Bacon Got Back

I like pig butts and I cannot lie,
You other animals can’t deny
When the pigs walk in with those double-decker ‘tocks
I go “squee” when I see them hocks…

sept09 031

Oh, Sarah L. we wanna get wit’cha / ’cause we like yo pit’cha!



  1. I’m a little weirded out by the super pink tocks on the pig front right… it’s like someone slapped a pig tail on a baby.

  2. Make that a middle aged man, shrunken to baby size. 😛

  3. Piled up piggy ‘tocks!!!

    Where’s Charlotte?

  4. BTW – the caption rocks.

  5. Copperbat says:

    double-decker ‘tocks


  6. the rap – HEELARIOUS

    the hot pink pig ‘tocks in the lower center….oh my god SQUEEEEEEEEEE

  7. Okay……..SERIOUSLY. The middle aged man/baby comment ………………I can’t stop staring at it now and it’s cracking me up!

  8. skippymom says:

    Now THIS is more like it!

  9. Don’t call them bacon, they are living animals! 😦
    I have never eaten any meat in my life, and I couldn’t ever start eating it after seeing these little piggies!

  10. yow. this is…..strange.
    i love it!

  11. I can’t stop staring at it now and it’s cracking me up!

    I see what you did there.

  12. i love the recent influx of piglet pictures.

  13. Jan, omg, I’m laughing so hard. Those pink ‘tocks jumped out at me too. *slapped a pig tail on a baby* tff

    Awesome rap too.

    The black piglet on tippy-toes…want!

  14. It looks like AIG, Citibank, GM, Bank of America, Chrysler, et. al. sucking on mama taxpayer.

  15. BACON! Did someone say bacon? Chewy yummy smokey BACON! OhBoyOhBoyOhBoy! It’s BACON!

    (insert Beggin Strips commercial here)

  16. kittensnotkids says:

    Jan –

    stole the words right out of my mouth. my mind jumped straight to cartoonists’ representations of politicians and rich corrupt folks. those are some human-looking ‘tocks. disturbing, yet weirdly hilarious.

  17. I just broke my fingers trying to pinch all those ‘tocks!

  18. Mary (the first). says:

    Ok, I know I joined into the “we want ‘tocks” in previous post, but this is just a bit more than I bargained for..

  19. Dr. Emile Schufhausen says:

    This Sir Ham-A-Lot classic still delivers.

  20. Queen of Dork says:

    NTMTOM: Yay! Tocks!

    These piggies is soooo cute! (however, for some reason I feel a comentroversy rising on the horizon. ( #9….#9….) I have to go take a nuff…I mean a nap.

  21. Yay for Tocktober!!

  22. What a lovely assortment of porcine ‘tocks! “Slapped a pig tail on a baby” just cracked me up! 😀

  23. Would these be ham ‘tocks?

  24. poor little runt in the front left is about 1/2 the size of the others. Get in there and get some milk little one!

    those sunburned tocks caught my eye straight away too.

  25. I wanna smack em (just a little) on their bitty behines! And go boing boing with those tailios!

  26. Meg’s got some serious rap skillzorz!! respect!

    [Not That Meg, The Other Mike. 😉 – Ed.]

  27. @Camille: BRILLIANT!

    Re this post, I am squealing with delight. Those two little piggies in the middle, standing atop their porcine siblings, are quite the little hogs, ain’t they?

    And speaking of little hogs… Check out these “teacup pigs,” which were featured on The TODAY Show this week. (Btw, it is beyond me how any creature so cute and intelligent as the pig could have such a vile illness named after it.

  28. My most favorite thing about NTMTOM is that he always uses proper punctuation. 🙂

  29. That and the fact that he’s hysterically funny. 🙂

  30. Great post, NTMTOM! Love all the piggy ‘tocks, even the oddly pink one pointed out by other posters…

  31. Fleurdamour says:

    Oh, Meg, you’re such a HAM!

    [Oi Peeps, remember to check the byline! – Ed.]

  32. LovesDogs says:

    ‘tocks and pink curly piggie tails.

  33. Andi from NC says:

    Love it!!!! And the Sir Oinks A Lot hovertext absolutely took me out!

    Now I have visions of all these little pig bebehs goin’ clubbin’ and shakin’ their little pink moneymakers! And there’s this one pimp daddy pig in the corner with a big medallion on and purple hat and shades mackin’ on all hottest piggies. Ok I’ll stop now….

  34. It’s like a tock-tacular explosion.

  35. Awww. Reminds me of Charlotte’s Web.

  36. Oh. My. God. Porky, look at their ‘tocks…

    I [heart] ‘tocktober

  37. @QOD: hence the lack of resistance I showed by posting #15… Most times I try to stay out of it, but today I felt like being obnoxious. 🙂

    @AndiFNC: The medallion has to be the VW logo stolen off the front of a car.

  38. Tushies!

  39. I just got a visual of little piggies rising into the air, hovering on little wings!! Like cherubs in a Renaissance painting. 😀

    [I dunno, I get more of a Floyd vibe from that. 😉 – Ed.]

  40. …. i’m. speechless. … wow. yay for ‘tocktober! … and wow. NOMTOM raps! =D

  41. Queen of Dork says:

    Blondie: 🙂

  42. sky's mom says:

    My anaconda does want some
    cause they’ve got ‘tocks, hon!

  43. Kids in the Hall used to have a bunch of skits involving the Flying Pig. Hey hey hey! Lookit meee! I’m the flying peeg! Wheee!

    His job was to distract people while they were waiting in long boring lines and entertain them.

  44. Thanks. This is so much nicer than that gestation crate video.

  45. @Ed.: You can delete Comment 26, but pretty please leave the other one. Or leave 26. Up to you.
    [All set – Ed.]

    Btw, LOVE your “Bacon Got Back” rap, NOT THAT MIKE THE OTHER MIKE. : )

  46. Oh wow, thanks for the hilarious earworm!

    Man, I *heart* Tocktober!!

  47. Resriechan says:

    @ #19:

    And Sir, can you please provide a photo ID to PROVE that your identity is truly Dr. Emile Schophausen (& you DO know the motion picture, from which that character’s name derives, DO YOU NOT???? HMMMMMMM?????)

    Slightly Suspicious of the Claimed Identity

  48. alwayscataddict says:

    Stacked ‘tocks!

  49. Why do piggys get such a bad rap? I can get behind them!

  50. Cute tushies! But does anybody else think there may be something wrong with teeny piggie on the left? Looks like the runt- but seems his back and bottom are a bit ‘different’ looking than the others… (I’m no pig doctor…) STILL CUTE AS CAN BE!!!

  51. Queen of Dork says:

    Ed: Cool Floyd vibe pic.

    [It’s from this album, FYI – Ed.]

  52. Piggles!

  53. @Rooanne: *groan* LOL!

  54. Queen of Dork says:

    “The flames are all long gone, but the pain lingers on”

    *just had to throw that out there.* I know. Nothing to do with the picture.

  55. @Resriechan

    “Why do I always have to be Ruprecht again?”

    “Why is the cork on the fork?”


  56. Best C.O. poem/spoof ever.

  57. Queen of Dork says:

    Blondie: and Resriechan: Huh? Good gracious. It’s always so weird how this goes. So like watching The Simpsons…nothing has anything to do with how it started. Love it. *smooch* *smooch*

  58. Queen of Dork says:

    And noowwww, back to the pic! (I often get off track). Darling peeg tocks!

  59. @QOD: If I’m right, we’re talking about Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. A BRILLIANT movie with a handful of my favorite actors.

    A perfect picture of posh, primped, pink piggy ‘tocks piled to the Sky with Linus!


  60. hahahaha, nicely done, NTMTOM!

    thanks. this cheered me up on a not-so-cheery day.

  61. Whew, what a relief. Cute piggies and no cages for peeps to complain about. These piggies look like they live in a giant aquarium with cedar chips for bedding. Nice!

    Also, Bryn, stop stealing my name, yo.

    [Yeah, I did a double-take there, myself. Completely different IP address, tho – Ed.]

    [Maybe you could switch to a screen name with “zilla” in it somewhere? 😉 – Ed.]

  62. Peegs….in….Space!!!!!
    Kermit who? 🙂

  63. Lol, I second the Brynzilla suggestion!

  64. @Ed: One can be Bryn, the other can be Bryn Rawr *rim shot*
    And kudos to NTMTOM – I was going to follow up on his caption with more pirated lines from “Baby Got Back (Bacon)” but my mind is drawing a pig in a BLANKet.

  65. Oh..@Paunchie – that was one of my favorite KITH sketches …that and “Temp!” “Slut!” “TEMP SLUT!”

  66. Hmm, maybe there ought to be a tag called “Cute or Delicious”.
    Would love to have a micro-pig for a pet actually.

  67. Ha ha…too funny!

  68. Queen of Dork says:

    Hail to Tocktober!

  69. Queen of Dork says:

    Doooo your ‘tocks hang low?
    Do they jiggle to and fro?
    Can you tie them in a knot?
    Can you tie them in a bow?
    Do they jiggle all around
    Like a kitteh piggeh row?
    Do your ‘tocks. hang. low?

  70. Resriechan says:

    @ Blondie & QoD:

    Aaaaaand, Dr. Emile Schophausen/
    “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”/ Ruprecht: ka-CHING !!!!

    spec. @ QoD:
    hmmmmm: “like a kitteh piggeh row?”…..
    Otherwise, excellent prose, there !!!!!!! MWAH !!!!!! kissy-kissy.
    (I sent you email elsewhere….when you get a minnit; no hurries, no worries!
    Hope you & T are …..just perhaps a SCOSH, LESS pink than yesterday ………)

    Love…..somebody whose screenname is Resriechan

  71. Queen of Dork says:

    (please excuse my bursting into song) (runs in the family).

  72. They are so squeezable!

  73. googlie eyes says:

    I now have images of snakes eating pigs (they’re cartoon images, so no actual violence) and a strange, Cabbage-Patch-Kid-like phenomenon called the Kitten Snot Kids; both of which I believe were not the intention of the poster, but I can’t shake them. :/.

  74. googlie eyes says:

    Ed., if you have a heart, please fix my emoticon. It looks like it’s lips are coming out of its left eye.

    [LOL! OK, but what’s it supposed to look like? Available options here… – Ed.]

  75. Resriechan says:

    @ Shelley:

    Do you mean,
    that the rolls of CHARMIN TISSUE are “so squeezable”?

  76. Queen of Dork says:

    Resriechan: Trying to reach you in other ways than this. Pink eye clearing up. (yuck). 😦

    *No more using CO for personal stuff*

    luv U Resrie.

  77. tropicalgeek says:

    Tock’ober Galore…. with bacon bits..

  78. Resriechan says:

    @ Googlie:

    “If you have a…” “lips are coming out of its left eye”:

    Sounds like a Priceless Picasso Print (say THAT 3x fast 🙂 ) to ME !!!
    MWAH ha ha (etc.) 🙂

  79. Resriechan says:

    @ QoD: I’ve been checkin (“Chicken” 🙂 ?) my Clrw & the CTalk frequently, since I got home. As I said, your convenience. Launder ALL fabrics, WITH LYSOL !! (or something similarly POWERFUL)
    ( I will be gone tomorrow afternoon again for awhile.)

    To Quote The Beatles: “Love, love, love” !!!!!

  80. Queen of Dork says:

    “kitteh piggeh row” was the best I could come up with. If it got the song stuck in your (and others) head…well, my work is done.

  81. Queen of Dork says:

    *rubbing hands together in evil got my way way*

  82. Resriechan says:

    (and here I thought your soul only contained wonderful happy things 🙂 )

  83. Cambridge_Rat_Mom says:

    And, y’know, they always go back to the same teat. That’s my teat and you can’t have it. You have your own!

  84. Queen of Dork says:

    It’s my cat. We blame everything on the cat.

  85. With your head down in the pig bin
    Saying “keep on digging”
    Pig stain on your fat chin
    What do you hope to find?

    (Meeeeeeeelks. Duh.)

  86. DaytimeDeb says:

    Everything — from the title to the rap to the caption — everything is oh so wrong, which makes it oh so right. You hit the trifecta today, NTMTOM.

  87. gravyboat says:

    The pink butt is disturbingly human-like.

  88. ‘toctoberfest Siz-O-Leen!!! yummeh!

  89. Queen of Dork says:

    gravyboat: I’m totally cracking up about your comment! It’s true.

  90. The really pink bum looks human !

  91. Piggies or Boston terriers? Piggies or Boston terriers? Piggiest or Boston terriers?

    One of life’s great mysteries.

  92. Oh man, I just LOVE tocktober…

  93. Those ‘tocks you got
    make me so oinky…

  94. Momma Pig – “Well we tried for kids, but no luck. So we had all the test and well, my husband….you know . Then the doctor suggested IVF and here we are, I love em all, but there hard work. We got a lot of free diapers from Comfy Butt and a years supply of formula, but when it comes down to it you can’t beat momma’s milk.”

    Theo – The building featured on the Floyd cover is Battersea power station.I am old enough to remember it in use. It has been closed for ages and some of the interior demolished. They keep coming up with plans for concert venues and housing but it always grinds to a halt.

  95. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    ah. gotta love fresh ham hocks…


  96. I like lil’ runty there on the left. He’s kinda skinny compared to his siblings, but he’s holding his own.

  97. Holy bacon explosion!

  98. Jan – I thought the same thing when I first saw it. Baby butt!!! Oh my!!!

  99. Oh. NOMTOM. I think I love you a little.

  100. One of these is not like the others…..*sing-songy Sesame Street voice*


  102. HOCKS IN THE… um… touse?

  103. That poor little runt is so skinny! Eat faster, little guy! 😀


    [Yeah yeah, socks on the pows or something 😛 – Ed.]

  105. Resriechan says:

    Hi Aquamarine:

    (see? I DO recognize ya!!!) How’zyer new name & such workin’ out, fer ya?
    hugs to you

  106. Wow, this picture shows the most pork’tocks EVER. I mean, EVAR! They are pinktacular! The single set o’ soot’tocks are (is?) a nice contrast. Wow, I so need more coffee. And I enjoyed all the comments in this thread, you are all a hoot unto yourselves! Have a tocktacular day!

  107. Pig tail on a baby. Can’t stop staring. WTF awesome!

  108. Not that Bob, the other Bob says:

    Funniest caption EVAR!

  109. I think that runt was my chihuahua before she grew hair LOL!!! Soooooo Cute!

  110. Neon Artemis says:

    # 9, I feel you. I live in the middle of small town TX, I’m a vegetarian who has a “pig friend” that we saved from getting slaughtered, and I get jokes from people around here about turning her into bacon all the time. They think it’s really cute and funny, not realizing to me it’s horrifying. I’m just going to have to start being more of a bitch until I move to a place more understanding.