Don’t Get Swell-Headed, But You’re Cute

Sender-inner Tiffiny R. proposes a new Rule of Cuteness™:  If your food is bigger than you are, it’s cute, which contradicts the earlier rule: Never eat anything bigger than your head and other drawings.  (We’re still not sure how the other drawings factor into it.)

Baby Squirrel Bottle-Fed



  1. *gasp* *dies*

  2. You forgot one. Rule of Cuteness #38: If you have a curved, plump belleh, it’s cute.

  3. biscuithead says:

    Love how the wee squirrel mus strayche to reach the bottle!
    And thanks for the Kliban reference!!! Must go dig that book out again.

  4. Wait, that didn’t make sense. I thought we were listing Rules of Cuteness; I didn’t realize we were proposing a new one. Must. Read. Slower.

  5. Stretch, lil Skwerlio! Streeeeetch!

  6. harlemgrrl says:

    widdle squirrelio, i must give a kees!

  7. Cuteful belleh! Look at those blissful eyes! (delishas nom nom)

  8. Andi from NC says:

    num num num num…..aaaaahhhh – that’s some fine baby squirrel nector you mixed up for me mama!

  9. Tiiiiiiiiny leetle ‘tocks. OOoooooooooooo. And a nice, long talio into which to grow.

  10. My, that’s one deliciously curved plump belly.

  11. His head is as big as the rest of his body! That’s cute.

  12. I luvs the contented face and keeute widdle leeeps!!!

  13. That babyish back leg! Swooon!

  14. Chinchillazilla says:

    Awww, lookatislittletail!

    My mom once rescued two baby squirrels from a busy street when their mom was nowhere to be found. She brought them home and we took care of them for about a week, then released them in the backyard and put up a squirrel feeder (they were weaned and didn’t need milk like this little guy). I like to think that the zillions of squirrels that hang out in our yard now are their descendants.

  15. LibrarianJessica says:

    I second the motion to include a new Rule of Cuteness.

  16. motheralice says:

    Blissed out sqwerrl bebeh!!! So cute!!!

  17. I dated a guy who ate food that was bigger than he was – trust me, it ain’t always cute. 🙂

  18. I always thought “never eat anything bigger then your head” was a basic guide to life.

  19. OMG!! To cute!! I want a baby squirly-poo. I will kiss him and pet him ….

  20. Nuthin’ better than a kitteh’s belleh…wait, a SQUIRREL belleh???!!!

  21. Lol, I have that same bottle for my human baby. 🙂 I love his belly! Wow, that’s one cute chunkeh tummeh!

  22. He’s going to have to grow into that head. lol

  23. OMG KLIBAN!!!!!!!!!!!! Meg you are teh coolest EVAR. I loved that book when I was a kid (or at least the stuff that was understandable to me at the time). Props.

  24. so its a squirell? ugh, i can’t spell. fug it

  25. One giant Aaaaaaah! 🙂

  26. Mandy, proper spelling is “skwerlio.” Also acceptable is “skwerl.”

  27. Oh wait – props to NTMTOM. Oops.

  28. Your local wildlife rehabilitator is AWESOME if you find a baby like this, or any other wild animal. They can tell you whether it’s orphaned and how to help it.

  29. miniskwerlio fits in the palm of a hand! *skweee*

  30. Sqwerl Yogeh: “Plump Belleh Straych”

  31. The skwerl can’t help it.

  32. doggabone says:

    The thing about not eating anything bigger than other drawings is often misunderstood, because it doesn’t refer to ALL drawings, but only the “other” drawings. If it’s larger than the drawing on a postage stamp, it’s probably okay to eat it. However, if it’s larger than the drawing on a C-3PO Lifesize Standup, then you need to focus on your portion control.

    Also, it’s completely unrelated to prize drawings of any sort.

  33. Yep. Definitely need a rule about inordinately large heads in proportion to small lithe bodies. Then again, by that definition, Nancy Reagan would have qualified…

  34. Wow, I actually own that book “Never eat anthing bigger than your head, & other drawings… BKliban rocks!

  35. platedlizard says:

    Let’s see now… we’ve got some ‘tockage, and round baby belly, kouchable ears and tail, and fine baby soft fur.

    Yes. I do think this is cute.

  36. o m g !!! SQUIRREL!!

  37. I miss my baby squirrel.

  38. World peace baby squirrel.

  39. Oh, my, my baby squirrel (and BTW, his name is Squirrelio) is a bit older than this baby, who looks to be 5 weeks old. Squirrelio’s eyes were still closed when I got him (fell out of nest, mama never came to get him, poor little grub) and I got to spend two weeks getting up twice every night to stumble downstairs and feed.

    They are really squeeworthy at this age.

  40. BTW, you should see them trying to sit up on their haunches like a Regulation Sqyirrel at this stage of development. Their Giant Heads keep tipping them over!

  41. I can’t believe you referenced the book “Never Eat Anything…”. I remember it from when I was young and say it all the time but was starting to wonder if I was the only one who knew about it! Thanks for making my day!

  42. Resriechan says:

    @ PG:

    Best Klever Song Lyric Adaptation/ Photo Caption, EVAIR !!!!

  43. Queen of Dork says:

    I fainted after looking at the miniscule bicep on the tiny forearm. Came to and noticed the wee leetle prosh elbow and then…*ka-thud*

  44. Oh me oh my! What a cutie!

  45. Perfect opportunity to get in an underhanded belly kiss !

  46. victoreia says:

    The plump-age of the belleh did me in; now you say there’s a teeny bicep?!? (Looks again.)(Faints)

  47. Queen of Dork says:

    (fanning victoreia’s face to bring her about).

  48. “Never Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head” is a collection of cartoons by B. Kliban, the great unsung (and sadly passed on) surrealist. It’s pretty amazing. Though it’s definitely not cute!

  49. Yeah, no, absolutely. I got new foster kittens today, and basically had to put their food on paper plates on the floor, because my pet bowls are much taller than they are. And the food is still taller than them!
    btw- two, twin orange tabbies, both girls (how often do you see that!!!). If you’re in the Philly area and want an orange girl, email- [removed, come on! – Ed.]. They’re too cute for words!

  50. So sweet! So tiny! muah

  51. The tummeh! The haunches! The yearning paws! It’s a trifecta of cute!

  52. BB SKWRL!

  53. Don’t ya just want to put him in your pocket ??? !!!

  54. I love how this pose echoes the Skwerl Draped Over Feeder pose of a few days back. I guess we all know what this little dewd is gonna be doing when he grows up.

  55. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    O.M.G. That wee squirrely-o’s body looks so SOFT!!!! ❤ ❤ GIVE HIM TO ME FOR KISSES…

  56. LovesDogs says:

    Where back leg meets tumtum = trianulization flapizoid = extreme cuteness.

  57. A-freakin’-nerable.

  58. I love how his little feetsie are crossed over while he is drinking his milk. Too cute – I want one.

  59. Honey Bee says:

    I love him! Want to give a smooch!! But, yes, chubby (or fat) animals are cuter (like my hamster, Haley) but this one was too too too adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  60. Might I just add that they purr like kittens and LOVE to have their little armpits rubbed. Honest.

  61. Mrs. Lackey says:

    permish to neeeble on the teeny ear flappage?

    I weeel be gentle, but I MUST haf eet.

  62. AWWWW… so cuhute!!!

  63. Resriechan says:

    @ Punkster: Now THOSE are the kind of wonderful new facts that got me hooked on checking this website every day !!!! GREAT content !!!!!!

  64. Hey! love squrilly_pooh.want one!!!!!! oh my god! toooooo cuuuuuute!!!!!!! i can’t believe this pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. kathy cahill says:

    Baby squirrels are THE BEST!!!!!!!!