Winston’s Annual Showering of love

Winston is perfect in every way, but occasionally needs a scrubbin’. Annually. Check out Winston’s bath time—he exhibits fewer cranky meows than usual, but satisfies with a lack-of-fluff-to-huge-eyes ratio.

Rich over at FourFour, you can wrap us up in a blankie eh-nee-time.



  1. haha, LOVE the sound effects!

  2. victoreia says:

    Poor Winston….the terrible things they do to you!

  3. victoreia says:

    (And he’s so resigned to it! I’d be bleeding copiously within two seconds with my fur-kids!)

  4. aw, he’s surprisingly well behaved!
    and I almost died laughing at the squeak sound when he shakes his legs.

  5. binky-mama says:

    A+ for sound effects! Weeenstone I tink I lubs you!

  6. Lo’ help me…Winston is SKINNY under all that? Loving the sound effects.

  7. Queen of Dork says:

    Meg is THE BEST!! I Love Meg’s posts. Anyway, with that obviy thing said: OMG: OMG Cute Overload! How in the H%$## can you show on your website a poor, poor dude man being forced to take a shower with his cat?!!!%$$$#@#? This is the mostest abuse I have ever seen!!! CRAP!!!! That man could have had his shower cap pulled off of his head by that insane cat thing!!!!! WHAT ARE yOU thinking, CO???!!

    Kidding of course. Love you. Love the video. 🙂

  8. The SQUEAKIES!! Made me LOL… lovin’ it!

  9. Aww, Winston is my favorite. ❤

  10. Do you think Maru ever gets a bath?

  11. Humm lets see what is going on in Winston head……..
    I’m singing in the rain, meow, Just singing in the rain, meow. You will eventually sleep and I’ll get get my revenge, meow,

  12. Winston is sooo “E.T. phone home” when he’s wrapped in the towel. Awww.

  13. Queen of Dork says:

    And I love NTMTOM, Theo and the new, Prongs too!!

  14. What the what!?!?!1? How tiny is Winston under all that floof???? Never would have thought…

  15. So, I gotta go ahead and ask… why on earth would you do that? Some cats are old or injured and unable to clean themselves, but Winston doesn’t seem that way…

  16. okaasan59 says:

    There’s something about seeing a large, tattooed guy kissing a cat in a towel that makes me think all’s right with the world. ^_^

  17. rubber duck says:

    He’s so THIN! o_o

  18. Moggyfan: Yeah, they just fill a cardboard box with sudsy water and let it sort itself out.

  19. Not. Happy. Cat….

    ….at ALL.

    That’s not human Jean Paul Mitchell shampoo in that bottle, is it?

  20. eternalcanadian says:

    i laughed all the way through this video. cats are notorious for hating to get wet and i was so surprised winston didn’t shred his human to bits. all that fur sure hid a rather svelte body, eh? it was so cute, fricking cute after the shower was over and winston was wrapped up in the towel like a sulking kid and his human kissed that grumpy face. and the biggest laugh came at the very end when winston made his way out the shower, shaking his legs and body. all huffy, and like, “well, it is about time, now if you don’t mind, i’ll go take a proper bath” which he did! 😀

  21. So cute!

    Wheres the phone number for this guy!!?? Kidding ^^

  22. Queen of Dork says:

    did i just cuss out a bunny?

  23. Peanut's mama says:

    I ❤ Winnie! I have his sub on my YouTube and watch his vids over and over again. TOO EFFING CUTE! And I agree w okaasan59!!!!!

  24. moggyfan – see this.

  25. I am so glad we got the self-cleaning models.

  26. berthaservant says:

    I’m expressing a contrary opinion: don’t like or need the sound effects.

    What I do like is that it’s very clear this cat is loved a lot. The way Rich cuddles him and Winston’s general lack of resistance indicates that they are very, very close; it was quite moving, really.

    Ceph, I’m sure others will weigh in, but sometimes longhaired cats need a scrub or two; it’s also possible there was a flea treatment or some other skin condition involved. Cats don’t hate water nearly as much as we are led to believe by cartoons; what they usually don’t like is the way they are handled; a cat will scratch and fight just as hard to stay out of a box or carry crate if they don’t want to.

  27. Weeeeeeeenston! Wrapped in a towel like a babeh, TOO CUTE for words! YOU KILL ME MEG. (And Rich and Winston.)

  28. okaasan59 – precisely what I was thinking! That, plus how amazing it is that Winston is so tiny, given his ravenous appetite!

    I’ve had to try to clean my kitties a few times when they, uhm, got anxious about a trip to the vet. They did not show Winston’s restraint. I was pretty well shredded.

  29. CoconutCheez says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute. ❤ the sound effects :D:D

  30. gravyboat says:

    Awwwww!!! His daddy takes such good care of heeeem!

  31. Baykon Cheezburger says:

    Sweet Winston! I like how he didn’t get huffy until afterwards, when he stalks off. Walks off thinking, “The Nerve!”

  32. ceph: Winnie has a few issues, one of which being his smooshface. It makes it harder for him to clean himself. He also has digestion issues which can sometimes make him a little icky 😦

  33. Resriechan says:


    (etc., etc. ad infinitum. Rich + Winston + us getting to see it = Nirvana).

    Thank you God, Meg, Rich, & whoever in combination of various inventions provided the beginnings of our ability to sit in our residences & view Winston’s life
    (aspects of the origins of the Internet; don’t even WANNA actually analize that one; just GLAD for Winston).

  34. Queen of Dork says:

    Winston is cool. But one of these days, I have to show you videos of my SamKitty. He rocks the boat.

  35. Cheesygirl says:

    Hee! I love it when they do the foot shake thing. Winston is awesome!

  36. Queen of Dork says:

    Rock the boat
    (don’t tip the boat over)
    Rock the boat
    (don’t tip the boat baby)!!!
    RRoooockk the boooaattt!!

    Wow. That was a good song from a long time ago.

  37. Is it wrong that I wanted some of Winnie’s patented cranky meows? He was so mellow, which is great, but I missed his annoying voice.

  38. That is something really cute. A guy with tattoos kissing a wet cat. Awwww.

    If I gave any of my 3 cats a bath, I would end up looking like both Wolverine and Sabertooth had attacked me. There would be serious bloodshed.

  39. Sometimes when the lovely and talented Daisy has …um…clearance issues, I have to wash her back end. To do so I don a denim coat and gardening gloves for (sometimes) useful protection.
    Some longhairs need baffs because they cannot keep up with their own grooming. Fortunately I only have to do this sometimes for Daisy, otherwise I would not be alive to write this here message! Although the thing that always cracks me up is how skinny her tail is under all that floof. 😀

  40. @Michelle – that was my thought too. “Do NOT tell me he is using Paul Mitchell on that cat.”

    He is too precious with Winston!

    Oh, and the sound effects made that clip!

  41. kibblenibble says:

    Winston was so well-behaved, sweet boy. I almost didn’t recognize him, without all the floof and cat-itude. Kittehs DO need baths sometims…Thanks for reminding us, Bserv. Smooshie faces like Winston or my Isabella get drippy eyes, and have a hard time leeking all that long fur. I just love Winnie.

  42. kibblenibble says:


  43. Winston is a GOOD cat. If that was one of mine, well, yowling doesn’t begin to describe it. His hoomin is is a sweetie too…

  44. Andi from NC says:

    Love the towel portion – Rich is one good papa – Winston is a lucky kitty and we’re lucky to be able to peek in on a such a sweet exchange between the two of them. You made my day.

  45. Cheap web hosting says:

    Lol! I love it when they do the foot shake thing.

  46. janet2buns says:

    My fave part is that such a tough looking guy would allow himself to be videoed kissing a wet cat in a towel. He’s all “I love my cat, and I don’t care who knows it!” Fabulous! If there were more guys like that the world would be a better place.

  47. Resriechan says:

    Two more thoughts regarding this vid & Meg’s captions:
    1) Musique selection: “Shower the people you love with love; show them the way you feel …”

    2) @ Debg/ Comment #36 above, re. wanting Cranky Winston Meows …..if you go into the CO link for “Winston !” (see left sidebar of CO homepage) ….then go to about the second page of them, to one that was titled (BLASPHEMY !!)
    “Winston is annoying”, that Meg/ CO dated from Sept 2007, you will deeply enjoy His Grouchiness in all its Wonder. A Multiplicity of Moody Meows awaits you !

    “And Winston for All.”

  48. Winston is now slightly enhanced. 😉

  49. relatively speaking, winston is one of the more relaxed and well behaved cats i’ve ever seen during bath time. remarkable! i enjoyed watching him do “the running man” while attempting to make his weak escape (you kids of the 80’s know the dance i’m talking about).

    yes yes towel wrap and kissie-poos are all nice but what got me is the background in the end…mounds and mounds of shoooeeeeees! lol

  50. snoopysnake says:

    Winston’s human loves him so much. I love the ones with the cozy cuddled Winston the best of all his vids.

  51. Previous video evidence shows that Winston will allow Rich’s BF (cannot remember his name!) to do whatever to him (there’s a video on Rich’s website of the BF packing Winston into a knee high or something for Halloween – I can’t remember what he was supposed to be). Perhaps that’s why Winston’s so quiet.

    Also – I want that towel. Anyone know where to buy it?

  52. Let the NUFFING BEGIN!

    (wow, Winnie’s so patient in there!)

  53. Shrinki-dink Winston!! lol Too cute……….both of them ;o)

  54. If that were my cat there would have been injuries on all sides and everyone involved would be soaked.

  55. I sooooooo needed this on this particular day. Winston, I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach.

  56. Winston wrapped in the towel and getting the head smoochies! I died.

  57. If someone told me that Winston makes those squeegie squeaks, I’d totally believe it, even without seeing it on video. *wonk wooooonk~~~*

  58. That was pretty funny. And all I can figure is that Winston must have gotten a few baths as a kitten, for him to be so tolerant of it in adulthood. The squeaky paws at the end got me, too.

  59. I love the look on Winston’s face as he’s being wrapped in the towel. Just the say he looks up with this “Oh Daddy how could you?” expression. And color me shocked to see how svelte he is under all of that floof!

  60. Too cute, anyone else reminded of ET when he was all wrapped up in the towel?

  61. Queen of Dork says:

    Danielle: Holy Crap! When you said shrinky dinks, you just brought me back a couple of decades. (and then some). We used to play with this stuff called Shrinky-dinks. These neat little things where you could draw on bits of plastic and then put it in the oven. They would shrink up into these hard little bits of “jewelry” that we would wear. Man, those were fun. They’re probably illegal these days as they most likely contain something that will cause sickness or injury or some sort of thing. But they used to be fun. But what the heck? We also used to play with mercury so maybe that’s what the hell is wrong with me. Okay. Tirade over.

  62. Those sounds effects were really unnecessary and annoying. Other than that cute video.

  63. I didn’t see anyone mention it, but it struck me how much Winston is loved when Rich was asked about the cat’s heart-rate. I know how stressed out cats can get when they are getting a bath. I was relieved to hear that Winston’s heart rate was fine. I had wondered if he was getting all worked up while getting his bath.

    Kudos for the squeaky-sounds! Very nice touch. Winston is such a cutie, wet or dry!

  64. Queen of Dork says:

    I LOVE this site! I love CO. I’ve been looking at this site probably since it started and only just awhile ago began to comment. This site seems to be a magnet for such lovely, intelligent, thoughtful, magnificent, silly humans. That’s what I love about CO. Thanks to Meg for this.

  65. Queen of Dork says:

    Peeps. The marmie kitty from the hood just came in my cat door. He’s BEAUTIFUL!!! I want to keep him. He and my cat seem to be getting along okay. ssshhhhh. I’m trying not to do anything sudden to scare them. I want this huge marmie baby. I hope he’ll stay. shhhhhh.. I already love him.

  66. Me: Not a fan of the sound effects.
    My eight-year-old daughter: Wanted to watch it again just FOR the sound effects.
    I guess it depends on who your audience is. 🙂

  67. Winston is so cute..wet or dry, and his dad ain’t bad either!!

  68. Queen of Dork says:

    Damn! Marmie baby left. 😦 what a bummer.

  69. Just a note: I’m almost positive that Rich’s boyfriend is the one washing Winston!
    I rewind to Winston’s being wrapped up in the white towel over and over and over again, and giggle insanely to myself because he reminds me of La Pieta, or the Madonna.

  70. I only gave my cat a bath one time. Just like Winston, he chose to re-bathe himself, despite my careful towel-drying. The licking went on for over an hour. My tongue still hurts just thinking about it. Never again. I’m just glad we don’t live in skunk territory, and that he never got bathably dirty. Yikes.

  71. Queen of Dork says:

    Elaine: That’s hilarious! Over an hour!! cracks me up.

  72. i really hope they’re not using people shampoo on W.

  73. Oh… no wonder Winston is so FAAABUUUULOUUUSSS.

  74. Winston, you’re my hero, I love you ! So well behaved for a prosh kitty !

  75. DaytimeDeb says:

    Impressed, not a peep from Winston. I had to close the windows whenever I used to bath my persian mix lest the neighbors call the Humane Society thinking I was trying to drown him or something. (He was an outdoor kitty the first few years before he became 100% mine. He liked to get/roll in the dirt. He was white. White+long hair+dirt = bath. Then as he aged, he forgot to — ahem — groom himself.)

    I was waiting for the post-bath leg-shake, but was not expecting the squeak! Loved it!

  76. @Resriechan: I know that vid, that’s why I missed the cranky meows so much. Winston has well-developed vocal talents, just like some of my furbabies.

  77. 😀 AWW 😀 I am glad that Winston does not mind being bathed by his owner, Rich 😀 It is sad that some kitties do need help keeping clean, but it is good that there are owners who will help their kitties keep clean 😀

  78. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Awwww! 😀

    When he’s all wet, he looks like a Mogwai and an Ewok got together and had a wet, hairy Gremlin in an ET blanket!! 😛

    At the end (past the squeaks, LOL) he’s like “I am SO pooping in your shoes when I get done!”

  79. I seem to recall the owner saying that Winston was perpetually stinky and did a lousy job of cleaning himself, hence the baths.

    Or did I dream that up?

    [Nope. Winston was a indeed ResQte™ and quite a bit of nursing work, too – Ed.]

  80. I’m gonna have to do that with my Rabbit (Flemish Giant) soon. He;s got brown sticky stuff on his fur, and he stinks. Mostly side effects of his ex-companion turning hostile.

  81. Wait, did Winston’s daddies move? That’s a different shower than the last bath time.

    That’s so sad that I notice these things.

  82. @Frank: Oh my!! Well, there’s the evidence then! Would love to have seen THAT video 🙂

  83. Eh, just because you can see a bottle of people shampoo, that doesn’t mean it’s being used on the kitteh. After all, my shampoo and conditioner stay on the side of the tub when we’re bathing the dogs…with their Hartz flea shampoo. 🙂

  84. Arachnophile says:

    whow… winston is so actually pretty skeeny under all that fur. 😉 You wouldn’t know it from his beggins.

    12 more months to go winston babee.

  85. nicefrenchgurl says:

    i just loved it, espc at O.35
    but suddenly my attention shiffted to another furry spcecies
    (dropped dead 😉 )

  86. Tell me you didn’t use that Paul Mitchell shampoo that was in the video on your cat! Soaps burns eyes….you should only use a tear-free soap for animals! and babies!

  87. Jacksonian says:

    You probably shouldn’t bathe most cats, and you definitely should not shampoo their fur with products made for people as we have hair and not fur. Doing this to a cat will wash away some of the essential oils in its coat whose purpose includes, among other things, helping the fur remain water repellent. Don’t believe me? Ask your vet.

    [Also washes away most of your incontinent pet’s essential poos, which is bad bad bad – Ed.]

  88. People, take a chill pill. Way to jump to conclusions.
    Unless they specifically say that that is what they used, take a step back and just enjoy the cuteness that is Winnie.

    There is nothing malicious about this video. Nope. Just pure cuteness 🙂

  89. Never mind Winston. I wouldn´t mind being in the shower with the tattooed hunk in the vid (Winston´s tin opener?). 😛

  90. Michelle, Jacksonian et al: Relax. Jean Paul Mitchell sells pet products, too. My hairdresser told (and showed) me.

  91. Oh, why are all the gorgeous cat-loving men gay?

    *shakes fist at uncaring universe*

    [Hey! Some of us are just MARRIED. 😛 – Ed.]

  92. Dear Winston,
    Mom gave me a bath once. I, like you, survived it. Now she takes me to a groomer. Yes, sometimes we furry folk need a bath, and ya, know, I’m all the better for it. Sometimes we just need a freshening up. Carrots all around for Winston’s bravery!

  93. The cutest thing about this video? Even with the sound off? The love between this man and this cat. You can see it in his hands. I’m gettin’ a little weepy here.

  94. Um. Actually, my sister-in-law is allergic to… well, just about everything. But cats included. So when they’re cat was still around, they had to give her a bath about once every two to three weeks. When we visited with our old cat (who is sadly no longer with us), we had to bathe him if he would be there for longer than a weekend. Cats can routinely clean themselves fine, but that doesn’t help with dander, which is what sets off allergies. For that, you need to bathe them. So yes, there IS a reason to give cats showers/baths. Ever!

  95. Resriechan says:

    Q of D: I’m only just now waking up (Sun am) & catching up w/ the Neighborhood News.

    My sympathies to you, if the Marmie hasn’t returned to your evident affectionate household !!!

  96. Blonderengel says:

    Someone asked about the towel in use here–those are “spa towels” — available here, for example:

    I use them and they are GREAT!

    Not as great as W, but close (hope I didn’t just commit heresy!)…

  97. Queen of Dork says:

    Resriechan: Actually, he did come back. But it was not good. He got into a huge fight with SamKitty. They’re not getting along anymore and I’m sad about it but oh well. 😦 At least nobody got hurt too badly. (boys…harummph)

  98. lillllbit says:

    Winston is ADORABLE! So is the guy giving him his bath!

  99. Queen of Dork says:

    Hey. Let’s wake up mom and dad. Hey…CO admins…wakey. wakey. (whispering but really want them to wake up) nudge. gentle nudge. wake up. It’s Bunday! wake up. There’s presents, mom and dad. Presents. shhhhhhh

    [Go watch cartoons, your mom & I wanna sleep – Ed.]

    […wait, that really doesn’t sound right. 😆 – Ed.]

  100. Queen of Dork says:

    Okay. I’ll get cereal.

  101. This may be my favorite Winston video yet! Loads of cuteness, and I loved the sound effects. The squeaks near the end had me LOL.

  102. Queen of Dork says:

    (Is that spelled right?) It looks weird.

    [Zzzzzzzzzzzz*snrk*zzzzzzz – Ed.]

  103. @Queen of Dork: Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs??

    My husband keeps looking at me funny because I squeek “WINSTON” whenever there’s a new vid! I do so love that they checked on his anxiety level and then kissed him when it was over. What wonderful pet parents.

  104. Queen of Dork says:

    wake up mom and dad. *eating oatmeal and watching cartoons while periodically jumping on your bed* (sssshhhhh- you’ll wake them)

  105. Resriechan says:

    @Ed (TheoRectically Theo?): You “snerk” even in your SLEEP ??????????


  106. What a sweet video! Love wet Weenston! Love Rich. Who knew Winnie was actually streamlined under all that fur?

    As for the shampoo, like Janni said, not only does Paul Mitchell make pet products, but that is most definitely what is being used here. On Paul Mitchell people shampoo, the brand name is… well… Paul Mitchell. On the pet shampoos it’s John Paul, which is exactly what’s on the label of the bottle in the shower. Not only are they using pet shampoo on Winston, they’re using designer pet shampoo. Winston is in good hands. (In more ways than one. ;))

  107. Queen of Dork says:

    Hi Whiskers! No. I think I’ll have oatmeal. But dang, Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs sound like the bomb! I wish mom and dad would wake up so we could open our presents.

  108. Resriechan says:

    @ QofD: it sounds as tho’ the Marmie was motivated by free food supplies, but resented sharing them w/ SamKitty….??

  109. Queen of Dork says:

    Resriechan: I don’t know what happened. They were totally getting along just fine and then all of sudden all heck broke loose! I sooooo wanted to take that cat into my home. I really like him but SamKitty doesn’t. Maybe it was a fight about the food.

  110. Winnie is one beloved kitty.

  111. Queen of Dork says:

    Theo. stop snerking at me in your sleep and wake up.

  112. Copperbat says:

    I love Weenston. 😀

    pon•tif•i•cate: express one’s opinions in a way considered annoyingly pompous and dogmatic

  113. Queen of Dork, are you too young to have experienced the sublimity of Calvin and Hobbes? That’s where the Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs comes from. 80

  114. Queen of Dork says:

    *gigantic gasp* I LOVE Calvin and Hobbes! I have one of the books on my bedroom floor right now! I forgot about that being from there!

  115. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: Also: I really want to get the Archie comic where he proposes to Veronica. Veronica!!!?? WTF?!! obviously he should have married Betty.

  116. Winston is really well behaved! What a good kitteh! Rich, been working out? Dang, man! Hawt.

    Love the ET impression, wrapped in towel at the end.

  117. Resriechan says:

    @ Q of D: Reload the home page!! The ‘rents are UP (aka there’s a new post)

  118. Queen of Dork says:


  119. 1. that’s one skinny cat
    that i thought was fat

    2. rotflol at the squeaky-toy noise

    3. this isn’t the last we’ve seen of winston, i suspect

  120. dangercat says:

    Is Winston OK? On FourFour they said he was not – but maybe they were joking?

  121. @dangercat: Yes, that was clearly sarcasm. Read it again…

  122. There isn’t enough Neosporin the world to cover the wounds if I did that with my kitties. My shower would look like a crime scene.

  123. My long haired cat gets dags ( as my Australian vet calls them, the vet gives kitty’s bum a rim trim. Other wise I attempt get hold of puss and cut the offending item off. However it quite often disappears, I presume it comes off as he walks through the undergrowth.

  124. The squeeky toy sound a the end slayed me. Well done.

  125. Resriechan says:

    @ Hon Glad: “Rim Trim” !!???

    Melikes the clever (& descriptive) phraseology !!!!!…… 😉

  126. There is nothing that turns me on like watching a man bathe a cat with such tenderness (or doing dishes, or cooking). I hope to find one some day.

  127. Starlinguk says:

    Weenston definitely lives up to the “I’m not fat, I’m fluffy” motto.

  128. Winston is better behaved in his annual bath than my shih tzus are in their weekly baths.

    The sound effects at the end killed me, and my doggies, too. My little boy kept looking at his squeaker toy to try and figure out who was squeaking it.

  129. Winston, You’re the cutest and you’re sooo well behaved!

  130. I just watched a video for John Paul’s Calming Shampoo for pets. Maybe that’s what they are using, and why Winston is so calm. It is filled with calming goodness, almond oil extract, chamomile…I bet Winnie smells divine after his bath, too!

  131. @ Kar: LMAO! I was thinking the same exact thing while I was watching the video.

    I also agree with someone else up-thread re: who was bathing Winston. I think it was Rich’s boyfriend, not Rich.

  132. Oops [-Ed] – Apologies! I wasn’t sure if my slight language editing was acceptable or not. Feel free to change to anything more appropriate – mess, or whatever. I’ll be more circumspect in the future, promise! (It was a heckuva mess, that’s for sure!)

  133. (Oh – comment disappeared while I was writing that. Thanks for keeping CO safe and happy! Now I know what crosses the line… Thanks!)

  134. Not sure if this was a cute kitty video or a video advertising my perfect boyfriend specimen.

  135. berthaservant says:

    Alice —

    <– not gay.

    And now available again.

    Just for the record.

  136. He’s so tame in the shower! My cats would NEVER allow that! I’d have to wear heavy duty welding gloves and a heavy coat or I’d be scratched to pieces!

  137. *sigh* I wish my kitty would chill like this for a bath. My girl does for the most part, she just gets really sad and gives those pathetic mews. My boy on the other hand…..last time we had to give him a bath (bad day with the litter bin), he ripped a tile off the wall. Seriously.

  138. >.> I was so distracted by Rich, I barely noticed poor wet, skinny Winnie.

  139. Hi B’Serv.

  140. Poor Rudy, always forgotten.

  141. LOVED the sound effects! Winston is now plotting his revenge, most likely.

  142. Rudy rules. I think that’s just a given.

  143. Theo… a coupla posts up, did I witness you making a “your Mama” joke at Q of D’s mother’s expense???! o-O

    [The way it ended up was NOT the way it started out. Sometimes things just get away from you. – Ed.]

  144. i love WINSTON!!!!! but the squeaky ball sound effects were driving my dog crazy

  145. I Heart Winston + Rich so much!! Obviously so much love!!!

  146. Winston is one very spoiled guy… as every pet should be. Seeing the big tattooed guy smooching on his little boy’s head is enough to make my day.

  147. Two things –
    If I tried that with any of my cats, I would be a bloody pulp.

    I want someone to love me that much… wrap me up in a towel and kiss my hayd…

  148. Amy Underwood says:

    Cain I trade places with Winston, pleeeeease?

  149. Dude that cat is an angel! My cat would’ve scratched my eyes out. He hates it when I wipe him with the wet glove clothes things for waterless baths but if I did to him there would be hell to pay.

  150. My internets were down this weekend, but so happy to see Winston again!! Weeeeenston! I luf heeeeem!!

  151. So, I’d rather see kitty’s daddy showering minus kitty. Meeeeeoooooow.

  152. berthaservant says:

    Thanks Theo. It was sudden (and I was not really given an explanation) but I’m okay. 🙂

    [Ah yes, that. Usually means the results from the background check (finally!) showed up. Sucks, man. 😉 – Ed.]

  153. @ Queen of Dork – they still sell Shrinky-Dinks, my sister uses them to make the information discs for her cat’s collars, you can run them through the printer these days.

  154. I knew that the second I went on vacation that CO would have Winston!
    I ❤ Whinny!!!!!!

  155. @ BServ: Sorry to hear that. But you are slowly moving closer to where I live, so… 😉

  156. I have to give my babies a bath occasionally. Flubbsy-Butt (not her real name) has great difficulty reaching over her massive belly to clean her nethers. That, and I just love watching her do the shakey foot walk. Unlike Winston, there is still a great deal of cat under her fluff. May I make a request? Rich and Winston in a bubble bath? Pleeeeeeeaassseeeee?

  157. emmberrann says:

    I have never tried to bathe Mr. Picky in water. Why not, you may ask? because he hates, Hates, HATES! it. I even tried (once) to brush Picky’s little pointy sharp teeth. Not only was he squirmy and wriggly, but he actually bit me.
    Picky is now 18 years old, and is in good shape for a vintage flyaway floof factory. He makes me smile at least a dozen times a day!

  158. Wow. So Winston’s boy is a never-nude? Dig those cut-offs…

  159. My kitty LOVES water. However, she only likes it when she puts HERSELF there. Had to give her a flea bath ONCE, and it was a bloody, painful, two person job.

    But when we’re drawing my stepdaughter’s bath, my kitty will hop right in and start having a ball!

  160. cant help but love a guy who loves his cat and gives him kisses