pug with splayed toes. Stern boxer.
    Sunshine. Life is good!!

  62. Mary (the first). says:

    hmm.. tried to do my haiku before reading comments so I wouldn’t be influenced and now I discover that I might have two of those puppers misidentified…I will try again…

    Smiling Malamute.
    Pug with splayed toes. Stern mastiff.
    Sunshine. Life is good!!

  63. that looks like my friends pug

  64. Three innocent dogs
    Secretly one of them says
    “How YOU doin’, babe?”

    [Based on stealth pic]

  65. Well you know, they’re dogs.
    I mean what ya gonna do,
    move to the White House?

  66. Theo, the gentleman
    is as funny as NOMTOM
    in his Theo way

    [We go way back. 😉 – Ed.]

  67. matchingks on pug and mastiff collars! I bet the owner made them!

  68. @Blondie & Leslie, OMG, Larry, Darryl and DarrylQ My mom and I used to scream laughing at them– my grandma hated it. And she hated it more because we laughed so much, and we used to laugh harder because she hated it so much.

    Good times! 😀

  69. sky's mom says:

    floofy, jowl-y, short.
    3 friends sit in a hatch-back
    watching time go by.

  70. I LOVED that show, and that was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the picture. So my haiku was more of a 4-7-8… My apologies to the true poets out there. 🙂

    BTW – the Darryl’s talked in only one episode that I know of, and it was the final one.

  71. Three dogs in the Hood
    Looking all around for babes
    Chillin in the trunk

  72. Omg they are so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee the malamute is beautifull at first look from the distance i tough he was a Collie lol love the dislexic pug lol

  73. Would prefer to be
    Carried on a palanquin
    But this will suffice

    [Ooh, good word. 🙂 – Ed.]

  74. Wouldn’t a dyslexic pug be a gup?

  75. gup! *snort!*

    hey whatever happened to Reality Challenged Friday ? Alternate Reality Friday? Whatever it was called.

  76. It was called Reality-Casual Friday. :mrgreen:

    I dunno; peeps have been pretty happy with haiku, lately.

  77. Husky-Collie Mix,
    Neapolitan Mastiff,
    and a Pug look left.

  78. HelloKittyyy says:

    Forget about the dogs, people. i think what really matters is that awesome hello kitty headrest cover in the top left corner.

  79. I… I can’t forget.
    The dogs are always with me.
    I’m sorry, I… *SOB*


  80. Watchin’ Girls Go By
    Me-Oh-My A Lovely Way To Spend
    An After-no-oon

    *this one is to draw out those who are willing to not only date themselves (heh) but also willing to out themselves as 70’s/80’s country music listeners.*
    *(note song has been modified to fit Haiku form)*

  81. carp! wayyy to many syllables in that 2nd line!
    what teh heck was I thinking?
    (oh, yeah, um nevermind) 😳

  82. This is what happens
    when you mess with a classic
    I’m sorry Ronnie.

    Watchin’ girls go by
    me-oh-my lovely way to
    spend an afternoon

  83. Resriechan says:

    Are all of your personal memories, so wrapped up in focussing on the inclusion of everyone’s approval in the family? Wow. You were surely some self-effacing & codependent folks !!

    (Was grandma pretty much of a judgemental grumpy jerk at all times? or was it just, about that TV show specifically?)

    And also Theresa (sp? sp?) # 26 BWA HA & furthermore, HA.

    Please feel free to contact me if any clarification is required.
    Thank you for your assistance in these matters.

    Your Humble Servant

  84. Queen of Dork says:

    Blondie: That was such a good show. Remember the episode where Stephanie was getting ready to wash a turkey with soap?

  85. 3 snorgling opportunities

  86. I’ll have one scoop of vanilla Husky-Collie mix and one chocolate Mastiff, please. Oh, shoot. I forgot to tell them to hold the pug. I really don’t like the way they taste. I guess I could just give it to someone else. Whose idea was it to use them to top off a sundae, anyway?

  87. Three dogs sit in yellow car
    Some dogs look right, others left
    And some look both ways.

  88. 3 dogs and a (hello) kitty
    XD in the car beside it on the seat thing :]