Exit Strategery

According to ham-tographer Laura-Elizabeth; “They pile themselves up in this warm cozy pouch and when they hear me coming to see them all tumble out at once. Ridiculous hams.”


Sleepy Pouch by Laura-Elizabeth was suggested via Twitter by FourHams.



  1. …i’ll tumble for you, i’ll tumble for you…

  2. janet2buns says:

    “Getting a little squishy in here!” says the sandwiched ham in the lower row.

  3. berthaservant says:

    Ham-u-copia. The horn of plent-squee.

  4. Resriechan says:

    always enjoy a little Dubya vocabulary…..

  5. 260Oakley says:

    I’ve heard the streets of Hamsterdam are crowded these days.

  6. hehe that one in the verrry middle… *squish*! ouch, guys!

  7. Love the 70’s Batman sound effects.

  8. Hammies!!! I would sooo love to have one, but my dogs would most likely eat it.
    Sigh. 😦

  9. Queen of Dork says:

    They look so beautifically healthy! Yum! me wants to eat them.

  10. okaasan59 says:

    It’s a ham jam!!

  11. earlybird1 says:

    Tiny pink paw!

  12. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    the guy in the middle in the bottom row is the CUTEST. Look at his sleeeepy eye slits & pinky nose 🙂

  13. victoreia says:

    (grabbing popcorn) This is a much better version of clowns-jammed-in-a-Volkswagen!

  14. kibblenibble says:

    Cutest teensy fuzzy muzzlepowsches evar! Teeny wheeskers look sooo tickly. *sigh*

    Oh! And BEF!

  15. Look at the tiny pink paws and noses, people!

  16. are these the one that are notorious for biting alot? Robovski right?
    Sometimes i wish they didn’t have any teeth, b/c I just want to hug them to death. well not litrally…
    i quess that explains why my hamster tries to nip every time i put my hand in the cage. :/

  17. Four hams in the bed, and the little one said, “Roll over! I’m crowded!”

  18. When they work together it’s much better.

  19. DaytimeDeb says:

    Dogpile! Oh, wait….wrong species…

  20. Queen of Dork says:

    I think my avatar went to climb Mt. Everest. He bagged the summit but he’s back now.

  21. Awe, that is cute. ^_^

  22. They are smooshy and adorable, but I’m trying to figure out what they’re crowded into, and I’m drawing a blank… golf-club cozy? Do they need to be cozied?

  23. Dwarf hamsters are the best. Yep, they need to be cozied and loved to death. My 23 month old senior dwarfie, Mr. Blackstone, always comes charging straight for my hand every time I put in fresh food, seed or water for him. He needs his playtime with me. Doesn’t matter if he’s sleeping or not, the minute I put down a dish, he wakes up and goes flying for my hand. Such tiny little furry packages of pure cuteness! The best little animals on earth.

  24. platedlizard says:

    There’s nothing like a late night ham sandwich.

  25. Hilariously adorable. But seriously, I thought hamsters didn’t like each other much.

  26. platedlizard says:


    These are dwarf hams. Dwarf hams are social. The bigger ones are the antisocial kind.

  27. I think we should have two hammies couchant , on our CO coat of arms .

  28. They’re like the Three Stooges, except cuter (and funnier)! And four…

  29. That’s it, I’m getting a sleep cozy.

  30. Talk about disapproving – look at the two outer guys on the bottom. 😀

    And the little guy in the middle is soooooo tie tie!!

    Would anyone mind if I just nibbled on their teensy pink nosicles?

  31. lauraewaddell says:

    Hi guys, these are my hams! They are very proud to be on Cute Overload (for the second time.. they were also in the hams kissing picture a while back!)

    Just to clear up a few things: these are roborovski hams, a type of dwarf hamster, who live in groups called colonies. They sleep in a pile every night and everyone gets on great. It’s great! Syrian hams on the other hand, the most common type of ham in pet shops, and the much bigger type, must always be kept seperate as they become aggressive towards each other.

    The pouch is just a pouch I bought from a pet shop and it’s all lined inside with furry stuff. They love sleeping in it, especially now that the nights are getting colder. When they don’t sleep in it they sleep in a pile in their bedding that is just as ridiculous and squashy!

    Also that ham in the middle? Well that’s Coco, who constantly makes the silliest faces!

  32. Video or it didn’t happen.

  33. lauraewaddell, your hammies are adorable! 🙂 Thanks for telling us about them!
    I used to have dwarf Russian hammies, but mine were mostly Campbell’s/Winter Whites, not Roborovskis. I miss my hammies *sniff*

  34. Ham-cerberus?

  35. I didn’t know they made calico hamsters.

  36. Kittytoes says:

    Bottom row middle is poster child for “EHN, EHN, EHHHHHHN!”

  37. @chanpon – Greek mythology cute humor! I love it!!

  38. lauraewaddell- what wonderful little critters! Is the sleep cozy big enough for me, too?

  39. @ chanpon – but this cerberus is not garding the gates of hell, that lokks more like hammie paradise 🙂

  40. LOL … I think the fire drill turned ugly. It was every hamster for himself.

    Last one out is a rotten egg!
    1 on top @ 1, 3rd one bottom row look ticked.
    Bottom row middle fell asleep.

    Is that a kids sleeve?

  41. I totally want to smooch that leetle fatso in the middle! What an adorable little squished face! He reminds me so much of Gus-Gus from Cinderella (‘cept ya know, he was a mouse…)

  42. Whee! Nice to learn about dwarf hammies, thanks @PlatedLizard! And thank you, Laura, for showing us your hammie pile! If I ever got hammies, I definitely want the kind that sleep in a pile!!

  43. @Kelsey, Cinderelly, Cinderelly, night and day it’s Cinderelly. 😉

  44. So am I to understand that hammies are actually cuddly, playful, or affectionate pets? I have always thought them very cute, but as with rabbits, which are also cuties, I have always wondered whether they would be affectionate and/or playful. When I love a pet and put time and attention into raising it, I want it to love me back. I don’t raise plants for that very reason–they don’t give me back any affection. (The only greenery growing in my apartment is the kitty grass for my cats.)

    So, are hammies affectionate and palyful WITH their people? (And rabbits, too?)

  45. forkindakle says:

    I second H bees. **I need vid**

  46. check out Lt. Scrunchy McScrunchersons there in the middle…get me Owwwt!!!

  47. @Theresa,
    Make the fire! Fix the breakfast! Do the dishes, do the mopping! And the sweeping and the dusting. They always keep her hopping!
    She goes around in circles till she’s very, very dizzy. Still they holler, keep it busy, Cinderelly!

    (I LOVED that movie as a kid!)

  48. Absolutely adorable!

  49. janet2buns says:

    @tblue: You’ve obviously never been nose bonked by a bunny, or have one lick your face with a teeeeny pink tongue!! I admit none of my buns fetch and carry like a dog would, but when they snuggle up all warm under your chin, it’s heaven.

  50. lauraewaddell says:

    tblue: they are not affectionate to humans. I pick them up to transport them into a different cage to be cleaned and that’s all: i can’t even pick them up and just play with them in my hands because they would wriggle away and escape. They’re definately more ‘watching’ pets.. although some people have managed to get their robo hams to sit on their hands for a period of time, this is really uncommon. I really love my little guys though and I think they like me back but they don’t really show it by playing with me ;p

  51. @ lauraewaddell – bless your heart for luving them just the way they are.
    I have a couple cats that I can. not. pick. up. or I risk bloody death. But they are beautiful and wonderful just the way they are and I luv them!

  52. resriechan says:

    @ ceejoe:

    Now THAT is what I call Unconditional Love !!!! You probably FEED them & cannot even enjoy a lil lovin in return !!!

  53. resriechan says:

    @ Kelsey: Re your memories of Disney Cinderella Working Working:

    I didn’t grow up on The Cuteness of Disney …however when my father was stationed on an American military base in Japan (prior to 1970) there was almost no American/ English-language children’s programming available to us (including almost no TV in English language)
    One of the few items was a radio broadcast of classic children’s stories on Sat mornings. They did a radio play of Cinderella once. I still use the tagline from that, to this day, as a light-hearted cheer, when a family member is hard at work on a project or house-cleaning. The Evil Stepmother & Evil Stepsisters all said “Faster, faster, more, more !!” to Cinderella all day, no matter how hard she was already working …..

  54. tblue- I am so sorry that you don’t fin plants engaging. I jump (well hop), for joy when my African Violets bloom and it is cause for a festivity when my outdoor plants bloom, or even push new growth! My blueberries and raspberies and strawberries get encouraged from bloom-time to harvesting, (with thank yous).

    Yes, it does take patience, and you have to know just what you can expect from them. Next week I’m re-potting an eight foot (tall) plant in our living room and really looking forward to the time spent. No, it isn’t named anything.

  55. @ resreichan – I can pet them and they talk to me and rub on my legs etc, and I know they’re happy and they love me back, so it’s all good. Just no picking up and snorgling. They came to me as foster cats, so I have no idea what experiences they had in their lives previous to me, to make them that way. But I make their lives now as love filled as possible, so they’re happy now. And I have others that I can do serious snorgling with, so it all evens out. >^..^<

  56. Resriechan says:

    @ ceejoe —

    A) You do Fostering, too? OMG you ARE a saint. Whenever I watch animal rescue stuff (mostly Animal Cops on Animal Planet & such) I have often reflected, that the two areas in which I wouldn’t survive, even as a VOLUNTEER, for 45 minutes…..are in veterin. ER’s/ trauma surgery; or in a Foster situation, taking in a furry person tempoRARily.
    B) It is reassuring, to hear that your foster furry people do physically snuggle *AT/ON* you …(not entirely a-physical) ….and that there are other snuggle-able furry people there !!

    Your compassion & dedication leave me deeply moved & impressed. My own selfish snuggle needs are definitely a significant part of my motive in combining a cat into my household (or should I say, combining ME into its/his/her household 😉 ???) [I can say that there’s evidence that I have done pretty well at assuring the comfort & happiness of my furry companions. My best guy, Salinger, pretty much a rescue kitten, lived to about 17 years, even after a nearly fatal kidney stone incident — the vet used the phrase nearly fatal]

    I wish upon you all possible snuggles in your mission/ walk!!!

  57. @ resriechan – oh please, I am not the saint you make me out to be. :o) It’s just the way my life has unfolded. I fostered for about eight years, but I don’t foster anymore – it’s been about three years now, I think, since I had to stop. I had to put a kitten to sleep be/c of FIP – none of my cats or the other foster cats got sick from it, but be/c they were all exposed to it, and could possibly be carrying it now, I’m not supposed to expose other cats to them. So when I had to stop, I just kept the remaining fosters – who were pretty much there be/c they’d been there awhile after not getting adopted be/c of their skittishness – ie, as mentioned above, the ones that can. not. be. picked. up. So I ended up with 10 cats at that time. O.O Right now, I have 11 be/c I took in my dad’s cat last summer after he passed away. I know… crazy cat lady. Plus I have two guinea pigs. lol… And since I spend so much time taking care of mine at home & cleaning, I only volunteer once in a while now at the county animal shelter. I miss the days of kittens in the house, but I think it must be someone else’s turn now…

  58. Resriechan says:

    @ Ceejoe:

    (To be said in “annoying little kid sister voice”): Yes, you A-ARE!!! Are SO !!!!!!

    Peace to your household.

  59. Resriechan,
    I grew up all over Germany- we had AFN, one channel, and they played football or Guiding Light and a bunch of stupid commercials. That was pretty much it. So we had Disney movies! My dad always would sing the Cinderelly song when I would whine about doing chores (as you can guess, it was played A LOT around our house for him to have picked up so many of the lyrics).
    Gus-gus is awesome. 🙂