Welcome to ‘Tocktober, People. Now put on your Bonnie Raitt wig (I know you have one) and sing it with me!

Turtles are tockin’, tockin’ ’bout turtles,
This one needs Shoehab, would you believe it?


And then these bunnies, doin’ one-eighty,
Try to ignore it but they keep singin’…


‘Tocks just a little too round,
‘Tocks just a little too close,


You stare just a little too long.
Maybe you’re seein’, same thin’ we do darlin’.


Let’s give ’em somethin’ to ‘tock about
(Somethin’ to ‘tock about) [stoats singing backup]
Let’s give ’em somethin’ to ‘tock about
(Somethin’ to ‘tock about) [hamsters singing backup]
Let’s give ’em somethin’ to ‘tock about
How ’bout buttoooocks?


I feel so foolish, I never noticed
Your ‘tocks are bulbous, could you be posin’ for me?
It took this website to make me wonder,
Now I’m convinced that I’m goin’ under.


Thinkin’ ’bout ’em every day,
Dreamin’ ’bout ’em every night.
I’m hopin’ that they feel the same way,
But that’s impossible—’tocks can’t have feelin’s darlin!


Let’s give ’em somethin’ to ‘tock about
(Somethin’ to ‘tock about) [frogs singing backup]
A little mystery to figure out
(Somethin’ to ‘tock about) [baby seals singing backup]
Let’s give ’em somethin’ to ‘tock about
How ’bout buttoooooooocks?


Let’s give ’em somethin’ to ‘tock about babe,
A little bee butt to figure out.
Let’s give ’em somethin’ to ‘tock about,
How ’bout buttooooooocks? Ooh…


Listen to ’em baby
(Somethin’ to ‘tock about) [frogs singing backup again]


A little tailio won’t hurt ’em
(Somethin’ to ‘tock about) [baboons singing backup]


Let’s give ’em somethin’ to ‘tock about
How about love, love, spots, and love


Whoowhoo mmmm hey oohh whoowhoo
About love, love, love, love

How about they ‘tock about it? uh huh
‘Tock about love……..


Apologies to Bonnie Raitt. Take a bow, ‘Tocktober! Excellent pic spotting, Chief Sister Officuh.

Turtle ‘Tocks by Kasey S., Bun’Tocks by Debra R., elephant log ‘tocks by Sheri, Frog ‘Tocks by Mary Jo E., Sprawled Bunneh ‘Tocks by Heather R., French Bulldog ‘Tocks photo by Carolyn M. sent in by Carolyn C. NBC ‘Tocks by Elena A., Bee ‘Tockage by Uncle Andrew, Alpaca Night ‘Tocks by Julie K., Duck! Duck! ‘Tocks! by Melissa S., Pan-‘Tocks by Roxanne S., Giraffe ‘Tocks by Kellene F., ‘Phant ‘Tocks Sent in by Kate E. taken by Carolyn G.



  1. The Best Tocktober EVAR!!!

  2. WOW. I love super-long posts. Totally worth it. Tocktacular!

  3. James, the word is actually specTOCKular! 🙂

  4. AuntieMame says:

    Meg’s blown her wad for Tocktober. I hope she has enough photos for the rest of the month. 🙂

  5. Good call, Beth. Not sure how I missed that one.

  6. oh meg… shaking head… we luf ewe!

  7. yay! for tocktober! yay! for the long posts and hovertexts (i’d link teho’s yay! pic, but i suck at linking) … this post about did me in…. tooo funny!

    [ 😉 – Ed.]

  8. LOVE those rabbits! Mmmmm!

  9. H.O.W. cute are alpaca ‘tocks? Eep!
    I *heart* ‘Tocktober so much.

  10. I love ‘Tocktober – I wonder if there is a ‘Tocktoberfest somewhere with cute little animals drinking beer and mooning each other.

  11. Bee’s butt is the bee’s knees.

  12. Turtle Tocks at ten o’clock send in the shoe rehabberS!

  13. Tsk, this is an old Tocktober, Meg! I’m sure you can finds some different adorable tocks to toss in there. ;P

  14. Looks like the duck has a third leg O_O

  15. 260Oakley says:

    We will, We will
    ‘Tock you

  16. I was having an absolute shite of a day. Then this. *sigh* Thanks Meg, Prong, et al.

  17. I think the bumble bee ‘tocks were my favorite.

    Heh. BEETOCKS.


  19. ‘Tock on, my friend. ‘Tock on.

  20. This was just “TOCK-TASTIC!” Tock you!!!

  21. OK, I love them all but my favorites are (surprisingly) the turtle and the bee. That turtle is all “I’m kind of embarrassed to ask but NOW what?”

    Plus of course, that baby girl elephant! I still think that video of her running around is the cutest thing ever! (well, ONE of them)

  22. Bee tocks are the best tocks hahahaha *sigh* I needed that… But I hope next month isn’t Nuff’vember.. that would suck…

  23. OK, now we’re talkin’ (think about it for a second and……you got it.)

    Thank you Megaroonie.

    Bumbleeebeetocks-so special. Ooops I just swiped all his/her pollen trying to pet him (her)-here have it back (wipes finger on fuzzy back)

  24. (She told me to) Walk this way!!!!
    Tock this way!!!!
    Walk this waaaaay!
    Tock this way!!
    Just give me a kissssss….like this!
    *cue guitar riff*

  25. Happy Tocktober, all.

    @Katiedid – every month is Nuff’vember, apparently.

  26. The Frenchie tocks are by far my favorite. This post made me so happy!

  27. Von Zeppelin says:

    Beetocks–isn’t that the stuff they inject into your face to remove wrinkles and make you expressionless?

  28. I’m looking forward to NOSEvember, since my birthday is on the first, but I’m happy with Tocktober for the time being. 🙂

  29. No ifs, ands — just butts! : )

  30. 😆 @ VonZ!

    (and reading that, in mah hed it sounds similar to Fonzie)

  31. BeckyMonster says:

    This is me this morning…

    Oh, gotta change the calendar….. HOLY $#&@! it’s Tocktober! YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!

    Simple pleasures…

  32. The BUNdle will always be my favorite. Ahn.

  33. Kentucky Kitty says:

    Tocktober totally rules!! You outdid yourself this time Meggie! 😀

  34. Tocktoberfest! Tocktoberfest!
    How we love Tocktoberfest!

  35. BeckyMonster says:

    Can’t wait for Nose-vember!

  36. Andi from NC says:

    *applause* “Bravo!!!! Bravo!!!!” (crowd leaps to their feet for a standing ovation) “More!!!! More!!!!” “Let’s bring Meg out one more time – c’mon, Meg!!!” *hands big bouquet of roses to Meg* *Meg tilts head to one side in mock shyness and runs to the center stage for a curtsy – “You like me, you REAALLY like me!” – yes, Meg, we do!!!

  37. Mary (the first). says:

    We love Meg and Tocktober and Bonnie Raitt (about whom let me brag that when I was about 6 I met her father and he said “I have a daughter about your age” and I was smitten with jealousy because I wanted to be her and even more so after she became Bonnie Raitt.. if you know what I mean…love her)

  38. Peatocks!

    Now THAT’S how you kick off Tocktober!

  39. LunaChickFringe says:

    Little girl, it’s a great big world but there’s only on of me
    You can’t touch ’cause I cost too much but
    Tonight I’m gonna ‘tock you
    Tonight I’m gonna ‘tock you….

    These ‘tocks go to 11…

  40. We’re gonna Tock around the clock tonight,
    We’re gonna Tock, Tock, Tock, ’til broad daylight.
    We’re gonna Tock, gonna Tock, around the clock tonight!!!!

  41. That was Meg-nificent!!!

  42. Truly brilliant–the hovertexts put it over the top….. and I’m loving the peacock ‘tocks! (wait…that sounds a little dirty…)

  43. I love Tocktober!
    And the Tocktoberfest!

  44. Meg – You’ve got us Happy tocking tocking happy tocks, tock about things you like to do. If you don’t have a dream you’ve gotta have a dream howya gonna have a dream come true.

  45. Nancy (orig) says:

    Toctober fest on CO. Love the beetocks – BRAVO MEG!!! I’m gonna sing those words all day.

  46. Meg=genius.

  47. catloveschanel says:

    Bravp! Bravo! verklempt

  48. @ Camille is that a little pom puppy in your avatar????

    Yes I know a total thread jsck But IT”S AN ADORABLE POM PUPPY!!!!!

    Can you link a full size picture he is soooooo cute

  49. Re: hovertext. I remember that poor, confused woman who didn’t know what tocks were. And when she found out, she was completely in denial.

    Didn’t she think that it was feet?

  50. personally, i think the peenk piggee tocks rock the most!

  51. that was HILARIOUS 🙂 🙂 🙂

  52. ‘tocks rule. Especially the sprawled out rabbit one. Must grab.

  53. French bulldog and bun ‘tocks win my heart every time.

    Tock, tock, tockin’ on heaven’s door – pure awesomeness!!

  54. Tocks are feet, right?
    Hence the shoe in the first photo?

  55. OMG LOVE!

  56. Well since nobody claimed it I choose the panda tock. Oh heck I’ll take the whole panda! No I’ll take them all! (except the bee, allergic)

  57. Mary (the first). says:

    I love all the tocks but the giraffes are .. stunning!

  58. Nice “South Pacific” ref, there Hon Glad.
    Scoobie, ‘tocks are buttocks, or, buns, or posterieors, or those things upon which you sit, in the animal world.

    Oh, how I do love ‘Tocktober!

  59. Happy ‘Tocktober!!!! Thas was quite possibly the best post ever!!!!

  60. The French Bulldog and the biiiiiiiig bunny’s ‘tocks are my favorites, especially because of the splayage, but then all of them are just lovely. I would so much like to have a Very Big Bunny.

    Kille’rs own ‘tocks got some of their fur trimmed away in the last Great Bath, but, as we know, it does grow back.

    I bought a thing that swears that it gets embedded dog hair out of upholstered furniture-I will put it to the acid test and give my recommendation/criticism. It has a picture of a West Highland White terrier on the pack- do they even shed? Does anyone know?

  61. I love the bee-booty-tocks!!

  62. Can anyone give me the link to the upside down writing? I’d like to see if it is appropriate for my orchestras’ website. Pyrit, I think it was you who found it for us, I forgot to bookmark it. Thanks very much.

  63. Brilliant, simply brilliant.

  64. “You tockin’ to me? You tockin’ to me? You tockin’ to me? Then who the heck* else are you tockin’ … you tockin’ to me? Well I’m the only one here. Who the fudge* do you think you’re tockin’ to? Oh yeah? OK.”

    *bowdlerized for the delicate-minded

  65. My, this is a nice collection of tushies. My favorite is the bulldog and the bunnies.

  66. Rabbit! Rabbit!
    Happy first of ‘Tocktober!

  67. Juno: “bowdlerized”? Are you a Thursday Next fan?

  68. I love the abundance of ‘tocks in this post!

  69. That little froggeh looks like a green pepper. Cronshe!

  70. No one has said it? If that turtle was a box turtle it would need boxhab instead of shoehab…shoehab….. (echo)

  71. I think I meant if it WERE a box turtle…….

  72. I salute your well-stocked butt-tockery and overfilled ‘tocks crockery.

  73. oh my, i’m so embarrassed /blushing/
    what I thought was a leetle peenk piggy is a french bulldog… I just realized it doens’t have a piggy tailio… anyone else think it looked like a piggy? the pink shading?? anyone???

  74. NEXT UP: “‘Tock Radio” :mrgreen:

  75. So glad I’m not the only one obsessed with ‘tocks. Yay for Tocktober, and yay for this post!

    @Xenira: I say “rabbit rabbit,” too, and I get some funny looks when I do so! Apparently not everyone has heard of that.

  76. It’s official. This post? Out. Of. Control!!

  77. @KittyAdventures – no, she’s not a Pom puppy, she’s a full-grown Tibetan spaniel. (Though she has a good friend who’s a Pom). I don’t think I have the full-size version posted anywhere accessible. She is indeed adorable, and thanks.

  78. Best.. post.. EV-AH!!!

    Seriously, this has got to go down in C.O. Hall Of Fame!!

    Meg, you had me friggin SINGING ALONG!! Seriously, try to grasp the magnitute, people in SWEDEN are singing along to this madness, and LOVING every tock about it!

    I tip my hat. Good day.

  79. Okay- now we’ve GOT to get Bonnie to send in a pic of herself and some cute pet’tocks!!
    C’mon, Ms. Rait- we KNOW you saw this!! 🙂

  80. thank you for the best laugh I’ve had all week!!! I heart CU!

  81. I’m afraid I heard, ahem, a different song as I viewed these pictures.

    Everybody talk about

  82. P.S. BEE ‘tocks? *dies*

  83. ceejoe: nope not the only one. I thought it was a pig too.

    Must say I’m LOVING all the musical references. But HonGlad’s is my favorite. And b/c I have Spring Awakening running through my head today:

    I believe
    I believe
    I believe
    It is now Tock-tober!

  84. Is it weird that I totally recognize where the PEACOCK-TOCKS pic was taken? I can’t be the only one…

  85. i love this song! awesome overload!

  86. Johnny handsome says:

    Meg i love you and i want to marry you

  87. FanTockinTastic 🙂 What’s not to lurve about cute critter ‘tocks??

  88. Today, my mom wished me a happy October (it’s our favorite month, because it’s got Halloween!) and I was all, “TOCKtober, you mean?” and she was like, “Huh?” and I was all, “You’re so lame…”

  89. ITS, ITS got Halloween. No apostrophe. I know my grammar, I swearz!

  90. Best song, best ‘tocktober spread (he he he), bestest best all of it!

  91. Bun-tocks are my absolute favorite; my rabbit finnegan sprawls out the same way, front & rear legs all akimbo. It’s really hard not to sneak up and make a grab for the fuzzfeets.

  92. Holy sh– 😐 thats a long song! How many pictures of animals behinds?

    😉 Love the buns, though. Made my day!

  93. Baby elephants are pretty much the greatest thing ever invented. I ❤ them.

  94. Resriechan says:

    I’m rather fond of several selections among these pics, but would be so bold as to list the following: gotta give automatic bonus points for any w/ mom ‘n kid (ephelants, sp here is perhaps incorrect, yet deliberate…)…& the peacock …prob my personal supreme, is for the turtle ‘tocks’ affair w/ the (presumably) stanky (again, misspelling is purposeful) sneak. Backstory for me, the Best Man in my life, Salinger (4-legged feline), had a long-term intimate relationship w/ the stanky boots of the next-best guy (just a male hominid biped). He literally would stare down the biped until the stanky boots were “OFF HIS FEET, daggone it; what’s takin’ him so LONG?????”

    You may, if you choose, attach the Tag “Sad or Cute?” to this historic description.
    “And that’s the way it was.”

    (PS: Meg– song lyric references, as well as their orig singer, are both AWESOME)

  95. Queen of Dork says:

    Yay!!! Happy ‘Tocktober to one and all!! *wearing pointy hat, throwing confetti, streamers and blowing on that paper unfurley thing* (confession: I also thought the bulldog was a piggy) 🙂

  96. holligans says:

    Drat, I’m so late to the party… but what a glorious comment-fest! So much hi-larious stuff it took TWO glasses of wine to get through (the actual post took one).
    Brilliant stuff, Meg.

  97. The panda owns all the others – come on! He’s bent in a way that isn’t even possible! You try lying on your side while your butt independently faces the camera!

  98. Apart from Christmas, Tocktober is the best !!!!!!!!!!! Bring on those fabulous Tocks !!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. victoreia says:

    Pea-tocks? Or bee-tocks? How can I choose?

    P.S. Lizzy: you were correct the first time. “It has”=contraction; therefore, apostrophe. (‘Kay, taking off the reader’s hat….)

  100. crazycurlygirl says:

    BRA-VO *clap clap clap clap*

  101. Have you heard of the tocktacular book Chicken Cheeks by comedian Michael Ian Black (http://www.amazon.com/Chicken-Cheeks-Michael-Ian-Black/dp/1416948643/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1254448809&sr=8-1)?

    Watch the video! Many cute animal tocks as well as a grown man in a chicken suit.

  102. Oh, Meg. I have been sadly remiss in my CO visits over the last couple of months. I just returned today, and this is about the best post I could have come back to. Wow. Just wow.

  103. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal~~!

  104. Now yer ‘Tockin!

  105. Genius! Between the hovertext and the lyrics, I was cracking up!

  106. momof2kittiesandapuppeh says:

    Epic. Truly epic. I stand in awe.

  107. How big is that bun? He appears to be the size of a german shepherd. 🙂

  108. Jenn in IL says:

    Best part of the song:

    “A little bee butt to figure out.”

    I remember this song from (probably) last year, but it’s awesome none the less, and the hovertext is oh so hilarious!!

  109. There is just something about the expression “bee butt” that cracks me right up.

  110. aw, that’s just crazy tock

    (runs for cover behind baby pygmy hippo)

  111. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Hard to pick a favorite, but mine are the white French Bulldog & the fluffy Alpaca! !

  112. bookmonstercats says:

    What a start to Tocktober. What more can I say? Meg rocks.

  113. LeAnn (not LeAnna) says:

    I was just thinking about Tocktober yesterday. And yes, I vote for the bee butt.

  114. Lovely post, but I still don’t see no tocks on that there McFroggerson.

  115. Nose to the screen Babs, nose to the screen…..

  116. Honey Bee says:

    I love the bunnies!

  117. I wanna tock & roll all night!
    And blurple everyday!
    (smashes beer can on head)

  118. Queen of Dork says:

    ‘TOCK!! (tober)

  119. Doxylover79 says:

    Loved the pics…..but whoever wrote the words is a pure GENIOUS!!

  120. Daphne Moss says:

    That was fantastic! Enjoyed every word and frame!
    *standing, happy clapping*

  121. emmberrann says:

    Isn’t there a picture of Maru somewhere with just the ‘tocks stickin’ out of a box? Where’s some kitty-‘tocks, hm, Ms. McMeggersons? I just luvvv me some kitty-‘tocks. Just sayin’, y’all. Oh, and by the way, Happy ‘Tocktober, and to all a good night!

  122. Wonderful lyrics — I sang along in my head. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

  123. cute,lol-laugh-out-loud

  124. Hollywood Marie says:

    Wow, has it really been a year? Already?

  125. In Swedish, “thank you” is “tack [pronounced “tock”] sa mycket!”