It’s kind of like finding a potato chip that looks like Jesus.

Except it’s a bathroom towel dog, and he looks like Eleanor Roosevelt.

The 'permanent press' setting helps.

Not an albino mole.

I do not approve of this post.

You can find FDR in one of my wrinkles.

Have you seen Lou Hoover? She looks like my foot.

Pigment is for losers.Hellooooooooooooo!

Forwarded by John L.



  1. Soooo wrinkley! Must, bury, face, in them!!!! Too bad they lose most of it when they get bigger.

  2. That’s a compliment to the dog!

  3. No, he looks like a manatee.

    Such wrinkles! I hope they don’t step on him!

  4. I approve of Prongs! Carry on.

  5. Yes, he most definitely has a manatee face. So cute. And so comfy — it’s like he has a built-in blankie.

    P.S. – I call matchingks for the fluffy white linens (and for Eleanor, too).

  6. Awwwww…. His nose is about to buried by his wrinkles! Too cute!

  7. That is NOT funny!. Mrs. Roosevelt was a wonderful human being and helped her husband make the United States a much better country. Real beauty is on the inside — not the outside!!!

  8. Yeah… gotta give this a thumbs down. Cute dog, awesome lady, terrible comparison.

  9. The dogs are precious and Mrs. Roosevelt was a wonderful human being.

  10. Remove the Eleanor Roosevelt comparisons and this post is golden. I don’t see the likeness to her, and I think it’s an unnecessary and rude analogy.

    But TOWELS, yes. ^_~

  11. Amazed at resemblance to Eleanor Roosevelt, and to a random piece of crumpled cloth. *clap clap clap*

  12. that poor dog – the breed is known to suffer a lot. And for the lady to be compared to a dog.. I don’t know what’s up with CO recently.. I suppose I’ll have to find cute somewhere else.

  13. I think the pup looks a bit like a gigantic tardigrade, or a water bear, or whatever you want to call it, minus two sets of legs.

  14. can that poor thing even see?

  15. Cute dog. Rude comparison and mean-spirited attempt at funny.

  16. That puppy is too adorable (who came up with the towel rest? Lol!). So even though I bristled at the comparison at first I’m going to see it as a high compliment to the wonderful first lady. That photo of her smiling is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Good vibes here.

  17. What happened, CO? You used to be my absolute favorite go-to site, but the posts these days are not nearly as clever or funny as they were a few years ago. You can do (have have done) much better. Cheap shots and snide comments re: Eleanor Roosevelt are not why I visit this site.

  18. Thumbs WAY down. Mean, mean, mean spirited dig at an awesomely wonderful woman, a real hero of the 20th century.
    Not cute & not funny.

  19. I’m actually a huge fan of Eleanor Roosevelt. She had a wicked sense of humor, so I believe she’d approve.

    Does it help if I told you that I look like James Gandolfini in a dress?

  20. Aw, that’s a mean, mean comparison. Bad CO, bad!

    Having said that, the dog has excellent towel camouflage, and definitely cute.

  21. Cute adorable Wrinkle Pup… and awesome lady, who by her warmth drew people to her.

    For those who don’t know much about Mrs Roosevelt
    here is a quick 5 minute Video.

    She had a wonderful sense of humor on top of being one of the most intelligent strong outspoken women of history,.

    Eleanor Roosevelt

  22. @ Marlene – I totally agree!!! I felt hurt on behalf of Eleanor Roosevelt. Doggie is way cute but don’t need to get Eleanor involved in this. Not nice. Not nice at all.

  23. When someone says a bulldog looks like Winston Churchill, do people get all upset?

  24. I’m a little disappointed in CO lately too. This is first time I’ve been a nuffer but I just adore Eleanor Roosevelt and I find this kind of a bummer.

    Cute dog though.

  25. At first I thought Mr. Wrinklykins was a towel, until I scrolled down a little more.

  26. Wow – I have to say I’m not finding the humor in this one…I’m actually a little bit shocked. I seriously wondered for a second if the site had been hacked.

  27. Where is the similarity? I don’t see it unless you mean that she and the dog both have wrinkles. Then I still don’t see it. BTW, Not everyone is or wants to be a super model. There are more important things in life; Eleanor Roosevelt is a very good example of this.
    ” No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.” –Eleanor Roosevelt

  28. Prongs apparently you have arrived you got your first nuff war.. I agree she would have completely approved and I wish all of those who are complaining would instead take this opportunity to share what they know of Mrs Roosevelt, and some of the good she did..

  29. after i got through the pissing and moaning i was still happy enough with the puppy to say awwwwwwwww

  30. @Skippymom – I don’t think that’s a equal comparison and obviously quite a few people are upset by this comparison. I was very shocked. This is my first ever Nuff.

  31. lol and sigh @ nuffers

  32. @kittyadventures – Why, thank you. Perhaps you and my mom will continue to read my posts.

  33. Wuh-oh. Looks like we have another commentroversy brewing!

    How dare you, Cute Overload. How dare you. Eleanor Roosevelt has only been dead for 47 years, and you’re already making jokes comparing her to a cute puppy! Have you no decency, no shame? Why, if Mrs. Roosevelt were alive, she’d … Well, she’d probably laugh, as she was noted for having a good sense of humor. Just the same, I’m outraged! Won’t someone please think of the children?! /maudeflanders

  34. More Eleanor Facts

    From the official white house biography Found Here

    When Mrs. Roosevelt came to the White House in 1933, she understood social conditions better than any of her predecessors and she transformed the role of First Lady accordingly. She never shirked official entertaining; she greeted thousands with charming friendliness. She also broke precedent to hold press conferences, travel to all parts of the country, give lectures and radio broadcasts, and express her opinions candidly in a daily syndicated newspaper column, “My Day.”

    This made her a tempting target for political enemies but her integrity, her graciousness, and her sincerity of purpose endeared her personally to many–from heads of state to servicemen she visited abroad during World War II. As she had written wistfully at 14: “…no matter how plain a woman may be if truth & loyalty are stamped upon her face all will be attracted to her….”

  35. Ick. Don’t like. No need for nasty comparison, the puppy pix are great on their own.

  36. Oh I found an entire book on line, this is a memoir of her Written by her Grandson

    Grandmere by David Roosevelt

  37. it’s my first nuff too, omg! partly cause it IS kind of offensive to make fun of a really cool lady’s appearance, and partly that dog is so ridiculously cute that it takes away from the post to have to scroll past big photos of Eleanor Roosevelt to get to them. The towel comparison is much more apt (and funny) anyway.

  38. what kind of dog is that?

  39. i cant believe people are whining about this…
    if it was sarah palin or any other republican, people would be commending prongs on her (his?) astute use of personification (or something overly intellectual)

    COME ON people, who is this hurting? no one… its light humor

  40. Not nice. Not funny.

  41. OMG I did not know this she was on “What’s My Line”

    You have to see this it is awesomely funny

    here is the link and it is about 8 Minutes long

    Eleanor on “What’s My Line”

  42. It would seem to me that this is disrespectful only if we consider physical appearance to be an important basis on which we form our opinions of people. I doubt that Mrs. Roosevelt considered herself a great beauty, and having a little fun about her looks is not equivalent to suggesting she was not a great person who did great things for the world.

  43. Skippymom: Women have had to deal with being defined by their appearance for a very long time. Men, on the other hand, have been defined by their work or their abilities. What a wonderful thing that Eleanor Roosevelt, in her own time, was defined by her abilities,

    When women are compared to a dog, its usually because of their looks, and it is never flattering. So if someone compares me to a dog and I think it’s insulting instead of laughing about it, then I don’t have a sense of humor.

    It’s amazing that kittyadventures is on such close terms with the deceased Mrs. Roosevelt that she knows that she would have laughed about it. What a fantasy life some people have.

  44. I love Eleanor Roosevelt, even though I’m Canadian. I have one of her quotes on my refrigerator where I can see it every day. “Do one thing every day that scares you.”

    Personally, I don’t thing there is anything rude or insulting about this posting. I’m adding a few more of my favourite Eleanor quotes for the Nuffers

    “A woman is like a tea bag- you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.”

    “Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.”

    “Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticized anyway. You’ll be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.”

    “Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.”

    “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.’ You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”

    And finally, the last word—

    “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

  45. James Gandolfini in a dress… well, I suppose I’ve been subjected to worse mental images, but let’s just say I won’t be jumping straight into Photoshop.

  46. It’s a shar-pei puppy, but sadly, probably overbred. Just hope it will grow into its skin. Cute anyway and well-loved, it seems.

  47. @btway – why does politics have to be involved? Are you capable of seeing alternate realities and knowing what people will and will not find funny based on political affiliations?

    Speaking for myself I found it to be a surprisingly mean thing on a site where I come to escape the meanness of everyday life.

  48. That was for Jonathan.

  49. This is her own book also on line

    YOu learn by living

  50. wha…..? i don’t get it. CO is comparing an absolutely adorable puppy to a wonderful woman. what is wrong with being compared to a precious pup?! i wouldn’t care in the least! but then, i usually find it easier to love dogs than people so, of course, i would find it a compliment……please peeps, reconsider your upset-ness.

  51. Mean.

  52. Matchink!!! Mathink!!!

    With the towels if nothing else.

  53. I didn’t read any meanspiritedness in this post at all. I actually smiled (and not because I was also snickering) as I read it and I love that final picture of Mrs. Roosevelt.

    Nice to meet you, Prongs! I’m sure Meg and NTMTOM (especially NTMTOM) have already told you to dodge the nuffers on your way to the morning coffee so I’ll refrain from repeating the warning, seeing as I’m not really qualified.

    I am, however, incredibly offended that you’ve implanted the image of Mr. Gandolfini in a dress into my head… eck eck.

  54. Wow. Since when is being compared to an adorable puppy “mean” or “rude”?

    Mrs. Roosevelt was by all accounts a strong, intelligent woman who used her position to try to make the world a better place. No one is denying that.

    It’s not like anyone is calling her a dog. Just suggesting that this pup bears some resemblance to some of her photographs.

  55. At Ewwwe: NO I never knew her, but I wish I had had the opportunity to meet her.

    To Tigress I love this quote you posted … It really is so very true

    “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.’ You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”


  56. well kittyadventures is having a field day on Mrs. Roosevelt lol. Puppy is lovely towel is lovely and i’m not a fan of comparison but i now know more about our ex first lady now. Thanks

  57. Prongs…head up girlfriend. I am SO not getting where people are coming up with mean comparisons between said dog and my fave first lady…unless they think dogs of that ilk are ugly and then it’s really a case of the pot calling the kettle black, isn’t it?

    The last picture of Eleanor is WONDERFUL. Keep up the good work.

    The rest of you peeps…remember what Mrs. R said (and Ghandi also paraphrased it) – no one can make you feel inferior without your permission. I sincerely doubt Mrs. R would have been offended by this post, but she would be irate at your scolding a fellow American who was exercising her right of free speech.

  58. “I sincerely doubt Mrs. R would have been offended by this post, but she would be irate at your scolding a fellow American who was exercising her right of free speech.”

    That works the other way as well.

  59. How dare you CO! How dare you create a post were the peoples comments make me laugh and spill beer on my keyboard.

  60. Von Zeppelin says:

    As a great admirer of Mrs. Roosevelt, and an enjoyer of comical-looking dogs, I thank you for the pictures of both, Prongs.

  61. I .. what? Did I miss something here? Who the hell could be offended by being compared to the softest, most fluffiest comfortable looking little doggie there is? Look at that doggie. It’s freaking adorable.

    Jeez. I was expecting a comment-paradise with plentiful appreciation of the towel-like nature of the doggy, and the uncanny resemblance to the nice old lady. Instead it’s nuffink like that 😛

    To get this back on track.. look at that nose! OMG! I wants to kiss it sooo bad. *kissy noises*

  62. @poohbear thanks 🙂

  63. Andi from NC says:

    it’s funny, just plain funny, and I like it…..

  64. adorable dog.
    rude, sexist, and unfunny comparison to a great lady.

  65. Glad to see there are plentiful loads of people nuffing the nuffers. I took this post in the lighthearted spirit it was intended & it made me laugh. Please take soapboxes elsewheres!!!

  66. @bugg OH bugg, please. don’t be a bitch about this whole thing… its not like its the end of the world.

    @charley if it made fun of bill cosby, would it still be sexist? oh wait, that’d be racist. my bad. so what if prongs decided to use a pic of george bush? everything would be fine, because hes a white, christian, (not to mention republican) male. and have you noticed this post was created by PRONGS, a woman?? YEAH she’s totally hatin on her own gender. thats what i spend my time doing too…

  67. in pretty much every post there are people threatening to never come back to CO ever again omgzz!!!11 so by this logic, CO readership should be way down…hm….

  68. People who see this as an insult to a woman who had what was apparently a vastly superior sense of humor than they- you’re the ones causing drama where there’s none. It’s a comparison to a cute puppy, for gods sake. My grandmother has wrinkles at 90, if I made the same comparison she’d laugh too.

    Stop taking life so seriously. =\

  69. How about the nuffers get over themselves? Stop taking yourselves so seriously, it makes live much more fun.

  70. LIFE much more fun.

    Carry on …

  71. My dog walks around with a damn perpetual halo of beauty…and he knows it. I only wish I glowed like him in the mornings….

  72. From everything I’ve read about Mrs. Roosevelt, most probably she would’ve have joined in the good-natured fun. After all, it is akin to seeing the image of Jesus in a potato chip… and, let’s face it, it IS an awesomely cute little puppers!!!

  73. Lots of people look like animals, and it doesn’t have anything to do with how attractive or plain they are — just features and arrangements of features. Pointing these resemblances out does not need to be cruel. As someone noted above with the Churchill/bulldog example, it’s not seen as cruel when we make such observations about men. Maybe that’s because they’re not judged/valued for their looks as much as women are.

    And this brings us back to Eleanor. In a time when women were valued mostly for their beauty, and not expected to accomplish much, Eleanor — who knew she was considered plain — became renowned for other traits: Intelligence, strength, courage, compassion, conviction, humour. She is a great role model for self-confidence, and she proved that being “plain” does not diminish a woman’s value, nor limit what she can accomplish, nor preclude her from finding love and happiness. I don’t think anyone needs to feel sorry for her for how she looked.


  74. Are you nuffers seriously offended by a comparison of an adorable, wrinkly dog to a woman who’s been dead for like 50 years???? You must go out of your way to be offended if something like this has your panties in a knot. Please get over yourselves or get a life. 🙄

    Prongs rocks!!!!

  75. If I’m anywhere near as adorable as this wrinkly little pup when I’m old, I will count myself grateful. Imagine the games of “smushy face / stretched face” you could play with that guy!

  76. First I was like :O zomg how can they say that!?!?

    Then I was like :} teehee the puppy DOES look like dear Eleanor! I never would’ve guessed that among her myriad of exceptional talents and abilities, that I would also include “snorgleable” on that list. Yes, I just said I want to snorgle Eleanor now. A deeply respectful and admiring snorgle.

  77. GalaacticChick says:

    This is not funny Mrs. R, was a great person and did many fine things for many many people. To make fun of someones looks is rude and mean spirited. Put up your picutre so we can take pot shots at you.

    [Sure, and maybe address and bank account and SSN and passwords too? 😛 – Ed.]

  78. Prongs, who ARE you and whence came you (and What is your Quest?)??
    LOVE James Gandolfini, LOVE Eleanor Roosevelt – and NOBODY has mentioned the classic SNL skit, “What If Eleanor Roosevelt Could Fly”?? Most of all love the bathroom towel reference.

  79. Hm… How come an ugly woman is a “dog,” but a pretty one is “a foxy lady”? Aren’t they both canines? And a sexy young woman is a “kitten”, but a spiteful one is “catty”? Aren’t all kittens cats?

  80. Love Eleanor. She was a handsome woman. Her beauty is indeed contrary to ideas of beauty…kind of like a wrinkly dog! And in that regard, this post is wickedly funny. But that’s just me. Guess I’m a bad person, or thankfully, wicked enough to be amused!

  81. Those wrinkles rule! (on the dog, not ER)

  82. @Madame X – then there’s the term “bitch”. But we won’t even go there…….. (ducks for cover. Oooops, ducks were a different post……) : O

    I always wondered what it would be like to pet a wrinklular doggie like that.

  83. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the post! Cute puppy, nice lady, they both have wrinkles, so what is wrong about that? I see resemblance (physical or the way they act or move) between people and animal all the time. My husband for instance always made think of an owl, I can’t explain why he doesn’t even wear glasses!

  84. Gigi, does he sit in trees and hoot and turn his head backwards? 😉

  85. on man, that’s not cool.

    the doggie was delightful, but the mean-spirited comparison killed it.

  86. No offense taken here, love the Shar Pei, love Eleanor, she would have laughed, she knew she had more going on than her looks, gotta love that confidence, way ahead of her time.

    Now for something totally bizarre, check out this link, this is way worse than Eleanor vs. Shar Pei, will hopefully change the mood:
    This beauty was a NY “socialite” for awhile back in the day.

  87. No hes too cute to look like her!!! 😀

  88. I thought it was funny as heck. She DOES look like that wrinkly thing. And there’s nothing wrong with pointing that out.

    The fake disapproval is even more funny. If that were Barbara Bush and a fuzzy white-haired pomeranian, there would have been nary a peep, would there?

  89. Prongs can we compare you to some animal also? Would be interesting what species it would be..

  90. Does no one else remember the long-ago Saturday Night Live skit(s) hypothesizing “What if Eleanor Roosevelt … could FLY?” and so on? Also hilarious, and just another way to celebrate both the humor and greatness of the lady in question. If someone else can a) find a clip of this skit on YouTube or wherever, and b) post it here, that would be just swell!

  91. Well, I looked at the YouTube clip of Mrs. Roosevelt on “What’s My Line.” And, please forgive my plebian leanings, but then I just HAD to watch the clip of the man who was the voice of Donald Duck…it was absolutely hilarious!
    Carry on, fellow COers.

  92. Yea for Eleanor, yea for cute wrinkly dogs. We could use a lot more of both.

  93. My own physique in a sad state, I’ll gladly take comparisons to anything so adorable anyday,.. but insulting? I must be one of those insane people who base things like this on context, a person’s character their trends etc.. because to me it seems like kind good natured ribbing with “cute and wrinkled” compared to “nice and wrinkled”?

    If it were my place to make such judgements (which it isn’t) I’d say that the context bears nothing but the best of intentions and no malice whatsoever. I’d even dare a guess at some level of inspiration (lest some picture of one of the “Rubberfaced” carnival people be used instead.) Also contrary to most posts, her “abilities and/or worth” was never called into question.

    Perhaps a disclaimer from the bard on all posts…
    “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.”

    Intent, context clues, spirit,….these are the things that define “tone”.
    There is no malevolence here that wasn’t broght in the angry mob’s perceptions convictions and views.

    @ Tigress *applauds*
    @ Prongs *laughs and applauds*

    Also when I was very young and saw Eleanor on any news broadcasts, I always thought she was Aunt Bee from “The Andy Griffith Show” and would sit attentive waiting for her to call Andy home so the show could continue.

  94. So what are all these nuffers saying, that the puppy isn’t as pretty on the inside as Eleanor Roosevelt? Meanies! How can you know that? (tho’ I do think she’s lovely all around…and the puppy’s cute too.)

  95. High-sterical! I really thought it was a towel in the first shot.

  96. @D-dub-The reason there would have been nary a peep is that Barbara Bush once said about people who fled to Texas during Hurricane Katrina, “”What I’m hearing which is sort of scary is that they all want to stay in Texas. Everybody is so overwhelmed by the hospitality. And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway so this (chuckle) – this is working very well for them.”

    Eleanor Roosevelt was a humanitarian, standing up for the rights of minorities in a time where doing what was right was imeasurably difficult.

    That’s the differece in case you were wondering

  97. btwy – a bitch? How was I any bitchier than you.

    I really liked this place but it is obviously not the place for me. There seems to be a click of people here who only accept viewpoints that mirror their own. I’ll find a site to view cute animals where the people are more accepting of other’s viewpoints and can appreciate that not everyone shares the same sensitivities. Watch out you will dwindle this site down to a select few who all must think the same way. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to conformy here.

    Buh Bye.

  98. @Khadija – Giraffe on roller skates.

  99. Mrs. Roosevelt was a great woman, great person, and a great American (and a personal hero of mine) and I suspect she’s be amused by this post to be honest.

  100. Bugg, the “nuffs” started it by throwing around accusations of rudeness and ugliness. Don’t talk smack and then get all offended when people call you on it.

    And heather, there is NO difference. Being ugly about someone you don’t like makes you no better than the “ugly” people you criticize.

  101. KatieZientek says:

    Everyone – it is pointless to argue about this. CO has its own set of morals and we can’t change em.

    I nuff in your general direction.

  102. Eleanor Roosevelt says:

    This was a hilarious post, and anybody who is offended by it is overly sensitive, fishing for reasons to whine and complain, and completely devoid of any sense of humor whatsoever. Frankly, the fact that some people see this post as mean-spirited and insulting reflects more about them than it does Prongs. If you look at a cute wrinkly puppy and see ugliness and vitriol, then please seek therapy. No, really.

    Oh, and Bugg, don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya. 🙂

  103. @ Eleanor Roosevelt English is not my first language I did know that expression “don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya” LOLLLL!!!

  104. 1) It’s disingenuous to say, on a site like Cute Overload which posts cute puppy pictures every day to be cooed over, that comparing a dog to a woman is cruel. It clearly was not intended with the frat-house viciousness the nuffers are implying, and to suggest otherwise shows a dangerous lack of reading comprehension.

    2) I play the celebrity/dog breed lookalike game all the time. It’s fun! For instance, Michael J. Fox? Totally a beagle. George Clooney is a german shepherd. Julia Roberts…..maybe a dachshund? Kristin Chenoweth, being the maximum amount of cuteness in the smallest package possible, is clearly a west highland terrier.

  105. Okay the last one i promise .. well maybe not but I think it is fitting to post what Mrs. Roosevelt thought of as her greatest Achievement
    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    This document is the first agreement between nations of specific rights and freedoms for all humans.

    “Where, after all, do universal human rights begin? In small places, close to home – so close and so small that they cannot be seen on any maps of the world. Yet they are the world of the individual person; the neighborhood he lives in; the school or college he attends; the factory, farm, or office where he works. Such are the places where every man, woman, and child seeks equal justice, equal opportunity, equal dignity without discrimination. Unless these rights have meaning there, they have little meaning anywhere. Without concerted citizen action to uphold them close to home, we shall look in vain for progress in the larger world.” Eleanor Roosevelt.

  106. Okay here is the link to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The other one is an article about it.

    Declaration of Human Rights

  107. Why must we do this to these poor creatures? We breed dogs for cuteness or some other trait we like regardless of the comfort or health of the dog. Ask a vet what he or she thinks of the Shar Pei, from the Shar Pei’s point of view.

  108. I do indeed take this to be a mean as a compliment… beautiful dog, beautiful lady. Nuff said.

  109. My first CO total thumbs down. ER was da bomb. This is tacky acky acky.

    [I’d say the first eight, maybe nine seasons were good, but come on, fifteen?? After Dr. Greene died, so did my interest. – Ed.]

  110. I was trying to type meant, meant as a compliment.

  111. Wrinkles McWrinkleson needs some serious snorgling from me

  112. Loved it, Prongs! (Although I keep hearing Walter Matthau’s line from the movie “Hopscotch”, when he was impersonating Mrs. Roosevelt on the phone…)

  113. Hmmm, ignoring the commentroversy, I just don’t see a resemblance. I tried but just don’t get it.

    But the puppy is really cute, so I’m not complaining.

    And actually, for someone who was supposed to be so homely, that last picture is really quite lovely!

  114. Hmmm. I’ve lost track in the nuffs of who is criticizing the post and who is criticizing the critics. Ah well. Another day, another commentroversy.

    Love the pup. Love Eleanor Roosevelt. And to agree with some previous posters, if I look like a warm, cute, cuddly puppy when I get old(er) and (more) wrinkled, I’ll be pretty pleased. It’ll probably be my best bet for staying any sort of physically attractive!

  115. You know, the older I get, the more beautiful I think Eleanor was. She was positively radiant. The dog is adorable.

  116. Thermoregulator says:

    Yes, puppy is cute. Soooo cute! But it is not cool to make fun of anyone for how they look, *even* if it is a comparison to an adorable pup. Arguing that the pup is cute so it’s ok is kind of ignoring the main issue people have with this post. The comparison is crude and tacky and is a tactic to put women (and men) down. Even if ER would think this funny, it doesn’t mean it’s a nice thing to do!

    When I was in high school the cheerleaders sent a list around the classroom comparing each student to an animal. As I remember, I looked like an anteater and my friend looked like an orangutan. NOT funny! It definitely gave me a complex through HS and beyond…. 😦

  117. Queen of Dork says:

    Eleanor Roosevelt was beautiful. This dog is too in his own way of looking like a puddle of escaped brains lying on the floor.

    [No more cable crime dramas for a month, young lady. It’s Disney time. – Ed.]

  118. The dog is adorable, but I wish you wouldn’t disrespect Eleanor Roosevelt. She was a great woman, and a true leader.

  119. i have sent you pics of the most adorable pom in the world (mine) and you’re posting this?

    not funny.

  120. My my my, looks like almost everything is turning into a commentroversy lately! Take some pudding (or Xanax, or Valium, or vodka) and chill, people. Life’s too short to get all riled up over a post in a privately-run entertainment site.

    Peace and love.

  121. Maybe the comments section needs to be disabled for a while. Give some of you overly sensitive nuffers time to realize how idiotic it is to get upset over every little thing.
    Ohnoes! Someone is saying a person looks like an animal! Let’s all get riled up for no reason and grab our pitchforks and torches and raid the CO office!

  122. Thumbs down. This is just rude- Eleanor Roosevelt isn’t here to ask, so you cannot assume what her thoughts would be.

    If CO Powers That Be don’t like hearing people voice their opinions about what posts they like and don’t like, they can remove the comments section. I feel this isn’t even tongue-in-cheek, it’s just plain rude.

    [And it sounds like I should take your word for it. – Ed.]

  123. auntmissjenni says:

    Oy! I laughed…..I cried (’cause Mr Wrinklypants reminds me of one of my pups that passed this year, and ER reminds me of my Nana…..and vice versa!) and then my joy was flattened by the mean-spirited fools who think this is somehow insulting. Well, I say keep ’em comin’, CO, you brighten my every day. Thanks!

    @Bugg: that’s “clique,” you ig.

  124. I think the Eleanor Roosevelt comparison was tacky, but I’m more offended that this pup has already been featured in CO:
    Does this Prongs and NTMTOM have Meg tied up in the basement somewhere? Can someone set her free please?

  125. auntmissjenni says:

    Did I mention I want to snorgle this pup ’til I pass out from anoxia ‘tween his wrinkles?

  126. toffiffeezz says:

    My only thought is when I look at the pictures of both Mrs. Roosevelt or the most wrinkly puppy ever is that they both make me smile. Isn’t that what it’s supposed to do??

    OOh, now I shall snorgle puppy to bits, and if Mrs. Roosevelt was still around, I would probably hug her very respectfully 🙂

  127. I wish I could vote for Eleanor Roosevelt for President. She was such a badass. And the puppy is so cute and squishy. Clearly there was no disrespect intended in the comparison.

    @snuh: You may have noticed that there are a whole lot more pictures of the puppy in question in this post. I, for one, feel my life has been improved by the first two.

    [Hey, “badass” and “cute and squishy” aren’t mutually exclusive. Why, I can think of all sorts of examples. Hand in hand. Everyday examples, household examples. All kinds. Like, in the news. Don’t rush me, I’m thinking… – Ed.]

  128. SchöneFrau says:

    I can see where both sides are coming from on this one, but I must agree with Katie that voicing one’s opinion would seem to be the essence of the “comments” feature and, as such, all those who jump down the critics’ throats are seemingly the ones who desperately need to “get over [them]selves.”

    I’m with you, Snuh. Remember when Meg made a majority of the posts? Good times.

    [And I remember when Meg got the majority of the gripes, likewise. Let’s not get too “selective” with our “remembering”. – Ed.]

  129. Stephanie C. says:

    I’d like to point out that Eleanor Roosevelt isn’t being compared to a puppy; rather, a puppy is being compared to Eleanor Roosevelt.

    That wrinkly (yet ridiculously cute) mess of dog should be flattered.

  130. That giant pile of wrinkles reminds me of the Christmas presents my parents used to give that came in a huge box with a smaller box inside and a smaller one yet, until you reach the final box, which would hold an envelope with a clue of where to find the real present. I believe that somewhere in all those wrinkles is a dog the size of a chihuahua.

  131. I assumed this post was suggesting both Mrs. Roosevelt and McPupperson were adorable–with which comparison I fully agree! I can see how some people were offended (“She’s such a dog” being an unfortunately common insult to *ahem* non-conventional female beauties), but I didn’t think the post was meant in such a vein.

    Cuteness comes in all shapes and sizes and sometimes it happens to be First Lady! Yes we can, etc.!

  132. Dogs like that shouldn’t exist. It’s cruel.

  133. SchöneFrau says:

    Simply expressing a personal preference, the number of corresponding gripes has nothing to do with whether or not I enjoy a post.

    That would be one of those “opinion” things I had previously been referring to.

  134. Puppy, of a big-hearted loving breed compared with great big-hearted woman.

    Some of my encounters/relationships with both human beings and with dogs… well, I think in the final tally the dogs generally come out ahead.

  135. MaliceAlice says:

    Am I the only one who wants to know what the offense to Mrs. Roosevelt is? The nuffers just won’t say! They just say “It’s offensive to her!” but… how? What excatly, do YOU think CO is trying to say here? I think that says more about your own mind than about what CO was going for. Stop looking for meaness when it’s just as easy to laugh if off and assume goodness in the world!

    P.S. Seriously, I want to know.

  136. MaliceAlice says:

    Hmmm, spelling errors make Alice angry! Wish there was an editor so I didn’t look like such a dunce.

  137. some other Meg says:

    This would be a million times funnier without the Eleanor bits. I see why so many others find it offensive, considering the historical implications of comparing women to dogs — it’s got very similar baggage to the black men to monkeys comparison. To me, though, it’s mostly boring. The dog doesn’t look anything like her, unless you think the dog looks like every other woman over 40. The bathroom towel comparison is spot on, though. I guess I was expecting a “dog or towel?” quiz, which would’ve been hilarious IMO.

  138. I don’t think the comparison comparison with a wrinkled dog and a wrinkled lady is mean. Then again, I’m not american and I don’t really know anything about E.R.

    My nuffing is directed to a completely different target: Shar peis. Sick breed and an sick example of dogs being treated as objects by human beings. You only need to see one Shar pei puppy with congenital entropion and clowdy corneas and you understand what I’m talking about.

  139. I was not appalled by the rolling dog video but I am by this. ER was an awesome lady of the highest magnitude. She was also very self conscious about her looks, and was deeply saddened when her (politically awesome) husband cheated on her with younger, beautiful women. The dog is super cute, but to imply they are somehow twins is just wrong, wrong, wrong. I love CO and have never had a problem with Meg’s posts (no, not even Cats n’ Racks), but this. Just. no.

  140. MaliceAlice: Well, would YOU like to be compared to a dog? I know I would not. And especially since ER has been the butt of ugly jokes, and as I mentioned in my OP, her pain at being considered unattractive and her husband’s philandering. Let’s put it another way, if she were alive, would you feel comfortable walking up to her with a pic of this Shar Pei and saying, “How cute! You both look exactly the same!” Yeah, I didn’t think so.

  141. Oh my gosh, really.

    They are both wrinkley and they are both awesome.

    Everybody chill out.

  142. [sigh] I remember the days of innocence, when a person could make a joke, and it was okay for us to laugh at ourselves (and others could laugh with us). I am all for sensitivity, and there are times when certain types of humor are inappropriate, but please, people, aren’t we over-doing the political correctness a bit?

    Do we have to bring back the disapproving, yawning bunny again?

  143. Stephanie C. says:

    @some other Meg: “The dog doesn’t look anything like her, unless you think the dog looks like every other woman over 40.”

    See, now that’s just thoughtless. Forty is not the age that women collapse into a great heap of wrinkles.

    It happens at forty-five.


  144. essensual says:

    despite the absurdity of it all…I’m still laughin

  145. DaytimeDeb says:

    I have to say, it took me until half way through the posts to get why all the nuffers were so disturbed. I didn’t get the sense that anyone was calling Mrs. Roosevelt a “dog,” nor did I feel there was anything mean-spirited about the post. I mean, we have those “people who look like their pets” articles in the paper all the time, so that’s where I went with this more than anything.

    And I have to laugh about everyone who says how cute the dog is, but how mean that is to Mrs. Roosevelt. Are you saying she would be offended that she is compared to something cute?

    Sheesh, I thought all the nuffers left after the kitten-in-the-blender commontroversy. I guess they lied about leaving.

  146. juuuleeah says:

    i like this! good show, cute overload.

  147. Thanks all you folks for some really thoughtful posts. Being Britsh, I was only aware of Mrs Roosevelt as a name, I didn’t know what she contributred tothe world. She was what we in Britain call a handsome woman.
    The dog on the other hand allthough it looks cute and soft, I have heard they have trouble seeing, with all the folds of skin and chafing of one wrinkle on another. Perhaps they should be bred for less wrinkles.

  148. Err… how did a comparison between a Shar Pei and Eleanor Roosevelt become “INTOLERANT RELIGIOUS HATRED”? Sooooo confused.O_o

  149. listen… i only read like 30 of these comments.
    shar-pei are so awesome and so good-looking… if i was compared to one i would be happy.
    because my walter was pretty much the most handsome creature to ever exist– male or female– regardless of his likeness to a manatee or hipp.
    eleanor r. was a great person, but i’m sure she’d laugh at this post. so shut up.
    ps: walter:

  150. We tell kids they shouldn’t pick on each other or harass people that look different!
    And what do we do? This might seem a bit overreacting, but there’s a lot of bullies who says “it’s was just i joke” etc.
    It always start small, and things like this tell every single person that reads this, that you, Meg, thinks its ok to joke about how people look.
    So next time some kids in school laughs about their classmate’s looks, you are in no position to tell them it’s mean.

  151. Maybe what you really want to say is that Eleanor Roosevelt looks like a dog 🙂

  152. weird one. Don’t really see the resemblance. Eleanor would have chuckled though.
    She was like that.

  153. @DaytimeDeb – yes! Exactly what i was thinking, on all three points! I really would’ve thought all those over-sensitive see-the-worst-in-everything peeps would have got sick of CO and mooshed off to some other site by now. CO’s addictive i guess.
    Lovely to to hear such deep respect for Mrs R from everyone, nuffers or not, it’s a great thing.
    +Cute smooshpup, really does look like like a dropped towel – is there a ‘camouflage’ or ‘in disguise’ tag?? P’raps there should be!

  154. Eleanor Roosevelt was cruelly taunted and put down because she wasn’t a beauty by her own family and social circle… also by her mother-in-law.

    It did hurt her (when she was a child and young woman) but she worked through it so when as a public figure her appearance continued to be the butt of jokes and caricatures it did not stop her.

    I think she preferred scottish terriers though, or was that Franklin?

  155. I love the comparison! People are judging too much these days.
    Maybe they need some attention.
    But the post is perfect and the dog actually looks like E.R.

  156. Elyse: I’m so sorry for your loss. Thank you for posting the slideshow so we can all take in the beauty and joy that was your Walter. He was a lucky guy to have been so loved and cherished and you are a lucky girl to have been his mommy. :hug:

  157. Yes. I see it. Absolutely! *nods head emphatically*

    Good job, Prongs!

    I’d add this to the new category of pets that look like celebrities (was that a done-deal or just at the discussion stage?)

  158. Peter, are you referring to the potato chip comment in the title of the post? As far as I know, it is only Christians who look for and worship images of the lord or his mother in the world around them.

    My grandmother had a collection of porcelain bulldogs because her husband – lovingly – thought she looked like one. And being well past 40 and 45, I am fully aware that I look very much like a shar pei – I knew that even before this post!

  159. I still say Eleanor Roosevelt preferred Scotties.

  160. Oh yeah – only liberals get offended. I didn’t realize that. I’M TOTALLY SURE that if this had been a comparison of Sarah Palin to say, a pig with lipstick
    (remember the campaign?) or Mama Bush to a bulldog, everyone would have thought it was hilarious and there would have been zero controversy. Conservatives never get upset about anything. Never.

  161. Resriechan says:

    I ‘m in love with the puppy.
    The puppy DOES look like the towels. That’s adorable.

    I deeply admire E. Roosevelt. I’ve read & watched everything I could find about her personality & her life. Since my career was librarian, I was able to find quite a bit. She experienced deep disruptions in her childhood, including sudden death of an alcoholic father, by whom she had felt unconditional love/ approval, before age 18. Another part of how she became deeply philosophical, was FDR’s decision to maintain his relationship w/ another female & yet remain in the marriage for the political position of a married man.

    While in my heart, I felt it was not constructive OR particularly fun to bring in a reference to her appearance, in addition to the SharPei/ towel fun ….

    The hovertext over E. Roosevelt’s last picture says “I disapprove of this post”; which acknowledges, at some level, a disclaimer re. folks, feeling the selection (or parts of it) could be considered distasteful.

    My bottom line: CO woulda gotten plenty of love w/ just the SharPei & the towels. That’s where I woulda left it.

    But this isn’t MY blog (nor anyone else’s but Meg’s et al).

    Peace & fluffy, fresh linens to all.

  162. Though the pup is very cute, your stupid and uncalled for remarks about Mrs. Roosevelt are completely out of line.
    If anyone at CO knew anything about history, especially her life and dedication to
    helping humanity you never would have been so stupid.
    I believe Mrs. Roosevelt to be a truly beautiful woman who did much good in this world.
    This post has left a very bad taste in my mouth concerning CuteOverload.
    Getting to big for your britches. I think.
    Time to discontinue receiving your emails.

  163. bookmonstercats says:

    I’m Brit, so I won’t get involved in the debate about your former First Lady, whom I understand to have been witty and gracious and beautiful because of her wonderful personality. I don’t mind bulldogs being compared to Winston Churchill, though.

  164. I repeat what I said last time around, CO – don’t change. Don’t ever change. I love you just the way you are.

    The nuffers need to chill. Anyone who has been visiting this site for the last few years knows there is no malicious intent anywhere in these posts. CO is not a publicly funded website, therefore the owners have the right to post what they wish. While we (the general public) enjoy what they post, this site is theirs and they post what makes them happy.

    As I heard my grandfather (and Bette Midler) once say… F*ck em if the can’t take a joke. 🙂

  165. Thats so bad! Why you should use face lotion! lol

  166. Though the mean comments are uncalled for.

  167. fluffanutter says:

    I’m confused. Why, at a place where we come to admire cute animals, is it an insult to be compared to an adorable dog? Look at the positioning of the heads in the compared photographs and be amused. I don’t understand the offense at being compared to a dog. Dogs are great. I hope somebody compares me to a dog someday.

  168. Maybe they do now and you dont know it 🙂

  169. That poor dog — this is a perfect example of dog breeders gone amuck, breeding incredibly exaggerated characteristics into dogs that hinder the dog’s quality and quantity of life. That little guy looks miserable. And, I can’t help thinking how stinky he must be with all those skinfolds. I held a char-pei once at a dog show and I literally gagged at the smell. There’s a documentary that was produced in England called Pedigree Dogs Exposed that talks about what breeders are doing to these purebred dogs. It’s pretty horrifying.

  170. Poor dog.. being compared to Eleanor Roosevelt! Have you no shame CO!?! Hahaha.. Just kidding! I made sure my panties were not in a bunch this morning… plus I have a sense of humor…

  171. Does every overly-sensitive person in the world flock to CO? You people could find an insult in a heartfelt birthday card. Don’t you have some library books to burn?

  172. Does this mean I can’t make references to Wilford Brimley cat anymore? 😦

  173. I’m just happy to see pics of Eleanor. She makes me feel warm and cuddly inside. Like a soft, floopy puppy. (Although, IMO, pupper looks more like the Michelin Man with a leak.)

  174. Welberson says:

    I agree.

  175. I fail to see the big deal. Given the overall gushy good-naturedness of this site, I strongly doubt that there was any malice involved.

    Also, don’t waste your energy on being offended on behalf of the dead. They don’t care anymore. Depending on how you look at things, they’re either completely gone, or occupied by far too intense experiences (good or bad) to worry much about what someone thinks of them.

    I saw a lady, not too long ago, who bore an extremely unfortunate resemblance to my English bulldog. Jowls, underbite, oversized tongue. recessed nose and all. I pointed it out to my wife, and she agreed. It wasn’t malicious; it was just an observation. Going over to her and mocking her for it would have been malicious. Some people are way too sensitive.

    Nowhere is it written that you have the right to never be offended. Eleanor was an amazing person, full stop. What else matters? It’s just a blog post.

    Also, MadameX: Foxes are vulpines, not canines. 🙂

  176. BC in Toronto says:

    I would not kick either of them off the couch if they wanted to cuddle.

    Favourite Eleanor quote:
    “I once had a rose named after me and I was very flattered. But I was not pleased to read the description in the catalogue: no good in a bed, but fine up against a wall.”

  177. TrixandSam says:

    This nuffing is NOTHING compared to the magnitude of hurt folks feel when someone doesn’t give the Daily Puppy 11 biscuits.

    (And being the conspiracy theorist that I am, I think Rush Limbaugh hacked this site and added the ER pics. That’s SO like his calling card.)

    [You can’t have theory without “Theo” – Ed.]

  178. I personally find them both beautiful.

    But I am rare like that. 😛
    Lighten up people.

  179. BC in Toronto, I hadn’t heard that quote before. I just nearly fell out of my chair laughing. Thanks for sharing it, and kudos to the late, much lamented Eleanor Roosevelt.

  180. Stop taking yourselves so seriously, peeps! jees..

  181. I’m really confused about some of the comments. I don’t see how this is insulting. People are saying that the degrading remarks about Eleanor Roosevelt weren’t needed… but, there were no remarks? The post is simply: “this cute puppy that’s really wrinkly looks like this sweet old lady who was also wrinkly.” I just giggled because the photos had the same composition, yet one was of a clueless puppy and the other one of the most important female figures in history. *shrugs* There was nothing mean said, and I never got the impression it was malicious at all. Maybe people just have a hard time judging context when it’s all done through text and images.

  182. I second Imjbre’s thoughts.
    Yeah, I have to say that no one found it offensive when I was compared to John Houseman, Winston Churchill, or Wilford Brimley. Although I did not care for the comparison to Dick Cheney…..

  183. That dog cannot possibly be comfortable. Overbreeding is such a sad thing.

  184. Jess&Friends says:

    The first thing that pops into my mind now when I hear Elenor Roosevelt is her insane mother in-law. Lol or sad? What an awesome woman and I wish I were as cute as that puppeh : D

  185. This is a terribly offensive comparison that is disrespectful to Roosevelt and aging women.

    Wrinkles do not make women look like dogs.

    Just because older female stars are airbrushed to oblivion doesn’t mean that it is natural or desirable for an older woman to have the skin of an adolescent. Older women are just that – women. (Not to mention this follows the recent post about a presumably female squirrel performing pilates to perfect her physique, which is inane at best; why, QO, do you insist on reifying gender norms regarding physical appearance?)

    Furthermore, the reason so many people are (rightly) offended is that jokes are some of the most powerful tools for promoting stereotypes and backwards thinking. It’s not a matter of lightening up – it’s a matter of examining how hegemony is constructed daily in small increments like this.

  186. Jess&Friends says:

    Claudia, me too! I wish I could have their babies but alas, that’s impossible : (

  187. Jess&Friends says:

    Kit, are you calling dogs ugly? Now that is offensive.

  188. Aww, I love Eleanor; a real inspiration and excellent role model. I also love this dog. It’s like it’s drippy… reminds me of a runny ice-cream cone. He’s melting! 🙂

  189. Do I think this poor dog looks remotely like Eleanor Roosevelt? No. Am I offended that someone else does? Not really. Again, I feel worse about the dog trying to breathe and see and be a dog through all that extra skin than I do about him being compared to a nice lady. For the dog’s sake, I hope whoever said in an early post that he would lose most of his wrinkles when he grows up is right.

  190. Starlinguk says:

    You know what I’d love? I’d love it if the mods could remove any posts of people who obviously haven’t read the rest of the comments and just waffle on in their own little world. Then again, that would be an awful lot of work ¬_¬

  191. Lisa Dare says:

    I think your comparison is extremely mean, stupid, and incredibly offensive.

  192. Kit @189: Speaking as a fellow feminist (I don’t know if you actually identify using the f-word, but it sounds like you do.), I’m very familiar with the deeply sexist history of the women = dogs and the older women = worthless tropes you mention. I’m sure a great many of the posters and commenters here are, too. However, and I say this with all due respect for your position, I think in this case, it’s not meant to be tapping into that history at all. This is a place where people celebrate cuteness of all kinds, whether the conventionally cute (puppies and kittens and so forth) or the unconventionally cute (spiders! eek!). I don’t think it’s inherently disrespectful in context, therefore, to make a tongue-in-cheek comparison between this particular puppy and Eleanor Roosevelt. Was she conventionally beautiful? Certainly not, according to our modern conventions, and she well knew it. Nevertheless, she was a remarkable person and a great leader, and that brings a kind of beauty all its own. This puppy, likewise, is not exactly the first kind of puppy most people would think of when someone says, “Picture a cute puppy.” And yet? Adorable.

  193. i’ve found that nuffers are only “nuffers” until you agree. for once, i agree.

    a women (especially one in the public eye) who is considered “unattractive” has to deal with rudeness and criticism every day of her life for something she has zero control over and which has nothing to do with her value as a person. to contribute to that, joking or not, is like kicking a lame dog. it’s just not funny.

    but CO has a right to post whatever they want and people have a right to disagree. it’s the exceptionally critical and intolerant tone of some that’s so hard to take. if we stop to listen to one another and respect each other’s opinions, like ER suggested, the world would be a much better place.

  194. Michelin Man poked with a pin LOL! Good one.

    No good in bed but fine up against a wall! HAHAHA!!! whew.

    You know though, it is very insulting to compare a woman to a dog. As in “Gah, that girl is such a dog!” You know that is an insult to her appearance, and that insult does not apply when comparing a man to a dog. In that case, “man, you’re such a dog”, would mean, he’s got skillz with the ladies.

    Now I know nothing was SAID in the captions, but the visual comparison suffices. You would not call a woman a B word, would you? But the fact that we don’t see things as sexist cause they are intended to be funny doesn’t mean sexism is not in there inherently. Remember when Hillary was campaigning , and someone made a crack at her giving a speech! Something like hey Hillary go iron my shirts. Ha ha. Right. (she got called a B word too)

    So I think that even though as some have said their is no malice in this posting, no intention to insult, it still is sexist even if it doesn’t mean to be. See, the sexism is latent in this expression. As a woman I wanted to point it out. Doesn’t mean you can’t laugh, but just be aware.

    What? Don’t tell me to get over myself, it’s my opinion, just like 129 said.

  195. Oh yeah, and I wanted to say maybe we can use some clothes pins hang that doggeh towel so he dry. Or at least can see past the folds.

  196. This is just mean! Eleanor Roosevelt was awesome. So maybe she wasn’t a looker, but come on!

  197. So over-the-top ridiculous I snorted! Go Prongs!

  198. A. Prongs! Just a few posts into your tenure and already you’ve inspired the invocation of Snacky’s Law. Well done, madam, well done!

    2. I couldn’t possibly have this extraordinarily wrinkular pup in my house and not be laughing and playing with his delightful, soft skinrolls all day long.

    C. Again to Prongs – I don’t see the resemblance between Gandolfini in drag and a skating giraffe. Buzzuh?

  199. Kittytoes says:

    Bye Bugg.

  200. doggabone says:

    What, no one has commented yet on the awful comparison in the hovertext between Lou Hoover and Roosevelt’s foot? It’s a foot. A HUMAN FOOT. Eleanor Roosevelt is standing on the back of Lou Hoover. That’s just horrible.

  201. Lilitu : Well said.

    I have only to say, looking through the nuffer comments this time, that much to my surprise, people are actually learning… for example, but not limited to, @ 197 ashagato “but CO has a right to post whatever they want and people have a right to disagree.” Even despite the flounces and the persecuted Christians (uh. what?) it seems like weeks of winstons and cats & racks pictures are finally getting the message across. They’ll post whatever they feel like. You can visit the site… or not, it really makes no difference.

  202. Where’s ED? I miss his(?) comments during commentroversies such as theeese one.

    [I’m missing? Huh, I was here just a moment ago… – Ed.]

    Love the Pup, Love the woman. And it IS light humor. All you nuffers should have the emo bun as avatars.

  203. Von Zeppelin says:

    ***weary sigh*** Dog: cute. Eleanor Roosevelt: a great woman. Some commenters: offended. Other commenters: not offended. Can we just give it a rest now, folks?

  204. Starlinguk says:

    Gee, Von, when you say it that way it’s so … boooooooooooooring.

    Which it is.

  205. T[Ed.], I think Pamalama was referring to the lack of [Ed.] comments within the commentroversy, which so many of us enjoy so much.

  206. GingerBean says:

    Ok…so…we all agree the pup is absolutely adorable. But…but…Eleanor Roosevelt wasn’t? So…wait…no I don’t get it. Why is everyone upset?

  207. GingerBean, I think many of us are still shaking our heads, trying to figure that one out.

  208. God bless us all, if we live long enough we’ll all have wrinkles just hopefully not as many as the poor dog. Don’t know why anyone would sign up for a breed with so many problems.

  209. Donna H-O says:

    Look more like W. H. Auden.

  210. Thank you, CO, for making my day. I laughed until I cried. Don’t understand the commentroversy, don’t see a problem. But that could just be my totally warped sense of humor.

  211. Haha, awesome post!

  212. Funny how quark rhymes with snark…

    […and Fark – Ed.]

  213. I’d say there’s more of a (STRIKING!!) resemblance to the Michelin Tire Man………..

  214. doggabone says:

    I’m still thinking “pile of towels”, but then I did make a motivational poster from the “Laundry Blues” post a short while back. (LAUNDRY : Do it or be absorbed by the towels.)

    And I am STILL chuckling over “She looks like my foot” and have been using “looks like my foot” to describe many things today. “Look at this spreadsheet – these numbers make no sense. The actuals look like my foot.” But I am weak to the words “foot” and also “pants”.

    I’ve been sending friends a link to this all day. And I told my girlfriend: “You’re no Eleanor Roosevelt. I mean, you’re no good up against a wall, but fabulous in a bed.” Thanks BC in Toronto 😉

    I think, and partly because of gems in the nuffwar, this has been my favourite CO in weeks. Ehn!-tertaining, edjumacational, and adorable.

  215. I was taken aback by the Eleanor R comparison. It was lengthy and it did bring back the old comments about her appearance. The comparison seemed so different from what I expected ot CO and I did find it distasteful. People do judge women by their looks and use this to try to put women in their “place” when they don’t like what the woman is doing. Hence we had slurs on Hillary Clinton’s looks( I’m no HC fan) because they felt hatred for her or were threatened by her. I understand tht many people don’t share my perception butI much prefer happy, funny or sweet pictures in CO.

  216. That’s mean.

  217. More than 200 posts and no one mentioned Thom Yorke? Seems that no one on CO is ever allowed to compare an animal’s appearance to a human’s without invoking the Wrath of Nuffs.

  218. Dog looks nothing like Eleanor Roosevelt. Dog looks the result of some really irresponsible breeding. which makes me feel sorry for it, not think “Oh, how cute.”

  219. Mrs. Roosevelt had to endure a lot of pain due to her looks. Can’t we give it a rest?

    [I think that’s a fine idea. – Ed.]