The Busy Life of a Single Dog.

6:00AM: Wake up, chase cat on treadmill.

6:30AM: Make Mooch breakfast.

6:31AM: Make mental note to call Dr. Lipschwitz about Mooch demanding Fancy Feast.

7:06AM: Train into city.

7:10AM: Scold Mooch, explain why he can’t stick head out window, add incident to Lipschwitz list.

8:00AM: Arrive at Mooch’s daycare, wonder why door is locked.

8:02AM: Realize it’s Saturday.

Please don't tell my ex-wife about this.

Hope you offered him a venti, non-fat, half-caff, extra-foamy latte, Leighann S.



  1. LOL he should change his alarm to only go off Mon-Fri like me! (like it does any good getting me up anyway)

  2. Um, where is the Blackberry?

  3. LovesDogs says:

    Bullies are THE best!

  4. Why does the bag say “Digital”? Was it originally a camera case?

    [I’m guessing it was for an older video camera. – Ed.]

  5. Love the little doggie looking out like saying they havent seen me lol
    the big dog look so cool and calm like he just smoked something lol all he needs is to do the peace sign

  6. Awww, what a bootiful brindled bully!

  7. Is that a kid carrier or a lunch box?

  8. @Blair, for the little one sake hope is the first one lol

  9. Von Zeppelin says:

    Meghan, the little brown guy in the bag is a “Digital” dog, hence the label on the carrying case. As you can see, he is more compact than the earlier “Analog” dogs. The dogs in my house, Sam and Max, are the even more obsolescent “Acoustic” dogs.

  10. Best hovertext evah

  11. resriechan says:

    8:05 am: Add “Lipswitch list” to List of Tongue Twisters !!!!!

  12. this – this is so redonkulous that it’s – it’s CUTE! I didn’t quite get it until I scrolled down and saw what, I mean who, was in the bag….

    Hmmm “wake up, chase cat on treadmill” , reminds me of something. Could it be the Jetsons??

  13. resriechan says:


    I call for a Commentroversy !!! How can this, be a story of a “Single Dog”, when there is ample EVIDENCE of another dog, not to mention documentary evidence of a cat as well??????

    HMMMMMMMM???????? What do you have to say for yourself, Ms. Prongs (If that REALLY IS your name??????)

  14. victoreia says:

    @Blair: YES.

    @resriechan: *snicker*

  15. metsakins says:

    Let’s wait til Wednesday for a commentroversy. I have too much filing to do today.
    That pic is too cute!

  16. skippymom says:

    Resriechen, I’m remembering something from Monty Python about “a list of Liszt’s lists”. It may not have been on the show, though, I think it was in a MP book I had.

    And, it took awhile but I figured out what celebrity the big dog’s face reminds me of. But I don’t dare say, because it would be pretty much guaranteed to start up a nuff-fest. Sigh.

  17. Another parental pittie! Such responsible doggies! Remember the sweet pittie nanny with the puppy pockets?

  18. @ skippymom, come on I dare you, say who the big dog reminds you of.
    Pretty please with sugar on it an a cherry on top 🙂

  19. PS Was this “Take Your WaWa to Work Day”?

  20. Well, I’d say, given the eye glance, that this dog resembles Whoopi Goldberg. But only in the eyes.

  21. What, pray tell, is a “That’s Ruff” tag, and how does it differ from “Pups”?

  22. skippymom says:

    Hey, Suzanne! Now that you’ve taken the plunge, I’ll confess that’s exactly what I was thinking. I was afraid, though, that we would have to issue disclaimers that it’s not about the color of the dog, and it’s not about comparing dogs to women, etc. It’s something about the eyes and the glasses, and that’s all. I guess we’ll have to wait, now, and see how bad a beating we take for this, eh?

  23. Skippymom, would the celebrity be Whoppi Goldberg, by any chance? It’s the purple glasses, you know…

    Methinks the big dog is a lawyer. And not justy because he’s a bully… ; )

  24. Digital dog! I love the tail wag blur.

  25. At least now he doesn’t have to face the supermommies with their pedigree puppies who are getting diplomas from obedience school while Mooch is still figuring out that the litter box is for the cat and not him. 🙂

  26. Woopi Goldberg minus the hair, yes you’re right it the glasses that does it.

  27. googlie eyes says:

    Did anyone else notice he has a little rhinestone heart on his left lens (viewer’s right)? Either he’s a she or he’s extremely comfortable with his single-guy masculinity.

  28. @googlie…he’s a metro-pup-ual. 😛

  29. Wait, I didn’t see Whoopi. Something about the eyes and the tilt of the glasses and the shape of the head (how the eyes are set apart on it, maybe) made me think LL Cool J.

  30. googlie eyes says:

    Suzanne, excellent deduction! That must be it :o). By the way, I have a very similar pic of my first pittie foster dog on vacation in West Hollywood (complete with shades), only she has a lei around her neck. Poor, uber-tolerant pups.

  31. googlie eyes says:

    Oops, I accidentally looked shocked instead of amused. I meant to make this face: 🙂

  32. PPS: (NOSEBEEP!)

  33. earlybird1 says:

    i want a dog to hold my dog.

  34. eyes + expression+ purple glasses = Whoppi Goldberg
    (&both beings are beautiful)

  35. I was just going to comment on the Whoopi Goldberg thing. It’s that sort of sarcastic look over the glasses. I love it. We are slowly achieving a CO hive mind.

  36. WendyPinNJ says:

    Awww, what a cute handsome pitty! Looks very much like my Buster–only more brindle on the face! Love dem doggies!

  37. that dog is rocking the white turtleneck.

  38. hmmmmmmmmmmmm reminds me of my brother…..

  39. awww little dancers

  40. Yeah, why does that bag say “Digital”? The dog looks analog to me…

  41. I can remember the reverse of going to work on a Saturday. I was putting my jeans on
    (work wear was a suit) and then thinking f**k its friday,back to thesuit.

  42. awesome, keep up coming more

  43. Yes, definitely agree with other people here – it´s Whoopi Goldberg! The expression plus the glasses, it´s uncanny! 😀

  44. What a cute little dog to stay in that briefcase. Great picture.

  45. I thought she looks like Whoopi too. The expression and glasses, plus Whoopi also has no eyebrows, like this cutie, which may contribute to the similarity.

  46. resriechan says:

    Well, Skippymom, looks as though *SO FAR* many CO’ers are onboard w/ the W. Goldberg possibility *WITHOUT* (shifty eyes) too many nuffers ….??????

    (Hope I didn’t jinx it?? 😉 )

  47. googlie eyes says:

    Theresa, one nosebeep or two?

  48. Two nosebeeps, coming right up.

  49. Is it just me or does that dog (biggie one) looks like Whoopie Goldberg ?? ^_^

  50. skippymom says:

    So…say a dog resembles Eleanor Roosevelt, and there’s hell to pay. Say a dog resembles Whoopi Goldberg, and everyone seems to be cool with that. Verrrry interesting. Not trying to start anything here, just saying that’s interesting.

    [Who said the dog looks like Whoopi? Wasn’t anybody at CO, and anyway, I’m just not seeing it. Is it the shades, maybe?- Ed.]

  51. Resriechan says:

    @ Ed’s: For clarification, please see Comment # 16 above, then others on the topic (#’s 18 & 20, etc). NO — no cute animals, NOR CO staffers were injured by any of the shrapnel, this time around !!!!

    @ Skippymom: (SIGH). Sorry. I guess I DID jinx it 😦

  52. the bulldog looks like a security guard

  53. Resriechan says:

    @ Indie: NO, it is most definitely NOT just you 😉 See my notes to Ed’s for the beginning of “It All” …

  54. the glasses are really what sells the look. well played friend.

  55. My kitties name is Mooch. She’s such a moocher.
    I hope single dog gets some “me time” today.

  56. Resriechan says:

    @ Kaylin:

    but, do you mean, that Mooch should get some “Kaylin” time, or that
    Mooch should get some “Mooch” time? And if the former, will that lead to an identity crisis, for either of you? Do you have medical insurance for the emotional/ mental therapy needs for you both? I’m very concerned as to the outcome.

    “I’m so confuzed”…… 😦