Help me out, man

You want my boots, I’ll give you my boots. Anything, man. Just give me a little something to get me through the day…

"Oh. My. God. I die. That's bananas. Shut it down."

In no way do I mean to imply that your rescue cat has a meth problem, Suzi H.



  1. Are those boots, or are they the furry legwarmers ravers wear? But he does look like Puss in Boots from the Shrek movies, so there’s that.

  2. My friend does this to her cat… it’s hilarious, but he loves it. He prances around like a little prince!
    If they don’t get him shaved he ends up looking like a werewolf! 🙂

  3. “Lion cut” i believe, it’s called. Does THIS looks like a lion to you? Does it?

  4. Chinchillazilla says:

    That cat certainly does have the empty, haunted eyes of a tweaker.

  5. Lol! Love the eyes! 😀

  6. Um…halp?

  7. we had to shave our cat once… ya she wouldnt go outside for the shame lol

  8. I was havin’ this nightmare, see?
    In it I was held down and shaved, and….Oh NO! It WASN’T a dream!!

  9. BeckyMonster says:

    Waiting for the “don’t make light of Meth addiction, I was hooked for 10 years and lost my house and all my teeth, etc.”

    Nuffers unite! I need to be entertained!

  10. Andi from NC says:

    @chincillazilla – I can barely type through my tears of laughter – your observations is just too good…. hahaha heheheheh hhohohoho – ouch my sides hurt….

  11. Oh, what have they done to that poor cat! I feel sorry for him/her.

  12. PEOPLE! Cat’s don’t need to be shaved, or bathed. And puppies don’t go in cages! Furthormore, they shouldn’t be punished by making them sleep in bathrooms like that Roosevelt dog. Poor animals.

  13. Aaack Katey and others — the long haired kitty is a rescue, fur was badly matted, needed a good shavingks, excellently done by the way, very smooth, no nicks. We must introduce him? her? to Weenston so they can prance together.

  14. Katey is joking, peeps. 🙂

  15. Such gorgeous creamy blue eyes! I wish we had a close up.

  16. I need your clothes, your boots, your motorcycle.

  17. mischievousmadchen says:

    hahahaha… the rachel zoe reference…that. is. bananas.

  18. You WILL pay for this!

  19. The eyes! Zeee eyes!! oh noes! I vill comply…

    (um, “bannanas?”. vat does hoooovertext mean?)

  20. mischievousmadchen says:

    Rooanne…it’s a reference to the rachel zoe project…following the work of a stylist to the stars and her wacky, tempermental entourage…

  21. oh. Thank you. I am gonna make a wild guess that it’s yet another show on cable (I’m on eof the 3 people in the country without cable)!! Kitteh looks very nice & stylish, wacky stylist should be proud.

  22. Rooanne no calbe here either 🙂 But I will confess I do know who Rachel Zoe is…but wasn’t aware of the “project”….

  23. “I need your clothes, your boots, your motorcycle.”

    I’m guessing a quote from Ahhnold in Terminator?

  24. wow i love the eyes! the color is amazing!!

  25. oh good thing he doesn’t know you posted this on here he might die of the embarrassment

  26. That hover text is “Li-terally, onanotherlevel.”

  27. mischievousmadchen says:

    Li-terally !:>

  28. friendofpets says:

    Love the new CATagory: detoxing kitties. Can’t wait to see the next addition.

  29. I love the hand on the rear end, it looks like the owner is holding down the putty’s derrière so he doesn’t tips over from the weight of his head!

  30. KatieZientek says:

    I can’t stop staring into those perfectly circular eyes!

  31. motheralice says:

    Aww.. looks softie, even where he’s shaved..
    Something like this happened to a friend of mine at a party. He looked just as shocked when he saw his hair as kitteh does here!

  32. Those eyes are so. perfectly. round. Perfect circles, people!

  33. Queen of Dork says:

    I’m… hyp-mo-tized…..
    Rooanne: Totally know where you’re coming from about no cable…I only just got a computer for my home a little over a year ago. (I still like using the yellow pages sometimes. And I don’t mean online, I mean the big clumsy book you find magically left on your doorstep)

  34. Queen of Dork says:

    (Maybe kitty just saw a capybara in the bathtub).

  35. Since two out of the three people in the country without cable have already posted, I must confess, I am the third. We don’t watch any TV at all over here so I had no idea who Rachel Zoe was either…thanks for clearing that up mischievousmadchen.

  36. That’s a beautiful little cat. I love how when they are shaved like that they get snuggly, although they are probably just trying to keep warm,.

  37. DID YOU KNOW….Rachel actually TRADEMARKED “I die” and “bananas” !?

  38. “This is sooooo not the hair style I wanted!”

    And I’ll have to ‘fess up–while I have cable, I have no clue who Rachel Zoe is. (Although I’ve seen the commercials for the show.)

  39. Beautiful eyes! I like how it looks like his/her pupils are *diamonds*.

  40. LOLing here…right next to picture of the poor kitty was an add for Uggs. Subliminal advertisers got nuthin’on this!

  41. Then apparently there is four out of the whole country with out Cable.. I do not miss it we have been with out for two or three years now..

  42. Ok, no cable here, either. Oddly enough, my 80 year old parents do, but my husband and I don’t and neither does our 21 y.o. daughter. There are at least seven cable-free people in the country now!

  43. Queen of Dork says:

    Maybe the kitteh is in TV trance from watching too much cable. 🙂

  44. Have cable but don’t know who Rachel Zoe is. I can see I’m missing, uhm, something…

    friendofpets, I first read that as “Can’t wait to see the next addiction” and that made perfect sense!

    Kitty looks like someone stuck a giant head on an unrelated teeny body. He (seh?) might be cold so I will volunteer to hold him very close and keep him warm.

  45. De-floofed.

  46. Beautiful aquamarine eyes.

  47. AWW 😦 Poor kitty 😦 They had to shave your body for your own good 😦 It was the only way to get rid of all those nasty matted fur 😦 Don’t worry, kitty 🙂 Your fur will all grow out and someone will make sure it stays nice and clean and unmatted 🙂

  48. Oh – the poor little thing. My heart goes out to him / her. What a great photo.

  49. kibblenibble says:

    What a sweet angel face. Glad she/he was resQte. 🙂

  50. no cable here

    I rely on the intertubes for all my entertainment–obviously!

  51. In her eyes it says, I am going to another place ,where this is not happening.

  52. Such a beautiful kitteh… God, those eyes are unbelievable! What heartless bastard could abandon him in such a way he needed to be resQte? I hope his hair grows back soon…

  53. Marie Schambeck says:
  54. DaytimeDeb says:


    @Katey, it must suck to automatically assume the worst in people just by looking at a photo, or three. And how hard for you to take your assumptions and be compelled to lecture everyone about what you assume is happening.

    I hope you find some joy in your life soon. But if CO can’t help you to find the joy, then it is you I pity, not the dog in a crate, the dog in the bathroom, nor the shaved cat.


  56. PS… the fancy feast cat has really fallen off the wagon.. *sigh*

  57. Rescue animals are great! Thanks for all the care and love you’re giving that little kitty.

  58. He’s still a mega handsome guy. His lovely fur will grow back – all clean and free of mats – and he’ll have a wonderful life ahead of him. That’s what I choose to think when I look at him. Rescue animals are the best!

  59. another person here without cable. I just upgraded to dsl for my computer a few months ago. Get this – I read! alot! 0.o

  60. @Rooanne…your actually one out of four people who don’t have cable. I don’t have it either so I’m a bit of a pop culture illiterate!

    Anyway, poor kitty! LOL! My friend has a long-hair cat who needs to be shaved ’cause his coat gets so long he has trouble grooming himself! Once the trauma of the shaving is over, he becomes very kitten-like and silly! He just feels better!

  61. Bravo for rescuing the kitty! You have a good heart!

    I had to get my longhair marmalade rescue tomcat shaved too, he was so awfully matted and filthy, and the shave revealed many scratches and bites from the fights he had been in. He was in really bad shape.

    Spencer, as we named him, looked like a plucked chicken for a few weeks after coming back from the vet. The moon boots were especially hilarious. But he clearly enjoyed his short fur while it lasted because he found it so much easier to wash.

    He became a happy indoor cat and never needed another shave, just the occasional knot that we’d tease apart for him. I miss him: we lost him to cancer at age 7 :sigh:

  62. Resriechan says:

    @ Snowpea:

    *”Spencer” is a dignified name for your former associate. Congrats for rescuing him, helping him with his wardrobe, & giving him appreciation for 7 years! I called mine “Salinger” (after the author, *NOT* the Can. Prime Min; why did NOBODY ever get that right?) & we had a good 17 years or so together. May Spencer RIP.

  63. Psst. Kitteh, I know where your floof is. Check a few posts back.

  64. crista galli says:

    Gorgeous cat–lucky to be rescued & have all the nasty mats shaved off so the fur can grow in purrfect & floofy. Might need a pretty sweater for a while…
    P.S. I’ll see your “no cable” & raise you a “no TV, no Ipod, no Blackberry, no home computer (& only a highly-censored & ancient work computer).”
    Thanks for the daily entertainment, CO.

  65. LOL! I love this kitty! The eyes are beautiful and saying: “when you let go of me, I will kill you.”

    @Ray: Ding ding ding, we have a winner! Terminator 2.

  66. TrixandSam says:

    What about the Hell’s Kitchen ref in the hover?

    Shut it down! (though it really should be SHUT. IT. DOWN.)

    Pure raving Gordon “you stupid cow” Ramsey

  67. TrixandSam: love the Hell’s Kitchen reference!! “Now piss off!!” 🙂

  68. Trixandsam-
    Mr. So-Called-Ramsey! That’s what this cat reminds me of!!!! Cat Face! Go on Youtube… Cat Face is the best and this cat is the real life version!

  69. doggabone says:

    Reminded me of Steve Buscemi/Peter Lorre. I think Steve could capture the “tweaker” overtones better, though.

    Thanks (??) for introducing me to the concept of Rachel Zoe. KITTEH KILLED IT SHUT IT DOWN SHE OWNS IT I DIE.


  70. Resriechan – I immediately thought Salinger ,Catcher in The Rye

  71. Nobody went “omg STOP making fun of meth heads!” ??

    poor kittaye! Lemme smooch ya….

  72. thedistractor says:

    @Resriechan I named my cat Harper after Harper Lee. Since I live in Alabama, most people get the reference off the bat but I meet the occasional yankee who is utterly perplexed by the name. I feel your pain.

  73. Come on, come on, bring on the ‘tocks!

  74. Resriechan, thanks for the sympathy… and I confess I thought of The Catcher in the Rye too. Sorry!!! Spencer was a posh and dignified name for a posh and dignified cat (well, most times… but there were times when he’d let loose… even Cary Grant couldn’t be Cary Grant all the time after all LOL)

    Here, have a laugh at a shaved Spencer… AKA the Plucked Chicken

    He grew up into a real beauty. Here he is with his buddy Quincy

  75. @Queen of D. Yellow Pages??!! I thought that was for a footrest. Seriously I’m behind in other areas too. No microwave.

  76. Rooane, I read that as “Queen of de yellow pages.” 😆

  77. thedistractor – Again my reaction is Harper Lee To kill a Mockingbird and I am a Brit.
    Did Harper lee write other novels? I have a feeling not. I like many American writers Steinbeck, Carson McCullers, Tom Wolf, Kurt Vonegut junior etc.

  78. Mary (the first). says:

    I haven’t a clue who Rachel Zoe is and probably don’t care. The kitteh is gorgeous, though! Looks like he’s pure white so will truly be something to see when he/she grows in.

  79. thedistractor says:

    @Hon Glad – nope, she only wrote one novel. What a great one it is though. I’m in law school at her alma mater (University of Alabama) and hold Atticus Finch is my idol. If I ever make through the next 3 years, I want to be a lawyer just like him.

  80. I dont like the cut but the cat is cute.

  81. If it was for health reasons fine, celebs do this on purpose looks stupid.

  82. hi @ Resriechan
    I clearly have missed a history class or two because I don’t know any Canadian prime ministers named Salinger (here’s a link to a site listing all the PM’s Which one was called salinger? I am all confused now and must go eat some muffins and milk to cope

  83. You’re thinking of Pierre Salinger, U.S. statesman – White House Press Secretary to Kennedy, Democratic Senator, etc.

  84. This is the cut that we give my 3 looks so cute on them =)

  85. Beautiful eyes

  86. Queen of Dork says:

    Rooanne: Yep. Ye Ole’ Yellow Pages. I still use them sometimes. Also, I don’t have a car. (And don’t want one!) If I could, my main means of transportation would soooooo be a horse!

  87. hey Mal! I wholeheartedly agree, although remember how poor Nuggie was shivering so bad after her first “lion cut”? The good news was that she cuddled into me for warmth and love 🙂 Rocky and Yazzie were fine with theirs because they had the cut done in the warmer months. The most important thing is that we love our babies!!

  88. Resriechan says:

    Like, OMG, I am, like, SO LAME !!! Mea maxima culpa !!

    Both browngrl & LS have caught me up on imprecision !!! Yeah, I think it WAS Pierre Salinger people kept asking me about …since it’s an Anglo-French sounding name, & an indiv. known about at national levels of politics (rather than a Congressional rep of a particular state or some such) …Thank you both for the more-accurate detail — as well, as, for not calling me an EEJ-it, for my floppy description. Mainly, I just was always flabbergasted, that people would think I would choose a political figure as a namesake for my 4-legged wondercat.

    Thanks for the civil demeanor & for the accuracy !!!
    Peace to all.

  89. Resriechan says:

    Thanks folks for your enjoyable Salinger vibes. He really was quite a remarkable guy; I was lucky enough that he lived to about 17 years, AFTER having a kidney stone incident (wh. I understand can easily be fatal). For many years, friends who had moved out/ state would ask about S. in every letter I got. When he passed, one of our long-term family friends actually wrote a poem in Memoriam about him. Those facts gave me some indication that OTHER people felt he had a fairly distinct personality.

    Also — in response to Snowpea’s second post; your pic of Spencer & Quincy is LOVELY !! Red Alert — Theo — MARMIES x 2 !!!!!

    Peace to all.

  90. Queen of Dork says:

    I LOVE how everybody somehow diverts onto these interesting discussions that have nothing to do with the pic. I miss out on alot during the day while working but To Kill a Mockingbird is an absolutely fabulous book!

  91. I thought it was Photoshopped at first! What pretty blue eyes though.

  92. haha omg i just realized this entire post was a rachel zoe reference

  93. My in laws had a Persian kitty who refused to be brushed. She would bite, kick, claw etc. So to save her the stress and their skin (She could bite through leather work gloves) They would shave her much like this kitty and she loved it!

  94. Umm, guys, just sayin’ Jared. Leto. check it out, man!

  95. I have a cat with poofy fur, that has had to get it shaven a couple times, it gets knotty very easily. I think when they shave the cat, and leave like the feet, tail, and head fur. The cat looks like a creature from a Dr. Suess book. Perhaps he saw a cat like that, and it inspired him to make a creature that looked like it all the time.