Oh, Hells to the No, Lady

Let me get this straight: You’re trying to offer me that…for this? Oh, honey. If you think I’m letting go of this anytime soon, then you might as well believe that Mensa is gonna be recruiting you. I mean, that’s like me offering you tofu for a Twinkie.

Funny you should ask, because, yes, there's a huge difference between Cheetos and Cheese Puffs. For instance...

If I were you, I’d back the hell up. Because on top of being highly unpredictable, I’m, like, 8 feet tall and foaming at the mouth with Cheetos dust.

Next time, maybe you won’t offer him a cashew. But on the other hand, look at those adorably clawed prongs, Pea H.



  1. Resriechan says:

    AAAAAND KA -CHING !!! Prongs delivers with an alltime home-runner.

    And secondly, can we consider a tag for Overly Dramatic Kritters?
    And thirdly, how’bout an I’m going to Eat you tag for this skwirrelio????

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (love is all ya need — Beatles ref for the day)
    (and I’m a confirmed Felinphile)

  2. I must nom on those prosh fingers and toeses.

  3. Resriechan says:

    (re the Eat You tag– ya got it covered !!)

    (old timey SNL reference):
    “Never mind”

  4. Resriechan says:

    PS (yeah I know there’s a lotta ground to consider, here; sorry)

    So, “Prongs”, does this mean that *YOU* yourself, are, in fact, a skwirrelio?

  5. Cheese lips…on a skwerlio…now I’ve seen everything.

  6. Look at the Cheetos-dusted lips! The Cheetos-dusted lips, people!! Look at them!

  7. skippymom says:

    Somebody distract the squirrel while I go in for a tickle on that belly.

    And for the record, I’ll take tofu over Twinkies (shudder) any day.

  8. Resriechan says:

    ooh skippymom: i thought that every word you uttered was true but I MUST (or at least, I’m choosing to ) DIFFER w/ ya. Ain’t no stankin’ Tofu touchin’ THESE lips, baybee !!! (ooooh maybe this will become a commentroversy????)

  9. Mary (the first). says:

    That’s kind of how I look eating Cheetos, too, but without the sharp fingers. But I tend to have that same dazed look and orange muzzlepousche.

  10. Must … have … impending doom … tag …

  11. yep. rather keees cheese leeps than tofu leeps anyday!

  12. skippymom says:

    Resriechan, next time you’re up north, come to my house for dinner. I’ll cook tofu for you and soon you’ll be singing a different tune. Bonus, you’ll get to meet The Great And Wonderful Skippy (et al.).

  13. Oh I’m so glad to see you’re still here. Cute post, gave me a welcomed laugh today. I hope everything is going well for ya girl. Did you go to the last Highland games in NC? I haven’t been in a while. Miss ya.

    You take care,

  14. Illini Jen says:

    All creatures, great and small, loves the Cheeto and the dust it does produce.

    The Cheeto dust on the mouth puts this one over the top from Cute Overload to Cute Over-What the WHAT?!-load.

  15. hmmmm tofu? or twinky?… tofu? or twinky? Now I like tofu it is pretty yummy but really I would have a hard time passing up that gatronomical time bomb the Twinky.

    Oh and who can pass up the neon orangy goodness of Cheestos/cheese..puffs?

  16. zoom on the cheese-stained lips!

  17. *z fingersnap* Word to yer Prongs, fa reals. Ya better chippity chip yaself before ya munk yaself, ya heard? Cheetos,whaaat?! LOL….

  18. We need an extreme close-up of the cheesy leeps!!

  19. i’ll have to agree with skippymom on the tofu over twinkie…
    *However* … if it was tofu vs a hostess ding-dong or cupcake or ho-ho, that’d be a tougher decision… it’s the *chocolate*, people!

  20. skippymom says:

    Ha-ha, you said ho-ho.

  21. I know that place and the squirrel! It’s Olallie Lake in Oregon!

    That squirrel is actually too domesticated.. Sad, I know cause it’s real lean looking when you get there in the spring, fat when you leave in the Fall.

  22. Please please we need a cheetoz-lip ENHANCE

  23. @Rachael – I second that motion. We need an extreme close-up of cheezy muzzlepousche.

    Hook us up, dawg…um…sqwrrel….

  24. Introducing new Squirrelos and their spokes squirrel, Chester Squirrelo.

    @Sprock: I did! I did! Was one of the first things I noticed.

  25. LovesDogs says:

    Hmmmm…… someone needs to stop eating Cheetos and go on a diet. We’re looking a bit pudgy, are we.

  26. Per teh hovertext, the true commentroversy should be…

    Crunchy Cheetos vs. Puffy Cheetos

    I, personally, prefer puffy.

  27. LovesDogs, I think maybe he’s fattening up for the winter.

  28. Would you like to try our new line of Nuclear Ornj Lipsticky?

  29. Resriechan says:

    @ Skippymom

    1) How far North? Do you live in Alaska?
    2) not sure, how to respond. The smart – a** in me, wants to use the “clever retort” “Bring it”….but …..yeeks……T-O-F-U (yech ptuwy & such).

    over Cheeetoz??? Ya gotta be jivin’……

    world’s all-time-most-self-indulgent-junk-food-afficianado

    (Ever tried Doritos Nachos? Why, I could…….ahem.
    BTW I don’t weigh 300 -400 lbs or anything….. Never mind.
    ok. signing off now)

  30. skippymom says:

    Has anyone here had a deep-fried Twinkie? I have read that such a thing exists. The idea fascinates me, in a horrifying way.

  31. Methinks Prongs is actually telling us she is the squirrelio’s paws, not Mr Squirrelio himself. Wait…what?

  32. Pat Trenner says:

    “Mary (the first). I tend to have that same dazed look and orange muzzlepousche.”

    ROFLM muzzlepousche O

  33. But Metz, I thought the orunj wuns were poyzun. 😯

  34. skippymom says:

    Resriechan, you’d only need to come as far as Massachusetts. But it sounds as though my best efforts would be in vain as far as the tofu. You can still visit any time, though.

    p.s. I can’t be in the same room as somebody eating Doritos. I’ve always thought that they smell like throwup. Mais, chacun a son gout, non?

  35. @skippymom…. GAH! No. But….once.. I admit, I did try a deep fried Mars bar. omgwtfsugarOVERLOAD. I just couldn’t imagine the twinkie… I just… can’t….

  36. Side note: I’m pretty sure I gained 90 pounds that day. But, that’s just an estimate.

  37. @Brinn well let’s test it out c’mere MWHAAAH! (big wet ornj lipsticky kees)
    R U ded yet? 😈

  38. skippymom says:

    kittykye, can I interest you in a Paula Deen Ladies’ Brunch Burger, with a fried egg and bacon on top, served between two Krispy Kreem donuts?

  39. I think this (extremely adorable) photo is evidence of evolution. After all, those claws work pretty darn well to hold a piece of puffed cheesy tastiness. Were this squirrellio’s distant ancestors able to hold a Cheeto so easily? I suspect not…

  40. okay a) fried twinkies: available in Vegas. Highly overrated. But good. Given a choice over that and tofu…it would depend on how you cooked the tofu.

    b) anyone else think we should have a CO Convention somewheres? No real identities, ust name tags with our screen ids. Go check out a zoo or two…drink a beer or two…? Anyone? Anyone?

  41. *barf*

  42. I ate a deep fried Twinky at the Puyallup Fair 2 weeks ago. Tasted like pancakes.

  43. Resriechan says:

    @ Skippymom & kittykye (excuz if I got the spellin’ inaccurate on either name)

    GAH also on the deep-fried Twinkie. I don’t go THAT far out onto the pier; I don’t actually wanna drown, just dip my toes into the water !!!

    Just might take you up someday on the visit tho’. Massa. contains many of my favorite aspects of Life in America. (very lengthy list, that one; suffice it to say, that the beauty of nature in the App Mtns shares many of the items on the list)

  44. Resriechan says:

    Sign me up NOW.
    (but…you know, there’s ALWAYS a but)

    weather? cost? gimme lotsa time to gather funds cuz I’m already tryin to save funds & move from one apt complex onto another one here in fla so summertime & the expenses are high a ce moment ci.

  45. hey, speaking of twinkies… remember this?
    (I can’t believe how much work time I just wasted looking for that) O.O

  46. Resriechan says:

    ps skippymom nice French thanks for including that

  47. I saw deep-fried Twinkies at the Iowa State Fair, but did not partake. They also had deep-fried Snickers bars and Mars bars. These were about the only foods at the State Fair that were not served on a stick. Seriously, I even saw macaronia and cheese on a stick. And pork chops, which is just silly, since they come with a stick built in.

  48. Um, macaroni, not macaronia…

  49. omg, macaronie & cheese on a stick! I would try that!

  50. um, macaroni, not macaronie

  51. *shyly raises hand*
    Um, I um, once I er, that is to say, onceuponatimeiatedeepfriedtofuonaregularbasisanditwasdelicious!
    Wow, I feel as if a tremendous weight has been lifted, yes, I made and ate deep fried tofu.
    Take some extra firm tofu, cube it into bite sized pieces, roll in cornmeal, drop into Fry Daddy basket, take out when golden brown. Dip in bbq sauce. Nom. Tasty to also put into oven with a sauce of your choice to bake for a while. What? 😯 Doesn’t everyone do this?

  52. skippymom says:

    I think I’ll have macaronia for dinner tonight!

  53. skippymom says:

    Macaronia and deep-fried tofu! Going to be my new favorite dinner!

  54. See, now that I would try. Deep fried tofu doesn’t sound NEARLY as…. “grotesque” as a deep fried twinkie. At least it sounds sorta healthy.

    Also, I’d be in for a C.O.-nvention… but, I’m so faaaar! 😦

  55. Skippymom- I have heard of deep fried twinkies before. You can deep fry anything.. icecream, butter, pickles… etc.. I’ve heard of it all… Now if you wanna hear about something weird.. I saw on TV this thing about chicken-fried bacon.. ugh.. my heart hurts just thinking about it…
    PS. Deep fried ice cream sucks, almost as much as tofu… well atleast the one I tried..

  56. skippymom says:

    Katiedid–deep fried BUTTER? Whaaaaaaaaah???????

  57. Resriechan says:

    wow i for one feel like we’ve really made mutual progress on the whole dietary preferences tolerance objective, today.

    Metz esp. Thank you for sharing. It sounds like this was a deeply significant & meaningful session for you today!!

    and um….not to start an entire committe thesis project, but exactly
    (or approximately) HOW does one attach m & ch to a stick??

    Sounds rather like an engineering project from MIT…

  58. Tygress22 says:

    I’ve never had a deep fried twinkie but i have had a deep fried moon pie. There were three of us and we were facinated by the thought. It was a moon pie dipped in funnel cake batter and fried. So, someone got one so we could try it and OMG…you wanna talk about YUM! lol Slowly, the other 2 of us went and got our own…lol That is the only time i have ever seen them though. I’ve had the fried snickers bar too. It was ok but i would have liked it better without the powdered sugar on top…that was overkill.

  59. Resriechan says:

    ps @ Katiedid is there an actual POINT, to deep-frying butter? If so, what would its objective be??? This is actually beginning to approach the metaphysical, here.

  60. I certainly hope deep fried butter is not eaten on it’s own. How many calories would that be? Seven zillion?

  61. AngieBeth says:

    My boyfriend and I were in Washington, DC a few years ago and we were having a little snack near the White House somewhere, and there were some squirrels around begging for food. My boyfriend gave a Cheeto to one and for some reason he tried to reach for it and take it away or move it, and the squirrel lunged at him and I swear it made a threatening little noise. Of course, my boyfriend jumped back and yelped when the vicious squirrel attacked him. It was hilarious, and I actually found a picture of the same squirrel with his Cheeto before the “attack.” Truly a priceless memory.

  62. alwayscataddict says:

    Its the thing this year at the TX state fair. Deep fried butter. Someone here at the office said it tasted like a biscuit with butter. I’m not convinced.

    They apparently try to deep fry everything at the state fair.

  63. I’ve had once, a long time ago in a little dive by the side road in the middle of nowhere, deep fried SPAM. (not my fault I had just watched the Python sketch a few days earlier) That my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

  64. alwayscataddict, I heard they were having it at the South Texas State Fair this year, too. Sadly, as I am gluten intolerant, I won’t get a chance to try it.

  65. DaytimeDeb says:

    I kid you not, a deep-fried “restaurant” opened up in my neck of the woods a couple of months ago. They even sent out flyers…apparently you really can deep-fry anything. They had a booth at our local art & wine festival in early August. I sped past, I was afraid the cholesterol would jump out of their booth and latch onto me. I don’t know exactly where the store is. I like to think my townies know better than to eat such fare, and that the business has failed by now (not that I want a business to fail, mind you). It’s more likely, however, that it’s thriving instead!

  66. Resriechan says:

    @ AngieBeth:

    Okay, guys, step aside. Now THIS I can handle 😉
    Ma’am, I spent most of my elem & hischool. days growin’ up in the DC area. The primary question here, ma’am, is, where in the ************** (etc) where the park police when this assault took place & how many yrs of psych. therapy has your signif. other needed to recover?
    (that is, assuming that he has *in fact* emotionally recovered? i surely hope so)

  67. skippymom says:

    At the CO Convention, let’s have deep-fried beer.

  68. DaytimeDeb says:

    So the curiosity got the best of me and I did a quick search. Apparently the “deep fried twinkie and pastrami” shop did close for a few days a month ago, but it is now open again and thriving. Apparently it’s in a gas station/convenience store. That’s fitting, isn’t it? Scary thing is the number of positive reviews on “yelp”


  69. omg.. a deep fried bacon wrapped hotdog!

  70. I offered dried fruit to one of the tame skwrlz in Hyde Park once. He gave me a look like, “What the ^&$*( is this supposed to be, you ^&$*( tourist?”

  71. BeckyMonster says:

    I’m down for a Cute-vention!

    We can have the Nuffer’s Corner where self righteous folks and bitch and moan at cardboard cutouts while we all head to the bar!

    I vote for Atlanta as the location (shifty eyes)

  72. @Resriechan – macaroni and cheese must be exceedingly gummy to stick to a stick.

    @DaytimeDeb – trying to envision the size of deep fryer it would take to deep-fry a restaurant. Not to mention the size of the plate to serve it on.

  73. Skippymom- They have deep fried coca cola.. so I’m sure deep fried beer would work. lol

  74. skippymom says:

    BeckyMonster, what would these be cardboard cutouts of? Kittens in blenders and such?

  75. Tygress22 says:

    i’ve had fried mac & cheese on a stick at a Renn faire (everything comes on a stick there…lol). It was really good. My sister makes it occasionally at home. Definitely not something to eat all the time but it is a tasty treat every once in a while.

  76. BeckyMonster- I vote for Baltimore! We can lock all the nuffers outside and see how long they last!

  77. Resriechan says:

    @ Katiedid: how ‘ bout we put the NUFFERS IN B’more & we hold the Actual, Approved Convention somewhere around the wonderful App. Mtns (Blacksburg, VA or some such)…….but, very importantly, DURING the fall foliage season???

  78. Meg and the other CO overlords…your subjects have spoken…a CO convention is needed! Preferably, it sounds like, some place out east. In the fall. Me? I’m in Chicago and willing to travel given enough notice.

    Topics for discussion at said convention:

    When a Nuff is ENOUGH – how to stop the nuffers in their tracks
    Beady Eye to over sized ears ratio – how much cute is TOO much cute?
    Caption writing 101 – a panel discussion hosted by Meg, NTMTOM & Prongs
    Sarcastic Comnentary – a dissertation by Theo

    And for entertainment

    Pin the tail on the nuff
    Puppy Pong (draw a doggie face on a ping pong ball and play beer pong)
    Knitting of tree sweaters (remember those?), guinea pig hats and other animal accessories. 😉

  79. Resriechan- Yah we can lore (sp?) them there with the promises of cats and blenders or babies eating frozen treats!

  80. Yay! *clappy-hands* I’d totally take a trip for a CO-vention! Question, tho: How cold is it during the fall in these areas we’re discussing? My southern bones are not quite up to the cold weather, as I found out last November when I visited Metz & Metsakins in NYC.

  81. skippymom says:

    Who’s going to design the stupid hats we all wear at the convention?

  82. We could call it Tocktoberfest.

  83. I had a deep fried oreo once at the fair…it was battered in funnel cake batter. When you bit into it, the cookie was all melty. It was interesting, but I didn’t really like it.

    I’ve never eaten a twinkie. The thought makes me wretch.

    However, I love and eat tofu ALL of the time. I’d eat deep fried tofu, most definitely.

    And finally, look at his mouf!! Too cute!

  84. The Cute Overload convention has already been envisioned, you may recall! 😀

  85. Hummm.. this brings to mind more questions.. like: Are we going to be able to bring our pets?? Do our pets get name tags?? Do they have to wear the name tags??
    Because it’s hard enough trying to get Jack into his bird diaper.. but to pin something on to it.. that is just asking toooo much…
    I still vote for Maryland.. It’s kinda in the middle.. not too cold.. not too hot.. plus very pretty trees in the fall!

  86. Camille- Purrrr fect.. although it would have to be this month or a year from now.. 😦

  87. Resriechan says:

    @ Katiedid: BIRD diaper??????

    wow. and i thought my daily obligations were difficult.

  88. Resriechan- LOL.. he does not wear it often.. probably only once or twice since I got him.. It’s for the vet and what not…. He really hates it so I guess he figured out that if he poos on the cage he doesn’t have to wear it.. so that is working out nicely for him..

  89. LovesDogs says:

    Brinnann~I do believe you’re right.

  90. Resriechan says:

    @ brinann: here’s MY objective (which is of course up for a commentroversy). Whenever I can travel AND plan the WHEN of the travel (which has vast connotations; plane ticket prices, etc) …..I aim for daily high temps at btw 65-72 degrees & lows approx in the 50s/60s. Pretty comfy, unless, like mi Madre, you WERE BORN IN “MIAMI & ENJOY 98 ***** DEGREES & HIGH HUMIDITY
    —but, I digress.

    Whatcha think, peeps?

  91. Resriechan says:

    @ Skippymom: well, OBVY rachel zoe must design the stupid hats.
    (see recent commentroversy on oh heck i never can remember which commentroversy came from which post)

    Qu: is actual *WEARING* of the stupid hats, a requirement? or can we just sit at a table & have the hat avail for proof of our valid CO membership?

  92. Maybe this is squerl’s decline into madness, right before she (he?) has kids and later shaves her head: http://hidensneek.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/britney-starbucks-3.jpg

  93. Loooovvvvvee the widdle orange cheeto mouf. wish I could see the paws pads coated with the stickky cheeto dust!!!

    and @Suzanne – awesome agenda! we can snack on canned ham while we play pin the tail on the nuffers!!!

  94. Resriechan says:

    I only just read Suzanne’s entry.
    After Meg’s administrative decisions, of course, Suzanne’s IN CHARGE.

    (Theo/dissertation/ sarc commentary/ snicker & other aspects LOL LOL LOL LOL aka
    HARDEE HAR HAR HAR; in the best possible way of course. )

  95. GreyandWhite Kitten says:

    Just as i thought, everyone loves cheetos!
    Everytime i see a squirrel stop in the middle of eating, i think about Eddie Izzard’s “did i leave the gas on?” joke.

  96. COXCU!!!:

  97. Gimme those Cheetos!!!!!!!

  98. Resriechan, it was the only time they could both meet me and have some time off work, and I certainly didn’t want to wait until the next year. I had been to see Bugmom and CuteBabyFix in August, KittyAdventures, OaklandCat, and R.Moore in September (perfect timing – while everyone else was sweltering with no power after the hurricane, I was in Cali), and then Metz & Metsie in November.

  99. Resriechan says:

    @ brinann: how nice, of everyone to arrange time to meet with you everywhere. & how nice of you to travel far & wide to all them places ! What fun for you ALL !!!!

    wow. you must have some SERIOUS frequent flyer (or fr. driver) miles, built up SOMEwhere !!

  100. Queen of Dork says:

    Wow. I’m just catching up but you all seem to be talking about deep fried food and a CO convention? How about here in Vegas? There are deep fried Twinkies, great weather in the fall/winter and beautiful desert hikes and other stuff to do. Lots of fabulous shows, too. (O, Phantom, Mystere, etc, etc.)….

  101. Resriechan says:

    hi Qof D !!

  102. Queen of Dork says:

    P.S. I myself would skip on the Twinkies deep fried. I’ve seen them but *gag*

  103. Queen of Dork says:

    Hi Resriechan! I’m home today due to sick child 😦 (Pink Eye and a trip to the doctor) Parenthood. *sigh*

  104. @ Rierschan: If Meg et al can figure out how to swing a CO Convention, I will do my best to come up with an agenda.

    @ Katiedid: keeping in mind that my dad used to call me “Columbus” because of my propensity (sp?) at getting lost…how in the heck is Baltimore in the middle???? Of the east coast, yes. No matter…I like MD. And OF COURSE we can bring our pets! That should be a requirement. Although no pinning on of name tags for them. 😉

    I leave it to Meg and the CO overlords to determine a time and location…

  105. Resriechan says:

    @ QoD: Hi, yerself !! s

    So sorry about the sturm n drang aka icky sicky 😦 thing.
    Listen, I managed to get into the cutetalk & sent you a quick two-line msg. if your time allows you to also go in there & see if the note is there, we cd talk about general there & that would be great for me at the moment.

  106. Resriechan says:

    @ Suzanne: Thanx !! Yew rock to-tally !

  107. Queen of Dork says:

    Resriechan: Okay. I’ll give it another go. I didn’t have much luck last night and my daughter is always much better at this stuff than myself but she’s sleeping right now. However, I’m going to give it the ‘ole college try. Thanks for your sympathy…pink eye is ick. (I’m currently, between checking out CO, washing ALL linen, towels/wash cloths and my hands) That’s it about me. 🙂

  108. Resriechan says:

    PS @ Suzanne: Please know that if I can actually be of some assistance in planning/ preparations(organizing stacks o papers or some kind of thing — even electronically, altho’ i’m evid. not very skilled w/ email attachments, presently….) I actually WOULD be more than thrilled to be of any poss. help. Truly. Really. No kidding. etc. I just registered w/ the CuteTalk thing, so you can get hold of me here or there if I can help. (I useta work at libraries if that gives you some idea of my skillset. oh. also speak/ write/ read pretty decently in French.

  109. I’ll throw my vote in for a convention in Canada… But, I know that’s asking a lot. Somewhere in the middle though would be great. I’d definitely do Vegas or NYC! Deep fried beer and pin-the-tail-on-the-nuffers. Me wantee!

  110. Ohhh the embarrassing leep stick ;-D
    “Oh ho, Dusted, I mean, Busted!”

    And a CO convention would be a great thing, that of course, living in Belgium I couldn’t attend but… folks with cameras could document the subject?? :-p *interested*

  111. Resriechan says:

    @ kittykye: Canada wouldDEFINITELY do for me in terms of nature (altho the timing/ weather would be a decided factor) & adds the attraction of other peeps who speak, read & enjoy FRENCH !!!!
    . I’m also willing for NYC & poss vegas altho that (vegas) would be quite the $$$$RT ticket as i’m in fla.

  112. Queen of Dork says:

    Vegas would rock! It’s great here in the fall and winter…not too cold, not horribly hot as it is in summer. The lowest temperature would be perhaps in the 40s. The worst that could happen would be a Mojave Desert wind storm. (which are actually kind of fun and refreshing). And the hiking is great! And for those who like snow…Mt Charleston. And the shows!!! Really great quality! And…and…and…Vegas! Let’s do it in Vegas! *okay, done plugging my city*

  113. Resriechan says:

    @ QoD; MAN, you NEED to be either on the Admin. Board of the Vegas Chamber of Commerce ….or perhaps in charge of National Marketing (all media)
    for recruiting enthusiastic prospective cheerleaders !!! You are GOOD!

    “The worst …would be a Mojave Desert windstorm ….which are actually kind of fun & refreshing” !!!!!

    Wow. you managed to put a POSitive spin, on a Desert Windstorm !!!!

  114. Queen of Dork says:

    Mojave Desert wind storms are exciting and fun…Nature at its best! You have to hang onto something and it’s GREAT! Sort of like the time I saw a storm in Michigan on Lake Superior! It was cool! You would be blessed to go through it! It’s not like a hurricane or tornando, just a lot of Mother Nature kind of gently reminding you of who she is! It’s sooooo coooool! I love these windstorms!!

  115. Resriechan says:

    @ QoD:

    You are the best. 🙂
    Actually, I totally DO get the whole breezy, windy upbeat thing; I always find the outdoors air / environment very energizing when a hurricane is nearby but the actual local weather is at the outer edges of the truly damaging stuff.

  116. Trisha M. says:

    The State Fair of Texas is going on now in Dallas…the newest deep-fried mania-yes, you got it, deep-fried butter. There was a contest to see what new artery-blocking eatable would get a booth at the Fair. The guy that won said he’s obsessed with toast… so he came up with deep-fried butter.

  117. Queen of Dork says:

    Resriechan: He-he. I like the idea of Admin Board of Vegas Chamber of Commerce. I never really thought I would like it here so much when I move here from Seattle, but if you can get past some of the yuck stuff here and embrace the BEAUTY of the desert, it’s kind of cool. My daughter is up an I must nag her to take her pink eye medicince now. I’ll so try to get to CuteTalk to chat with you today


  118. Queen of Dork says:

    Excuse all the bad spellings in last post. Too excited to proofread.

  119. Queen of Dork says:

    Resriechan: My daughter is not feeling well. 😦 I wish I was the sick one instead of her. 😦 *sobs*

  120. Resriechan says:

    @ QofD: I’m so sorry for the frustration of you both. I totally get it; when I had surgery on my spine (age 14) I thought it was harder emotionally for my mother b/c she herself couldn’t feel the pain itself, know the location/ intensity, etc. Gosh. I bet your daughter *KNOWS* that she’s loved tho 🙂 does that help her any?
    stuffed animals, etc.

  121. Oh! Oh! A CO-convention! TX or Vegas??!!? oh YEA! Some place near a microbrew…love the agenda and games planned already. Snacks must include canned ham and cheese puffs, right? and Deep Fried Whatever We Crave…I might even try the tofu! Oh let us plan for next year; give us time to get our moola and time together…design name tags; hats; COSTUMES! I would dearly love to meet all of you!

  122. Resriechan says:

    @ Happycat: I totally ditto you, re. time to save funds
    Also: note items # 82 & 92 above, concerning (stupid) hats — they’ve already been factored into the Agenda !!

  123. Ranger KT says:

    While this IS cute, feeding animals is dangerous to their health and yours. Did you know a regularly-fed squirrel, when denied food, can give you wounds in less than a second that could merit ten stitches?

    I just hate to see this pictures that are essentially condoning a dangerous activity. Please, readers — don’t feed the animals!

  124. Queen of Dork says:

    Resriechan: I think I just wrote you a message on CuteTalk. Could you look and see?

  125. Queen of Dork says:

    Resriechan: Yes! She does have a couple of stuffed animals which she always sleeps with. I have to wash those too. Wow. Surgery when you were 14? That is so hard. They tried to do that to me as well when I was 14 because of soliosis. It causes pain to this day. But! I Live!

  126. Queen of Dork says:

    Oops. I meant “scoliosis.” Spelled it wrong.

  127. Resriechan says:

    @ Q of D: ok, I’ll check there now. Glad the stuffie toy part is a bit of a help. see you @ cutetalk when you can next check it out.

    Hopefully (who knows, if I’ll manage to do my part correctly?
    The Shadow knows… 😉

  128. Queen of Dork says:

    Hats for the convention (in Vegas…he-he) I think we should wear crowns or puppy/kitty ear hats. Or bunny ear hats. Or those hats with beer cans that you drink out of. (for anybunny who wants to drink). Or…crap. I’m out of ideas. But I still think Vegas would be perfectomundo. Hey! Can I wear a Darth Vadar hat!!??

  129. Queen of Dork says:

    Mickey Mouse ears? Rocky Horror Picture Show party hats? A helmet like Jack wore in Easy Rider?

  130. Queen of Dork says:

    An Army hard hat type of a thing with a picture of Hello Kitty on it?

    [Well, she does share the same initials as Heckler & Koch… – Ed.]

  131. Resriechan says:

    (um, je ne comprends pas Heckler & Koch…et j’ai deja lit l’article a Wikipedia.
    Un peu d’assistance, s’il vous plait? The article there referenced a German arms mfg company. Maybe there are/ have been more than one pair of Hecklers & Kochs-es?)

    Puzzled and/ or Befuddled

    [QoD mentioned military helmets. I mentioned H&K. There’s even a humor precedent here. C’mon, I’m not gonna keep explaining these things, it ruins it. – Ed.]

  132. Queen of Dork says:

    Is that you, Theo? Sorry, but who the heck are Heckler & Kochs? Sorry, but I think that Hello Kitty is much more known. 🙂

  133. Queen of Dork says:

    Ed: Did you make that up?

  134. Queen of Dork says:

    Here’s more reasons for the Vegas convention: Plenty of convention rooms. Lots of hotel rooms. Good restaurants. Plenty of ….I forget. but I’m sure there’s plenty of…some stuff. Good….ummmm …stufff…that…uh..forget…stuff….that’s good…and Yum! Ummmmm…things and stuff…Vegas has….stuffff…….things….i don’t know. I just think it would be fun. (and stuff). (cute things live here?) stuff.

  135. Resriechan says:

    Hey QofD: I did a little digging/ research & didn’t find exactly what I’d had in my mind’s eye….but…you’ll probably like this item (incl it says Pet Friendly up in the letterhead section) checkitout:



  136. Vegas is perfect! I turn 21 in MAY! Can we wait until then???

    When I was little, I would eat an entire box of twinkies in one sitting. Please take a moment to process what I just said…..an entire box. Clearly a substitute for dinner. I only got away with it when I stayed with my great granny 😉

    Simply because what I just stated seems hopelessly opposed to me being anything but obese, I would like to soothe concerns by letting you all know that I am tiny. One of those garbage disposal type people. Whatever you don’t want, I’ll have!!

    *Sigh* if only no one uncovered the concept of calories. But then again…I might still be eating boxes of twinkies….

  137. Resriechan says:

    @ Theo: I give up in actual & sincere dismay. I thought I was trying to join in on something fun. I had honestly already attempted research to try to get the joke. Forget it; I’ll never ask you again for anything. thank you for the data however.

  138. Resriechan says:

    @ Emily: if it’s in May in Vegas, I officially invite you to be first in line!!

    (But it’s actually someone named Suzanne who has offered to approach Meg et al toward the actual possibility of Convention Cute. Stay tuned !)

  139. Queen of Dork says:

    Ed: Wow. That was interesting.
    Emily S. Vegas would be the bomb diggity bomb!
    As for that CuteTalk thing: don’t know about that. Something happened with bananas that was kind of weird. Don’t know why?! Not cool.
    But…Vegas would be PERFECT!!!

  140. Resriechan says:

    @ Q of D: just checked for new item from you under the Talk thing; nothing new there yet. Feel free to write me at my clearwire or the Cute Talk place for now; whenever your daughter’s situation allows you some few moments.

    Peace out all.

  141. Queen of Dork says:

    PERFECT I TELL YOU!! VEGAS! Las Vegas, peeps, The Convention Center of the Planet!! I’ll try to do the logistics. But, seriously, Las Vegas! Las Vegas! VEGAS!!

  142. Queen of Dork says:

    Wow Resriechan: I’ll never go on the CuteTalk thang again. Words that I said were somehow replaced with the word “banana” as if it was some sort of joke. I’ll never go on that again. *sigh* *sadly* (don’t know what happened)

  143. Queen of Dork says:

    Resrieschan: This is Princess of Dork… Queen of Dork’s daughter.. Tara. She said if you can write her on her personal email address.. Because she is’nt going on that other thing anymore i guess…..

    P.S. My pink eye is getting a bit better.

  144. Queen of Dork says:

    Hi Resrie. That was really my kid talking to you. She just took over the whole daggon thing…

  145. Resriechan says:

    ok Q of D I understand. I’ll keep the info on my computer that you provided me with. Tell ya what here’s my less-private email (the one I use in case something sends me spam so I can remove the spam) ….if you do email in general, send me a test message there (tonight if possible). If that gets from you to me, then I’ll return the message to you, and add my more-secure address in the reply. I was thinkin that if you & I can maintain communication, perhaps I’m gettin hints that it would work well for me to take a break from CO for awhile.

    my yahoo email is resriechan [at] yahoo [dot] com.

    If you have regular email, send me a test msg there asap. if not, I’ll keep looking for you here, until we find a solution.
    Hugs. Bye for the moment

  146. Resriechan says:

    oohhh okay Hi tara!– glad you’re feeling a little better.

    Q, I don’t yet have your personal email separate from the cutetalk. so Tara, please help her write me a sample msg at the email i just wrote in here. OK? so we won’t be in the way of people wanting to comment on the squirrel picture 🙂
    All my best 2U both !

  147. Resriechan says:

    (ps but until I do get something from you in my other email I will still check here too)

  148. Princess of Dork says:

    Just made a cuteoverload! My mom made me!…. [Queen of Dork]. lol!

    This picture is really cute.. Love the cheese crumbs on the squirrels mouth..

  149. Queen of Dork says:

    Welllll?!! (oompa-loompa-dooomity-doooom)

  150. DaytimeDeb says:

    A convention…more like a family reunion, really. Only more fun because I actually want to go and visit with these people. My family, not so much…. Still, I will miss “Uncle Karl” who scares all the children and then passes out in the corner. It’s fun to place bets on when the drool will commence.

    Speaking of bets: Vegas is fun. And even for the East Coast folk, you can usually get pretty decent airfare. Plus good flights in and out with minimal transfers. And ‘tocktober would be a great time to go!

    If we must do summer due to family obligations, I recommend San Diego (great zoo, wild safari, etc.) The weather is wonderful there year ’round. I’d say LA/Anaheim but Disney can get so pricey. And crowded. Oh so crowded. And hot, in summer.

    Another Western US locale: San Francisco. I’m partial to that because it’s local, but again if you can’t find a deal into SF you can usually find one to Oakland or San Jose. It’s expensive but you can get some pretty good deals at the St Francis right on Union Square. We could charter a bus to Marine World (well now it’s called something else and has a lot of rollercoasters, but they still have the animals too. As an aside I remember when Marine World used to be where Oracle is now.) Or better yet, the Marin Sanctuary (They do sea life rescue/rehab among other things. We could maybe organize a group volunteer event with them). And/or Golden Gate Park and the new California Academy of Sciences in SF and see the penguins and such. Or Napa…. never mind, might not be “cute” if someone “overloads” on wine.

    Oh and if we do the Bay Area, I bet we could get the Deep Fried Twinkie and Pastrami Shop to cater a lunch or something. 😉

    OK, I will stop now. I’m getting too excited about the idea. Gotta calm down before bedtime!

  151. Princess of Dork says:

    Resriechen: We just sent you a message before we all go to seepie, seepie, tie, tie bed time. Did you get it? Have we made it able for you to answer?

    Stef & Tara 🙂

  152. Princess of Dork says:

    Sorry. Resriechan. We spelled your name wrong 😦

  153. Queen of Dork says:

    DaytimeDeg: Vegas Is Fun!! Vegas!! Vegas!!

  154. Resriechan says:

    @ QofD & T: YUP !! I got the msg w/ address & now I’ve sent YOU a message at the address you provided. TAG!!! When you wake up, see if you see something there from me & reply & then we’ll be all systems go (IF I got your address correct in my sample note). Thanks for the exact version/ spelling of the name !!!!
    All my best to you both! Sleep tight; no bedbugs, etc. Hope to see an email from you in my clearwire, rather than the yahoo. We shall see. Peace out for now.

  155. Queen of Dork says:

    Yay!! Life is cool!!

  156. All this talk of deep fried this and that, is making me feel distinctly queasy.

  157. I want a COXCU of those Cheetos leeps!

  158. DaytimeDeb says:

    I’m sorry, all the posts about “did you get the message I sent you” completey reminds me of when I set up my parents on webtv email, and my Dad would call whenever he sent an email just to see if I got it! Oh boy am I walking down memory lane tonight!

  159. Yeah, Vegas! And a question to the poster who said that Maryland should be the location because it was in the middle. The middle of what?? LOL!!!!

  160. Resriechan says:

    @ Joy:
    (okay, so GOD didn’t say, let there be COXCU, but somebody else did earlier, about Comment # 92 or so….Open this link & enjoy. Mind you it isn’t a full screen of orange lips but it’s half-decent & I for one enjoyed the whiskery bits):

    Your Humble Servant

  161. wow, CO-nvention? i’m sooo in. being a “cali-girl”, i vote for the SF bay area for weather, tourism, and the fact that our fearless leader lives here and may be more convenient for her =D (and i live here too hehe) but i’ll go where ever we have it… bear in mind vegas in the summer is not fun unless you’re indoors.

    methinks this is a lady skwerlio… it’s the leepstick that’s doin it hehe

  162. Resriechan says:

    @ Daytime Deb: wow. Uncle Karl sounds like more fun than a barrel o’ monkeys.

    (Hmmm…..CO convention, barrel ‘o monkeys……sounds like a Vegas stageshow, to me!)

  163. Well how about regional conventions? East, West, North, South,with all the aforementioned hats etc.?

  164. Suzanne- Yeah, the middle of the east coast.. that is what I meant.. *shifty eyes* yeah…
    I vote for anywhere on the east coast really.. Washington DC, NYC, Baltimore, Atlanta..
    But Katrina, you did have a good idea about reginal conventions. That way people don’t have to wait on a plane for 8+ hours…

  165. All right people: I’ll see your deep-fried twinkie and raise you a:


    Royal flush, dudes and dudettes! 😉

  166. Jenn in IL says:

    katiedid, how would chicken fried bacon hurt your arteries but DEEP FRIED BUTTER wouldn’t??? Deep fried butter, for cripe’s sake!! Ugh.

    To date, I have tried deep fried Twinkies, deep fried Oreos and deep fried Snickers. The Oreos were the best…they all tasted a little like funnel cake (which I guess is the batter used…).

    And as for the picture…I’m in love with skwerlio’s Chee-to lips!

  167. Jenn in IL says:

    Ooh, and fried pickle chips dipped in ranch dressing are AMAZING…just FYI for those who’ve never tried it.

  168. Queen of Dork says:

    *yuck* Deep fried sweets making me queasy. *gag*

    However, those are plentiful here in FABULOUS LAS VEGAS!!!! (methinks a CO convention would be PERFECT here!!) We could sling silliness all over the city. VEGAS!!! Peeps, VEGAS!!!

    (shameless plug)

  169. Oh friends, not these tones!
    Let us raise our voices in more
    pleasing and more joyful sounds!

    ODE TO JOY (Friedrich Schiller)
    Regional sites and we can all talk to each other by webcams! OR we can all sign really loud in each other’s general directions-nah, use the technology we have been given….

  170. Resriechan says:

    @ QoD:
    OMG, something urgent just came up in my apt & I’m leaving the building now to help a friend/ emergency. Write me @ C/w I will be back later love Leslie

  171. Queen of Dork says:

    Just btw, my comment on 169 is meant to be accompanied with:


  172. Wherever two or more of us are looking at a cat, there is a COnvention.

  173. DaytimeDeb says:

    Thanks, Lerrinus. I think that site just cured me of every wanting anything 1)sweet or 2)fried ever again. If I lose weight (and I should), I will give you credit.

  174. Queen of Dork says:

    T.U.M.: he-he. That’s true.

  175. @Lerrinus that made me very very hungry!

  176. Oh lament! V dont have nearly as much junk-food-goodness in India

  177. Doomo arigato, Resriechan!

  178. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    CO convention–NY as the location pls!

  179. Resriechan says:

    @ Joy (wow someone has a bit of Japanology….)

    “Do-itashi Masu !”
    (At least, je pense, que ca c’est le Japonais, for “You’re very welcome to it”!) 🙂

  180. Nuff. Too hostile, too negative. Disappointed in the tone CO has been taking lately.

    [It ain’t “lately,” Bashful. Just sayin’. – Ed.]

  181. yay! that’s my chipmunk/squirrel/whatever buddy! i took this pic at ollalie lake in oregon whilst hiking the pacific crest trail from mexico to canada in 2006. and yes, he was definitely very fat and spoiled, otherwise i don’t normally offer cheetos to the wildlife. this guy was persistent as hell, and not scared of the camera one bit. in fact, my camera didn’t even have a zoom, and was only 2 megapixels, so you can see how close my camera hand actually got to him.

    oh, and btw, i’m a guy. my name is short for peanut. 🙂

  182. Ummm, excuse me. But this squirrel is an impostor. I’m the REAL squirrel and I much prefer freshly shelled pecans this time of year to cheese. PLUEASE.

    I would like to take the opportunity to respond to this imposter going around dreaming to be me. Your photo was an obvious imitation of yours truly, so many try but none succeed. As the festive Halloween holiday approaches every one wants to be “Squirrel”, but don’t fall for cheap posers again. Attached you will find an authentic photo for you album.
    Yours truly,

  183. Hello,

    It’s the Real Squirrel again…Click on my name in blue “The REAL squirrel” to get a gander at the real thang!



    [We get it already. Good pic, tho… – Ed.]