Those Three Little Words

I mean, yeah, it was cute at first, when the relationship was just getting started, and there’d be this giddy rush to be the one to say it first, you know, because it felt so good to hear it come back at you…

But lately, it’s not the same.  He says it, and then she says it, and then they both say it, so I feel like I gotta say it, and it just turns into a call-and-response thing…

We like you, Ellen M., but we don’t “like you” like you.



  1. She only does it when the woman speaks.. hehe
    “I ruv roo”

  2. absolutely adorable, btw. i need to teach my cats how to do that…

  3. Ruv the howl. Cool dog.

  4. Haha I love at the end……” I luv yooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooou”

  5. very sweet, especially considering that wolves and huskies engage in that kind of “talking” and howling in unison with each other to bond and maintain unity.

  6. CoconutCheez says:

    awwwwwwwwwwww cute.

    the last long “youuuuuuuu” is almost like saying ” ok ok i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. you happy now?!” LOL

  7. I love you, toooooooo!!

  8. world's smartest dog.

  9. Huskies are great singers! ❤

  10. Yeah, but English is easy, with all those liquid consonants. I want to see someone teach their German Shepherd how to say “Ich liebe dich.”

  11. Kathryn – I’d like to see that too!

  12. I am so into that dog! I love you too, Mishka.

  13. GreyandWhite Kitten says:

    If i were a doggy, I’d also learn how to say I love you so i can get ALL THE TREATS!

  14. I hubby likes to tell stories about how, when he was a kid, they had a whippet who would say “I want one” to get a cookie.

    I also knew a cat who learned to talk without training. She could say her human’s name (Ron) as well as “No” and “Now”. It was creepy when she started to make sentences. “Ron… now.”

  15. That is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen!!!

  16. Lol, I love how she ignores Daddy saying “I love you” but the second Mommy pipes in with it, she’s all, “I looove yoooou.” 😀 Methinks Mommy gives more treats. 😉

  17. Huskies and Malamutes are known for “talking.” They make that “woowoowoo” noise. Stinkin’ cute.

  18. That is a very talented dog indeed! Though, to be fair, most dogs tell us they love us every day, just not quite so vocally.

  19. Wow, what a beautiful dog!

  20. My parent’s goes to the door and says “Ouuuutt” when he wants to go outside. It really startles new people. haha

  21. LOLOL Mama’s voice has the right pitch to mimic the howl. Beautiful dog!

    well Mr. Pupper Van Pupperson WE LOVE YOU TOOO! <3<3<3

  22. Cracks me up every time I see it 🙂

  23. I have to get my dog doing this! That dog s absolutely gorgeous!!

  24. The “I love you” is OK, but the howl is AWESOME!

  25. JR, tell them to get a video of their pup saying it! lol I would love to see that.
    As for this vid, very cute 😀

  26. This reminds me , that when I am trying to go to sleep, some idiot up the road lets her dogs out to bark and howl and probably poo and pee. Revenge shall be mine quoth he.

  27. What a gorgeous dog! I’m very impressed with his speaking abilities, something my dogs lack. Somehow, though, they still manage to communicate their every desire and need. 🙄 🙂

  28. It’s cool. Cute Husky Dog.

  29. Beats your basic “Baroo?” any day.

  30. What a beautiful doggy!!!

  31. Oh, wow. My beloved Husky was named Mishka too! This one brought a little tear to my eye. My Mishka has been gone for years now, it’s nice to know there are still blue-eyed dancing-bears out there sharing the love. *sniff*.

  32. I LOVE that the dog has obviously taken over the bed. I wonder if mom and dad sleep on little pillows on the floor 🙂

  33. I ruv you-ouuuuuu-ou, tooo-ooo-ooooooo!!!

  34. It’s true. I love you.

  35. The Dutchess of Cupcake says:

    Dogs are amazing, aren’t they? What a beautiful and talented pup. We had a wonderful miniature collie when I was growing up, and she could say “Mama.” Between this and the recent shoelace-chewing-puppy post, I don’t know how I can resist getting a dog……

  36. Oh my GOODNESS! My dog does the same except we tell him to “sing.” I didn’t realize this was a common trait with huskies! And it is true, these have to be the smartest dogs with the most vivid personalities!

  37. “I’ll say whatever you want as long as I can stay in bed and watch TV. Well I’ll say whatever she wants, you Bob, never give me any treats so screw you.”


  38. it’s just the milk bones talking, yknow.


  39. I had a kitty who would give kisses on request. No vocalization, but it was still pretty adorable–just lean over and say, “Give me a kiss” and he’d plant a big sloppy lick-mark on my cheek.

  40. We had a husky/malamute & yes wolf mix growing up, he was teh bestest doggie evah. What a lover! 🙂 I miss him.

    This doggie she is SO beautiful. Getting lost in her eyes!

  41. skippymom says:

    My Eddy cat can talk. When I say “Who wants supper?” he says “MEEEE!” I’ve tried to teach him that it would be more grammatically correct to say “I do” but he’s not catching on.

  42. I found one of her friends from language school:

  43. Resriechan says:

    OMG so much pithy material here in the comments; & I haven’t even scrolled thru the video itself yet. I’ve seen a few adorable kritters talk in other vids; so far my all-time fave was a cat who sang along with his two-legged person’s Blues & harmonica …….so forlorn.

  44. capt' tightpants says:

    ok, this nearly makes me cry from the sweetness.

  45. the comments are good today! the husky totally ignored the dad. haha.

  46. Oh, yeah? Well, the late Maggie (feline) would reply to, “Name a famous leader of communist China” with a good loud, “MAO!”

  47. What a gorgeous doggy-woggy. I heart the howl so much! Want!!

  48. Amazing and kind of weird. I love it!

  49. Oh Don Piano?

  50. Resriechan says:

    ok now I’ve scrolled the video AND gathered my notes together. Therefore & thereunto appertainin’ (& such):

    @ Kathryn # 10: re the whole German “Ich liebe dich” thing….I want Ceejoe to see your point, & bring him/ her in on this one !
    @Hon Glad # 26: ummm….doya think that just maybe “they let the dogs out” (earworm ideas, anyone??) with the FIRST priority being the pee & poo; & that the raucous noise is an addendum? jus’ sayin’….I totally feeeeelyerpain on the noise thing…
    @ Zanna # 31: in re. Mishka. One: our deepest condolences on your loss. Two: gotta imagine, it’s the whole ballet dancer idea? Three: while I am nowhere near graceful like a ballerina, I can say that me mom named me after Leslie Caron in (?? was it American in Paris? think so 1962) so thereagain I do feel YOUR pain, most specifically
    @dbg #39: PheNOMenally cute: my favorite item from this link today !
    @Skippymom #41: running neck & neck w/ debg for my next favorite. Esp that you want to correct the grammar but are not judgemental & cross about the challenges in learning ……

    Ok, peace out. Sorry for the length. I’ve done my best to minimize lines of text . Promise!

  51. We had a cat, Cookie, who scared teh pants of my Grandma Easy. Bad year, flea infestation forced us to give our pets flea dip baths. As Grandma & I were working on Cookie over her kitchen sink, Grandma holding, me scrubbing, Cookie said, quite clearly, “Puuut Meeee Dowwwwn!” Grandma Easy was so shocked she dropped her, right into the sink full of water. I daresay my highly religious Grandma thought the cat was possessed. Good times, good times.

  52. @Juno, great joke! But sorry to say, all cats can do that. lol =D

  53. @ Metz OMG ! Thanks for reminding me of this one time I gave my orange marme a flea dip & my grandmother was living with me. She heard this gawd awful racket & came out of her room to see what was going on. the cat was in the sink & he & I convinced my G’ma that he was yelling “GrrrraMa!” as if he wanted her to rescue him. She & I laughed till we couldn’t see through the vast amount of tears pouring from our eyes ! Even though we got the royal stink eye from the cat all day long
    G’Ma loved telling how “she” rescued the poor kitty till the day she died. (years ago)
    Thanks for the memory !!!

  54. DaytimeDeb says:

    @debg, I had a kitty who would give me kisses on command, too. He would wait on the bed, patiently, whilst I kept hitting the snooze button. Once I let the music play, so to speak, he would come right up to me and start head-butting and purring. I would make the “kissy kissy” noise and Sam would put his lips right to mine. Not as gross as it sounds. The whiskers were a bit ticklish, though!

    Sadly, Sam passed on a year ago. I still try kissy kissy with my other kitties, but they just look at me blankly. They must think I’ve gone ’round the bend. “She misses Sam, she can’t possibly think I’m Sam, can she?”

    Anyway, kissing kitties must be a “deb” thing!

  55. I think she only loves the woman.. she looks so bored she even yawns when the guy speaks.

  56. Roo roo, ruppeh; roo roo.

  57. rubber duck says:

    Funny dog 🙂 Clearly the man’s voice is too low-pitched and that’s why Mishka doesn’t react to him speaking. The woman’s voice resembles the dog’s, which is why she ‘replies’ to her.

  58. Fleurdamour says:

    She sounds like the monster in Young Frankenstein when he sings Puttin’ On the Ritz. Wonder if she does soft shoe, too?

  59. Daytime Deb, my kitty does that! I love my morning kisses with my little guy. I don’t think it’s gross at all but my husband thinks it’s pretty ucky.

  60. @Shannon, “talking” is definitely a Husky/Malamute trait. If you go to YouTube, you’ll find dozens of vids of “talking” sled dogs. It might get your puppy to give a speech!

  61. Exactly!

    If you’re not going to say it with feeling, don’t bother saying it at all! Dammit!

    Go Mischa! I love you-wooooo-woooo-wooooo-wooo, too.

  62. Well that does it then. Apparently I have to get a Husky!

  63. awww! too cute! love how at the end she clearly doesn’t know what to do, so “awooooooo!!!” is clearly the logical result

  64. Okay, just played the vid, and whilst one kitty totally ignored it, my other kitty became rather alarmed at the doggies proclamations of love.

    Then again, he *was* snoozing in front of the speaker when I clicked on the vid, so…

  65. gravyboat says:

    Wow! That’s awesome!

  66. Did anyone else notice that the dog winked at the third “I love You?”

  67. janet2buns says:

    When I was a kid we had a reddish coloured husky named Satey and one quite similiar to Mishka, his name was Bandit. We got quite a bit of “rooo rooo” from those guys, in stereo. It sent chills up people’s spines who weren’t used to it, but to us they were singing lovely puppeh songs.

  68. *I LOVE YOU TOO*

  69. I’ve always said that it’s no coincidence that many of cats’ vocalizations sound like either “ME!” or “NOW!”

    Love Mishka. I’ve seen this before but it always gets me. Husky love! Our Husky makes this “Awoo-woo-woo” noise when she wants a biscuit.

  70. kibblenibble says:

    Zanna: I’m sorry. No matter how long they’ve been gone, it stiil aches.

    Fleurdamour: Yes! LOL

  71. Queen of Dork says:

    Whoa. My cat’s school, Kitty Cat Academy for boys and girls (Home of the Razor Claws!!!!!!!) would give this dog an A+++ for excellent Sphynx Posture! *fabulous extension of front legs*

  72. Life can be “ruff”, you make it better! Ruv u 2 luv, BB

  73. I used to have a beautiful samoyed, and she had a fantastic singing voice as well. She’d sing whenever we came home, or when she wanted us to open the door for her. One time, I swear she said “Oooooooout!” very distinctly. I wonder why sled dog types are so much better at howling than most other dogs? After all, they’re all descended from wolves.

  74. Love the “I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove you” at the end! Pretty doggy.

  75. that’s almost too pretty a dog to be making to say ‘i love you’

  76. That is so sweet. 😀

  77. speedwell says:

    My family has a habit of talking to pets, so we frequently have pets who try to talk back to us. When I was a teenager, we had a doggie who could say, reasonably well, “outside,” “up,” “no,” “walk,” “Michael,” “Daddy,” and “dog food.” He couldn’t quite get his voice around the names of other people in the family or other words, but he had an “understood” vocabulary of about two hundred distinct words. I’m not sure he understood the words the same way we meant them (“get the red ball” might come across to him as, for example, “let’s play with the chewier ball” for all I knew), but he did understand and respond.

    About kissing kitties… one of mine does that. He stands on me when the alarm goes off and head butts my face and “kisses” me on the mouth (more like a nose butt to the lips really). All three of my cats seem to understand basic commands spoken in a normal tone of voice. They try to talk too, but never do more than a few meaningful meows… “look at this,” “come here,” “I decided you should give me a treat,” “the water dish needs refreshing,” “good morning,” and (from the youngest, a female) “Mom, my brother’s picking on me again.” That last isn’t a complaint meow or a cry of pain; it’s actually a variation of the “look at this” meow.

  78. Awwww, that is adorable! I used to have a cat, Tip, who would walk around the house looking for me saying, “Hello? Hello? Momma?” or rather, “hewoo? moawma?” I love talking animals.

  79. Awww, I want so badly to have a puppy that I can howl with! Unfortunately, poodles and Norwegian Elkhounds don’t really do that. 😦

  80. Ok, My absolutely FAVORITE i love you dog. Odie. the best one is last.

  81. I know a guy who went to see The Excorcist ‘back in the day’–when it first came out, and there were all these news stories (for those of you too young to remember) about how people were having mental breakdowns, etc., because the movie was just too terrifying. So this guy gets home, it’s very late, the house is all dark and quiet, he’s still totally freaked out by the movie, and he casually says to the dog, “Hey, buddy, you ready to go to bed?” and the dog replied, “Yep!”

    He about sh*t the proverbial brick.

    Then he realized that the dog had just been yawning and made that little noise the way they often do.

  82. Mairsydoats says:

    My cat, Samantha, used to go explore for days on end, and when she was ready to join me back at the house, she would jump up on to my window sill (and she had trained me to keep the window cracked, by the way) and holler “Mama! Mama! Noooow?” until I went and opened the front door for her. Love those silly talkin critter.

  83. Dogwalker04 says:

    I have a cat, Gateway, who, when asked, “who do you love,” will say “Mom.” The other cats and dog, just don’t want to talk.

    [“Gateway”! 😆 Please tell me your dog’s name is “Localhost”…? – Ed.]

  84. The Big Cat says:

    The king of the house prince Caspian James aka the mutant Cheeto is now looking for that noisy dog. If he can’t find her to wrestle another cat will do.

  85. I love how the bashful ‘I wuw whoo’ turns into a full blown bay!

  86. Oh my gosh. Sooo adorable.

  87. Resriechan says:

    @ Linda: OH NO HE DID NOT

    you’re right the one at the very last 8 seconds is incredible. Ea time he breaks the statement down into 3 di.stin.gui.sha.ble .
    ” I.ruh.roo.” 1.2.3.

    PheNOMenal.(or maybe I should say : “”?? 😉 )

  88. I love YOU, Mishka! I had a friend with a husky, and it talked too!

  89. RE: Gateway kitty, localhost dog

    …or subnet…

  90. Chameleon says:

    Hah! Not really a fan of the three-little-words in general. Fav part was actually 0:33:

    “Good Girrl.”

    I can see the conflict of this relationship going through her head.

  91. Queen of Dork says:

    I really need to stop watching that I ruv roo video because I keep finding myself melted into a puddle of slushy human matter every time. It’s difficult to get myself back together after that happens.

  92. OK, I totally think dad was Toby from “The Office”.

  93. Thats so cute,she speaks it very well,lol Lots of treats 4 her

  94. muttluver says:

    Nate: Husky’s (along with Akita’s or something, I forget) are the most closely related to wolves. I think they’ve done scientific studies to prove it or something. You can tell by their ears and body structure.

    The husky was just howling normally and prolly doesn’t know it sounds like human words–I would pay big money to see a dog say Ich liebe……. oh I don’t remember, but that was a good point, whoever made it. (Sorry.) He howled @ the lady cuz her voice is higher.

    There’s also another husky that says Run Around. There was compilation vid on AFV a long time ago, and it’s been circulating throughout the web, so this is actually old news for me.

    Gonna go nigh-nigh & stop bein a wet blanket nows.

    I ruv roo.

  95. Don’t forget the Oh Long Johnson, Oh Don Piano cat.

  96. I used to sit on the back porch and talk in growl speak to my old cattle dog and he would answer me back in growl talk. It was a wonderful relationship

  97. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    My Beagle’s ears perked up when the dog started howling 🙂 “What’s that, Mommy?”

    So cute ;-; I remember trying forever to get my Chihuahua to howl; he never got it.

    However my sister’s cat Little Bit will call for her when she needs food by standing by the dish and squeaking “Maaaaaam! Maaaaam!”

  99. Resriechan says:

    @ Muttlover:

    That would be alllllllllll the way up at #10, Kathryn ….unless you also happened to be reading on the night when I orig. presented my thesis, which was days ago —
    [on I have NO idea, which pic & captions] — on why Choiman ist der leeeeest rhgomanteek lengwigh….et que
    le Francais c’est bien mieux, dans lequel on peut dire:
    “Je t’aime, ma belle [yes, there’s a Beatles song with French & the phrase ‘Ma belle’…..called “Michelle”]

    Hopeithelpsyerwelcome !!!
    “Ah ruvroo”, Muttlover !!
    (Well, not really “love you” “love you” but….you can see why I …oh, never mind)

  100. How cute =)

    I ruv roo

  101. That is the cutest dog EVERI livE it! :)!

  102. I loved the baying the best. My past love’s Prince, Duke, King, Joker, Candy Precious, Aimee. And now DaeNae, my last, named after my grandgirls DArby and JaNAi. My son gave DaeNae to us, a black and white ball of fluff pick-a-sneeze. Also of the many cats I’v had in my life only one Peaches (cally) would go to the refrig and say meeeeelk. She wouldn’t stop until I gave her milk. Arn’t pets wonderful

  103. muito lindo amei sou brasileira rsrsrs

  104. Paula Wylie says:

    my dog had to howl along with the talking malamute, he’s a border collie that sings along to Happy Birthday

  105. So she decided it was time for some rule-breaking of her own, and it was Ms. ,

  106. Lou Parris says:

    When our three malamutes used to have a “howl in” the husky, Merry, who was usually silent, peered down one of their throats to see where the noise was coming from.